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  1. Mitt Romney Has 1,500+ people RSVP'd yes on his facebook event
  2. General Chris Christie to Iowans : I am not running
  3. General De Mint is reconsidering whether to run
  4. Mitt Romney lol NH Democrats sellin "Two Sides of Mitt " shirts
  5. Tim Pawlenty 2006- Pawlenty supported Romney's Insurance Mandate
  6. Jon Huntsman The Candidate No One Wants... Washington Post
  7. Herman Cain Herman Cain wins Town Hall straw poll
  8. General Jim DeMint
  9. Mike Huckabee says he could change mind on presidential bid
  10. Tim Pawlenty Projected MN Deficit Shadows Pawlenty's Bid
  11. Herman Cain Is going to implode... shhhhh
  12. Herman Cain Cain in 2005: "Housing Bubble Won't Happen"
  13. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann will be in New Hampshire debate
  14. Herman Cain Cain in 2008: "The National Economy is NOT in a Recession!"
  15. Herman Cain Herman Cain in 2008: Economy not on brink of recession!
  16. General 2008's ______ is 2012's ______
  17. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin to announce decision to run or not "in the next week or so"
  18. Herman Cain More Economic Fail from Herman Cain
  19. Gary Johnson Will Not Be In NH Debate
  20. Republican Romney: 'the world is getting warmer'
  21. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Shut Out of First New Hampshire Debate
  22. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty plans major economic policy speech
  23. Sarah Palin Provides Startling New Take On The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere
  24. Mitt Romney NH: Romney blows off Paul supporter's questions
  25. Sarah Palin Washington Post: Is Sarah Palin misinformed? Fact checker discusses (ouch)
  26. Sarah Palin Los Angeles Times: Palin claims Paul Revere warned the British
  27. Gary Johnson QOTD Poll: Gary Johnson Out of CNN Debate your thoughts?
  28. Gary Johnson Gary has a new website! www.garyjohnson2012.com
  29. Mitt Romney Ron is In it To Win It!
  30. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin and the Politics of Winging It
  31. Newt Gingrich Who is Newt Gingrich.... Really????
  32. Sarah Palin Review of Palin's Documentary
  33. Mitt Romney VIDEOAnn Barnhardt- Romney Go Home
  34. Tim Pawlenty Doesn't Want Health Freedom
  35. Herman Cain Are Time and Mark Halperin Racist? Herman Cain Omitted Twice in GOP Oddsmaking
  36. Gary Johnson Believes He Deserves to Debate
  37. Herman Cain Cain Falsely Claims Feds Can't Regulate Bankruptcy Laws
  38. Sign this petition to let Johnson join Paul in the CNN debate!
  39. Mitt Romney Too Normal For Republicans. Says Boston Herald's Peter Gelizinis
  40. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney: GOP Front Runner "On Every Side of Every Issue"
  41. Newt Gingrich Interview with Kevin Shen, Head of Conservatives Against Newt Gingrich
  42. Rick Santorum Atlantic: "New Hampshire Libertarians Love Rick Santorum?"
  43. Newt Gingrich Political Director Resigns
  44. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin: We Dont Have to go the Way of the Titanic
  45. Michele Bachmann Holy Crap Batman! Bachmann makes H U G E move !
  46. Rick Santorum Christian Science Monitor characterizes Santorum's campaign as "quixotic"
  47. Herman Cain Hermancan't.com
  48. Herman Cain Herman Cain - The John McCan't of 2012
  49. Herman Cain Mother Jones - Herman Cain's Enron-esque Disaster
  50. Herman Cain Blows it big time at Family Leader event
  51. Tim Pawlenty Reserves 200 Buses! Ron Paul only 20!
  52. Michele Bachmann Bachmann says Planned Parenthood ignores sex trafficking
  53. Rudy Giuliani Our Unexpected Helper?
  54. Sarah Palin Some historians are giving Palin cover on the Paul Revere statements
  55. Herman Cain I’d tap gay cabinet members b/c they wouldn’t impose Sharia law
  56. Mitt Romney Great way to draw a comparison on the way Romney would lead vs. RP
  57. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty Plan(!) For 5% Growth
  58. Michele Bachmann Ed Rollins: We'll keep Bachmann Quiet
  59. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Full Page in Union Leader
  60. Michele Bachmann Bachmann does some important things very well
  61. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty policy speech..even talks about Fed!
