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  1. Michele Bachmann :Earthquake and Hurricane are Signs That God Is Unhappy With D.C.
  2. Rick Perry Houston Chronicle Blog composes great multi-list comparison of Perry vs. Bush
  3. Gary Johnson Doubles John Huntsman
  4. Rick Perry Perry, Like Bush In 2000, Promises No ‘Military Adventurism’
  5. Rick Perry Rick Perry thanked Hillary Clinton for healthcare reform
  6. Rick Perry Glenn Beck: Rick Perry had a God-moment and he’s the real deal
  7. Mitt Romney The Romney plan to defeat Perry.
  8. Mitt Romney Romney endorses Ron Paul for President?
  9. Rick Perry Picks Up Endorsement of Sen. Jim Inhofe
  10. Herman Cain Cain defeats Paul in Georgia poll "Ron Paul has been a thorn in many a campaign’s side"
  11. Rick Perry endorses aggressive foreign policy doctrine
  12. Barack Obama Barack Obama is an opposing candidate too....
  13. Rick Perry FOX crying over Politico asking "Is Rick Perry dumb?"
  14. Rick Perry Social Security: "A Monstrous Lie"
  15. Rick Perry Rick Perry Is A Lot Closer To The 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Than You Think Read mo
  16. Mitt Romney To Address Large Tea Party Express Rally On Labor Day, Sept. 5 in Manchester, N.H.
  17. Rick Perry Did Perry institute a state income tax in TX behind everyone's back?
  18. Rick Perry Why I am terrified of Rick Perry...
  19. Michele Bachmann Tells Southern Voters She’ll Support Legislation To Stop The ‘Anchor Baby’ Problem
  20. Rick Perry [Audio] Sean Hannity Interviews Rick Perry 8-30-2011
  21. Rick Santorum Santorum tears Perry apart
  22. Rick Perry Perry Timeline needs to be filled in more
  23. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann and the New South Carolina Primary Polls
  24. Rudy Giuliani 9u11iani's image of 9/11 hero is a TOTAL FRAUD
  25. Rick Perry Sen. James Inhofe Endorses Rick Perry for President
  26. Rick Perry Rick Perry: The pro-Shariah candidate?
  27. Rick Perry Ted Nugent : Perry is the Constitutionalist, Golden Rule Candidate
  28. Rick Perry Perry described his brain as scrambled chicken pot pie
  29. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann : God Sent Hurricane Irene to Tell Us to Cut Spending
  30. Rick Perry Jack Cafferty poses an interesting question...
  31. General They are pushing Rubio for VP already
  32. Rick Perry America cannot afford Rick Perry [VIDEO]
  33. Rick Perry Steve Forbes leaning toward endorsing Perry
  34. Barack Obama I Voted for Obama, Now I'm Voting for Ron Paul --Huff Post Article
  35. General RJ HARRIS running for LP nomination
  36. Rick Perry Rick Perry
  37. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Cancels Appearance at Tea Party Rally in Iowa
  38. Jon Huntsman Huntsman first with jobs plan
  39. Jon Huntsman fires NH campaign manager
  40. Rick Perry Paul v. Perry
  41. Michele Bachmann Video: Pro-Bachmann Super PAC launches ad aimed at Perry
  42. Rick Perry Reuters: Perry Sought to Sideline Nuclear Waste Site Critic
  43. Rick Perry Bloomberg: Perry's 'Pay to Play' Funds Miss Targets
  44. Rick Perry Perry Urged Support for NAFTA in 1993!!!
  45. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson poses the biggest obstacle to Ron Paul winning...
