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  1. GOP state Rep. Bills to run for U.S. Senate
  2. Breaking: Minnesota has a liberty candidate for US Senate!!
  3. Paul supporter may run against Klobuchar
  4. MN Rep, endorsed RP b4 caucuses, HS AP economics teacher (Austrian), running for US Senate
  5. Ron Paul Endorses U.S. Senate Candidate Rep. Kurt Bills of Minnesota
  6. Kurt Bills Website Updated
  7. Bills (endorsed by Ron Paul) rolls out House GOP support at Capitol
  8. US Senate Candidate Kurt Bills on the Economy
  9. Ron Paul a force in Minn. Senate race
  10. How will Kurt Bills defeat Amy Klobuchar for US Senate in Minnesota?
  11. Hegseth campaign takes on Kurt Bills and Ron Paul
  12. Skeletons in Closet for Kurt Bills' Opponent
  13. Ron Paul and Kurt Bills to hold fundraiser for Minnesota GOP 5/18
  14. Rand Paul Endorses Kurt Bills for US Senate in Minnesota
  15. Sub-Forum for Kurt Bills - running in general for US Senate - Minnesota?
  16. Kurt Bills is now the Republican nominee for Senate!
  17. Ron Paul endorsed Kurt Bills wins GOP nod for US Senate!!
  18. Republican Hegseth (Kurt Bills' opponent) is out of U.S. Senate race. For good.
  19. Kurt Bills Post-Filing Press Conference
  20. Paul-Backed MN Senate candidate Kurt Bills has a new primary challenger...and he's MAD!!!
  21. Kurt Bills
  22. Is Bachmann campaigning with/for Bills?
  23. End of Quarter Push for Kurt Bills for Senate (MN)
  24. Kurt Bills Facebook account hacked
  25. Ron Paul asks us to donate if we can to Kurt Bills' end of quarter push
  26. Kurt Bills Moneybomb today! (Message from Ron Paul)
  27. If you really want to repeal Obamacare donate to Kurt Bills for senate
  28. Ron Paul for Kurt Bills: Only hours left in this fight
  29. What Kurt Bills wants to do to Obamacare (viewer discretion advised)
  30. Union policy presents a tough campaign issue for Bills
  31. Ron Paul and Rand Paul to hold Virginia fundraiser for Kurt Bills! (July 24th)
  32. Ron Paul to appear at a fundraiser reception in Virginia
  33. Thanks for giving Kurt Bills his own Forum!!!
  34. Welcome to the OFFICIAL Kurt Bills Forum!!
  35. Kurt Bills notes that Amy Klobuchar voted to censor speech thru intimidation w DISCLOSE
  36. Kurt Bills Money Bomb August 3-5
  37. Paul-endorsed candidate, Kurt Bills' Money Bomb Aug 3-5- HELP NEEDED 4 FB page for MB etc
  38. Kurt Bills on The Peter Schiff Show 7/17/12
  39. Help stop Obama from taking credit for your business
  40. New Poll: Klobuchar ahead of Bills by 24%
  41. Underdog Bills heads to DC for Paul fundraiser
  42. Does he have a Phone-from-Home program?
  43. Countdown to the moneybomb for Kurt Bills, Aug 3-5
  44. New web ad "Quick Kurt" likens underdog Senate bid to Paul Wellstone's
  45. "Quick Kurt" Moneybomb is today, Aug 3-5
  46. Bills’ New Video Mimics Wellstone Ad, Enrages Democrats - CBS 4 Minneapolis
  47. Kurt Bills - U.S. Senate *$17.76 Donation* Thread
  48. Kurt Bills has a primary challenger, who just took this 2 DEFCON 1 slurring RON & BILLS
  49. Bills campaign short on cash
  50. Get a Ron Paul beer koozie and support Kurt Bills Moneybomb
  51. Toady is the final day!
  52. [Video] Kurt Bills talks to CBS 4 Minneapolis about his 'controversial' ad
