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  1. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson debate on google plus right now
  2. Gary Johnson [Video] Gary Johnson on Fox Business' Cavuto - October 17, 2012
  3. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney on Gun Control: Assault Weapon Ban, Federal Ballistic Fingerprinting
  4. General Vermin Supreme and Rob Potylo Attempt to Enter Presidential Debate at Hofstra University
  5. Pulling their punches....why?
  6. General Military Voting Problems
  7. Paul Ryan FALSE blogosphere rumors link Paul Ryan to the John Birch Society
  8. Mitt Romney Tax cuts are net tax hikes
  9. Mitt Romney [SNL skit] "I would personally stalk, capture, and strangle every bird in this great land"
  10. Mitt Romney Romney Exposed
  11. Mitt Romney Romney thinks Confederate flag shouldn't be shown
  12. Barack Obama I had to laugh, Sandra Fluke pro Obama rally, 10 people
  13. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson campaign material (all the mistakes)
  14. I ALMOST voted for Romney/Ryan! WTF?
  15. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson, Excluded From Debate, Filed Suit
  16. Third party debate Tuesday October 23rd 9pm EST
  17. Gary Johnson Gov Gary Johnson on #PDSLive - Final Presidential Debate 2012
  18. Gary Johnson Voting For Johnson in 2012
  19. General Tonight [10/23] 9 Pm EST Larry King hosts third-party faceoff
  20. General fact check: Last night's debate
  21. General Final Presidential Debate: An Orgy of War-Mongering [VIDEO]
  22. A Romney win will be a crippling blow to the liberty movement
  23. General The 2012 Debates
  24. General 3rd Party Debates -->WOW! I got that old familiar feeling again....
  25. Gary Johnson Johnson Supporters Robocall Colorado Democrats Over Marijuana Crackdown
  26. General Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate -- More Socialist Than Barack Obama
  27. Gary Johnson Video "Be the 5%"
  28. split off from Ron Paul Grassroots subforum about voting in November
  29. Third Party Presidential Debate
  30. General Need a Plan C for voting
  31. Gary Johnson Campaign in Debt
  32. General The results from my daughters 2nd grade class are in.
  33. General It's all fun and games until someone loses a country!
  34. General Noam Chomsky Endorses Jill Stein for President
  35. General Liberty: The Intelligent Person's Guide to Presidential Politics
  36. General MSNBC Rewrite: Third Party Candidates Debate 2012 - The Last Word w/Lawrence O'Donnell
  37. Gary Johnson A vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama
  38. I have been convinced to vote for Romney - an exercise in sarcasm
  39. General I've lost my faith in humanity...
  40. Gary Johnson "Gary Johnson doesn't understand the libertarian spirit"
  41. Free and Equal Elections Foundation Moves Presidential Debate to the 5th of November
  42. Barack Obama The Future Children Project
  43. Paul Ryan The Paul Ryan Insider Trading Story Won’t Die Because It’s Legitimate
  44. Mitt Romney Ray Fair's Economic Model Predicts Narrow Romney Victory
  45. Mitt Romney Romney's alternate path without Ohio?
  46. Virgil Goode Will Virgil Goode Cost Romney VA?
  47. General Libertarians In Swing States: Can we risk 4 more Obama years by voting for Johnson?
  48. Barack Obama ‘Jane Roe’ of Roe v. Wade airs anti-Obama ad in Florida
  49. Mitt Romney Romney surrogate says Roe v. Wade won't be overturned
  50. Mitt Romney A Plea To Paulians (From MinuteMenNews.com)
  51. Mitt Romney Question for Anti-Mitt Romney Folks
  52. Mitt Romney What's in Mitt Romney's 5-Point Economic Plan? - BloombergTV
  53. General [VIDEO] Over 915,000 Presidential Ads Saturate 2012 Airtime
  54. Mitt Romney Gangs with flags: Alex Jones interviews Lew Rockwell about the state of the US election
  55. Barack Obama Contrarian point of view (to Intrade #s): Ohio always votes 2% to the right of national %
  56. General Hurricane Sandy's aftermath and power outages could affect voting on Tuesday
  57. Split off posts that don't belong where posted
  58. Paul Ryan Taking a picture of your own ballot
  59. Mitt Romney "Rented" Mormon Church's Tax Exemption
  60. Early voting - voted for Romney
  61. Mitt Romney Perhaps the only reason to vote for Rmoney in Michigan, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania
  62. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson sign sighted in my (very red!) neighborhood!!