  46. Rick Perry Perry’s small government philosophy contradicts his support of hands-on policies
  47. Rick Santorum Santorum: I Stand By My 'Man on Dog' Comment
  48. Rick Perry pushed bill that could benefit stem cell doctor's firm
  49. Rick Perry 1998 Article: Perry Denies Stock Profit Unethical
  50. Rick Perry Rick Perry in 2001 on 'Bi-National Health Insurance' with Mexico
  51. Rick Perry Fed Up? Rick Perry Sucks Up To AT&T And Vice Versa
  52. Herman Cain Cain's Economic Plan
  53. Herman Cain 9-9-9 Plan
  54. Rick Perry Perry Proposed A Bi-National Health Insurance Plan With Mexico In 2001
  55. Sarah Palin Dick Cheney disses Sarah Palin
  56. Sarah Palin Palin sees room for more White House candidates
  57. Rick Perry Best Rick Perry Bumper Sticker Ever
  58. Jon Huntsman Huntsman shakes hands with Ron Paul Supporters in New Hampshire
  59. Rick Perry Perry's growing "Tea Party" Problem: Illegal Immigration
  60. Mitt Romney Romney’s record in the ‘real economy’
  61. General Chris Christie 'Actively.. Considering Getting In This Race': Bush Aide
  62. Newt Gingrich Porn company names Gingrich ‘Family Values Porn Fan of the Year, 2009.’
  63. Newt Gingrich Why Newt Gingrich Will Not Sign The Iowa Republican Marriage, Sharia, Slavery & Pornograph
  64. Rick Perry Can Perry hold up in debate?
  65. Sarah Palin Sarah runs! (half marathon)
  66. Michele Bachmann Searching for Bachmann
  67. Rick Perry Rick Perry Campaign: 10 Reasons He Is Too Extreme to Win
  68. Rick Perry Breaking: Perry pulls out of S.C. Forum
  69. Sarah Palin Republicans & Tea Party voters say Sarah Palin should NOT run for President in 2012: poll
  70. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney declines Sen. Jim DeMint’s invitation to forum in South Carolina
  71. Michele Bachmann Haley leaning towards endorsing Bachmann? MB stayed the night at Haley's mansion per dkos
  72. Rick Perry nice article to show how crooked perry is
  73. Rick Perry Is Perry running Presidential campaign out of Governor's office?
  74. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Campaign imploding?
  75. Sarah Palin Is she delaying announcing her presidential run to avoid debates?
  76. Rick Perry Palin slaps Perry?
  77. Rick Perry Perry's staff discussed gardisil vaccine on day of Merck donation
  78. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann 2012 campaign's turnover raises new questions Read more: http://www.poli
  79. Rick Perry Rick Perry's Pay-to-Play Scam
  80. Michele Bachmann As Bachmann's Sinking, Campaign Manager Pushed Overboard
  81. Rick Perry O’Donnell: Rick Perry believes Catholicism is a ‘godless theology of hate’
  82. Rick Perry says: I don’t support term limits
  83. Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman hits Romney on jobs in new ad
  84. Mitt Romney What is Mitt waiting for?
  85. Rick Perry Accused of Warping Election Map as Texas Trial Begins
  86. Rick Perry 3 Reasons Conservatives should not vote for Rick Perry
  87. Rick Perry Meet The Money Behind Rick Perry
  88. Mitt Romney Mitt's Job Creation Plan
  89. Rick Perry Rick Perry Proposed Bi-National Health Insurance with Mexico
  90. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Campaign: All Over But the Official Announcement
