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  1. General Stuff about Chris Christie in case he runs
  2. Rick Perry The Daily Bail: Rick Perry's Bailout Lies: TARP Hypocrisy Caught On Tape
  3. Rick Perry lead in South Carolina drops from 20 points to three
  4. Gary Johnson Its outragious that they are killing his campaign, but shouldn't he support Ron Paul now?
  5. Rick Santorum Santorum contacted Google, says company spreads 'filth'
  6. Rick Perry Says President emboldened Palestinians to seek statehood
  7. Rick Santorum says: "I’ve forgotten more about Israel than Rick Perry knows about Israel"
  8. Rick Perry Rupert Murdoch dines with Rick Perry
  9. Rick Perry [VIDEO] Judge Napolitano & Jack Hunter: "Rick Perry's HPV Issue"
  10. Rick Santorum The top Google result for "santorum" is spreadingsantorum.com (LMAO)
  11. Gary Johnson Fox tweaked rules specifically to let Gary Johnson into the next debate - wonder why?
  12. Rick Perry Steve Forbes says Rick Perry Will Win the White House
  13. Rick Santorum “I’ve forgotten more about Israel than Rick Perry knows about Israel.”- Santorum
  14. Mitt Romney Huckabee emerges as Romney ally
  15. Rick Perry Perry has been to Israel more than any candidate running including Obama.
  16. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Central Forum: Most Users Ever Online: 18
  17. Sarah Palin McGuiness Book Review
  18. Gary Johnson FOX Will Let Gary Johnson Debate -- Politico
  19. Michele Bachmann Women voters discuss Michele Bachmann
  20. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson on the Fed
  21. Rick Perry Hannity will have Perry on tonight
  22. Rick Perry Washinggton Post: PERRY CLOSES THE BOOKS on his TRAVEL, SECURITY EXPENSES...
  23. Rick Perry Is Perry palling around with extremists? Raw Story
  24. Rick Perry Post the most DAMNING VIDEOS here of Rick Perry
  25. General Mitt and Rick’s Secret Donor Deal
  26. Rick Perry What are your thoughts on "President Zero" ad?
  27. Rick Perry to unveil endorsements by 27 NH House members
  28. Rick Perry Has His South Carolina Headquarters Protested
  29. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson to be in the 9/22 FOX debate?
  30. Michele Bachmann Rollins, Ex-Bachmann Campaign Chief ,Says Candidate 'Stumbled' With Remarks
  31. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Wants You To Know That He Likes The Coen Brothers
  32. Perry pressured FOX to include Gary Johnson in the debate?
  33. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich made an ad with Pelosi urging people to do something about climate change
  34. Sarah Palin I hope she runs
  35. Rick Perry 27 NH House members backing Perry
  36. Rick Perry supporter defending Perry facts...
  37. Michele Bachmann Bachmann can't win - poll below article "Who will win"
  38. Rick Perry Rick Perry's Corruption Exposed
  39. Rick Perry Does anyone know if the Chosen One attended THIS YEAR's Bilderberg Group?
  40. Washed up actor Dean Cain endorses Perry!
  41. Rick Perry In Texas, 82% of jobs since 2007 went to "NEW IMMIGRANTS." LOL
  42. Rick Perry 81% of new jobs in Texas since 2007 went to "NEW IMMIGRANTS."
  43. Gary Johnson FOX: "Surging Gary Johnson to Join Fox Debate"
  44. Rick Perry's Lying Eyes
  45. General Balancing the budget - how can a neocon do it?
  46. Michele Bachmann Bachmann lacks endorsements from Congress
  47. Rick Perry 'Pay to Play' - Cronyism w/ Perry
  48. Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman jumps to third place in New Hampshire, poll say