  62. Gary Johnson rips 'elitist' CNN for GOP debate snub
  63. Gary Johnson Petition to include Gary Johnson in the June 13th debate
  64. Michele Bachmann Stars collide: Michele Bachmann vs. Sarah Palin
  65. Michele Bachmann Bachmann: "Hu's Your Daddy"
  66. Herman Cain Herman Cain on Glenn Beck for 1 full hour!
  67. General List of other Republican Candidates
  68. Michele Bachmann 'Rundown' roundtable talks Bachmann, Palin [NBC: 6-08-2011]
  69. Herman Cain Was Herman Cain born in Kenya?
  70. Mitt Romney If You Were Mitt What Would Be Your Debate Strategy?
  71. Gary Johnson Republican Redefined bashes GOP debate contenders and CNN for not including Gary Johnson
  72. Rudy Giuliani Per Kristol, Giuliani to run for President, focus on New Hampshire
  73. Herman Cain would require a 'Loyalty Oath' for Muslims to serve in his administration
  74. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty to Bernanke: I’d Dump You
  75. Rudy Giuliani Running for President, Sources tell the Weekly Standard
  76. Gary Johnson Official Campaign releases new video on YouTube
  77. Tim Pawlenty Congressman Joe "You Lie" Wilson of SC endorses TPAW.
  78. Herman Cain Herman Cain to attend Beck rally in Israel
  79. Rick Perry New whispers of Perry 2012 bid
  80. Mitt Romney Despite Climategate, Romney Still Believes in Manmade Global Warming
  81. Jesse Ventura: Sarah Palin & Michele Bachmann Are Puppets!
  82. Michele Bachmann Sarah Palin Versus Michelle Bachmann Preview! (Cartoon)
  83. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Talks Paul Revere! (Cartoon)
  84. Newt Gingrich All Staff have resigned - Campaign all but over
  85. Sarah Palin News outlets prepare for release of Palin e-mails
  86. Michele Bachmann Rollins slap at Palin shows Bachmann isn’t afraid of a fight
  87. Michele Bachmann Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin At War?
  88. Rick Perry GOP Consultants Expecting Newt’s Guys to Jump to Rick Perry
  89. Michele Bachmann A match made in Hell: Will Rollins implode when Bachmann boots him?
  90. Sarah Palin Why Sarah Palin will not be meeting Margaret Thatcher
  91. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann’s Legendary Loud-Mouthed Campaign Guru
  92. Mitt Romney NH: Romney faces secession question
  93. Gary Johnson Tell CNN to include me in the debate
  94. Mitt Romney Romney to Skip Key Poll in Iowa
  95. Herman Cain Herman Cain Wants A ‘Great Wall Of China’ Or A ‘Moat With Alligators’ Along Mexican Border
  96. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney drops out of Iowa Straw Poll
  97. Gary Johnson Johnson mention on Hugh Hewitt show
  98. Herman Cain At the May 5th debate, why didn't they ask Herman Cain about his "No Muslims" comment?"
  99. Michele Bachmann Bachmann attacking Palin is very smart
  100. Sarah Palin Will rivalry make Sarah Palin run?
  101. Michele Bachmann Take the Bachmann-Palin Challenge: Can You Tell Them Apart?
  102. Michele Bachmann Will the Palin-Bachmann feud split the tea party?
  103. Sarah Palin Palinist History
  104. Sarah Palin David Corn On The Sarah Palin Email Saga
  105. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Daily Beat: More Friction with Palin
  106. Jon Huntsman Out of the race?
  107. Michele Bachmann Interview: Michele Bachmann on Faith and Family
  108. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Movie 'The Undefeated' Getting National Release In AMC Theaters