  91. Rick Perry Pro-Perry Super-PAC plans to spend $55 million
  92. Newt Gingrich We need to court his supporters
  93. Sarah Palin Tea Party group concerned Palin, others using movement for personal gain
  94. General Jim Hayden for President?
  95. Rick Perry "TheYoungTurks" Love for Rick Perry - Videos
  96. Rick Perry Is Rick Perry Electable?
  97. Herman Cain Cain Lying At The Palmetto Freedom Forum
  98. Rick Perry Perry slashes Texas fire department funding by 75% - Let FEMA pay
  99. Rick Perry Alternet: How Rick Perry Has Been on the Public Dole His Whole Life
  100. Rick Perry GOP debate features first appearance for Perry
  101. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann: Department of Education is Unconstitutional -- Abolish it
  102. Rick Perry Please be true................Bachmann/Perry Exchange to be Heated in the Valley
  103. Rick Perry Rick Perry's Passion for Passing Out Public Funds
  104. Rick Perry NH Tea Party Coalition on his record (EXTENSIVE LIST)
  105. Rick Perry Scarborough: No Way Perry Can Beat Obama (Video)
  106. Rick Perry Perry superPAC to spend $55 million on nomination
  107. Rick Perry FACTS about Gardasil and Perry (by Mike Church)
  108. Rick Perry Is He Padding The Stats (Rick Perry?)
  109. Rick Perry Anything but conservative on healthcare
  110. Rick Perry HillaryCare and Rick Perry
  111. Rick Perry Cronyism Creates Serious Risks for Texas Girls from Rick Perry
  112. Rick Perry Liberal Past of Rick Perry
  113. Rick Perry Real Record on Illegal Immigration of Rick Perry
  114. Rick Perry Perry Is A Liberal, So He Spends Like One
  115. Michele Bachmann Glad To See Her Joining The Team - Rep. Bachmann
  116. Rick Santorum Doesn't Understand Reagan - Rick Stantorum - blog by Jack Hunter
  117. Rick Perry The Gardasil "Opt-out"?
  118. Michele Bachmann Bachmann now being 'Unliked' on her facebook page after debate!
  119. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Facebook Ads
  120. Rick Perry Bullies Ron Paul during commercial breaks at the debate
  121. Rick Perry The Texas Executioner
  122. Rick Perry New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez slams Rick Perry on immigration
  123. Rick Perry Rick Perry Abuses His Office for Israel
  124. Sarah Palin RedState Founder has had 'Enough' of Palin and her Supporters
  125. Sarah Palin Tea Party Weary of Sarah Palin's Presidential Pondering
  126. Michele Bachmann Bachmann campaign pressed by Perry, fundraising
  127. Rick Perry What $16,000 buys you.
  128. Rudy Giuliani "I could beat Obama"
  129. Mitt Romney "Believe in America" is in top 20 in Free Kindle books section
  130. Mitt Romney "Believe in America" Banner Ad
  131. Mitt Romney Endorsements from NH, CO, MI, and MD Officials
  132. Rick Santorum Is Santorum likely to drop out soon?
  133. Rick Perry Rick Perry reminds me of Slim Pickens...
  134. Rick Perry Looking for videos of Democrat Rick Perry, before and after
  135. Rick Perry Al Gore: "I remember Rick Perry, was happy to have his support"
  136. General Sign slogans exposing opposing candidates
