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  1. Rick Perry Drudge: Jet With 'Rick Perry For America' Emblazoned On Sides Waiting In Hangar...
  2. Rick Perry Christie on Perry: a laudable record on tort reform
  3. Rick Perry Rick Perry Walks on Water
  4. Rick Perry Huckabee: Perry with bad timing
  5. Mike Huckabee Huckabee to Perry: You screwed up badly by “dissing” Iowa
  6. Rick Santorum Paul And Santorum Battle Over Iran
  7. Newt Gingrich You know, I think he did quite well, and I think he may help us.
  8. Newt Gingrich Don't Get Tricked by Newt Gingrich's False Rhetoric; It's Just a Game
  9. Michele Bachmann Des Moines Register: Pawlenty bests Bachmann in pointed debate exchange
  10. Rick Santorum Drudge: Ron Paul spars with other candidates...
  11. Michele Bachmann by Bachmann’s latest TV ad, filmed in Ames, airs today
  12. Mitt Romney Romney heckled in Iowa
  13. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Stumped By Submissive Wife Question (funny video)
  14. Mitt Romney Trying to Steal Cain's Support?
  15. Rick Perry So Rick Perry is gonna be DOA here in SC.
  16. Michele Bachmann I don't know if Bachmann's being missing was anything or not but this was posted elsewhere
  17. Rick Santorum I just learned what the definition of "santorum" is. Yuck....
  18. Michele Bachmann Bachmann to be on all FIVE Sunday talk shows
  19. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Camp Puts Digital Boots on Ground in Iowa
  20. Rick Perry Rick Perry's approval in Texas nearly as bad as Obama's nation wide: 43%! (52% disapprove)
  21. Rick Santorum Who said this, Rick or Barack?
  22. Mitt Romney Multiple Choice Mitt - BIG government, little conviction
  23. Tim Pawlenty Increased taxes under his watch
  24. Michele Bachmann Has a Record In Congress
  25. General Interesting write up on debate 4 Bachmann &Tpaw bus and shuttle logistics for Pawlenty etc
  26. Michele Bachmann Is Michele losing it?
  27. Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman for Secretary of State?
  28. Herman Cain Impresses Vanilla Ice
  29. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum's disrepect for the 10th amendment
  30. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann speaks for three minutes; heckled by gay teen
  31. Rick Santorum He will provide the knockout blow to Pawlenty
  32. Sarah Palin Palin at the fair with black toe nail polish with polka dots. Daily Mail doesn't like her
  33. Gary Johnson Which 2012 is Gary Johnson after? White House 2012 or London 2012?
  34. General UPDATE: Bachmann Cancels Backyard Chat in Ankeny
  35. Rick Perry on his predecessor: 'I love George Bush'
  36. Rick Perry Rush Limbaugh: Now, Rick Perry no longer an amnesty supporter
  37. Rick Santorum Santorum suddenly cares about when a government "tramples the rights of gays".
  38. Michele Bachmann Weird tweet about MB (w/link) -and she's brought people to straw poll grds agst rules
  39. Gary Johnson Rides his Bicycle in Colorado While Other Candidates at Ames
  40. A Bachmann tea party supporter...
  41. Rick Perry Rick Perry Super PACs Raise Issues of Coordination, Collusion
  42. Rick Perry Presidential Website Up and Running
  43. Rick Perry WSJ : Perry's Crony Capitalism Problem
  44. Tim Pawlenty So, what is our plan to get Pawlenty's supporters?
  45. Michele Bachmann Palin-Bachmann Rancor Heats Up Below the Surface
  46. Tim Pawlenty Huckabee Encourages Pawlenty To Stay In Race No Matter What
  47. Sarah Palin Palin: Bachmann win won’t affect my decision
  48. Michele Bachmann Bachmann's rule: Bachmann's rule: No vote, no Randy Travis
  49. Rick Perry The Other candidate with military experience.
  50. Tim Pawlenty The beginning of the end? (Politico article)
  51. Gary Johnson What is Gary Johnson doing in this race?
  52. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty to hold morning conference call
  53. Rick Perry Rick Perry Tries to Get Out of Ticket - Texas State Trooper Dashcam
  54. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney, the $250-million man
  55. Michele Bachmann Talks about Ron Paul
  56. Jon Huntsman Huntsman supports auditing the Fed? I wonder how long he's felt that way....
  57. Tim Pawlenty Drops Out Of 2012 Presidential Race
  58. Rick Perry Bachmann, Perry flocking to same event in Iowa
  59. Rick Perry We need a list of why Rick Perry is not the best GOP choice
  60. Rick Perry Texas Unemployment Has Almost Doubled Since Perry Took Office!
  61. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty: I guess Iowans don’t want someone who’s rational and credible
