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  1. Thomas Massie-- RPF Denizen Wins nomination for Judge-Executive in Lewis County
  2. Fellow RPF member Running For US Congress in Kentucky. MONEYBOMB NEEDED!
  3. If Thomas Massie is a well-funded candidate you saw what happened in my race"Trey Grayson
  4. New Forum for Thomas Massie
  5. Thomas Massie running for Congress
  6. RCP: "Tea party darling to run for Davis' seat in Ky."
  7. cn|2: Massie officially in 4th District race, hires Sen. Paul's staffer
  8. The official Facebook page...
  9. Thomas Massie on the Leland Conway Show. Check him out on Radio!
  10. Rand and Thomas Massie In Middletown
  11. Thomas Massie begins to court tea party support
  12. Happy Birthday Thomas Massie!
  13. Kentucky.com Article on Thomas: "Tea Party favorite launches bid to replace Davis"
  14. Thomas's Main Opponent
  15. Haviing a meetup in Louisville
  16. Thomas Massie Wikipedia
  17. Thomas Massie on WHAS with Mandy Connell
  18. 4th District candidate Thomas Massie talks taxes, the wealthy, Social Security and GOP
  19. Website up... Looking for volunteers to test the donate button. :)
  20. Thomas Massie, forum member & elected official, is running a winnable race; let's help!
  21. Foreign Policy
  22. Kentucky Industial Hemp Bills(Plural) Picking Up Steam
  23. Thomas Massie took a class taught by Paul Krugman. (Video)
  24. [VIDEO] RPF's Thomas Massie (Congressional Candidate) gives a speech!
  25. Liberty Candidate Thomas Massie releases Statement about Sen. Rand Paul
  26. Thomas Massie's primary opponent proves to be a by-the-book neocon
  27. Massie Captivates Audience and Outlines 4th District Seat Goals
  28. Can Thomas Massie woo NKYs GOP voters?
  29. Lewis judge-executive Thomas Massie officially files for congressional seat
  30. Trey Grayson discusses Massie and the other candidates
  31. Trey Grayson discusses RPF's Thomas Massie: "Libertarian like Ron Paul"
  32. Trey Grayson gets one thing right about Thomas Massie.....
  33. Thomas Massie is gaining traction! How about a mini moneybomb?
  34. Thomas Massie!
  35. Thomas Massie Campaign Office Grand Opening
  36. Marcus Carey files to run?
  37. 9 candidates file to run for Northern Kentucky's 4th Congressional District
  38. Thomas Massie Lincoln Dinner - Shelbyville (Last night)
  39. Massie Interview at Shelby County Lincoln Day Dinner
  40. Advertise Thomas Massie 2012 in your sig!
  41. Massie Super Pac?
  42. Massie Moneybomb
  43. Come on Guys and Gals
  44. RPF's Thomas Massie Endorsed By Phil Moffett for US Congress
  45. Thomas Massie mentioned in Washington Times article about Ron Paul's legacy
  46. Rep. Geoff Davis Praises Thomas Massie on the House Floor (2010)
  47. Will RPF's Thomas Massie continue Ron Paul's legacy? (Washington Times)
  48. "If this keeps up, the only right we'll have is the right to remain silent."-Thomas Massie