  63. Joe Biden Joe Biden Forgets What State He's in...Four Times
  64. General Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein arrested ... Again!
  65. General The American Conservative: The Conservative Vote - A Symposium
  66. General Ron Paul NY write-in
  67. Mitt Romney [VIDEO] Romney: 'Our Chant Isn't 4 More Years, It's 5 More Days'
  68. General Who Will Win The Presidential Election?
  69. Barack Obama The Economist endorses Obama for President
  70. Gary Johnson Gov. Gary Johnson debates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
  71. Oh for Petes sake!
  72. Gary Johnson Why I didn't waste my vote on Gary Johnson.
  73. General Barone: Romney 315, Obama 223
  74. ...
  75. Who did/will you vote for in the 2012 Presidential Election
  76. Gary Johnson What % will Gary Johnson get nationally
  77. Mitt Romney Romney: Elect Me Or House GOP Will Wreck The Economy
  78. Who gets it: Obama or Romney?
  79. General U.N. to Monitor the U.S. Election? Exposé on the Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
  80. General George W. Bush is Responsible For the United Nations Monitoring the U.S. Election
  81. General Yes, Mitt Romney is indeed Pro-Choice
  82. Mitt Romney Ferguson: "Standing Behind Every Great Con Artist Is Someone Like Glenn Hubbard "
  83. General Sacramento Pollster Fired For Protesting Against the U.N. Interfering With U.S. Election
  84. Mitt Romney Romney calls his campaign a ‘movement’
  85. Mitt Romney Will Ron Paul get any electoral votes?
  86. Mitt Romney Pennsylvania's Most Accurate Pollster Points to Romney Win
  87. Barack Obama BREAKING: NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama
  88. Mitt Romney Random Sample of Romney Supporter Interviews Plays Like Hannity on a Bad Night
  89. Barack Obama Obama urges supporters to vote on Wednesday
  90. General Voters Interviewed at Gun Point, Realize the Shocking Facts of Their Politics [VIDEO]
  91. Virgil Goode I wonder why Virgil Goode isn't capturing more of the evangelical pro-life vote?
  92. Mitt Romney SNL: Nothing I've Said in the Past Should Be Any Indication of My Positions in the Future
  93. General Damning with faint praise — the underwhelming praise in endorsements
  94. General Choosing Obama or Romney: Switching Deck Chairs on the Titanic?
  95. General Hell of a choice and I hope I don’t regret it.
  96. General the big miscalculation - or was it?
  97. General Today's 5th bot call
  98. General Nate Silver Backtracking on Twitter
  99. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney... Really?
  100. Mitt Romney How will the GOP react to a narrow Romney loss?
  101. Gary Johnson Second Third Party Debate moderated by Ralph Nader (stream link here!)
  102. Mitt Romney Economist magazine\YouGov releases final 2012 polling. Obama at 303 electoral votes
  103. Mitt Romney WashingtonTimes: Both Obama and Romney unfit for office
  104. Barack Obama Reuters and Ipsos release a slew of tracking polls showing Obama at 294 Electoral Votes
  105. Barack Obama PPP releases new NH and Iowa. Obama at 332 Electoral votes based on this and previous PPP
  106. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney is the only sane choice for Libertarians
  107. Mitt Romney Insider rumblings on Rasmussen polling tomorrow
  108. Mitt Romney America's Puppet Government Shocking Confirmation of Same
  109. Mitt Romney Romney Campaign 'Quietly Courting' Glenn Beck
  110. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson and libertarian Republicans
