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  1. "Restrained" Mitt Romney calls for arming rebels in Syria, regime change
  2. Mitt Romney Romney's Foreign Advisor - John Bolton
  3. Gary Johnson The Daily Johnson
  4. Barack Obama This pretty much says it all
  5. General Why we must oppose Obamney for President in 2012
  6. Gary Johnson Alex Jones endorses Johnson
  7. Gary Johnson Jesse Ventura endorses Johnson
  8. Gary Johnson Forum for Johnson supporters
  9. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson
  10. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Says He Could Wage War on Iran Without Congress' Approval
  11. Gary Johnson The case for voting for Gary Johnson.
  12. Barack Obama In His Own Words: Obama Says He is a Constitution Violating Dictator
  13. Obama attys arguing O not the dem nominee.... making Romney....what?
  14. Gary Johnson Israel Anderson Interviews Gary Johnson. Some good things, some bad things...
  15. General Herman Cain endorses [nobody cares] LOL
  16. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney is Running for Bush's Fourth Term
  17. If Ron Paul is not on the ballot, I'm seriously considering Gary.
  18. Mitt Romney endorsed by Gay Conservative Group
  19. Mitt Romney NYT running a vaguely positive piece on Romney
  20. Moved posts about Gary Johnson candidacy
  21. Mitt Romney "Retreat" Hosts Big Donors, Political Stars | Exclusive Agenda
  22. UNITY!
  23. Mitt Romney Report: Bolton Is a “Leading Candidate” for Secretary of State
  24. Barack Obama The desperation of “Campaign Obama” hits an all new low!
  25. Barack Obama Six Democratic superdelegates boycott convention and refuse to nominate Obama
  26. General Thank you Ron Paul, we'll take it from here.
  27. Gary Johnson Video: "The Vote For Freedom Is Never Wasted"
  28. Mitt Romney The Romney camp's line on Arizona
  29. Barack Obama GoDaddy' sleeping with Obama, Fast & Furious: Boycott GoDaddy!
  30. Barack Obama 's Human Right's Abuse - Jimmy carter
  31. Barack Obama RCP Electoral Map, Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney
  32. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson to attend Ron Paul festival in bid to court supporters
  33. Gary Johnson Judge Napolitano: Gary Johnson would appoint SCOTUS justices like him
  34. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney and Cutting Spending
  35. Barack Obama Obama Campaign Celebrates Independence Day ... with Fundraiser in Paris
  36. Barack Obama Video: Most Arrogant Man in the World
  37. Barack Obama "Shame on you Barack Obama!" - Hillary Clinton (New Mitt Romney Ad)
  38. Mitt Romney Very Pleased with the Individual Mandate
  39. Mitt Romney Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses
  40. Mitt Romney pick conservative or moderate VP?
  41. General McCain most relevant Senator
  42. Mitt Romney Romney Campaign Declaring Cease Fire on Health Care
  43. Romney under fire from conservatives
  44. Mitt Romney Does he wear the pants?
  45. Barack Obama Health care law 'is here to stay'
  46. Mitt Romney 'biggest hoax since Bigfoot' - who does Romney think he is!?
  47. Gary Johnson Embarrassing Gary Johnson Political Ad
  48. Mitt Romney Raised Over $100 Million Dollars In June
  49. Barack Obama Peace Activists Turn Against Obama And His Drone Wars
  50. Gary Johnson Politico: The Gary Johnson Factor
  51. Mitt Romney What were Romney's previous nominees/appointees like? Mass. State Supreme Court?
  52. Mitt Romney "Repeal & REPLACE" Obamacare!?!?
  53. Romney's speech to NAACP draws boos from audience
  54. Mitt Romney Rmoney BOOED by NAACP over rObomyMoney care
  55. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Urged Obama To Embrace The Individual Mandate In 2009
  56. Mitt Romney Banned from RPF ??
  57. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson should've ran for Senate vs. President (POLL)