  49. Rick Perry Rick Perry's Record Speaks For Itself. Lots of info inside.
  50. Gary Johnson Stoked about Gary Johnson!
  51. Rick Perry Conservative Ire with Perry Runs Deep, Reflects Racial Politics
  52. Mitt Romney "A Day On The Road With Mitt" ??
  53. Thaddeus McCotter Drops Out of Race, Endorses Romney
  54. Rick Perry If I were gonna pick someone for President*, I'd have to go with-----
  55. Thaddeus McCotter Thaddeus McCotter 2012 Campaign For President Being Terminated By GOP Congressman
  56. Sarah Palin Says She Will Continue to Think About a Presidential Campaign if you Send Money
  57. Rick Perry Larry Flynt offers $1,000,000.00 reward for Perry's sexual encounters
  58. Gary Johnson WOW! Gary Johnson ad is good and in a way promotes Ron.
  59. Gary Johnson Live Free Video
  60. Rick Perry Solyndra, Perry’s Texas Edition
  61. Rick Santorum Santorum Refuses to Answer Question on Federal Right to Work Law
  62. Rick Perry Rick Perry's Illegal Immigration DREAM
  63. Rick Perry Rick Perry's Bi-National Healthcare Scheme
  64. Rick Perry defends in-state tuition for illegal immigrants
  65. Rick Perry Did Perry LIE about Gardasil lobbying?!!?
  67. Rick Perry Is Rick Perry's campaign dead?
  68. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson in the Debate
  69. Rick Perry Did Perry Create Jobs For Illegal Immigrants? - a blog by Jack Hunter
  70. Sarah Palin Palin Advisors Tell "White House dream is over"
  71. Rick Perry Was Perry dead last on the applause meter?
  72. Gary Johnson Thank you, Governor Johnson
  73. Rick Perry Liar, Liar - HPV Vaccine Fact Check: Perry Misstated Relationship With Dying Woman
  74. Gary Johnson #1 trending on google
  75. Rick Perry Al Gore Managing Garda Shill's Campaign?
  76. Gary Johnson Think before you reply: What to do about Gary Johnson
  77. Gary Johnson is "a Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) with results" says Wash Post
  78. Gary Johnson gets line of the night in Fla. GOP debate
  79. Fox News: Gary Johnson less 'grouchy' than Ron Paul
  80. Mitt Romney Calling all tubers!! Needed: Updated version of "Mitt Romney has a truth problem"
  81. Rick Perry Bill Kristol freaks out: YIKES!
  82. Rick Perry Rick Perry's Salvia Moment
  83. General A joke!
  84. Mitt Romney Romney’s gaffe lost him tonight’s debate
  85. Rick Perry Daniel Larison: Perry’s Confusion in the Debate
  86. Rick Perry Rick Perry Is Down, But Not Out
  87. Gary Johnson did NOT get the dog joke from the Rush Limbaugh show
  88. Michele Bachmann OOPS! Bachman called anti-right-to-work Senate candidate a 'real conservative'
  89. Jon Huntsman (Video) Huntsman vs. Santorum On Foreign Policy
  90. Rick Perry Rick Perry Issues 2010 and Corruption Exposed
  91. General Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run, Will Decide in Days
  92. Mitt Romney Romney 70% Favorable in NH
  93. General Chris Christie is coming... [mod: speculation]
  94. Mitt Romney Norm Coleman joins Romney campaign
  95. Rick Perry Former Perry Chief of Staff Fired from A&M, Pulls knife and threatens people
  96. Gary Johnson Gary johnson pwns obama administration
  97. Rick Perry Caption This...
  98. Rick Perry LMAO, Perry getting crucified here
  99. Rick Perry Rick Perry lies about "No Child Left Behind"
  100. Does this picture of Perry look like a cold war dictator or what?
  101. Rick Perry Rick Perry: Could it really have been that short lived?
  102. Rick Perry Rick Perry's debate scorecard
  103. Rick Perry Anti-Rick Perry video
  104. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Ad Plugs Ron Paul - HOLY SHIZ WTF?
