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  1. Slogan: "Only Dr. Paul Can Revive America"
  2. Republican Party Platform through history
  3. Debate Suggestion
  4. Leveraging Dr. Paul's economic background
  5. Conacting Iranian & Islamic Associations for Ron Paul Fundraising
  6. Video Testimony from Permanently Disabled Veterans
  7. Ron Paul / Chuck Norris 2012
  8. Phone From Home - Add a Few Issues
  9. Suggestions for RP's campaign
  10. Ron Paul: Putting America FIRST
  11. The Weinberger doctrine redefined for Ron Paul
  12. When confronted with the newsletter story
  13. Another Foreign Policy Ad
  14. Corporate Welfare bilking America
  15. Taking responsibility for the infamous newsletters
  16. Drug legalization answer
  17. "Commander in Chief" - The last ad needed to win the election
  18. Thoughts on South Carolina
  19. "RP, will you support the GOP nominee?", RP "Will the GOP support me if I'm nominated?"
  20. A Southern Strategy?
  21. Stop doing interviews with unfriendly media outlets and personalities before Iowa!
  22. Need Ad on saving SOCIAL SECURITY in FLORIDA
  23. New RP ad: "Ron Paul's Supporters" (MUST READ!)
  24. Attack: Raise the Spectre of an Obama/Mitt Draft
  25. We need someone to say they authored the newsletters !
  26. When answering foreign policy questions: "America is a great country but..."
  27. Ticker for Phone from Home ?
  28. I think the best way for Ron Paul to handle the newsletters is to release them online
  29. Delegates & Ballot Access
  30. Will the campaign ever call out the media?
  31. cook book Vol. 2. or old additions (collector items)
  32. Bumper Sticker Ideas
  33. New Hampshire Strategy
  34. A Multicultural Campaign Ad
  35. Dondero is a blessing to us
  36. Price of Goods Under a Ron Paul Presidency
  37. Netanyahu Endorsement
  38. Border Security, Border Security, Border Security!
  39. My suggestion: prime-time advertising on news channels (fox, msnbc, cnn, etc), AND.....
  40. Powerful Strategy for Ron Paul regarding Occupy Wall Street
  41. As we attract more people, the willingness to brave a winterstorm goes down
  42. Attack ads needed in NH for Romney. Serial Flip Flop video is good!
  43. Dear Campaign: GIVE US MORE WEAD!
  44. Dear Campaign: GIVE US MORE WEAD!
  45. Dear Campaign: Steal Back The Narrative!
  46. "Running to the Left of Obama", and language politics
  47. Paul should have YouTube pull some videos
  48. Take a Ron Paul Job Approval Poll in Lake Jackson
  49. Campaign Slogan Idea for Billboards, T Shirts, etc.
  50. Southern States
  51. Why don't they tell people about RP gving back part of his salary to the Treasury?
  52. Concerning Virginia Primary
  53. Launch More Ads in Iowa
  54. RP will give most of presidential salary back: Tell people about this!
  55. Get HBO 24/7 Series to follow ron paul campaign
  56. Features tell, benefits sell...l
  57. reassure seniors
  58. How Ron Paul can sharpen his message and win
  59. Flip-Flopping Vs Because You Are Neither Hot Nor Cold But Lukewarm,I Will Vomit You Out
  60. Why do young people support Ron Paul?
  61. Trap debate questions and how Ron Paul's plan PRESERVES Social Security etc
  62. The Age
  63. The Troops Support Ron Paul, DO YOU?
  64. Attacking the "unelectable" and "loony" smears
  65. Keep an eye on Huntsman in NH, he could be the media darling this week
  66. Making a detailed strategy for Ron Paul's foreign policy
  67. Some ideas...
  68. "We can't project power abroad if we are weak at home!"
  69. Wish Merry Christmas to Orthodox Christians on Jan 7th (there are millions of us)
  70. Newt is trying to take Northern Pass issue -he'll SAY anything. Ron Paul wd deny permit
  71. Campaign Ideas to help get Ron Paul's message out-- WE CAN FIGHT THE MEDIA
  72. Nationwide Dr.Ron Paul **SIGN BOMB and LITERATURE DROP** WWW.RonPaul2012.com **
  73. Campaign needs to see this re: 'supporter' video of Huntsman's daughters etc
  74. TV Ad Idea: Ron Paul is the only Candidate who will freeze gas prices
  75. Santorum supported individual mandate in healthcare
  76. Paul needs to start talking about Jobs, Right to Work, and Reducing Regulations in SC
  77. Attack Santorum for his income increase and lobbying
  79. Iran is a distraction to hide the voting record on economy and Ron Paul must point it out
  80. Ron still needs a suit that fits.
  81. Points that NEED to be communicated to voters
  82. Marriage is a privilege?
  83. another Ron Paul book, go after stars, austrians for congress, "educate wallstreet"
