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  1. Kentucky Hemp Coalition endorses Thomas Massie
  2. It's official, I'm the Republican nominee for the special election
  3. Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Adkins, National Right-To-Life Endorses Massie
  4. Thomas Massie needs volunteers
  5. Lawmakers: Hemp Would Be A Boon To Kentucky Economy
  6. Joe Arnold : Redrawn Ky 4th District pits Tea Party's Massie vs. 'moderate' Dem Adkins
  7. Political Notes: Boehner raises funds for Massie, Conway warns against drug abuse
  8. Thomas Massie Campaign to Host Super Saturday Event Across 4th District 9/29 (Saturday)
  9. The Thomas Massie Song
  10. Thomas Massie Money Bomb (10/19) - It's the Home Stretch!
  11. Massie vs Adkins Q3 Fundraising Figures
  12. Campaign Email: REMINDER: Tomorrow We Reach the Home Stretch!
  13. Thomas Massie vs Bill Adkins Debate 10/22, 8 pm ET
  14. Thomas Massie needs volunteers in Kentucky for the election GOTV push!
  15. "Thomas Massie, Bill Adkins at odds in 4th District House debate" Courier Journal article
  16. Congressional candidate Thomas Massie declares his support for "Audit the Fed", 10/21/12
  17. Massie Email: The Choice is Clear
  18. 4th District congressional foes spar in televised debate
  19. Cincinnati Enquirer endorses: Thomas Massie's ideas surpass tea party roots
  20. Massie vs Adkins Pre-General FEC Reports
  21. Liberty For All to return to help Massie…but not with money
  22. What Reason Magazine says about Thomas Massie
  23. The Ledger Independent: Massie gets our nod for 4th District rep
  24. Massie For The People - TV Ad
  26. Thomas Massie's Special and General Election Results Thread (update: Massie WINS!)
  27. Congratulations thomas-in-ky!
  28. Massie will take oath of office November 13
  29. Stossel (9PM) will be talking about Thomas
  30. There Ain't No Such Thing As A New Ron Paul: Massie Soft on Military Cuts
  31. Marcus Carey wants someone to primary Massie
  32. Front page!
  33. Thomas Massie being sworn in (pic)
  34. Congressman Amash Congratulates Congressman Massie on his swearing in!
  35. VIDEO: Thomas' swearing in and speech
  36. Massie's first No vote: Mark Twain Commemorative Coin Act
  37. Congressman Massie and -Elect Bentivolio Together for Class Picture!
  38. Congressman Thomas Massie turns down Congressional pension and healthcare program
  39. Bill Adkins, Internet Troll
  40. Massie cosponsors hemp legislation
  41. When does Rep. Massie get control of his government website/fb/twitter?
  42. Thomas Massie stars in Country music video
  43. Rep. Thomas Massie Signs on as Co-Sponsor of Industrial Hemp Legislation
  44. Congressman Massie is hanging out with the right folks!
  45. Massie '93 (MIT)
  46. Fmr. Congressman Geoff Davis to start lobbying firm
  48. U.S. Representative Thomas Massie Announces District Staff for KY-4
  49. Massie hires staff, lands key committee assignments
  50. Rep. Thomas Massie's official Facebook and Twitter pages are up
  51. As of now McConnell leads Massie for Senate in KY in PPP's poll
  52. PPP: McConnell vs. Massie in 2014 (66% to 18%)
  53. Massie joins Ron Paul, Amash, Jones in opposition to NDAA (only 4 nay votes)
  54. Massie, Amash, Paul and 50 others vote against SECRET CONFERENCE for NDAA 2013
  55. Congressman Massie's Weekly Newsletter!
  56. Massie Supporters Can You Answer A Few Questions For Me?
  57. Massie votes against Iran resolution
  58. Massie, Amash, and Paul (and Young) vote against Theft of Trade Secrets Clarification Act!
  59. Thomas Massie On Mandy Connell Toady!
  60. Thomas Massie's Statement on NDAA and Indefinite Detention
  61. "Boehner's plan was a turd sandwhich... without bread" - Congressman Massie
  62. "Plan B" defeated thanks to Congressman Massie, Paul, Amash, Jones and 9 others