  137. Mitt Romney Running an "Obama Isn't Working" Campaign
  138. Rick Perry Toll Roads and Rick Perry
  139. Rick Perry Fire Follies
  140. Michele Bachmann Bachmann ad says she's THE Republican candidate for president
  141. Rick Perry Al Gore on Rick Perry: 'I was happy to have his support
  142. Rick Perry Texans are more likely to be executed by Rick Perry than to die in an airplane crash
  143. Mitt Romney Mitt fights like a Democrat
  144. Rick Perry Top Ten: Rick Perry and George W. Bush, the similarities and differences
  145. Michele Bachmann Conservative Bachmann wants to preserve Social Security for future generations
  146. Rick Perry Rick Perry: The Democrat Years...
  147. Barack Obama Obama jobs tour in Columbus Tuesday
  148. Sarah Palin complains of corporatism, permanent ruling class of the left & right
  149. Sarah Palin Libertarian Nominee?
  150. Barack Obama Obama Apes Ron's Foreign Policy Language (Without The Withdrawals)
  151. Rick Perry Will the Real Rick Perry Please Stand Up
  152. Herman Cain Herman Cain's shameless 9/11 advertisement
  153. Mitt Romney In flier, Romney hits Perry on Social Security
  154. Rick Perry Al Gore's conservative rating in 1988 by ACU was a 9!!!! LOLOLOLOL!
  155. Rick Perry ‘Crony capitalism’ draws attention in GOP race
  156. Rick Perry Rick Perry skips out on Texas wildfires' Press Conference
  157. Rick Perry gives $33 million tuition assistance to illegal immigrants in Texas colleges
  158. General GOP debate in Simi Valley
  159. General The New Republic: Perry v. Bachmann: TNR’s Scientific Analysis of Who’s Crazier
  160. Michele Bachmann A history of Michele Bachmann
  161. Tim Pawlenty says Mitt Romney can attract Dems and Independents
  162. Rick Perry Rick Perry is FUNDED BY CORPORATIONS, and is NOT "one of us."
  163. Rick Perry VIDEO - China Takes Over TEXAS! You Can Thank Rick Perry
  164. Rick Perry On Perry and TARP
  165. Rick Perry I need a few good links
  166. General Eavesdropping - Perry v. Romney
  167. Michele Bachmann Pro-Bachmann group says Rick Perry has “atrocious record” on illegal immigration
  168. Rick Perry CNN Announces, Gov Bobby Jindal to Endorse Perry, Timed For Tampa GOP Debate Tonight
  169. Rick Perry Rick perry = taxes governor
  170. Rick Perry Rick Perry can't be bought for 5,000 -- you'll need more
  171. General How long does the upswing in polls last before it peaks & reverses? Cain, Bachmann, Perry
  172. Jon Huntsman Huntsman - Rothschild Connection
  173. Rick Perry Perry withstands scrutiny, spirited exchanges with Republican rivals, in debate
  174. Rick Santorum Debate. Ron Paul to be more aggressive
  175. Rick Perry Can someone explain the path from media corporations to Rick Perry?
  176. Jon Huntsman Huntsman Family Gave 25K To Harry Reid in Last Election Cycle
  177. Sarah Palin ’s Alaska Took Federal Funds to Increase Access to Gardasil
  178. Gary Johnson Exclusion from the debates and election manipulation
  179. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin's Small Time Capitalism