  49. The KY-CD4 Field
  50. Thomas Massie is an inspiration
  51. Kentucky 9/12 Project Thanks Thomas Massie
  52. Saw Thomas At The Lincoln Day Dinner Tonight
  53. Massie's Boone County Chair is now the County's Republican Vice Chair
  54. Action Item: Ask for FreedomWorks' Endorsement
  55. Thomas Massie on Foreign Policy
  56. Thomas Massie Article on Reason.com!
  57. Thomas Massie Endorsed By Boone County PVA Cindy Arlinghaus
  58. When do you think the moneybomb should be?
  59. Older Massie Interview From LEO
  60. Congressman Geoff Davis Floor Speech About Thomas Massie | Nov. 29, 2010
  61. Webb-Edgington trying to appear more conservative now that she's running for U.S. House
  62. "Courthouse construction cooled" - Article briefly includes Thoma
  63. Marcus Carey Attacks!
  64. NEED HELP RPF for Massie
  65. Judge Thomas Massie Joins KYs Commissioner of Agriculture In Promoting Industrial Hemp
  66. Thomas Massie's primary is in MAY, those wanting to donate should know that
  67. Marc Carey's Ongoing War Against Kentucky Independents And Libertarians
  68. Just saw Thomas Massie ad!! (video added)
  69. CN2 article on the ad
  70. Ad for Massie causes stir among Northern Kentucky Republicans, angers Davis
  71. Thomas Massie coming up on Mandy Connell radio show (audio added)
  72. Thomas Massie exposes corruption. This is why they are scared of him.
  73. Phil Moffett signs on as Massie's campaign chairman
  74. YAL PAC endorses Thomas Massie
  75. Massie Interview on Morestate Public Radio
  76. Louisville Tea Party Endorses Thomas Massie!
  77. [Video] Jack Hunter profiles Thomas Massie!
  78. Jack Hunter's rEVOLution Profiles: Thomas Massie
  79. LOL - Courier Journal calls Thomas Massie's ad a "PR Nightmare" - Yeah Right
  80. Politico: Ron Paul's Baby Boom
  81. Mica Sims On The Ad
  82. Thomas Massie's opponent Alecia launches creepy "legs" TV commercial [Video]
  83. Massie raised $230,000 in Q1!
  84. Thomas Massie Moneybomb - Official (April 26 - 28)
  85. [Video] Thomas Massie Launches Second Commercial!
  86. Untapped Resource
  87. Ron Paul Officially Endorses Thomas Massie for Congress
  88. Gary Moore raised slightly more than Thomas
  89. FEC Fundraising Reports Released
  90. Moore, Massie lead in fundraising
  91. The Official Thomas Massie Moneybomb Video!
  92. Geoff Davis Remarks About The Ad
  93. Webb-Edgington Says She'll Prevail Despite Money Disadvantage
  94. Wow, the opponents of Massie hate True small government people.....
  95. The race REALLY is over on May 22nd
  96. Kentucky - Monday, April 23, is deadline to register to vote
  97. Moore Gets Right-To-Life Endorsement
  98. [Pictures and Video] Thomas At Yesterday's Louisville Tea Party Event
  99. Let's do some phonebanking for Thomas Massie!
  100. Campaign finances dont give clear winner
  101. Thomas Massie Will Not Take Part in Congressional Pension
  102. REINS Act Author, Lloyd Rogers, Endorses Thomas Massie
  103. [Video] Thomas Massie's Opponents Make Some Lame Jokes
  104. Bunning and Davis endorse Alecia... Will Rand stop sitting on the sidelines now?
  105. Super PAC will support Massie
  106. Poll: Thomas Massie 32%, Webb-Edginton 22%, Moore 16%, not sure 21%
  107. Rand Paul considering endorsing Thomas Massie!
  108. Thomas Massie Moneybomb Starts NOW!
  109. It's now or never RPF! - Thomas Massie Moneybomb Donation Thread
  110. New Pro-Life Massie Mailers
  111. Thomas Massie to appear alongside Rand Paul at event on April 30, 2012
  112. Video in support of Thomas Massie's run for Congress in KY!
  113. New Email from Ron Paul - Thomas Massie Needs Your Help Today!
  114. Thomas Massie moneybomb hits 10K!
  115. N.Ky. super PAC defends itself
  116. Ron Paul posts Money Bomb message on official Facebook page
  117. Massie and Sanctions
  118. Pro-Life Blogs: "I Support Thomas Massie."
  119. Thomas Massie Vows No Congressional Pension And No Congressional Healthcare
  120. Massie on George Bush and Debt
  121. [Video] "Who's connecting with voters?" (Thomas Massie is!)