  53. Why it is important to support Kurt Bills
  54. [Video] Kurt Bills Duluth Rally - August 6, 2012
  55. Bills wants more debates, Klobuchar agrees to only 2 so far
  56. The Neocon [David Carlson] and the CIA Drug Lord
  57. Kurt Bills takes aim at Klobuchar, farm bill, govt. subsidies in first debate
  58. FLOOD Social Media for Kurt Bills!
  59. [Video] Farmfest 2012 U.S. Senate Candidate Forum - Minnesota
  60. New Kurt Bills TV ad "I Wish You Wouldn't"
  61. [Video] Kurt Bills on Jobs, Agriculture and Being Called a "Disciple of Ron Paul"
  62. Kurt Bills primary is Tuesday, August 14th
  63. AP - Bills wins GOP Senate primary, will face Klobuchar
  64. PRESS RELEASE: Kurt Bills Wins Big in MN Senate Primary
  65. HotAir: Video: “I wish you wouldn’t”
  66. PRESS RELEASE: Kurt Bills Invites Joe Biden to “Strangle” Him When He Visits
  67. Kurt endorses Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket....
  68. GOP-leaning Minn. Farm Bureau endorses Klobuchar
  69. Klobuchar, Bills spar in vigorous State Fair debate (w/ audio of full debate inside)
  70. Kurt Bills on The Jason Lewis Show 8/31/12
  71. Minnesota Public Radio Debate - August 30, 2012
  72. Bills taps former GOP rival to bring in minority vote
  73. Amy Klobuchar Isn't Just a Dem - She's a Shill for the Fed
  74. Klobuchar attacks sound money, defends the Fed
  75. Bills campaign touts new poll showing Klobuchar lead narrowing from 26 points to 14
  76. US Senate Candidate Kurt Bills Struggles Against Incumbent
  77. NEW Public Policy Polling Poll: Klobuchar Up by 19
  78. Shock: Kurt Bills Endorses Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan GOP 2012 Ticket
  79. Bills/Klobuchar debate in Duluth 9/18/12
  80. Constitution Day E-mail from Bills
  81. Kurt Bills Speaks to the Rochester, Minnesota Tea Party Patriots - 9/20/2012
  82. Bills needs our help....
  83. Kurt Bills has asked for our help
  84. Event: Kurt Bills MoneyBomb | October 5, 2012
  86. FreedomWorks for America endorses Kurt Bills
  87. Bills calls out biased poll
  88. Kurt Bills driven by desire to reduce debt, deficits
  89. Kurt Bills PHONE FROM HOME!
  90. Sen. Klobuchar launches first TV ads
  91. Bills pledges to campaign in 87 counties before the election
  92. Official Kurt Bills Money Bomb - October 5th
  93. Kurt Bills received the endorsement of the Gun Owners of America
  94. Bills about to go on radio live on KDWA 1460 AM (Hastings, Minnesota)
  95. Documents: Sen. Klobuchar took Ponzi schemer’s campaign contributions, didn’t prosecute
  96. In uphill battle for Senate seat, Bills is driven to 'stop the debt'
  97. Bills vs Klobuchar Q3 Fundraising Figures
  98. Speaking to 1,500+ people in Alexandria at @bybergcd7's Freedom Concert with @TheLeeGreenw
  99. Kurt Bills first TV ad says Klobuchar took cash to keep Ponzi-schemer out of prison
  100. First Kurt Bills ad to air tonight on KARE-11 during the Vikings game
  101. Kurt Bills joins Political Happy Hour on Fox 9 Minneapolis
  102. Kurt Bills on Minnesota PBS 10/26/12
  103. Kurt Bills on At Issue with Tom Hauser 10/28/12
  104. StarTribune Minnesota Poll - Klobuchar vs Bills
  105. What Reason Magazine says about Kurt Bills
  106. I voted for Kurt Bills!
  107. Kurt Bills defeated