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  1. Lindsey Graham is a MONSTER!!!
  2. McCain visits with Al Qaeda in Syria
  3. Chemical weapons found in Syria ...
  4. Ben Swann: Glenn Beck Calling For A U.S. War In Syria And Another War In Iraq?
  5. Israeli DM Urges US Intervention/Action in Syria; Warns of 'Axis of Evil'
  6. Obama's Syrian Allies Destroy Another Christian Church
  7. Syrian activists say gas attack near Damascus kills more than 200
  8. Suspected Sarin Nerve Gas Attack, SYRIA: "1300 DEAD"
  9. Senior U.S. Democrat urges air strikes against Syria
  10. Breaking: U.S. Poised To Strike Syria With Missiles
  11. [Video] Syrian Girl: FSA Rebels Behind Chemical Attacks Blamed on Syrian Government
  12. War in Syria, U.S. involvement and Commentary.
  13. U.S. Warships Move Toward Syria
  14. Israel Peres Urges World to Take out Syria's Chemicals
  15. Yahoo 1/30/13: US 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad
  16. Syria: if there are chemical weapons, how would you secure them without ground troops?
  17. Why Obama will bomb Syria
  18. Warmonger Chuck Hagel Backs Obama's Possible Missile Strike Against Syria
  19. U.S. says Syria offer to show chemical attack sites 'too late'
  20. As Syria War Escalates, Americans Cool to U.S. Intervention: Reuters/Ipsos Poll
  21. Russia says 'tragic mistake' to assign blame too soon for Syrian gas attack
  22. Ben Swann: What The Media Isn’t Telling You About The Syrian Chemical Attack
  23. Leaked Documents: U.S. Framed Syria in Chemical Weapons Attack
  24. SoS Kerry has declared ChemWeapon WMD "undeniable"
  25. Israel Kills 3 Palestinians, Wounds 12 in West Bank as US Threatens to Attack Syria
  26. Breaking - Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria
  27. Red Line: Syria/Iran threaten to destroy Israeli nuclear sites if attacked
  28. John Kerry should have met with disgraced former SoS Collin Powell before Syria call today
  29. We need to get the impeachment threat ball rolling over Syria
  30. Change: Only 9% Americans support US military intervention in Syria
  31. Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran
  32. New poll: Syria intervention even less popular than Congress (9% support military action...)
  33. IDF Alleges Assad's forces used chemical weapons
  34. TYT [Video]: Americans Oppose US Intervention In Syria But...
  35. Ted Cruz's comments on Syria
  36. State Department Postpones Meeting With Russia Over Syria
  37. What will a possible US military intervention in Syria entail?
  38. Hannity: No "heart & soul" if you oppose Syrian intervention
  40. Evidence: Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies
  41. Bill O'Reilly: Only "loons" oppose Syria intervention
  42. Peter King suggests Obama should bypass congress on Syria.
  43. Evidence: Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies
  44. Funny Syria Pic
  45. The dollar is NOT backed by "nothing". Attacking Syria & others gives our USD value.
  46. Oil Prices hit $109 Barrrel, highest in 2 years on worries of Syria war
  47. Michael Scheuer: Observing King Obama’s Syrian madness
  48. Assad: Failure awaits the US as in all previous wars it has unleashed, starting w/ Vietnam...
  49. MSN Poll on Syria intervention... Please vote...
  50. Kucinich: Striking Syria Will Make U.S. Military ‘Al-Qaeda’s Air Force’
  51. Breaking,America already started attacking Syria from Jordan, Explosion heard in Damascus.
  52. Useful information on the players behind the Syrian opposition
  53. Charles Krauthammer joins al-Qaeda, calls for sustained bombing in Syria
  54. Pope to discuss Syria crisis with King of Jordan
  55. TYT [Video]: How US Media Is Pushing For War With Syria