  63. Front-page article about Thomas Massie on Roll Call
  64. Massie to be on FoxNews.com at 11:30 am
  65. Thomas Massie votes Justin Amash for speaker of the House
  66. Thomas Massie Introduces Pro-2nd Amendment Bill!
  67. Massie's top 20 contributors
  68. Thomas Massie radio interview on fiscal cliff, gun control
  69. Thomas Massie now Chairman of Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation
  70. C-J: Massie takes defiant path as Kentucky's new congressman
  71. Happy Birthday Thomas Massie!
  72. Apparently Ron Paul is Thomas Massie's father.
  73. Thomas Massie looking for YAL member interns
  74. Politico - Ky. lawmaker earns name for voting 'No' [Thomas Massie]
  75. Kentucky US Rep. Thomas Massie Charts His Own Path
  76. Washington Times: Rep. Massie, an MIT grad, questions Obama's global-warming claims
  77. Congressman Massie Signs On To REINS Act 2013
  78. Thomas Massie vs. Kentucky Democrat Chairman Dan Logsdon Re: Sandy Relief Funding
  79. Massie Proposes Repeal Of Federal Gun-Free School Zones Despite Educators' Objections
  80. Massie explains his position on the debt limit vote
  81. Rep. Thomas Massie Town Hall in Covington 2/9
  82. Thomas Massie's Congressional DC Staff
  83. Massie: “If you know how many guns you have, you don’t have enough.”
  84. [Videos] Recent Thomas Massie Appearances
  85. McConnell knows which way the wind is blowing
  86. Rep. Thomas Massie Introduces Industrial Hemp Bill
  87. Rand Paul and Thomas Massie to testify Monday for Kentucky hemp bill
  88. Rep. Massie on FreedomWork's new show On Tap 2/13 (video added)
  89. [Video] Thomas Massie speaks in favor of KY hemp bill 2/11/13
  90. Thomas Massie on a couple KY radio shows 2/12/13
  91. Thomas Massie on The Tom Roten Morning Show 2/13/13
  92. Thomas Massie live now @ Freedomworks on S.O.T.U.
  93. Massie on Fox Business Network's "Markets Now" 2/15/2013 (VIDEO ADDED)
  94. Massie Is a Traitor
  95. Massie is quickly becoming a great American statesman
  96. What's Massie's Master Plan?
  97. Bipartisan Hemp, Med MJ Bills introduced in Congress
  98. Thomas Massie speaks at Gun rally in Florence, KY (news report)
  99. Thomas Massie on The Mandy Connell Show 2/28/13
  100. Q&A session with Thomas Massie
  101. Massie saves an easy $780 a month
  102. Thank you Thomas Massie for all that you are doing!
  103. Massie interview with Tony Perkins 3/11/13 (audio added)
  104. Thomas Massie questions whether Federal Reserve should be subject to FOIA
  105. Thomas Massie on The Mandy Connell Show 3/14/13
  106. Skills Act: Congressman Thomas Massie Votes Against Wasteful Spending!
  107. Photos: Thomas Massie photo shoot and dinner event
  108. Massie won't vote for the 'Ryan Budget' because it increases spending by 3.4%
  109. House GOP Conservatives Get Behind Ryan Budget (Massie sole 'No' vote)
  110. ONLY 27 House GOPers Oppose Final Passage of CR!
  111. Massie rules out 2014 challenge, but Senate run in 2016??? With a President Paul? Possible
  112. Massie, Amash, and Radel Introduce Life, Liberty, And Justice For All Americans Act
