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  1. What if Hitler was able to escape Germany during the war?
  2. Kids signing to NIXON the president
  3. Is Lincoln REALLY Our Most Revered Political Leader?
  4. Mojo Nixon Releases Entire Discogrhaphy for FREE on Amazon.
  5. Need recommendation on good Jefferson, Paine, Henry books.
  6. Breaking... Madison & Jefferson Once Considered a National Brewery!
  7. Did George Washington Tell a Lie?
  8. Did Jefferson support a progressive tax?
  9. National Archives Helps Founding Fathers Go Online
  10. Who was the Coolest of the Founding Females?
  11. Favorite Jefferson quote
  12. Abe Lincoln vs the Founding Fathers
  13. [VIDEO] Barry Goldwater VS Nelson Rockefeller RNC 1964
  14. A Thanksgiving Message from Thomas Paine to Ponder..
  15. FEE Seminar: Liberty, Rights, and the American Founding
  16. Citizens for a James Madison Memorial
  17. Common Sense - A Revolutionary Idea!
  18. The founding fathers and war: a short essay from Bill Moyers
  19. Thomas Jefferson predicts the Civil War and enslavement to International Bankers
  20. The Founding Fathers were Krishnas.
  21. Abraham Lincoln - worst President ever?
  22. Why Franklin’s $100 Bill Now $1,000
  23. John F. Kennedy was a Conspiracy Theorist
  24. Biography of Thomas Jefferson
  25. James Madison on AID to HAITIAN REFUGEES (1794)
  26. Nixon Library Releases Cache of Presidential Papers
  27. A message from George Washington to you
  28. Harry Truman, a hero or a zero?
  29. When Did the Founding Era End?
  30. What our Founding Fathers declared only existed in deep theory
  31. The Forty Years War: The Rise and Fall of the Neocons from Nixon to Obama 1/31 C-SPAN
  32. I need an education in US History, from the ground up.
  33. Founding Fathers Music Video Found.
  34. Text of Andrew Jackson Veto of the 2nd B.U.S
  35. John Tyler biography?
  36. What Did the Founding Fathers Do?
  37. Happy Birthday President George Washington!
  38. The Spirit of the Founding Fathers!
  39. Any good "Goldwater" documentaries?
  40. A brief history of British gun control (or, how to disarm the lawabiding populace by
  41. Jefferson vs Lincoln: America Must Choose
  42. Eisenhower on the Military Industrial Complex
  43. Which Lincoln book is better?
  44. John Adams to us: About 223 Years Ago
  45. Thomas Jefferson on Cities
  46. The Founding Fathers: The bias in the sales pitch you do not see
  47. Nixon papers suggest israel stole nuclear material from US in 1965
  48. John Adams HBO Series
  49. So George Washington was a socialist, too!
  50. Favorite quotes of Dwight Eisenhower
  51. Firey Lincoln discussion @ American Spectator
  52. Kennedy Tax Cut
  53. Lysander Spooner: Civil War was a worse crime than slavery
  54. The Cause of the Civil War - Last Word
  55. Eisenhower against the dropping of the A-bombs on Japan
  56. A sad birthday for Jefferson
  57. A simple argument against the Civil War
  58. Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater
  59. Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution - Free Ebook
  60. any recommendations for sources about Jefferson & the Declaration of Independence ?
  61. Our Founding Fathers Had A Dream -- Is It Gone? (Mike Church)
  62. Madison, Jefferson, and Nullification made simple by Galileo
  63. Books on Thomas Jefferson.
  64. Words of wisdom--Barry Goldwater in 1976
  65. Thomas Woods: The Founding Fathers Were Immigration Skeptics
  66. Founding Fathers Were Immigration Skeptics
  67. How Eisenhower handled Illegal Immigration
  68. George Mason (Founding Father): Slavery continued by this Constitution
  69. An Old Interview By Ron Paul On The Civil War
  70. Tom Woods (Mises) vs. The Civil Rights Act of 1964
  71. Whitaker Chambers: the New Deal was a Revolution for Consolidating Power
  72. Is Goldwater the reason the Republican party lost minority support?
  73. 198 Years Ago Today, James Madison Declared the Second Declaration of Independence:
  74. James Madison vs. Woodrow Wilson: The Battle Rages On
  75. Best books on the American War for Independence?
  76. The Atlantic: Founding Israel Was a Mistake
  77. [Vid] How America won the Revolutionary War
  78. Civil War Photos
  79. James Madison Poem
  80. Video: America's Black Founding Fathers
  81. Reminder: The Founding Fathers Rejected Democracy
  82. Was Barry Goldwater really that great?
  83. Anyone ever actually read Thomas Paine?
  84. From the words of Thomas Paine - We need debt
  85. Assimilation and the Founding Fathers
  86. Jefferson changed 'subjects' to 'citizens' in Declaration of Independence
  87. A Lincoln quote I can agree with
  88. John Quincy Adams: Man of God and Country
  89. Founding Father James Madison on Debt
  90. Tom Woods: Founding Fathers Were Immigration Skeptics
  91. Vote Federalist: 1800 Anti-Thomas Jefferson Negative TV Ad
  92. Glenn Beck: Founding Fathers created a Republic, not a Democracy
  93. George Washington And His Farewell Address
  94. James Madison: “What Part Of Few And Defined Don’t You Get?”
  95. War, Economics, And The Brilliance Of James Madison
  96. Are there any great reviews about the HBO's John Adams ?
  97. Did President Woodrow Wilson Really Say This? Yes, He Did!
  98. [Video] Antony Sutton - Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
  99. Lincoln wrote some good stuff
  100. Are we at war? Definitions are important. Did the founding fathers screwup?
  101. [Video] Glenn Beck: The Revolutionary Holocaust - Live Free.. or Die
  102. Thomas Jefferson Documentary on History Channel
  103. What's the best book to read about Thomas Jefferson?
  104. Jefferson show on the History Channel
  105. 50 Facts About America That Our Founding Fathers Never Would Have Believed
  106. Thomas Jefferson, State Sovereignty, and the Constitution
  107. Benjamin Franklin, Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress (1745)
  108. Was Thomas Jefferson a Christian?
  109. The not-so-wild west (article)
  110. Barry Goldwater on Gays in the Military
  111. Barry Goldwater on the Israeli Lobby, Dealing with the Soviets
  112. RNC counts Robert Taft and Barry Goldwater as "Heroes"
  113. Religion and the Founding Generation
  114. Did Jefferson believe every generation should make its own constitution?
  115. even Nixon made foreign policy mistakes
  116. Goldwater wins: Tea party's unlikely electoral triumph
  117. Andrew Jackson, Panic of 1837, Banking Act of 1864, Panic of 1907, and the Federal Re
  118. What is your opinion of Samuel Adams...
  119. Madison and Jefferson: A New Perspective on the Great Collaboration
  120. Is that Theodore Roosevelt?
  121. George H. W. Bush was left, right, liberal, or conservative?
  122. Who was the last Founding Father?
  123. Dubya Bush : "You can be damn sure I'm going to be Roosevelt, not Hoover."
  124. The Nixon Tapes: How the president forced the Fed to iflate
  125. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
  126. BREAKING: Thomas Paine - Crisis#14 free chapter: The Full Truth about Lincoln
  127. Doing a research paper on Woodrow Wilson...
  128. A short history of mainstream macroeconomics.
  129. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson: Robert Welch was Right about Eisenhower
  130. The REAL Lincoln (hilarious video cartoon)
  131. The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln Cartoon
  132. Is this Thomas Jefferson Quote real?
  133. "Lincoln the Tyrant; Libertarians' favorite boogeyman."
  134. Book Review: The Real Lincoln, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
  135. Best book or audiobook to learn about the last 110 years of US history?
  136. Papers Reveal Evolution of Term "Military-Industrial Complex" by Eisenhower
  137. Jefferson, Hamilton, and National Banks
  138. Question regarding the founding of our nation and colonial governments.
  139. Did tariffs really cause the Civil War? Posted at Lew Rockwell . com
  140. Reagan and Mitch McConnell and Robert Taft
  141. Newly Released Documents: Abraham Lincoln Sought to Deport Freed Slaves Out of America
  142. If you were teaching kids about Woodrow Wilson tomorrow (Fri.), what would you say?
  143. George Washington Warning against the rise of political parties
  144. Even Nixon campagned on spending less on Military.....
  145. The Judge calls out Lincoln myth on President's Day.
  146. Is George Washington worth celebrating?
  147. Abraham Lincoln - The Problem with Idolizing Politicians
  148. Did Ronald Reagan ever talk about the Federal Reserve?
  149. Some ‘Hate Speech’ by George Washington...
  150. President Grover Cleveland: the Democrat Who Vetoed 300 Bills
  151. Recommend Me A Good Civil War Book
  152. Newly Released FBI Docs: In Chile Ted Kennedy Rented Entire Brothel, Met With Communists
  153. Thomas Jefferson on Muslims and Tripoli
  154. What Would Our Founding Fathers Have Done If...
  155. Worse Leader: Muammar Gaddafi or Abraham Lincoln?
  156. 1729, Ben Franklin: A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency
  157. (4/15/11) Lincoln Assassination Film "The Conspirator"
  158. Honor Reagan’s Promise and Abolish the Selective Service
  159. French intervention in the American Revolutionary War.
  160. Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson!!!
  161. Who needs cranky Ayn Rand when we have Thomas Jefferson?
  162. The Real Ronald Reagan - Exposing the Myth
  163. I've seen people blast George Washington on here, should I be ashmed since.....
  164. Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. (MUST I SAY MORE!!!)