  105. General Marco Rubio: supported a bill similar to the Texas Dream Act Perry supported
  106. General Chris Christie: Ari Fleischer with insight into his entry
  107. Rick Perry Rick Perry statement on CPACFL before he got crushed in Florida straw poll:
  108. Rick Perry Cain upsets Perry as winner of Florida straw poll
  109. Herman Cain Herman Cain is Bad for America and not a Conservative
  110. Rick Perry Is this the Perry Killer? $7.5 Million for Stem Cell Research
  111. Rick Perry Survey questions for his supporters (push poll idea)
  112. Mitt Romney Survey questions for his supporters (push poll idea)
  113. Rick Perry Commented on "Can Rick Perry Make a Comeback?"
  114. Rick Santorum Santorum asks Google to clean up search results for his name
  115. Herman Cain "Herman Cain" has been #1 on Google all day
  116. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney and Clear channel
  117. Looking on the bright side, the Herman Cain win will allow us to
  118. Herman Cain Takes On Morgan Freeman For Calling Tea Party Racist
  119. Rick Perry Brit Hume: “Perry is about one-half a step away from almost total collapse”
  120. Rick Perry Texas Trib picks up on Daily Beast's Rick+Mitt donor deal story
  121. Rick Perry Perry Campaign: 'He's The Commander In Chief, Not The Debater In Chief'
  122. Mitt Romney Prison Planet link to the DAILY BEAST story about the MITT+RICK secret donor deal
  123. Rick Perry Rick Perry Defends Govt Subsidies for Illegal Immigrants
  124. Rick Santorum Santorum: Socialists 'Teaming with Radical Islamists' to Spread Venom
  125. Herman Cain Ex-aide: Cain concealed gay staffer
  126. Herman Cain Twofer: He was a FED CHAIRMAN *AND* A LOBBYIST
  127. General Chris Christie is OK with New Jersey's mandatory flu shot requirement for preschoolers.
  128. Gary Johnson Fascinating Article in GQ about Gary Johnson
  129. Herman Cain Cain almost quit twice, says he's running for the challenge of it.
  130. Herman Cain House GOP should Fund FEMA Now, worry about offsets later
  131. Rick Perry Reports: Rick Perry's Texas Miracle Isn't (Texas-sized myth)
  132. Rick Perry The HP of Presidential Candidates
  133. Herman Cain Cain to meet with Koch again
  134. Rick Perry Rick Perry attacks Mitt Romney
  135. Herman Cain Why conservatives must oppose Herman Cain
  136. Herman Cain Surges to First Place with 28% According to Zogby; "Perry Plummets to 18%"
  137. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Warns of Hezbollah 'Missile Sites' in Cuba