  56. Video: Sean Hannity says we should "stay the hell out of it" ? (regarding Syria)
  57. Glenn Beck’s Dire Warning: ‘We Don’t Survive’ if We Intervene in Syria
  58. US strike against Syria 'as early as Thursday'
  59. New York Times and Twitter Attacked By Syrian Electronic Army
  60. Here' Comes More BS,panicked calls’ prove culpability,New gas attack by Syrian army
  61. Is Military Intervention Ever Justifiable?
  62. Russia evacuates citizens from Syria as war looms
  63. NYTimes: Arab League Rejects Attack Against Syria
  64. Bill O'Reilly vs. Two Military Analysts on Syria: You don't trust the Govt!
  65. 'UN Says 'Rebels' Used Nerve Gas, NOT Assad's Army', Explosion in Damascus & Assad Flees - Vid
  66. NYTimes Opinion: Ian Hurd: Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal
  67. Britain seeks U.N. support for action over Syrian chemical attacks
  68. UN Seeks More Time for Syria Chemical Probe Before U.S. Strike
  69. Russia: West Behavior in the Islamic World is like "A Monkey with a Grenade in it's hand"
  70. Mike Lee on Syria: "I do not support military intervention"
  71. Is It Hypocritical of Us Not to Help Syria?
  72. Hannity now believes in blowback
  73. Dennis Kucinich listens while Hannity interviews himself on Syria: "Let them all kill each oth
  74. US: Assad responsible even if didn't order gas attack
  75. Israeli False Flag In Syria, Trigger For World War 3?
  76. Obama: US Has 'Concluded' That Syrian Government Carried out Chemical Weapons Attack
  77. Donald Rumsfeld: The administration hasn’t justified a Syria attack
  78. Bill O'Reilly gets put to shame on his own show
  79. "Hypocrite of the Century": Obama hypocrisy on Syria and Gaza
  80. Michael Scheuer: Observing King Obama’s Syrian madness, II: Learning Americans are irrelevant
  81. Which News Orgs/Journalists are Currently in Syria? (if any)
  82. UK's Cameron forced to delay strike against Syria
  83. Video: The U.S. is Damned if it Does, Damned if it Doesn't in Syria (best to stay out)
  84. Syria's President al-Assad interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia
  85. Marco Rubio breaks his silence over Syria - and says a whole lot of nothing
  86. Syria: Three Other Chemical Attacks by Rebels in Same Area
  87. Antiwar Left Stays Quiet On Syria
  88. More than 100 lawmakers ask Obama to seek congressional approval on Syria strikes
  89. Banksters attack Syria to enslave America
  90. Fidel Castro on Syria and Snowden
  91. CNN article: Syria behind chemical attack... check out the comments
  92. State Dept. Really doesn't know who launched the attacks
  93. Insecure Obama Admin Wants a Strike To Avoid Mockery
  94. George Galloway Heated Speech in British Parliament
  95. [Video] Pat Buchanan: Obama's 'Illegal War' in Syria Grounds for Impeachment
  96. British Parliament debates Syria intervention live
  97. Our War for the Muslim Brotherhood... Syria explained
  98. Michael Savage: We can no longer be an "Israel first" nation
  99. Syrian Parliament writes to British govt urging it to not bomb Syria
  100. David Cameron loses Syria vote in Commons
  101. What do Americans think about War with Syria?
  102. Global No War with Syria Rallies This Saturday
  103. Flashback: Ron Paul on Pentagon plans to attack Syria
  104. OMG Typical Sheeple of the Fear Mongers... Here at Democratic Un
  106. Biden: "If Congress won't act, we'll fight for a new Congress"
  107. Obama Administration: Don't Compare Syria and Iraq
  108. Syria crisis: France is no longer shoulder-to-shoulder with US
  109. NBC Pushing The Intervention, Only 50% Support lunching missiles in Syria
  110. Obama Ready To Go It Alone on Syria
  111. Syria Crisis: Germany: Count us out...
  112. Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Was Launched By...