  84. New forum for Reponses to questions, accusations, insinuations, etc
  85. Highlighting laws unfair to blacks will help in SC
  86. Please attack Santorum for supporting individual mandate
  87. Campaign Videos You Would Like to See
  88. RP got virtually NO LOBBYIST DONATIONS ($ 451), portrait him as the people´s choice
  89. Who wants to help start another PAC for Ron Paul?
  90. New campaign idea; "President Paul" as a rally cry
  91. Time Ticking till Texas?
  92. Baltimore Sun repeats ideas from ronpaulforums, campaign should pursue them as well
  93. Campaign needs to go after Gingrich and Santorum hard in S.C. if we want to have a chance
  94. Please highlight opposition to NDAA unlimited detention without trial
  95. RON PAUL MUST CONVEY: JOBS JOBS JOBS - Not just "debt" - must connect with the layperson
  96. Obamacare = Romneycare = Santorumcare = Gingrichcare: All support individual mandate
  97. How to KILL 5 birds with 1 stone...PAY ATTENTION CAMPAIGN!
  98. Commission Poll of RP as Rep candidate *including third party candidates*
  99. TV ADS IN SOUTH - Packages should include Ads that have Dr. Ron Paul with Reagan
  100. Ron Paul Needs a Speech About How Forcibly He Would Defend America from Enemies
  101. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
  102. Paul's campaign needs to emphasize the dire consequences of NOT enacting policies
  104. As Ron Paul has become the symbol of liberty.......
  105. Challenge Warren Buffett?
  106. Ron Paul needs to stay POSITIVE in South Carolina
  107. Reveal The Media Push-Polling
  108. target the media
  109. How to get SC voters and the ENTIRE nation on our side! Pay ATTENTION campaign!
  110. Are we working the universities in SC? Bet at USC Huntsman didn't say hed have signed NDAA
  111. Thomas Woods
  112. Defuse the third party talk: "if Ron doesn't, someone will!"
  113. Proposed ad: Rick Santorum admits he will kill American citizens!
  114. Let's commision a poll
  115. Let's clear this up! (Foreign Policy)
  116. Tell people that a war against IRAN means $6 GASOLINE, they certainly don't want that
  117. High dollar dinner to speak on the future of the party
  118. Countering attack ads by the National Organization for Marriage
  119. The campaign should be sending people to SC churches to hand out cookbooks
  120. DeMint Signs
  121. Debate preparation: Strait of Hormuz: IRAN, OMAN, and the right to transit
  122. We *MUST* clarify Iran
  123. How about an ad focusing on consistent conservativism AND electability
  124. PPP gives a campaign suggestion...
  125. The Campaign should make an ad about RP and kids -there are plenty of pics (examples here)
  126. Santorum attacks RP as opposed to life - time to hit back!
  127. This may sound off the wall.....
  128. It would be a huge boost for SC to get Jim DeMint's endorsement
  129. Hey Ron... we'd be all ears for a FDR style "Fireside Chat"
  130. *Foreign Policy Ad Extremely Vital at this Point*
  131. Immigration Policy
  132. Stop the anaesthetising of the Revoltion by the Romney camp, we're they anti-establishment
  133. Please attack Romney in ads
  134. RP newsletters
  135. Money saving idea for the campaign
  136. Paul needs to explain who the Mossad is whenever he mentions them!
  137. Foreign policy -no transition plan
  138. Foreign Policy: "I Predicted...Heed My Warning"
  139. RP needs to slam NDAA in debates, even Limbaugh attacked it!
  140. Let freedom... litterally ring?
  141. Electability Ad with Tom Davis!
  143. Santorum is Establishment candidate groomed by Karl Rove (evidence from Newsweek 2003)
  144. Challenge To One On One Debate On Foreign Policy
  145. Junk Cars for Ron!
  146. Talk to Senior citizens at the Shopping Mall?
  147. Debate - Osama question
  148. OPEN LETTER TO RON PAUL CAMPAIGN!Please read this take note.
  149. OPEN LETTER TO RON PAUL on very important TALKING POINT
  150. Connecting with people
  151. Tom Woods
  152. Operation NASCAR ROUNDUP For South Carolina and Florida
  153. Missed Opportunity
  154. Romney weakness: He says he would've signed NDAA--make ads about this
  155. War is not an issue of left and right (RP is not "to the left of Obama" on Iran)
  156. Major donor of Obama and Romney? Goldman Sachs. Major donors of RP? Individuals (< $100)!
  157. Debates: Pivoting away from hostile questions
  158. W. Times/Zogby Poll: Nearly half of Rep. primary voters AGREE with Non-Intervention
  159. Capitalize on SOPA/PIPA Controversy
  160. Campaign: Please use SOPA and PIPA to get Dems/Indys and young voters out in SC!!
  161. The Youth vote is the future of the Republican party so Ron Paul is the future
  162. Age is no object!
  163. If Gingrich does well in SC and FL, the campaign should hit Romney hard.
  164. CNN South Carolina Debate for January 19, 2012
  165. At debates, RP should reframe foreign policy questions into:
  166. Ron Paul needs to say things like "As President I will" and "As President I would have"
  167. Why Gingrich and Santorum will not drop out and why the campaign should attack Romney
  168. Attack ad idea: Expose the draft dodgers (Romney+Gingrich), RP is THE veteran in the race
  170. Important phone from home feedback!!!
  171. How to lift Paul's share of vote by 6%? Become the pensioners' champion
  172. RP needs to use more sound bites in debates
  173. People just want to know RP will keep us safe (National Defense)
  174. Idea: Release "Foreign Policy Plan" and Hold Press Conference
  175. persuasion calls were AWESOME.