  165. Nobody cheered or danced in the streets when Hitler died.
  166. Spielberg is making a Lincoln movie
  167. Thomas Jefferson
  168. A keeper: Reagan’s wisdom on the Middle East: Leave
  169. Reagan Dept. of Justice sued Texas Sheriff for waterboarding
  170. The Reagan thing - I don't get it
  171. Before They Hated Ron Paul, They Hated Barry Goldwater
  172. Preventive war was an invention of Hitler...
  173. Ron Pauls Grade Of Reagan... "B"
  174. Check Out This Barry Goldwater Campaign Ad From 1964
  175. [VIDEO] Top 3 Myths About the Great Depression and the New Deal
  176. Best US History book?
  177. SA@TAC - Ronald Reagan: Isolationist
  178. Ronald Reagan, 'Isolationist' - by Jack Hunter
  179. Our forign policy in full circle! Reagan on the Taliban
  180. Austrian School vs American Founding Fathers(read OP)
  181. Need Help - Were The Founding Fathers Libertarian? I'm Being Mocked By Conservatives
  182. August 15, 1971 - Nixon Ends Bretton Woods International Monetary System
  183. George Washington: The Latest Casualty of Progressive Education
  184. Self-Government (According to Thomas Jefferson): Quotes Only with Sources.
  185. Barry Goldwater and "rollback" - Please explain this to me...
  186. classic Goldwater commercials
  187. Concerning the assasination of Abraham Lincoln
  188. FLASHBACK: 1981: The assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan
  189. Jackie Kennedy: Martin Luther King "Terrible" Person
  190. Top 3 Myths About the Great Depression and the New Deal
  191. Doug Wead psychoanalyzes Jackie Kennedy on CNN [VIDEO}
  192. NEW BOOK: James Madison and the Making of America by Kevin Gutzman
  193. Reagan Jokes Around
  194. my son reported on iran/usa history in school today
  195. The Woodrow Wilson "Fountain of Freedom" sculpture at Princeton U. (open comments)
  196. Eisenhower and Kennedy warned America in these speeches
  197. George Washington Said to Avoid ‘Entangling Alliances’…Or Did He?
  198. Military Commissions Throughout U.S. History
  199. John Adams Defended The British After The Boston Massacre
  200. The Cult of Reagan, and Other Neocon Follies (Tom Woods)
  201. Quotes from the Founding Fathers
  202. Jimmy Carter
  203. Glenn Beck - America's history with Islamic terrorists
  204. FBI documents say Hitler escaped and died in the 60's
  205. Great American history books to start out with? Public school blows
  206. Barry Goldwater HAM K7UGA
  207. CNN: the era in modern American history that was most "Marxist" was the 1950s
  208. Barry Goldwater : Ron Paul :: Ronald Reagan : ____________??
  209. Our Founding Fathers Warned Us About Political Parties
  210. Eisenhower on preventive war
  211. Thomas Jefferson Warned The Nation To Beware The Power Of The Banks
  213. C-SPAN profiles Barry Goldwater 8eastern tonight 11-11-11
  215. Barry Goldwater - The Presidential Contenders C-SPAN Series
  216. Mining in Arizona and radioactive waste(a history of genocide and greed)
  217. I love George Washington, except for his foreign policy
  218. Eisenhower on Illegal Immigration (CSM article)
  219. History of the Bush Family
  220. We Need a Libertarian Movie about the Civil War i.e. Abraham Lincoln: Treasonous Tyrant
  221. Chuck Baldwin: No Wonder The Founding Fathers Distrusted Standing Armies
  222. TEDDY ROOSEVELT DAY...For Obama and Newt Gingrich
  223. James Madison - Father of the US Constitution (VIDEO)
  224. Jefferson and Adams were friends
  225. What Woodrow Wilson said regarding the federal reserve ?
  226. 12/8/11 Conversations with History: Glenn Greenwald
  227. Fearfully, the US Treasury's Secret, 75-Year-Old Fund and Its Dark History....
  228. Must read Grover Cleveland Info
  229. Why Grover Cleveland and not Coolidge or Jefferson?
  230. Grover Cleveland and the making of a libertarian holiday
  231. Grover Cleveland Library .org
  232. Grover Cleveland:
  233. Ron Paul's Favorite President: Grover Cleveland
  234. Ron Paul's Favorite President: Grover Cleveland
  235. The Jefferson Bible. Anyone read it?
  236. How Did The Establishment React to Reagan?
  237. American History X - Interesting Propaganda Piece
  238. What is the most definitive and best book on Thomas Jefferson?
  239. Fmr President Nixon on abortion and blacks
  240. A question about Reagan
  241. Goldwater, Taft, Paul.....compare, contrast?
  242. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves
  243. Education and the founding fathers
  244. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Thomas Jefferson
  245. Full Romney/Kennedy '94 Debate
  246. Your personal favorite Founding Father
  247. Who were the 5 best and 5 worst presidents in US history?
  248. What MLK had to say about free enterprise and Barry Goldwater.
  249. Check Lincoln wrote the day before he was killed found
  250. So the Founding Fathers were isolationist ?