  138. General Most helpful/likely endorsements
  139. General Gov. Christie shoots down 'Jersey Shore' tax credit
  140. Michele Bachmann "I am the Constitutional conservative in this race."
  141. Rick Perry New piece about Rick "Guardasil" Perry
  142. Rick Perry Latest Zogby Poll, Perry Plummets to 18%, Bachmann Continues Slide to 4%; Cain Now Leads
  143. General Chris Christie reconfirms he will NOT be running for President
  144. Gary Johnson gets a super PAC
  145. LOL - Herman Cain is ANNOYED at "stupid questions from Paul supporters" HA HA HA!
  146. Rick Perry Bad Lip Reading, very funny
  147. Rick Perry [Video] Rick Perry Shows his loyalty to Israel and Dances with Jewish Rabbis
  148. Mitt Romney Romney accuses Perry of siding with Democrats on illegals
  149. Rick Santorum Santorum: Some of Bachmann’s volunteers are reaching out to us
  150. Rick Santorum Santorum proposing feral ceiling cats for every bedroom to monitor for bad activities.
  151. Rick Santorum John Stewart eviscerates Rick Santorum
  152. Herman Cain the Federal Reserve/World Bank/IMF ties
  153. Herman Cain On Greta - Palin lauding Cain
  154. Herman Cain I think I found Herman Cain's biggest fan...(OMG and LOL)
  155. General The Candidates: 3 Things to Consider
  156. Herman Cain - Cain passes Paul on Intrade
  157. Herman Cain Dennis Miller Endorses Herman Cain
  158. Herman Cain Fox And Friends Today: Can Herman Cain Overtake Ron Paul In The Polls?
  159. Newt Gingrich Tea Party Nation Founder Endorses Newt Gingrich for President
  160. Herman Cain Two weeks after this photo was taken, Herman Cain's candidacy suddenly takes off!
  161. Sarah Palin Is Palin finally out of the running? "Title of President to shackling"
  162. Michele Bachmann Liberty University the greatest "in the history of the world"
  163. Sarah Palin says: You Could Say Herman Cain Is the Flavor of the Week
  164. Herman Cain Gloria Estefan Dumps Obama for .... Herman Cain?
  165. Herman Cain Surges to 7% in Florida After Straw Poll Win!
  166. Mitt Romney The GOP race and the power of irrational thinking
  167. Herman Cain "I couldn’t support Perry as the nominee"
  168. Mitt Romney Romney now stealing part of Gary Johnson's platform?
  169. Herman Cain Said Housing Bubble is media "Boogeyman"
  170. Michele Bachmann I just got an email from Marcus Bachmann
  171. Herman Cain Spinning my wheels against supporters
  172. We should not underestimate Newt Gingrich...
  173. Rick Perry Did Perry aides lie under oath about 1 million donation?
  174. Sarah Palin Jon Stewart on Palin. Either she's running or a crazy person.
  175. Rick Perry Rick Perry Oversaw Creation Of Massive Texas Data Exchange Intelligence Database
  176. General Video David Letterman on Chris Christie - Fat Jokes
  177. Rick Perry List of Perry's $100,000. plus donors says it all
  178. Mitt Romney Romney flip flopping on flip flopping
  179. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Describes Individual Mandate As ‘A Conservative Idea,’ Credits Gingrich For Su
  180. Michele Bachmann 'I Radically Abandoned Myself To Jesus'
  181. Mitt Romney U.S. Should ‘Reconsider Our Relationship’ w\ Countries That Support Palestinian statehood
  182. Mitt Romney Romney to report raising $11M-$13M this fundraising quarter
  183. General Hollywood Repubican Update on the Race
  184. Mitt Romney Anyone who meets Trump is a joke
  185. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann has missed 58% of rolll call votes since July 1