  122. Money Bomb Match Toady
  123. If we can raise 1k for Massie in this thread, it will be matched by one donor!
  124. Thomas Massie meets with Senator Rand Paul in Washington, D.C., April 26, 2012
  125. $11.11 at 11:11PM Eastern money bomb!! Yeah let's do this, to get that $1000 match
  126. $11.11 at 11:11PM eastern for Thomas Massie US Rep Kentucky tonight! Let's get that $1,000
  127. Thomas Massie: A Ron Paul Replacement
  128. Moneybomb Success!
  129. Join me in making calls for Thomas Massie via Phone From Home!
  130. Speech tip for Thomas Massie
  131. Pro-Liberty SuperPACS to back Thomas Massie's Campaign!
  132. Thank You SuperPACs! They Are Being Effective :)
  133. 4th Congressional Candidates Share Vision Of Government
  134. Club For Growth Endorses Thomas Massie for Ky-4th.
  135. Photo of Thomas Massie with Rand Paul at recent event in NKY
  136. Boone County Clerk Kenny Brown Endorses Thomas Massie
  137. Massie email: "15 More Days!" (5/7/12)
  138. Two Gun Groups Make Their Endorsements For The 4th District
  139. Moore Launches First Attack Ad, Targets Massie
  140. Peter Schiff Endorses Thomas Massie
  141. Tea Party Favorite Faces Attacks In Kentucky's Fourth District
  142. Liberty Super PAC makes over HALF MILLION dollar ad buy for Massie!
  143. Mica Sims: Moore Lies And Deception
  144. BREAKING: Rand endorses Thomas
  145. Rand Paul endorses Thomas Massie
  146. 4th District candidates lash out at Texas-based libertarian-leaning Super PAC
  147. The Establishment Has Their Panties In A Bunch!
  148. Thomas Massie recieves the endorsement from Kentucky's strongest Gun Rights group.
  149. John Ramsey, Founder Of Liberty For All PAC, Talks About Why He Supports Massie
  150. Moore: Massie Will Be My Biggest Challenge
  151. Got Moore And Alecia Mailers Today
  152. Republican Leaders Take Sides In 4th District Race
  153. Take Back Kentucky Endorses Thomas Massie (and Patrick Kelly)
  154. Thomas Massie KET Debate Live Tonight at 8 PM - LIVE STREAM INSIDE
  155. Phone Banking for Massie
  156. Kentucky: Establishment Versus Tea Party in Congressional Race
  157. Justin Amash endorses Thomas Massie!
  158. New Massie ad.
  159. Rand Paul Official Endorsement Ad To Begin Airing Toady
  160. Thomas Massie announces money bomb to run Rand Paul ad
  161. Breaking: Rand Paul Officially Endorses Thomas Massie TOADY
  162. [Video] Breaking - Rand Paul's ad for Thomas Massie
  163. Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Thomas Massie.
