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  1. The campaign needs to appeal to women voters with a simple positive message & BIG BUZZ !!!
  2. Get out the vote in Minnesota (and Phone from Home help)
  3. How to make SURE rally-goers GOTV
  4. CAMPAIGN : What the RP Campaign must do at EVERY rally/event !!
  5. The answer to Paul's "Iran problem"?
  6. Ron Paul HAS to go on the ATTACK.
  7. President Paul, VP Gingrich, Sec of State Santorum: United They Stand...against Romney
  8. how to prevent voter fraud
  9. Digitize petition signings.
  10. Paul needs to make the connection between sanctions on Iran and jobs in the US
  11. New Speech Strategy: Emphasize the Positive Future Vision
  12. I would like Dr. Paul to end every speach in this manner.
  13. At Every Rally, Before Dr. Paul Speaks, Show A Delegate Training Video!
  14. Use ROBOCALLS for GOTV!
  15. What if speech on T-shirts
  16. It's Time to Attack HARD- The Truth Needs to Come Out, or I'M DONE DONATING
  17. Get bumper stickers on cars
  18. How about a new strategy? Stop surrendering in some states even before the vote.
  19. Strategy for becoming a RON PAUL delegate
  20. Q&A Town Halls insted of rallies
  21. 7 Areas of focus to win the nomination. Campaign please read in entirety.
  22. Paul needs to do MAJOR policy speech on Economy/Debt/ ---Reaganesque
  23. Free Airtime in Local Markets
  24. Trouble with Signing up as Delegate on RonPaul2012/delegate
  25. Five Precients caucuses added in Maine
  26. A state that we could win... Michigan?
  27. More BIG DOG Commercial air time!!
  28. Wrong Message!!
  29. Campaign needs to aim for first place finish and campaign until right before the vote
  30. You must publicize all Moneybombs on the Facebook page
  31. Young vs Old in Ron Pauls message
  32. Reagan?
  33. 3G iPads being used for canvasing.
  34. Local Restaurant Sit-Ins/Fundraiser
  35. To Ron Paul Specifically Regarding Soft Support and Doubters
  36. Paul should attack Santorum for misrepentation & also expose his record
  37. Santorum attracting Ron Paul voters
  38. Nationwide Freedom Rally
  39. Please start accusing Mitt Romney of STEALING Maine
  40. Fearmongering REAL issues
  41. Use townhalls/rallies to promote campaign website, & appeal for donations/votes/delegates
  42. Motion text for caucuses to have open counting of votes and tracking
  43. RON, spend some of our $$$; get yourself a CAMERA MAN!
  44. Would Love to see the Judge on the Soap Box for Ron Paul?
  45. Incentives
  46. Elderly Focus
  47. New Social Networking technology for Ron Paul staff to utilize
  48. Still Wrong Message
  49. On Iran, Paul should attack Obama
  50. Something for us over regulated truckers
  51. "Get fiscal religion"
  52. When asked about Not passing any bills, Dr.Paul could say this..
  53. In any Foreign policy/terror/Iran question, mention Letter of Marque against OBL
  54. Do more interviews with local news agencies, tv and radio!
  55. Please use fundraising information by state - to allocate resources
  56. Ron Paul's style of speaking!
  57. video i made for ron paul
  58. Debate Introduction: I'm Dr. Ron Paul, twelve term congressman from...
  59. Precinct and State Coordinators
  60. President Paul, more Q&A. Thank You.
  61. Take back the narrative.
  62. Young people voting?
  63. Time for a TELEPROMPTER!
  64. New Campaign Slogan!
  65. FP Commercial
  66. Automaticaly Recurring Weekling or Monthy Campaign Contributions
  67. perfect Example
  68. This photo should be bulk mailed and put on billboards
  69. "The revolution will not be partisan"
  70. looking for some artistic help
  71. One thing we haven't done....Disabled Veterans
  72. U.S. Navy
  74. Ad idea: "Ron Paul Chronicles 2"
  75. To Campaign: Increase the Urgency of Donations, GOTV, etc.
  76. Ron Paul's moment in the sun? How to win the upcoming Hawaii GOP caucus
  77. Youth make up 12% of population, you can't win without the older group
  78. Local talk Radio shows
  79. Proposal: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Moneybomb - Actual Anniversary March 23rd
  80. You did nothing??
  81. "Ron Paul Wins the Virgin Islands!" Put that on the campaign website
  82. Make this a campaign issue: FED wants 8-12 graders to be taught that it is constitutional
  83. Using Our Internet Presence Effectively
  84. Getting the Message to the Heart
  85. Ron's (appearance) of 'his way or no way'..
  86. How to win over Liberals, Progressives and Independents
  87. Who is the coordinator for my state?
  88. Please prepare for independent or third party run
  89. Promote a Stump Event for 25,000++ PEOPLE
  90. Providing a new spark to the campaign
  91. ron paul's ads suck
  92. Ron Paul in CA this week
  93. Yahoo, Google, MSN
  94. ATTN CAMPAIGN: Ron Paul should speak out against CISPA
  95. Campaign finally has a voter registration site but has a lot of mistakes
  96. Make the Ron Paul Videos Go Viral on YouTube
  97. ATTN CAMPAIGN: Please act ASAP to draw a sharp contrast between Mitt and Ron
  98. Ron Paul: "A Personal Plea to My Generation" - Ad for senior voters - Social Security
  99. Ross Perot style electronic town hallst
  100. We need to challenge the Romney "electability" myth, these polls help !
  101. Ninja Press Conference
  102. Delegate math must be publicized
  103. Ron Paul Needs to Make a Statement on the Jerusalem Issue
  104. Make a Facebook event for the next moneybomb!!
  105. A press release on all our delegates we won is required to shift this race
  106. Why hasn't there been any word from the campaign via social media?
  107. New commercial idea
  108. Ron needs to formally challenge Romney to 1-on-1 DEBATE
  109. suggestions and heads up for the Ron Paul/Krugman debate
  110. GOP Rules virtually unbind all delegates at the convention, eschew the Unit Rule
  111. How long will it be before Ron Paul is promoted as anti-Obamney conservative
  112. NC for dr. Paul
  113. Attracting three different audiences
  114. Health Care.
  115. idea for an ad
  116. We need a moon colony and a moratorium on gay marriage in our platform!
  117. Get practical voters are selfish and ill informed
  118. Get Doug Wead on Maddow - Nevada and Maine
  119. Motion to change the name of the Republican Party
  120. Need for running totals and updated Delegate hard and soft counts
  121. Tampa Delegate Counts
  122. Fill the Leadership vacuum. Take the wind from Romney and Obama's sails.
  123. PRESS RELEASE: Claim Oklahoma!
  124. NRP Challenge Committee engagement as an opportunity
  125. Bound Delegate Phone from home!
  126. Get Ron Paul to NC GOP convention
  127. Nebraska: Stay out of the way!
  128. Wisconsin DA covers up Romney fellony case with fake investigation
  129. All the Romney Fraud
  130. Pro 2nd Amendment Photo Ops
  131. Critical moment in movements history, need unity and new leadership strategy