  186. Mitt Romney Freudian Slip?
  187. Jon Huntsman Huntsman moving his national campaign headquarters from Florida to Manchester, NH
  188. Jon Huntsman Huntsman officially qualifies for CNN debate, thanks to latest Fox News poll
  189. Rick Perry Rick Perry Heckled Over Immigration
  190. Herman Cain Its to put some TV ads against Herman Cain His now at thrid place in the polls
  191. Rick Perry bad lip reading video (hilarious)
  192. General Chris Christie seriously considering run for president in 2012
  193. Mitt Romney David Frum - Why the GOP should embrace Mitt Romney
  194. Herman Cain Great Article Exposing "The Real Herman Cain"
  195. Herman Cain Attended the 2007 Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting (Mod Note: listed in error)
  196. Herman Cain Herman Cain to meet with Donald Trump, People are Nuts! Just Look At The Comments
  197. Thaddeus McCotter Apparently McCotter dropped out 6 days ago?
  198. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney is a Big Govt/Big Pharma Lover. Will Never vote for him
  199. Herman Cain Does Anyone or Voters Even Bother of Visiting Herman Cain 2012 Site? Its Full of Nonsense
  200. Rick Perry is Slammed by Chris Christie for his Immigration Policies
  201. Mitt Romney Said to Raise $14 Million in 3rd Quarter
  202. Herman Cain 999 plan, social secruity and medicare
  203. General Obama 44% Christie 43% - Rasmussen
  204. Herman Cain A fast flip-flopper
  205. Herman Cain FoX bumping Cain because he was against HillaryCare in the 90s
  206. Rick Perry Ad of the day: Who supports Rick Perry? (Mitt Romney ad)
  207. Barack Obama President Obama, Executioner-in-Chief
  208. Rick Perry NYTimes reporter tweet re: Perry superPac shadow funding arm
  209. Herman Cain Herman Cain Called Ron Paul "Grumpy Old Man" on Leno
  210. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum hits Ron Paul over al-Awlaki
  211. Herman Cain Surging in Nebraska and North Carolina, and Maybe Nationally, According to PPP
  212. General Mike Huckabee looks again at Republican presidential bid
  213. Mitt Romney Mitt and Rick's Secret Donor Deal
  214. General Chris Christie being promoted
  215. Herman Cain Cain calls Ron Paul a "grumpy old man" on Leno
  216. General Iowa Christie drafter asked to keep powder dry
  217. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum’s Stump Speech Includes Nod To Fracking Company Directly Paying Him The Pas
  218. Rick Perry Perry on in-state tuition for illegals: How else were they supposed to pay for it?
  219. Herman Cain '999 plan': long overdue tax reform or job killer?
  220. General Christie Urged to Run by: Rupert Murdoch, Nancy Reagan, Henry Kissinger and Bill Kristol
  221. Herman Cain Top aide to Herman Cain plans to leave presidential campaign
  222. General Stealth Agenda of Gingrich and Cain --Interesting Article
  223. Rick Santorum Florida Primary -- Its a Conspiracy!
  224. Rick Perry Perry: Send U.S. troops to Mexico to fight drug wars
  225. Herman Cain taps Rumsfeld spokesman
  226. Herman Cain On Koch Supported Herman Cain
  227. Herman Cain Herman Cain Actually Met With A ‘Prominent Muslim Brotherhood’ Group
  228. General They're all in bed together...Romney,Perry,Cain and Gingrich
  229. Herman Cain Cain Calls Perry ‘Insensitive’ To Black People For Not Changing Racist Name Of Family’s Hu
  230. Herman Cain Cain wants to add gospel vibe to 'Hail to the Chief'
  231. Rick Perry Herman Cain Defends His Sharia Conspiracy: ‘Call Me Crazy’
  232. Herman Cain Straw Poll win number three in Missouri
  233. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney to warm stage for anti-Mormon shock jock
  234. Rick Perry Rick Perry vows to oust Fed chair Ben Bernanke
  235. General Romney Secretly and Illegally Funded Perry
  236. Herman Cain LRC: Cain Plays the Race Card and the Age Card
  237. Rick Perry C&L's on Perry's Racist Ranch
  238. Rick Perry after he drops out of the potus race, will rick perry try to get into the U.S senate?
  239. Herman Cain Raises More Than One Million in Final Ten Days of Third Quarter
  240. Herman Cain agreed with Paul and Johnson on Al-Alawki Assassination
  241. Rick Santorum "I Don’t Stay Awake At Night’ Worrying About The Jeering Of A Gay Soldier"-Santorum
  242. General chris christie buzz lets join in
  243. General CHRIS CHRISTIE: Did his Chief of Staff resign to run a campaign?
  244. Mitt Romney Anyone but Romney?
  245. Herman Cain 999- "Cansian" Economics Banner Ad
  246. General Rumor: Christie Backers told to Assemble in Trenton on Thursday
  247. Herman Cain Rush Limbaugh attacks Herman Cain over Rick Perry
  248. Herman Cain Herman Cain leaving the campaign trail: Why now?
  249. Rick Perry Signed HATE CRIMES Bill Into Law! He can't be racist, right?
  250. Herman Cain Cain denies he played the "Race Card"