  113. Must Read from Justin Raimondo - The case for bombing Syria is unraveling
  114. Report: Rebels mishandling chemical weapons responsible for incident
  115. Spooks on the ground in Syria Looking To Neutralize Air Defense Capabilities
  116. Boehner says he needs more answers from Obama
  117. Experts Point To Long, Glorious History Of Successful U.S. Bombing Campaigns
  118. Kerry's full transcripts to his call to war on Syria today.
  120. Cameron stunned as Parliament rejects call for Syria strike
  121. VIDEO: Obama's Wars: Intervention in Syria HD
  122. CNN Caught Staging News Segments on Syria With Actors
  123. What's old is new again: Arguing with a Liberal AGAINST Syria bombing
  124. Kerry's 1429 Syria Speech
  125. Syrians bracing for possible US strike
  126. Is anyone else horrible depressed about all this Syria nonsense
  127. Will Kerry, McCain, Rafael Ted Cruz succeed in selling Syria military intervention?
  128. Syria again throws spotlight on selective leak policy
  129. Syria's Largest City Just Dropped Off the Internet
  130. Shock & Awe REDUX - A look at Syria, in maps on the first day of WWIII
  131. Russell Brand on Alex Jones Blasts Syrian War Disinformation
  132. RAND Crop Study Evaluates John McCain's No Fly Zone in Syria.
  133. Buchanan on why neocons support Syria strike: Syria backdoor to war with Iran
  134. British MP links to Ron Paul's "neo-conned" video in op-ed on Syria
  135. Experts: Don't bomb chemical weapon sites in Syria
  136. Syria moves prisoners to likely targets of western military strikes
  137. Gohmert Talks to Fox News on Situation in Syria
  138. CNN Hosts Debate on Syria — And Both Sides Agree
  139. While Cameron Defers to Parliament, Obama Locks into Warfare State of Mind
  140. Putin marching Obama around the school yard by his ear
  141. O-Bomb-Ya to make Syria statement
  142. U.S. Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched
  143. Must See Video- Alan Grayson Decimates Syria War Propaganda on CNN
  144. Obama to seek authorization from congress for strike on Syria
  145. House GOP Leadership Statement on Syria
  146. Member of Congress berates Obama for consulting Congress on Syria
  147. Sen. Lindsey Graham wants aggressive U.S. strike in Syria
  148. A Song Dedicated to Syria
  149. White House sends draft Syria AUMF to Congress
  150. John McCain: Great Britain ‘No Longer a World Power’
  151. WHIP LIST: Syrian Conflict and Members Positions
  152. [Pic] Unidentified Navy Officer Sums It All Up #SYRIA ~ Zerohedge
  154. what is McConnell's stand on the war?