  109. Michele Bachmann Is Bachmann Romney's BFF? Huntsman his Kryptonite?
  110. Michele Bachmann Ron Paul v. Michele Bachmann: High noon on the right
  111. Gary Johnson CNN Does Democracy No Favors by Excluding Gary Johnson [LINK]
  112. Michele Bachmann Bachmann and Pawlenty engage in "pay-for-pardon"
  113. Tim Pawlenty Bachmann and Pawlenty engage in "pay-for-pardon"
  114. Michele Bachmann Her Budget Takes On...Veterans' Benefits?
  115. Rick Santorum Primary Status: Santorum's first ad focuses on the federal deficit and debt
  116. Sarah Palin Palin possibly to speak at the Republican Leadership conference in NOLA
  117. Michele Bachmann know your opponent: how she rose politically (article from 2006) -->
  118. Jon Huntsman Huntsman to announce in "about a week and a half," still likely skipping CNN debate
  119. Sarah Palin Hey, Palin-What Did The Declaration Say About Gun Rights?
  120. Michele Bachmann Bachmann strategist was right
  121. Rick Perry Texas Gov. Rick Perry -- The Establishment's Golden Boy in 2012?
  122. Michele Bachmann Bachmann has all the pieces in place to make presidential run
  123. Herman Cain Cain breaks against NRA and against Incorporation\14th amendment w\ regard to gun control
  124. Michele Bachmann 'On the Beach, I Bring von Mises'
  125. Herman Cain Herman Cain would trade liberty for security (video)
  126. Jon Huntsman Huntsman slams Afghanistan war
  127. Mitt Romney No straw polls for Romney: Is he really the front-runner?
  128. Mitt Romney Quotes
  129. Rick Perry The RICK PERRY DECEPTI-CON THREAD | Facts on Perry
  130. Rick Santorum In 2006 the Center For Responsibility And Ethics found Santorum to be 1 of 3 most corrupt
  131. Herman Cain Did Godfather's PROFIT while he was CEO?
  132. Mitt Romney Leads the Drudge Primary
  133. Herman Cain Hints about who he’d pick for veep
  134. Mitt Romney A Theory on his Obama Attacks.
  135. General Add David Petraeus to the list?
  136. Newt Gingrich RJC Tweet - Punked By 'Frank Luntz Now Running Newt's Campaign' Was Lie For Press
  137. General Need ASAP in the next few hours. Will pay $ if its good.
  138. Michele Bachmann breaks 1st promise to Iowa-announces awkwardly in NH instead
  139. General Obama is open to idea of being one-term President
  140. Newt Gingrich His Own Charity Paid $220,000 In Money to Gingrich's Business
  141. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson
  142. Gary Johnson New Hampshire Debate: Why Wasn't Gary Johnson There?
  143. Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman seems to be getting a lot of coverage from MSM, is he a threat?
  144. Mitt Romney A flip flop by Romney on foreign policy nicely documented by the Weekly Standard
  145. Mitt Romney Housing
  146. Gary Johnson Gov. Gary Johnson Responds To Every Question Asked In CNN Debate He Was Excluded From
  147. Gary Johnson "I would appoint Ron Paul to my administration"
  148. Michele Bachmann Bachmann On Cover Of USA Today
  149. Michele Bachmann The Bachman Adoration is What We Would Have Seen With a Rand Paul Presidential Run
  150. Herman Cain PPP - Herman Cain in 2nd in National GOP Primary Poll
  151. Herman Cain Glenn Beck Slams Him For Giving Non-Answers
  152. Rudy Giuliani Christie can't win in this day and age
  153. Michele Bachmann Was a Tax Collection Attorney for the IRS 1988-1993
  154. Mitt Romney Al Gore praises Mitt Romney on climate
  155. Rick Perry Ron Paul preemptively goes after Rick Perry!
  156. Herman Cain June 27 money bomb!
  157. Herman Cain Dr. Tom Woods Explains Why Herman Cain Is Bad
  158. Mitt Romney widens his lead according to NBC/WSJ poll
  159. Tim Pawlenty Politico: In Iowa, Pawlenty is mailing it in
  160. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann's Unrivaled Extremism -- (She steals EPA positions AND our insults...)
  161. Newt Gingrich : the John McCain of 2012?
  162. Michele Bachmann autobiography coming out later this year
  163. Michele Bachmann Why did Bachmann campaign AGAINST the Tea Party?
  164. Tim Pawlenty [Video] Pawlenty gets glittered by codepink
  165. Tim Pawlenty My lengthy proflie of Pawlenty
  166. Gary Johnson included in the next debate
  167. Rick Perry Should Perry Enter the Race?
  168. Rick Perry what do I need to know about Perry?
  169. General We need a RICK PERRY tag!
  170. Michele Bachmann Ethanol "subsidy" / tax break. How did she vote?
  171. Michele Bachmann Bachmann "Queen Of Crap" - Cenk On MSNBC
  172. General Romney and Cain won't sign anti abortion pledge
  173. Mitt Romney Jokes about being unemployed
  174. Rick Perry Perry - By employing an executive order for STDs vaccine Perry sidestepped legislature
  175. Michele Bachmann Clearly Michele Bachmann did not read Obamacare
  176. Michele Bachmann Doesn't want to be seen as voting squishier than the Pauls (debt ceiling)
  177. General Romney and Cain refuse to sign pro-life pledge
  178. Mitt Romney Al Gore Endorses Mitt Romney on Climate
  179. Rick Perry AP: Rick Perry’s team starting to lay the groundwork in Iowa
  180. Michele Bachmann Big Gov, Tax & Spend, anti-liberty, Constitution enemy!
  181. General Cookie Monster Endorses Ron Paul - hilarious [VIDEO]
  182. Michele Bachmann GOP hopeful Michele Bachmann plays politics
  183. Michele Bachmann Bachmann's husband issues statement on the gays
  184. Gary Johnson Finishes Last in Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll
  185. Jon Huntsman See end of SRLC win article for reported 'moderate' position on cap and trade, immigration
  186. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Glittered By Gay Rights Activist At RightOnline Conference