  111. Gary Johnson Good interview: Coke and Pepsi Reference!
  112. Mitt Romney Interesting tweet about Nevada - aids say Romney will lose?
  113. General Teh Collins Election Night Prediction
  114. General Michael Savage Admits That Mitt Romney is a Liberal Republican; Don't Expect Too Much
  115. Mitt Romney 512 Paths To The White House - Why Ohio and Florida are really all the matter
  116. Mitt Romney Bob Barr endorses Romney
  117. Gary Johnson My thoughts when hearing people explain why they wrote in Ron Paul
  118. Gary Johnson Can we help Gary Johnson reach the 5% mark?
  119. Mitt Romney The Conservative Predictions on Twitter
  120. General VotersScoreCard.com - election candidates
  121. What percentage of the vote will GJ get tomorrow?
  122. Dondero: Romney-Ryan "Most Libertarian-Republican Presidential Ticket In Our Lifetimes"
  123. The best scenerio to punish the GOP/RNC/Romney this election.
  124. General Support for Kill List and NDAA make Obama and Romney unfit for office
  125. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson could cost Romney the presidency (Ohio)
  126. Mitt Romney Avoiding $100 Million Taxes Through Netherlands
  127. Mitt Romney Jay-Z strikes again on election eve: “99 Problems But Mitt (bitch) Ain’t One”
  128. Mitt Romney Interesting: Bush tapes last minute message for Mitt Romney
  129. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson results CENSORSHIP in New Hampshire Hart's Location
  130. General What are YOU doing to help a Liberty candidate win TODAY?
  131. Barack Obama Obama ends campaign; crowd goes MEH
  132. General Conservatives Launch anti-Nate Silver Website
  133. Gary Johnson Please consider Gary Johnson today
  134. MOD: FALSE RE Tweet Important: Florida Ron Paul Write-In Votes [may]Not Be Counted
  135. Mitt Romney [VIDEO] First instance of voting fraud?
  136. General My 2012 election guide
  137. General Anyone have links to LIVE CNN / FOX / MSNBC, etc?
  138. General Final Election Pitches Differ Depending on TV Network - FOX NEWS worst offender
  139. General Judge Napolitano: Potential Legal Issues Over Voting In Some States
  140. General Exit Polling Results
  141. I think you should vote for mitt romney.
  142. Gary Johnson Texas does not have Ron Paul as a write in, so I and my family voted for GJ
  143. General Ron Paul: The Victor Today Will Be The Status Quo
  144. The I Voted For Gary Johnson Thread
  145. Voted for Jill Stein
  146. Gary Johnson Is forcing a loss for Mitt Romney in Florida right now
  147. General Will Voters NOT Vote If Given a Free Doughnut? [VIDEO]
  148. General "We Warned 'Em....."
  149. Gary Johnson breaks the record for most votes for a LP candidate?
  150. General Write in Tallies? Anyone have any yet?
  151. Mitt Romney Romney goes down: Ladies and gentlemen....we got him!
  152. Mitt Romney So... a word from the Mitt forums
  153. General I think Obama is going to take us to Socialism... But I'm okay with that.
  154. General Found some what look to be legit write in numbers for PA... FINALLY
  155. Mitt Romney I need an intervention... Can't stay off the
  156. Mitt Romney The forums.
  157. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's Campaign Cancels Staffers Credit Cards In The Middle Of The Night
  158. Gary Johnson [Video] Gary Johnson on His Future in Politics and the Economy - Stossel Nov 8
  159. Joe Biden Biden's son joins Navy Reserve
  160. General Should have voted Vermin Supreme
  161. Mitt Romney style
  162. General Philadelphia Came out in Astronomical Numbers for Obama
  163. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson on Whether He Affected the Election Outcome - Nov 11
  164. General The Demise of the Republican Party are Greatly Exaggerated
  165. Mitt Romney Republicans to Mitt Romney: Exit stage left
  166. General Roseanne Barr Places Sixth In 2012 Presidential Race
  167. General Karl Rove vote fixing scam?
  168. Barack Obama Obama refuses to pay Portsmouth $30K for campaign visit costs