  62. Rick Perry WAR ROOM: If higher father told him to invade Iran, will Perry do it?
  63. Michele Bachmann Bachmann, Perry flocking to same event in Iowa...
  64. Herman Cain big post debate money bomb !
  65. General Idea for an Ad or You Tube
  66. Michele Bachmann Look How They're Ripping On Bachmann..
  67. Rick Perry is CFR, but Paul, Romney, and Bachmann aren't
  68. Sarah Palin What If Palin Announced Later This Week?
  69. Michele Bachmann Bachmann won't enter building until Perry leaves
  70. Michele Bachmann Michelle Bachmann Economic Plan- Meet the Press
  71. Rick Santorum Santorum and Foreign Policy
  72. Rick Perry The Top Six Rick "Crotch" Perry-Related Conversation Starters
  73. Herman Cain Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Pokémons
  74. Rick Perry Texas' debt growing faster than Federal debt
  75. Michele Bachmann Perry schools Bachmann in Iowa
  76. Herman Cain Cain's Campaign Crash Continues
  77. Rick Perry So When You Look At Governor Perry...
  78. Michele Bachmann Perry gets the better of Bachmann in Waterloo...
  79. Barack Obama Reality Show
  80. Michele Bachmann getting a Free Pass?
  81. Rick Perry attacked by the Republican Liberty Caucus
  82. Rick Perry slammed by Libertarian Director
  83. Rick Perry Top 10 Things Texas Gov. Rick Perry Doesn’t Want You To Know About Him
  84. Rick Perry Rep. David Simpson on Rick Perry
  85. Gary Johnson First Gary Johnson ad
  86. Rick Perry wrote a letter in support of TARP on the day it was to be voted on.
  87. Rick Perry Videos that need to be seen or used
  88. Rick Perry Taxes raised under Rick Perry
  89. Rick Perry "I didn't do my research on mandate for HPV vaccine"
  90. Rick Perry "I'm a combination of Paul and Bachmann"
  91. Rick Perry So exactly how DOES the Chosen One "create jobs"?
  92. Michele Bachmann Bachmann likes footlong weiners
  93. Rick Perry Rick Perry was Al Gore's campaign chairman
  94. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann’s bodyguards developing reputation for bullying reporters
  95. Rick Perry So, the New Frontrunner, eh?
  96. General Allen West: "not the kind of guy" for President
  97. Rick Perry I heard Perry voted AGAINST Reagan when he ran?
  98. General Fred Karger gets 2% of Polls, Anti-War GOP candidate excluded from Debates
  99. Rick Perry Liberals try to help Rick Perry by attacking his Christianity.
  100. Rudy Giuliani Rudy Giuliani Mulling Presidential Run
  101. Rick Perry Rick Perry Confronted About Supporting Al Gore in 1988
  102. Rick Perry First Ad - Rick Perry: Time to Get America Working Again
  103. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Endorses Ron Paul?
  104. Michele Bachmann Who Writes This Stuff?
  105. Rick Perry Perry bashes Bernanke, calls Fed actions "almost treasonous"
  106. Rick Perry Bill White: Rick Perry has become a millionaire on the public payroll.
  107. Rick Perry 12 Days of Perry Cronyism: HPV Vaccine - Video - Coutesy of Kay Bailey Hutchison :-)
  108. Rick Perry Perry says it would be "almost treasonous" if Bernanke prints more money before election
  109. Rick Perry Amateur hour: Perry threatens to hurt Bernake
  110. General Paul Ryan
  111. Michele Bachmann Kathy Griffin Calls Michele Bachmann A Bigot To Her Face
  112. Michele Bachmann Bachmann skipped family reunion she cited
  113. Rick Perry How Your Average Repub Thinks
  114. Rick Perry Rick Perry Is Political Herpes : Lots-o-dirt here
  115. Rick Perry Letter from Rick Perry to pass 'economic recovery package' while TARP being finalized.
  116. Rick Perry Jobs? Check out the TEXAS DEBT CLOCK...
  117. Rick Perry The New GOP Frontrunner According to Rasmussen Poll Today
  118. Rick Perry Infowars: Rick Perry's Campaign Strategy: Become Ron Paul
  119. General Report: Paul Ryan mulling White House bid
  120. Rick Perry Do you really want this man to be President?
  121. Michele Bachmann Looks like Bachmann can't pray the gay(s) away after all.
  122. Rick Perry Latest GOP Candidate Photographed Eating Corn Dog
  123. Rick Perry Vaccination Controversy Follows Rick Perry on Campaign Trail
  124. Rick Perry The Rick Perry Deception
  125. Jon Huntsman hires Pawlenty NH campaign director
  126. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Skipping Florida Straw Poll