  58. Mitt Romney When did Romney Leave Bain?
  59. Mitt Romney ABC News- Did Romney break the law?
  60. Mitt Romney Cheney endorses Romney as "only man on foreign policy"
  61. Mitt Romney This is from daily kos so take it with salt, but
  62. Gary Johnson Judge Napolitano on Gary Johnson at Freedom Fest 2012
  63. Mitt Romney NAACP Official: Romney ‘Flew In’ His Own Blacks to Cheer NAACP Speech
  64. Mitt Romney - Scores lowest and ALCU card and wants more military
  65. Mitt Romney Sheldon Adelson has committed $100 million 2 Obama. Sarah Silverman has a proposal for him
  66. Barack Obama CARTOON - Dr. Obama is NOT The Answer
  67. Gary Johnson A compromise between the NOBP folks and the Gary Johnson folks?
  68. General Rosanne loses Green Nomination
  69. Mitt Romney 100 ways Mitt Romney is just like Barrack Obama (article)
  70. Barack Obama The official "You didn't build that!" thread
  71. Mitt Romney Zogby Poll: Libertarian Johnson Hurting Romney's Chances
  72. Mitt Romney The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection 19 Mins worth
  73. Mitt Romney Poll: Rice top VP choice of GOP voters
  74. Barack Obama a spoof Obama ad: The Drone Killer
  75. Barack Obama Obama meme from twitter
  76. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney gets busted buying twitter followers
  77. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson emails every member of Congress asking them to vote for Audit the Fed
  78. Gary Johnson Best move for Gary would be to get on the Joe Rogan's podcast
  79. Barack Obama Obama and his form of government blasted by Forbes: You didn't build that!
  80. Mitt Romney Romney-Bain Linked to Organized Crime in UK
  81. Barack Obama Democratic Operatives Urged Obama To Seize On Attacks
  82. Barack Obama Barrack Obama: The Label
  83. Gary Johnson I posted this in General Politics, too.......Wasn't sure....
  84. Gary Johnson Video: Elect One of Our Own. One Time.
  85. Gary Johnson For the Gary Johnson Fans
  86. Mitt Romney LRC: The Cold, Cruel Monster Mitt [medical marijuana]
  87. Gary Johnson Why Gary Johnson could cost Obama or Romney a win in 2012
  88. Gary Johnson If Gary Johnson got into the debates
  89. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney gaffes in Great Britain
  90. Barack Obama Obama on Government Transparency
  91. Gary Johnson Adam Kokesh - The Freedom Movement doesn't end with Dr Paul!
  92. Gary Johnson Applauds House for Voting to Help Bring the Fed Out from Behind Closed Doors
  93. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney: He just insulted England
  94. Barack Obama "Does billboard comparing Obama to alleged shooter go too far?"
  95. Gary Johnson Ouch - Gary Johnson Flip Flops and Changes The Subject On Foreign Policy Question
  96. Mitt Romney Jewish culture has allowed Israel to be more economically successful than Palestinians
  97. Gary Johnson Jesse Ventura: “If They Allow Johnson To Debate, You Could See Him Win”
  98. Mitt Romney "KISS MY ASS!" Mitt Romney's Press Secretary Curses At Reporters In Poland
  99. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Photo causes domestic violence
  100. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney praises socialized medicine
  101. Paul Johnson ticket
  102. Mitt Romney Hasn't Paid Taxes in ***10 YEARS*** says Harry Reid
  103. Mitt Romney Romney on Iran/Israel: War is Peace
  104. Who are the CRU? & Who is Robby Wells?
  105. Mitt Romney Romney's Tax Plan "Mathematically Impossible"
  106. Mitt Romney 15 percent of Twitter followers are paid fakes
  107. Mitt Romney Anonymous hacks tax returns (satire)
  108. Gary Johnson Rasmussen on not polling Johnson, Denninger on Johnson's message failures
  109. Gary Johnson Interview - Talks About Being A Ron Paul Fan!
  110. Barack Obama Let’s Repeat Auto Bailout ‘With Every Industry’
  111. Gary Johnson Americans Elect Grant Ballot Position in OK
  112. Gary Johnson Which state ballots is Gary Johnson not on?
  113. Barack Obama Exclusive: Obama to include Republicans in hard-hitting convention
  114. General Huntsman to speak at DNC?
  115. Mitt Romney Ever wonder why the Edison Research polls seemed biased to favor Mitt?
  116. Mitt Romney Romney to announce VP tomorrow
  117. Mitt Romney The UNOFFICIAL Romney VP Thread
  118. General Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Their Core Beliefs
  119. Paul Ryan Why the Paul Ryan budget was a farce:
  120. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan's record:
  121. Paul Ryan American Conservative Magazine: "Think Twice About Paul Ryan"
  122. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan's Spending Is Similar To Obama's
  123. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan refuses to cut Pentagon spending:
  124. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan "King of Big Governmnet" says Ron Paul [MOD NOTE: Inaccurate]
  125. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan vs. Obama vs. Rand Paul