  155. Republicans McCain, Graham say cannot support limited Syria strikes
  156. Syrian girl's attack on McCain/Obama is too harsh
  157. France's Hollande facing pressure for deputies to vote on Syria
  158. As Obama talks new war, 100 including Nato member killed in Afghan attacks
  159. Where does your Congressman stand on Syria?
  160. Neocons Push Obama to Go Beyond a Punitive Strike in Syria
  161. Samples from Syria tested positive for Sarin
  162. Iran vows 'immediate destruction' of Israel if Syria attacked
  163. DHS experts now warn of a broad Syria Cyber War
  164. After Obama Punts Syria to Congress, more important matters: GOLF
  165. Syria, NSA, and Blackmail? Do the Math.
  166. White House to Congress: Help protect Israel
  167. SYRIA, Pentagon Hack: "kids weren't hurt, It was done for the cameras"
  168. Asma al-Assad is having her 'Marie Antoinette moment'
  169. France: Uh, we’re not going to strike Syria all by ourselves
  170. F.B.I. Sharpens Scrutiny of Syrians in U.S. for Signs of Retaliation
  171. Syria Releases List of Potential Targets in Israel in the event of US intervention
  172. Media: "Obama is a chicken! Obama is a chicken!"
  173. WOW!!! Former Diplomat Owns an Entire Panel of War Apologists on MSNBC!
  174. Drinking with Bob: No war with Syria
  175. Syrian Rebels Caught with Sarin Gas
  176. Glenn Beck endorses peace
  177. Obama Will Launch a Huge Propaganda Blitz – and May Attack Syria Even If He Loses the Vote in
  178. [Video] Chunkymark: world war syria by mrsuperbafrango
  179. Alan Grayson Tears Through MSM Lies on Syria today (9/1/13)
  180. Chemical weapons experts weigh in on Syria intelligence report
  181. Washington Post poll on Syria. Vote now.
  182. Britain sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria 10 months after war began
  183. Draft Resolution for Use of U.S. Military in Syria
  184. Arab league wants action against Syria
  185. Obama's history-defying decision to seek Congressional approval on Syria
  186. Anti-War Protesters to Cop: We Don’t Need a Permit We Have the Constitution
  187. Allen West: No on Syria
  188. GERMAN report outs Turkish PM Recep Erdogan, backed by Barack Hussein Obama, as the instigator
  189. [infowars.com] Syria Regime Change On Bilderberg 2012 Agenda
  190. What's Old is New Again pt. II: More Syria/Liberal Battles
  191. RPI Board Members Speak Out Against US Attack on Syria
  192. UK Government let company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria...
  193. Alternative Press is why Americans oppose Syrian Intervention.
  194. Washington Post: After classified briefing, lawmakers skeptical on Syria attack
  195. USS Nimitz carrier group rerouted for possible help with Syria
  196. US strike on Syria 'helps al-Qaeda'
  197. No War with Syria Rally gets some FAIR coverage in Nashville, TN
  198. Obama seeks Syria support from former foe McCain
  199. Syria Hacks Marines.com, Urges Cooperation Against Al Qaeda, Instead of Support for it
  200. Yes, the Syrian Rebels DO Have Access to Chemical Weapons
  201. September 7th Demonstrations Planned Before Congressional War Vote
  202. Dick van Dyke Fears for His Life if U.S. Wars with Syria
  203. Bankster's War? Syria/Iran only mideast nations left with their own central bank
  204. Russia to send delegation to US Congress for Syria talks
  205. Palin blasts Syria warmongers - Let Allah sort it out!
  206. Israel worries: Obama hesitating on Syria means he will hesitate much more in attacking Iran
  207. Likud MK Moshe Feiglin: Obama will pay for complications in Syria with Israeli concessions
  208. New Blaze Polls On Syrian Conflict
  209. Senator McCain Urges Congress to Protect Obama’s Threat Credibility
  210. Former Bush official: Syria resolution could authorize attack on Iran and Lebanon
  211. The Syrian Conflict: OPENING THE GATES OF HELL
  212. American Hypocrisy on Chemical Weapons. BOMB Syria but APPLAUD and Protect Israel
  213. Interactive Graphic - Where Does your Senator/Congressman Stand on War in Syria?
  214. England rules out a second vote over strikes on syria
  215. FLASHBACK: REBELS arrested with Sarin gas... (6 June 2013)
  217. US BOMBS Khamisiyah, Cache Containing SARIN 100k Troops Exposed
  218. Where the votes stand on Syria
  219. British military chiefs ejected from US meetings
  220. Disinformation From Public Comments Congress Petitions,3,357 support the Intervention However
  221. Intelligence Experts Decry Weak Case For Syria Strike
  222. Syria military mission not planned by Canada, Harper says
  223. Putin to (Nobel Peace Prize winner) Obama: 'Think about future Syria victims
  224. Syria asks United Nations to 'prevent Western aggression'
  225. Floodgates Open: Charles Rangel comes out strongly opposed to Syria strike
  226. [Zerohedge] Fiction, Fact... Or Scandal? #syria #falseflag #staged < Maybe?
  227. Israeli Propaganda In Full Swing On Syria
  228. Do you think Assad used chemical weapons on the Syrian people?
  229. Breaking! Russia’s early radars detect launch of two ballistic rockets in Mediterranean
  230. Rangel (D-N.Y.) wants to bring back the draft before Syria vote
  231. Need Help with Letter to Congressman (re: Syria strike)
  232. German intelligence concludes sarin gas used on Assad’s orders
  233. Ted Cruz heaps praise on a dumb neocon Kelly Ayotte
  234. Israel Test Fires Missles TOWARDS Syria
  235. Obama AUMF Request NOT LIMITED to Syria
  236. AIPAC on board for Syria strike
  237. Pelosi's vs. Her 5-Year-Old Grandson on Syria
  238. Rush Limbaugh: Syria chemical attack a false flag
  239. Obama Plans To Further Arm And Bolster Rebels After Strike
  240. South Carolina Tea Partiers Draft Resolution to Replace Lindsey Graham
  241. Boehner and Canter back Obama's use of force
  242. Boehner supports Obama's war, Justin Amash for speaker
  243. BASHAR A'AFARI on total rant CNN LIVE
  244. McConnell offers no support for military strike against Syria
  245. Rep. Vicky Hartzler want to hear your tweet on Syria
  246. Chemical weapons in Syria and the U.S. dropping the bomb on Japan
  247. Drudge slams GOP establishment
  248. Bruce Fein: Syria: A Turning Point Against Empire? (HuffPo 9/3/13)
  249. Why is Judge Napolitano spreading this BS?
  250. Pew: Americans against Syria strike, 48%-29%, fear backlash