  127. Rick Perry Campaign Strategy: Become Ron Paul
  128. Michele Bachmann Also Takes Aim at The Federal Reserve
  129. Rick Perry Jon Steward Vid - Rick Perry will f**k the s**t out of America
  130. Michele Bachmann "you will see gasoline come down below $2 per gallon"
  131. Newt Gingrich Look Out GOP Opponents NEWT Campaigning and Fundraising In California and Hawaii!
  132. Michele Bachmann Bachmann and Perry tied to Dominionism
  133. Rick Perry Al Gore’s former Texas Campaign Chairman doesn't believe in man made Global Warming!
  134. Donald Trump Trump slams Obama for Vineyard trip, praises Bachmann on INSIDE EDITION
  135. Rick Perry article trying to talk away perrys problems
  136. Mitt Romney ACU Announces Governor Mitt Romney Will Address CPAC Florida
  137. Rick Perry Video: Jon Stewart rips Rick Perry for second day in a row
  138. Rick Perry Dean: Bush camp will ‘take Perry out’
  139. Michele Bachmann Incorectly stated August 16th as Elvis' Birthday
  140. Rick Perry Salon.com: "Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?"
  141. Rick Perry Michelle Malkin : Rick Perry’s bad, Obama-style medicine
  142. Rick Perry The Cowboy Corporatist rides to the rescue
  143. Perry dismissed students question about Texas debt
  144. Mitt Romney Three Possible VP Picks Already...
  145. Rick Perry Perry recently flip-flopped on the gay marriage issue
  146. Rick Perry TRENDING: Perry heckled as campaign shifts into new phase
  147. Rick Perry Perry Points to ‘Idiotic’ U.S. Rule That Doesn’t Exist
  148. Rick Santorum John Stewart rips Rick Santorum
  149. Michele Bachmann Bachmann falsely claimed to be a PHD
  150. Rick Perry Flashback: Rick Perry Supports Criminalizing Gay Sex
  151. Rick Perry Perry hires campaign spokesman who once compared Log Cabin Republicans to the KKK
  152. Michele Bachmann Oral Roberts Law School? is that really a legit university
  153. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann's bouncers: Unnecessary roughness
  154. Rick Perry Denninger: Rick Perry: You Have Some 'Splaining To Do [Gardisil, corruption]
  155. Rick Perry Will Grigg and Ilana Mercer on Rick Perry
  156. Rick Perry Remember the 2008 raid and arrest of 416 FLDS children?
  157. Rick Perry NBC: Perry-Student (Ron Paul supporter) Exchange Caught on Camera
  158. Rick Perry supports teaching creationism in Texas science classes
  159. General Obama Vs Paul Debate on Foreign Policy
  160. Michele Bachmann Bachmann says she wanted to work for IRS to learn how to defeat them....
  161. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Staffer has Ties To Uganda’s ‘Kill-Gays’ Bill
  162. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Email
  163. Rick Perry Bank of America will help Rick Perry out!
  164. Michele Bachmann Bachmann cheerleads for new war with Syria
  165. Rick Perry Seven ways Rick Perry wants to change the Constitution
  166. Rick Perry Former Reagan, Bush Official: Rick Perry Is 'An Idiot'
  167. Sarah Palin New web ad hints Palin may enter?
  168. Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman surges in Iowa! Up 6,800%