  176. Romney is candidate of Goldman Sachs and Rahm Emmanuel supporters (from Chicago Tribune)
  177. Dr. Paul should dumb it down for the public
  178. All answers in debate must highlight the voting RECORD of opponents and be shorter
  179. Direct economic arguments to older voters
  180. Reach out to George Lucas
  181. Campaign Must Do An Electability Ad!
  182. George W. Bush's Foreign Policy in 2000 campaign - Ad Idea
  183. Rick Santorum was Director of Universal Health Services (used children for Medicaid fraud)
  184. Ron Paul could win the nomination if he would just expose one thing
  185. Make Phone Calls For Donations On The Mega Moneybomb.
  186. Ron needs to make it clear he would have gotten OBL w ltrs of marque
  187. Why isn't the campaign making a bigger deal about TARP?
  188. The Paul Doctrine on Foreign Policy: Changing perceptions of republican voters.
  189. Obama Ordered to Georgia Court to Prove Nat Born Citizenship
  190. 'There's no such thing as bad publicity'
  191. Here Are Two Good Articles That Highlight Frustration With Grass Roots Mentality
  192. Congressman Ron Paul should show his edge
  193. Release a Detailed Foreign Policy Plan with Numbers
  194. FL Debates: RP Must Point Out He Will Save Social Security/Medicare Benefits
  195. Debate Strategy: Don't criticize by name, say "The other 3..." or "I'm the only one..."
  196. Article exposing Newt and Romney, a possible snappy retort for RP
  197. Rand being detained by the TSA = HUGE political opportunity
  198. Flood ads with Big Four issues: Obamacare, Wall St bailouts, debt limits and Goldman Sachs
  199. How Dr. Paul and the Campaign Presents Himself
  200. General Debate Strategy
  201. Question and Suggestion
  202. Ron Paul Campaign please read: How to fix foreign policy message.
  203. This is what the campaign needs to do to improve
  204. 3 consecutive debates without single question on debt/deficit: dramatic impact solution
  205. New ideas for Ron Paul campaign
  206. SOUND BITES that MUST be used NOW.
  207. My .02 on the Foreign Policy message.
  208. Suggestion on deflation
  209. how to talk about Iran
  210. Does Ron Paul want to be President or not?
  211. Recommendation From Someone I Called From Phone From Home
  212. Campaign Suggestion from Paul Craig Roberts
  213. I Know This Has Been Talked About...
  214. Change the Narrative
  215. "End the TSA Moneybomb"? No, no, let's step this up
  216. There are no problems with Dr. Paul's policies. The problem is PERCEPTION.
  217. Important suggestions for the debates and interviews to help change perception
  218. Rick Santorum's 2006 flyer contains list of his socialist achievements
  219. Ad Idea: Vote for Paul because he'll have the Strongest National Defense
  220. Newt: "Almost like" USA should allow attacks, but Paul's FP "dangerous"
  221. Tell America the # 1 threat to their survival as free people
  222. These national GOP debates are your "bully pulpit"
  224. What became of this?
  225. Ad Idea: Highlights Of Other Candidates Praising Paul
  226. Everyone needs to start hitting other forums
  227. things Ron Paul should say----------
  228. Talking Points on Military Spending, Foreign Policy, Foreign Aid, and Israel
  229. Freedom IS the Solution
  230. Change "cut military spending" to "cut WASTEFUL militarism + WELFARE for dictators"
  231. Buddy Roemer fo Ron Paul's Vice President!
  232. Campaign EMERGENCY: Dr. Paul not on the ballot in KY?
  233. Iran/Nukes/Soviets...mention Reagan!
  234. Response to the question: "Would you support one of the other candidates?"
  235. How to reach senior citizens and middle-aged women voters...and convert them to Ron Paul
  236. Carlos Fuentes: legalize drugs to save Mexico. Is this too late for the Florida vote
  237. Ron should publicly challenge the other candidates to a debate next week.
  238. Speeches on specific themes
  239. Tips to make donations easier
  240. Ron Paul *Evolution
  241. Yucca Mountain
  242. After studying the 'Roberts Rules'...
  243. Organizing and need access to donor lists
  244. Statements about repealing the Patriot Act should also include repealing the TSA and NDAA.
  245. Congress exempt from several federal laws
  246. Bacon
  247. "The issues" on the official website - Make it better
  248. If Washington Post report is true, campaign is pursuing a losing strategy
  249. Tell all votes in caucus states to take photos of the final tally, tweet results
  250. Trying for 2nd place not working; Campaign, please attack bailouts, Obamneycare and debts