  187. Herman Cain In heated presser, Cain discusses the Fed, abortion and gun rights
  188. Herman Cain Endorsed by Dale Peterson
  189. General Rick Perry Anyone see his SRLC speech? It really makes you appreciate Ron
  190. Herman Cain Racist Ad
  191. Mitt Romney How soon will Romney drop out?
  192. Mitt Romney MultipleChoiceMitt.com
  193. Jon Huntsman The Dirt on Jon M. Huntsman, Jr
  194. Herman Cain Raw Presser Vido
  195. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Enters the "Glitter Hall of Fame" From Leftist GetEQUAL Activist
  196. Mitt Romney Introduced Climate Protection Plan as Governor
  197. Rick Perry Is Perry a Neo-Con?
  198. Rick Perry Did Rick Perry support Al Gore in 1988?
  199. Mitt Romney Al Gore Praised Him Recently On Global Warming / Climate Change
  200. Mitt Romney Which Mitt Romney are we getting this year?
  201. Newt Gingrich NEWT becomes RON PAUL.
  202. Rick Perry Drudge Report: Bilderbergers approve... [of Rick Perry]
  203. Rick Perry Rick "Bilderberg" Perry
  204. Jon Huntsman not hawkish on national security
  205. Rick Perry Perry to stick by law giving tuition breaks to illegal immigrants
  206. Jon Huntsman Huntsman's organization for RLC explained
  207. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Caught Using Taxpayer Dollars On Her Rallies
  208. Jon Huntsman The Jon Huntsman I know supported Barack Obama and his policies
  209. New Herman Cain Federal Reserve Video ft Ron Paul
  210. Rick Perry 14 reasons why Rick Perry would be a really, really bad president
  211. Jon Huntsman Huntsman is no frontrunner
  212. Newt Gingrich Gingrich has jumped in on that gold standard Tea Party bus tour Ron isn't doing (yet)
  213. General "Moderate" Jon Huntsman's Record Scrutinized For 2012 Bid
  214. Jon Huntsman Glad we are not the only campaign making mistakes BUT people are noticing these things
  215. Jon Huntsman Huntsman dropped out of HS to play in cover band 'Wizard'
  216. Newt Gingrich Breaking News: Gingrich Finance Team Abandons Campaign
  217. Newt Gingrich Fundraising Team QUITS Toady
  218. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich’s Campaign Strategy: Become Ron Paul
  219. Michele Bachmann Bachmann is a former Democrat
  220. Jon Huntsman Interesting stuff about Huntsman's relationship with the Chinese
  221. Michele Bachmann Bachman now front-runner in in Zogby self selected polling survey-- ahead of Romney
  222. Michele Bachmann Michelle Bachmann a Socialist!!!
  223. Herman Cain HERMAN CAIN IN 2005: "There is no housing bubble. Don't question Alan Greenspan."
  224. Jon Huntsman I put the odds at 25% that Huntsman...
  225. Michele Bachmann Liberals Conduct Straw Poll for Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann
  226. Newt Gingrich Newt: We need to audit the fed...
  227. Jon Huntsman Lady Rothschild hosts Huntsman fundraiser - nets 1.2 million
  228. Michele Bachmann Discussion of Michelle Bachmann's voting record (some comparisons w Ron Paul)
  229. Rick Perry Watch: Texas congressmen (minus Ron Paul) jump on Rick Perry for President bandwagon
  230. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann's Holy War - Matt Taibi´s hitpiece (Rolling Stone article + video inside)
  231. Michele Bachmann 'Afghanistan divides GOP Candidates' -- Bachmann supports Afghan surge
  232. Michele Bachmann supports fake balanced budget amendment?
  233. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty runs an ad (within)
  234. Herman Cain Money Bomb on June 27th...."Real Leader Moneybomb"
  235. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney flip-flops on whether Bernanke should be reappointed
  236. Rick Perry 14 Reasons why Rick Perry would be a really really bad president
  237. General Multiple candidates including 'Pawlenty campaigning on the cheap'
  238. Michele Bachmann Funny Bachmann vs. Paul "debate" (cartoon clip)
  239. General Romney, Huntsman, Gingrich and Pawlenty all were for a health care mandate b4 agst it
  240. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty's 'Fiscal legacy' - and creative accounting.
  241. General Mystery Candidate, oh no! LOL
  242. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson: ‘I didn’t create a single job’
  243. Newt Gingrich Gingrich declines today’s Iowa straw poll purchase; Ron Paul pays $31k
  244. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney backers bring heavy artillery (SuperPAC)
  245. General McCotter representative adds confusion to Iowa straw poll From The Detroit News: http://d
  246. Michele Bachmann Bachmann learned everything she needed to know by sixth grade, when she left Iowa
  247. Rick Perry PICKET: Does GOP want Perry's DREAM act too?
  248. Rick Perry We should worry less about Mitt Romney and more about Rick Perry
  249. Mitt Romney Tea party dilemma: What to do about Mitt Romney
  250. Rick Perry Going to New Hampshire?