  180. Rick Perry Drudge: Bachmann told by woman Gardasil caused retardation in daughter
  181. Rick Perry WaPo:Perry has deep financial ties to maker of HPV vaccine
  182. Mitt Romney Pushing TPaw Endorsement
  183. Rick Perry Gardasil Ad - HPV (unaired)
  184. Rick Perry Rick Perry’s ‘Washington Kickoff’ Fundraiser Hosted By Longtime Merck Lobbyist
  185. Rick Perry Perry Accuses Bachmann Of Peddling Conspiracy Theories: HPV Vaccine Does Not Cause Mental
  186. Michele Bachmann Bachmann's vaccine doubts 'dangerous and irresponsible'
  187. Michele Bachmann Bachmann no stranger to pharma donations
  188. Jon Huntsman "a voice of reason on global warming"
  189. Rick Perry Nevada Republican Governor Brian Sandoval Endorses Rick Perry and Why
  190. Rick Perry Merck has DEEP financial ties with Rick Perry
  191. Rick Perry Palin Slams Rick Perry On Crony Capitalism
  192. Rick Perry Jon stewart PWNS Rick Perry
  193. Rick Perry Perry 'explains' his really bad grades in college and the New York Times writes it up
  194. Rick Perry Actually recieved over $400,000 from Merck
  195. General Identify the slogan. Or write your own.
  196. Michele Bachmann Is Rick Perry a real front-runner, or the next Michele Bachmann?
  197. Rick Perry Perry thinks he'll have $10 milllion by end of the quarter in fundraising
  198. Rick Perry Rick Perry came out against NH and the NH Primary in 1992?
  199. Rick Perry Tea Party Opposes Rick Perry On Immigration, Gardasil and State Mandates
  200. Michele Bachmann Ed Rollins Speaks: Bachmann Blew it on Gardisil
  201. Rick Perry takes lead in Florida — after Monday debate
  202. Michele Bachmann Professors offer more than $10,000 for proof that Bachmann’s story about HPV is true
  203. Rick Perry RCP: Ron Paul is a Thorn in Perry's Side
  204. Rick Perry Rick Perry disses New Hampshire
  205. General Only Ron Paul will pardon employers and individuals if they don't pay taxes.
  206. Rick Perry Secrecy over straight talk?
  207. Mitt Romney Photos: Mitt Romney at Phoenix townhall
  208. Gary Johnson PPP adds Gary Johnson to its polling
  209. Michele Bachmann Struggling Bachmann hunts for votes, cash in Calif Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/
  210. Rick Perry We are getting somewhere!
  211. Rick Perry Should Rick Perry resign as governor of Texas?
  212. Rick Perry Protest Rick Perry's Campaign in Indianapolis
  213. Rick Perry Rick Perry Fail, Facebook Campaign
  214. Michele Bachmann Fox News and the Bachmann Blackout
  215. Mitt Romney Romney: Dick Cheney kind of person would love as VP
  216. General Republican 2012 Hopefuls Roll Out Economic Proposals From Taxes to Trade
  217. Rick Perry "I stand with Israel against the Palestinians’ statehood bid"
  218. Rick Perry Muddled Stance On Afghanistan: Bring The Troops Home…But Not Now…Maybe Leave 40K troops
  219. Rick Perry BREAKING - Did he just LIE about his support for TARP?
  220. Rick Perry Rick Perry likened Texans’ “inherent chauvinism,” “belligerence” to Israel
  221. Mitt Romney Day on the Road with Mitt
  222. Mitt Romney ENDORSED by Jimmy Carter LOL!!! ha ha ha
  223. Donald Trump Donald Trump: I'm Impressed with 'Jim Perry'
  224. Michele Bachmann Bachmann rips Perry on Leno show of Gardasil, and Leno presses her
  225. Michele Bachmann Leno rips Bachmann on gay marriage
  226. Rick Perry Crony Capitalism: The Republican Governors Association in the Perry Years
  227. General Super PAC watch, does this forum have a thread or section for it?
  228. Rick Perry David Brooks: Jews may be sour on Obama, ‘but wait until they get a load of Rick Perry’ R
  229. Michele Bachmann Obama Just ‘Sat On His Hands’ And Let Mubarak Fall
  230. Jon Huntsman Could Undecided Voters Give Huntsman Hope in NH?
  231. General Amid anti-Washington mood, Romney and Perry focus on gov. endorsements
  232. Rick Perry Conservative Washington Post blogger asserts Rick Perry didn't write his OP-Ed on Israel
  233. Herman Cain Herman Cain's secret economic advisors
  234. General Fox News: Chris Christie 'Thinking About Running Now, Very Carefully.'
  235. Rick Perry Scrutinizing Perry’s Extensive Execution Record -- from most, to least, controversial
  236. Rick Perry Texas Taxpayers Billed $300,000 for Perrys’ Security On Trips Just From Nov - July 2011.
  237. Rick Perry Now PerryCare? Uh oh!
  238. Rick Perry Perry party connections in California, etc
  239. Rick Perry Poverty grows in Rick Perry's Texas
  240. Mitt Romney Endorsed by Rep. Jeff Flake
  241. Rick Perry Poll: He has great hair
  242. Rick Perry to hold own event in NYC, hitting Obama on Israel
  243. Rick Santorum Santorum Smackdown ....PLEASE!
  244. Michele Bachmann Bachmann ad via Wonkette
  245. General Wayne allyn root explains how he will become president
  246. Michele Bachmann Former Bachmann manager says she lacks resources to go beyond Iowa
  247. Mitt Romney Hey look what a Christian website emailed to me today
  248. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Tours Waterloo Business as Poll Numbers Put her Far Behind GOP Pack
  249. General Jimmy Carter and Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney
  250. General Stuff about Chris Christie in case he runs