  113. Thomas Massie On Mandy Connell Today At 9:15 AM 3/28/13
  114. Massie advises tea partiers to lay off Mitch McConnell
  115. Massie on McConnell: "People in Kentucky are not big fans of the bank bailouts"
  116. Hot-button issues key for Massie
  117. Thomas Massie on the Mandy Connell Show 4/5/13
  118. Massie to Host First Annual Academy Day
  119. Photo of Massie and friends
  120. Massie Co-sponsors Bill to Protect Conscience Rights
  121. Thomas Massie Warns of More Bad Legislation at ‘Stand With Rand’ Rally
  122. Massie Votes Against CISPA
  123. U.S. Chamber Honors Congressman Massie with Spirit of Enterprise Award
  124. Thomas Massie on Brian Thomas's show (link inside)
  125. Reps. Scott and Massie Introduce Justice Safety Valve Act
  126. Massie: "Marketplace Fairness Act": Not Fair At All
  127. Thomas Massie on the Mandy Connell Show re: Internet Tax 5/1/13
  128. Thomas Massie on the Brian Thomas Show re: Internet Tax 5/2/13
  129. Thomas Massie speaks to NKY Chamber of Commerce
  130. Thomas Massie Leads Charge Against Internet Sales Tax
  131. Massie and Amash find stealth debt limit increase by making graphs
  132. Massie: "Full Faith and Credit Act A Stealth Tax Increase"
  133. H.R. 1892 legalizes cell phone unlocking, ‘fixes’ the DMCA
  134. Rep. Massie to give 1-hour Special Order Speech Against Internet Sales Tax!
  135. [Video] Thomas Massie gives update on his hemp bill 5/9/13
  136. [VIDEO] Massie special order speech against the internet tax - embedded YouTube version
  137. Massie Speaks Against the Internet Sales Tax on House Floor
  138. Full video of Massie/DeSantis/Daines floor speech with presser
  139. Thomas Massie on the Mandy Connell Show 5/17/13
  140. Did you know Thomas's facebook page has all sorts of stuff on it?
  141. Herald-Leader Editorial Demands Tax Hike
  142. Thomas Massie on KET's One to One Show
  143. [Video] Thomas Massie Questions Witnesses over IRS Scandal 5/22/13
  144. Rep. Massie: Congress Should Share Blame for IRS Scandal
  145. Thomas asks for support to oppose Internet Tax (email)
  146. Thomas Massie At The Opening Of The Ron Paul Institute
  147. Can we please find Thomas a better hashtag than #SassieWithMassie ? Please?
  148. Once upon a time, Thomas Massie had a blog...
  149. Thomas Massie on The Mandy Connell Show 5/31/13 (discusses Monsanto)
  150. [Video] Thomas Massie speaks against Supreme Court DNA decision 6/5/13
  151. Massie Sends Letter to House Leadership Opposing Internet Sales Tax
  152. ReasonTV: Thomas Massie on Turd Sandwiches, Govt Surveillance, IRS Scandals (45 min.)
  153. Rep. Massie tweets an IRS meme pic
  154. Massie Seeks Answers on NSA Secret Phone Record Seizures
  155. Thomas Massie defends Edward Snowden, doesn't think he should be prosecuted
  156. REQUEST: Thomas in the middle of Congressional New Media Challenge
  157. Radel, Amash, Massie and Salmon Introduce 2 Amendments to NDAA for Civil Liberties
  158. Massie, Amash, Radel hosting NDAA Twitter Town Hall tomorrow
  159. [Video] Thomas Massie to Congress - Don't Yield an Inch!