  169. Sarah Palin 'Restoring America Presidential Event'?
  170. Rick Perry Reason: Rick Perry’s superficial extremism
  171. Michele Bachmann Problems with the Pro-Bachmann PAC?
  172. Michele Bachmann Her Super PAC Has Questionable Past As Fund Raising Hits New/Old Rabbits Holes
  173. Michele Bachmann Is Michele Bachmann reconsidering Presidency 5 snub?
  174. Rick Santorum Keep an eye on Santorum
  175. Rick Perry Bank Of America Executive To Rick Perry: "We'll Help You Out"
  176. Rick Perry Rick perry thanked by Vicente Fox for illegals in-state tuition
  177. Gary Johnson Tweets Birthday message for Ron Paul.
  178. Michele Bachmann Bachmann blames media for her recent gaffes
  179. Rick Perry Rick Perry's custom Cowboy boots say "Come and Take It"
  180. Sarah Palin Intrade odds Palin will announce candidacy
  181. Rick Perry Rick Perry tries to exert his influence on officer at traffic stop
  182. Michele Bachmann Where can I find other candidates fundraising totals?
  183. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann endorses Ron Paul 2012
  184. Herman Cain Cain wants BOTH a flat 9% income tax AND a 9% national sales tax
  185. Michele Bachmann Detail on Bachmann's legal practice and studies
  186. Rick Perry Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry
  187. Rick Perry Rick Perry comes out in support of giving citizenship to illegal immigrants in military
  188. Herman Cain Herman Cain Releases his Econcomic "Manifesto"
  189. Rick Perry A blog about Rick Perry and the Texas Toll Road -which apparently he is essentially denyin
  190. Michele Bachmann Bachmann to skip Florida Straw Poll (Fox News)
  191. Rick Perry Greenwald tweet: Rick Perry and crony capitalist sleaze
  192. Rick Perry NY Times: Rick Perry, tracking the flow of money
  193. Mitt Romney Dark Prince of Oligarchy, Battles the Demons of Democracy
  194. Michele Bachmann video of Bachmann event in South Carolina
  195. Michele Bachmann Bachmann says gays represent Satan
  196. Rick Perry Rick Perry and the Texas Enterprise (Slush) Fund
  197. Rick Perry Forbes: Rick Perry: Middle Income Americans Don't Pay Enough Income Taxes
  198. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson third party?
  199. Rick Perry Rick Perry Clueless On Use Of Executive Presidential Powers To Kill Obamacare
  200. Sarah Palin National Review: ‘She Will Run’
  201. Mitt Romney Gets wall street donations.
  202. Sarah Palin Trails Obama by 17 Points in New Rasmussen Poll
  203. General Paul Ryan not running for president
  204. Rick Perry Rick Perry Questioned About Science and Evolution
  205. Rick Perry Rich Perry wants to change the constitution
  206. Sarah Palin Her Sept. 3rd rally to feature “a major announcement.”
  207. Rick Perry Rick Perry does America
  208. Michele Bachmann OpenSecrets: $2Million classified as Other in fund raising.
  209. Jon Huntsman Hints He Could Run on Bachmann Ticket
  210. Rick Perry Lawmaker was unaware of nude scene on drug abuse tape
  211. Rick Perry Rick P: Big Pharma tool
  212. Rick Perry Perry campaign distances him from book’s call for repeal of 16th Amendment
  213. Rick Perry Perry Is Suddenly Less ‘Fed Up’ Over Social Security
  214. Michele Bachmann There's alot less Bachmann talk lately
  215. Rick Perry Whatever Rick Perry’s Record Is, It’s Not Conservative
  216. Rick Perry Club for Growth: Perry more pro-business than pro free markets, supports corp welfare
  217. Mitt Romney Campaign Takes Swing At Unions, Picks Up Key N.H. Backer and T-Paw Co-Chairman
  218. Rick Perry IowaPolitics.com: Perry’s Iowa campaign organization begins
  219. Rick Perry stumbling, bumbling reponse to question about abstinence education
  220. General Jimmy McMillan running in the Republican primaries
  221. Rick Perry Rick Perry Compared Homosexuality To Alcoholism, Condemned ‘Radical Gays’ For Promoting ‘
  222. Rick Perry Rick Perry and the Largest Tax Hike In Texas
  223. Mitt Romney Not attending DeMint event in SC?
  224. Rick Perry Was Rick Perry involved in redistricting Paul out of his district?
  225. Rick Perry Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon endorses Rick Perry
  226. Rick Perry Debunking Perry jobs claims
  227. Rick Perry Has anyone else noticed similarity between Donald Trump and Rick Perry's numbers??
  228. Rick Perry Have You Had SEX With Rick Perry?
  229. Rick Perry Rick Perry wants to change our constitution to what he thinks it should say, amazing!
  230. General Roundup
  231. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum: Ron Paul has a 'disconnect from reality'
  232. General Candidates leaving the race
  233. Rick Perry Video of Rick Perry advocating soft immigration stances
  234. Rick Perry Video: Rick Perry supported TARP bailouts
  235. Rick Perry Rick Perry = Rod Blagojevich by Brent Budowsky
  236. Rick Perry Identify this BOA Lobyist
  237. Rick Perry Death in Texas: Rick Perry and George W. Bush Both Eager Executioners
  238. Rick Perry Texas Republican Liberty Caucus Compiling Rick Perry Dossier
  239. George Pataki is not running for president
  240. Rick Santorum Need to knock out Santorum from race asap
  241. Herman Cain Positive intensity score
  242. Rick Santorum Says Riots in England are because of homes with no fathers "video"
  243. Rick Perry Why is Perry REFUSING Gun Questionnaire?
  244. Rick Perry leads GOP field by 21 points among tea partiers
  245. Rick Perry 2007 Article on Mandatory Vaccinations for Texas Schoolgirls
  246. Rick Perry Flashback: Gov. Rick Perry Endorses Rudy Giuliani; Rejects Ron Paul
  247. Rick Perry Rick Perry flip-flops on Social Security; Disavows His 9-month-old Book "Fed Up!"
  248. Mitt Romney Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Donates Maximum Amount to Romney
  249. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney makes me think of George H.W. Bush
  250. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum once again attacks Ron Paul on foreign policy