  164. Massie Moneybomb #2 Starts *Now*
  165. Massie Moneybomb approaching $5,000
  166. 4th District Congressional Candidates Make Final Push
  167. It's Thomas Massie vs. the GOP Establishment [Courier-Journal]
  168. Why should we give money to Ron Paul instead of Thomas Massie?
  169. [Video] New Ad by "Liberty for All" Exposes Thomas Massie's Opponents
  170. Massie to be hit by Pro-Romney/Bachman Pac ads to the tune of $50,000. Better Donate!
  171. FreedomWorks Endorses Thomas Massie
  172. Establishment vs. Tea Party In Kentucky (INTERESTING)
  173. Webb-Edgington Says She Is Building Momentum
  174. From MIT Entrepreneur to Tea Party Leader: The Thomas Massie Story
  175. Mother Jones Article About Liberty For All's John Ramsey
  176. Gun Owners of America endorses Thomas Massie
  177. Massie hits the /. homepage?!
  178. Article: Ron Paul's Army Of Youth And Thomas Massie
  179. Alecia Webb-Edgington Refuses To Fill Out C4L Candidate Survey
  180. [Audio] Thomas Massie on Mandy Connell Radio Show 5/18
  181. In Kentucky, Tea Party Stereotypes Collide With Reality
  182. The Establishment is Trying to Steal this Election!
  183. Mica Sims: 5 Out Of 6 Kentucky Congressman Voted For Tyranny
  184. ~~ Thomas Massie Phonebomb Today!! ~~
  185. [VIDEO] Thomas Massie vs. Gary Moore
  186. Made 203 calls for liberty today
  187. Daily Independent, May 18, 2012, "Tea party influence still felt"
  188. Courier Journal: 4th District Race Will Show Direction Of Republican Party
  189. Get rep by phonebanking for Massie tomorrow! Pledge 50 calls!
  190. Photo to spread around before election day
  191. U.S. Senator Mike Lee endorses Thomas Massie
  192. Who Made This?
  193. One of the people I just called...
  194. Are we going to have poll workers?
  195. Toady is the primary!
  196. When can we expect results to start coming in?
  197. From MIT Entrepreneur to Tea Party Leader: The Thomas Massie Story
  198. 7PM EST: WKU Public Radio will be updating on tonight's primary results in KY
  199. ** Official Thomas Massie Results Thread**
  200. Associated Press Calls the Race for Thomas Massie!
  201. Massie primary win most overwhelming win in 30+ years with 7+ candidates
  202. KET already mentions Massie for Senate in future
  203. Doherty: Rand Paul-approved Thomas Massie Winning GOP Primary for a Kentucky House Seat
  204. Rand Paul speaks through Thomas's cellhpone at the victory party [video]
  205. Drunk as hell for Hightower and Massie. LIBERTYYYYYYYYYY!
  206. Big Victory for Liberty and Thomas Massie! (Jack Hunter video)
  207. [VIDEO] Jack Hunter: Big Victory For Liberty And Thomas Massie!
  208. QUESTION FOR THOMAS: Help with strategy for future/current candidates
  209. Video of Massie Victory Party and Speech?
  210. [Video] Full Thomas Massie Victory Speech!
  211. Time to follow up on the Massie victory!
  212. Massie's general election will be far tougher than the primary?
  213. Ron Paul's supporters turn attention to down ballot races
  214. This Photo should be called, "Winning!"
  215. Massie's view on the drug war?
  216. Balko on the Massie win [Money and Politics]
  217. Request: Defenders of Liberty
  218. Marc Carey's Ominous Warning To Thomas Massie
  219. Map breakdown
  220. Jack Hunter: A Republican Revolution In Kentucky
  221. Marcus' analysis of the race - The Butthurt is Strong With This One
  222. AmConMag: A Massiecre in Kentucky
  223. Article: The Ron Paul Revolution Scored A Big Win In Kentucky
  224. Article: Where Are The Progressive Mega-Donors?
  225. Massie post election interview
  226. A response to Marcus Carey
  227. [VIDEO] Trey Gives A Great Analysis Of Massie Victory And Future Possibilities
  228. Democrats Vow Aggressive Campaign For Fourth District
  229. The KET interview from victory night
  230. [VIDEO] Jack Hunter: A Republican Revolution In Kentucky
  231. McConnell Weighs In On Thomas Massie's Victory
  232. Mike Church: The Kentucky Massiecre
  233. Democrats who passed on running for KY-4 wish Adkins well in tough district [video]
  234. Video: Thomas Massie's Primary Victory Explained
  235. Donderoooo Explodes! Attacks Jack Hunter About Thomas Massie
  236. [VIDEO] Phil Moffett Talks Massie Win, Liberty Movement, Considers Run For Governor
  237. Massie opponent: Adkins lauches first ad in Congressional race
  238. Antle: Kentucky Massiecre
  239. Any election coverage video?
  240. Massie resigns as Lewis County judge-executive
  241. Kentucky Right to Life endorses Thomas Massie, 7/24/12
  242. Massie Endorsed by US Chamber of Commerce for Congress
  243. Congressman Geoff Davis resigns from Congress
  244. Senators McConnell and Paul to hold fundraiser for Massie
  245. David Adams, fmr. Rand Paul campaign manager, talks Massie possibly challenging McConnell
  246. Thomas Massie leads general election opponent in fundraising
  247. [video] Thomas Massie speaking at the Kentucky Young Republicans meeting
  248. [Audio] Thomas Massie on Mandy Connell's radio show 8/14/12
  249. Massie on KY TV (video)
  250. Governor Steve Beshear calls for special election, to occur November 6 as expected