  160. Massie almost to 10,000 [Nearing 11K Now!] Facebook Likes!
  161. #DontYieldAnInch
  162. Thomas Massie on NSA spying on you and government lying to you (Brian Thomas 6/12/13)
  163. Massie: We Must Never As Americans Accept The Premise That Government Can Lie To Us!
  164. Thomas Massie calls for Clapper resignation!
  165. Massie to Speak at Press Conference for anti-Internet sales tax
  166. June 21st Massie to Host Maysville-area Town Hall
  167. Hemp Amendment: Massie and others Present Amendment to FARM Bill to Legalize Hemp!
  168. Massie Cosponsors Bill to Stop Abuse of Civil Liberties
  169. Massie Speaks Out Against Internet Tax at Press Conference
  170. Debate on Polis-Massie-Blumenauer Hemp Amendment to Farm Bill
  171. Report of Thomas Massie's Town Hall Meeting in Maysville
  172. Watch Thomas Massie and “The New York Meeting” Live tonight (June 24th) at 6pm!
  173. Thomas Massie introduces bill to block military aid to Syrian rebels
  174. Judge Nap visits Thomas Massie
  175. Thomas Massie Interview with Mallory Factor 6/28/13
  176. Freedom Index: Congressional Scorecard for Thomas Massie - 100%!
  177. Thomas Massie on The Mandy Connell Show 7/10/13
  178. Massie Votes for improved Farm Bill
  179. Thomas Massie on The Brian Thomas Show 7/17/13
  180. ConservativeHQ: Radel and Massie Forcing the Constitution on Obama and Neo Cons!
  181. Massie Introduces Amendments to Block Unauthorized U.S. Military Involvement in Syria and
  182. Massie explains top 3 ways leadership has tried to get his vote
  183. GOP Leaders Face Libertarian Revolt Over NSA, Egypt, Syria
  184. [Video] Thomas Massie at "Future of Coal" Hearing 7/25/13
  185. House Passes Massie’s Amendment to Block Escalated U.S. Involvement in Egypt
  186. Thomas Massie on The Mandy Connell Show re: NSA and Christie 7/26/13
  187. Thomas Massie Interview with United Liberty 8/1/13
  188. Massie on Frontpage of WSJ
  189. Thomas Massie interview with Democracy Now re: NSA 8/2/13
  190. Massie Votes to Pass REINS Act
  191. Thomas Massie Junkyard Wars 2002
  192. Congressman Massie's license plate is kind of amazing.
  193. Thomas Massie on The Mandy Connell Show 8/7/13
  194. Thomas Massie Op-Ed: Defund unaffordable Affordable Care Act
  195. Thomas Massie & Gurley L. Martin hang out at Nothin' Fancy Farm [PHOTO]
  196. Thomas Massie on the Brian Thomas Morning Show 8/21/13
  197. Harry Potter Witches And Wizards Of Congress
  198. Thomas Massie says Washington needs to simplify
  199. [Video] Thomas Massie interview w/ Ben Swann: Missile strikes are an act of war 8/28/13
  200. Massie: "I am vehemently opposed to U.S. military aggression"
  201. U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie staying busy in NKY next week
  202. [Video] Thomas Massie on Local News Speaking Against Syrian Intervention
  203. Massie: 'People are just tired of war'
  204. [VIDEO] Thomas Massie on Junkyard Wars - "Sand Yacht" (FULL episode)
  205. Thomas Massie op-ed: There's no immediate threat, and this is not our fight
  206. Boehner, Massie illustrate GOP 'civil war' on US role
  207. James Comer, Thomas Massie Lobby for Hemp in Washington, D.C.
  208. Republican Newcomer Influence in Congress Risks Shutdown
  209. [Video] FreedomWorks On Tap "Obama's War On Syria" w/ Congressman Thomas Massie - 9/19/13
  210. [Video] Thomas Massie and Rand Paul at KY GOP Rally 9/13/13
  211. Thomas Massie on the Brian Thomas Show 9/18/13
  212. [Video] Thomas Massie Questions Amb. Pickering at Benghazi Hearing 9/19/13
  213. Thomas Massie on The Leland Conway Show 9/18/13
  214. Thomas Massie Speech at LPAC 2013
  215. Thomas Massie's #shutdownquestions on twitter
  216. Thomas Massie Leading By Example
  217. [Satire] Massie got spoofed at the Onion
  218. Thomas Massie Co-Sponsors American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2013 ( anti-United Nations )
  219. [Video] Rep. Thomas Massie: Protect the Constitution, Don't Yield an Inch
  220. Speaker Pro Tempore
  221. Massie not confident in a quick compromise
  222. Thomas Massie on the Brian Thomas Show 10/16/13
  223. U.S. House Passes Bipartisan Water Transportation Bill
  224. [Video] Thomas Massie interview with cn2 re: WRRDA 10/23/13
  225. Massie Backs Up Harbors Maintenance Projects
  226. Thomas Massie on The Leland Conway Show 10/31/13
  227. Massie's fundraising deficit might not hurt his chances in 2014
  228. Thomas Massie on the Brian Thomas Show 11/14/13
  229. [Video] Thomas Massie in Oversight Cmte on rollout of HealthCare.gov 11/13/13
  230. [Video] Thomas Massie questions EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy 11/14/13
  231. Thomas Massie cosponsors Articles of Impeachment against Eric Holder
  232. Thomas Massie on The Leland Conway Show 11/15/13
  233. Thomas Massie Needs our Help!
  234. Alert for Massie
  235. Judge Napolitano: "I dream of a day when Tom Massie is in leadership"
  236. Thomas Massie and Rand Paul seek clarification on federal hemp position
  237. Thomas Massie on The Leland Conway Show 12/2/13
  238. Judge Napolitano and Brian Thomas Talk Massie, Call Him 'Young Ron Paul'
  239. Rep. Thomas Massie Files for Re-Election
  240. Massie, Amash, others are requesting clean CR at sequester levels
  241. Rep. Thomas Massie blasts budget deal
  242. Someone on Home Alone
  243. Massie mentioned on Hannity radio today
  244. Crony RINO aims to run against Massie in GOP Primary
  245. Massie MoneyBomb Planning
  246. Merry Christmas from the Massie family
  247. Stevens name synonymous with taxes
  248. Primary challenge real for Northern Kentucky's Thomas Massie
  249. Thomas Massie Money Bomb - January 10-13, 2014 - Defeat the Establishment
  250. [Video] Thomas Massie Fights For You - support his moneybomb!