  126. Paul Ryan Why Paul Ryan was a bad choice...
  127. Paul Ryan [VIDEO] Paul Ryan BEGS Congress to Pass TARP
  128. Paul Ryan Article: OP/ED: Paul Ryan is No Ron Paul
  129. Paul Ryan Tom Woods on Paul Ryan
  130. Paul Ryan 2011 - Libertarian Party: Paul Ryan is "Worse than Bill Clinton"
  131. Mitt Romney WHOOPS!!! As usual another ROMNEY BLUNDER!! What else is new
  132. Paul Ryan Ryan Begging for TARP - Great time to run it on TV!
  133. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's Once-Sealed Files [as governor] To Be Made Available To Public
  134. Paul Ryan EPJ Article: 'Don't Confuse Paul Ryan with Ron Paul'
  135. Mitt Romney We could use your help...please
  136. Paul Ryan TNA: Veep Pick Paul Ryan Is No Conservative
  137. Paul Ryan Blast the Tea Party Groups with these Paul Ryan articles
  138. Mitt Romney Another reason for the Ryan pick
  139. Paul Ryan Yahoo Answers: Is Paul Ryan truly a Conservative?
  140. Mitt Romney Team Rocket
  141. General Spread This! - Mitt Romney Says Boy Scouts Should Accept Homosexual Leaders
  142. Paul Ryan ZeroHedge: Guest Post: Paul Ryan's Budget
  143. Mitt Romney Mon morn talk radio: Paul Ryan referred to as Cong Paul.
  144. Paul Ryan If Paul Ryan Were an Atlas Shrugged Character He'd Be a Villain
  145. Paul Ryan Ron Paul: Why Isn't He Excited About the Nomination of Paul Ryan?
  146. Barack Obama This SOB is scary!
  147. General Rare moment of truth on the "stark contrast" between Obama/Biden vs. Romney/Ryan - NPR
  148. Mitt Romney Grover Norquist: Ryan and Romney are wrong on defense budgets
  149. Mitt Romney Clinton's ex-chief of staff LOVES Paul Ryan's budget
  150. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan traded stocks on insider information from Bernanke as market was collapsing
  152. Paul Ryan "Wikileaks revealed that Paul Ryan's public attacks on the Fed were a facade."
  153. Paul Ryan Disappointing Reality of Paul Ryan
  154. Mitt Romney We Can Cause Some Serious Strategic Problems For Romney/Ryan.....
  155. Mitt Romney Catholic Publication Deems Obama More Pro-Life Than Romney
  156. Paul Ryan Reality Check: Is Paul Ryan really a big spender? His "principle" problem
  157. Paul Ryan Article: 'Does Ron Paul approve of Paul Ryan as Romney's VP pick?
  158. Mitt Romney 40 Points That Prove That Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate
  159. Paul Ryan Article: 'Paul Ryan Proposes a Return to George W. Bush's Foreign Policy'
  160. General There is a documentary being made about Vermin Supreme
  161. Barack Obama Re VP pick, off twitter quoting Kudlaw
  162. Mitt Romney Libertarians try to block Romney from Wash. ballot claiming GOP no longer 'major party'
  163. Paul Ryan Yahoo Article: 'Presented With Letters, Ryan Admits Requesting Stimulus Cash'
  164. Mitt Romney Adelson doesn't want competition from online gambling so his backed Romney/Ryan candidates
  165. Paul Ryan Good article on the "Ryan Plan" by Peter Schiff
  166. General Your Choice: Obamney or Rombama
  167. Gary Johnson Could Gary Johnson Influence 2012 Election?
  168. Mitt Romney Did Mitt Romney Live In His Son's Unfinished Basement Last Year? (In order to vote MASS)
  169. Mitt Romney Paul Ryan's favorite band: Rage Against the Machine
  170. Barack Obama The President's CZARS With PICTURES and goals
  171. Paul Ryan Paul RYAN doesn't quite want to end the Fed. But....
  172. General Video - Mitt Romney, Liberal Wing of the Republican Party
  173. Paul Ryan Chickenhawk Paul Ryan Cites War Votes as Foreign Policy Experience
  174. Will Romney / Ryan give us a national VAT!?
  175. Barack Obama Anti-Obama Navy SEAL leader: I’m a Birther.
  176. General What's the dirt on Jon Huntsman?
  177. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan On Foreign Policy Credentials: ‘I Voted To Send People To War’
  178. Paul Ryan GOP Consultant: Koch Brothers Bought Paul "TARP" Ryan VP for $100M promise...
  179. Newt Gingrich Gingrich releases delegates to Romney
  180. Mitt Romney I managed to utterly confuse some Romney supporters today
  181. Paul Ryan John Stossel-Who Is Paul Ryan? I am disappoint
  182. Mitt Romney You’re Invited to a Victory Rally with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan
  183. Mitt Romney Vid: Song of Mitt's Self [funny!]
  184. Paul Ryan Rock Legend To Paul Ryan: Stop Playing My Song
  185. US election: Mitt Romney may have breached ethics laws through company linked to Paul Ryan
  186. Gary Johnson Republicans trying to boot Gary Johnson from Pennsylvania ballot
  187. Paul Ryan TSA Agents Spotted Working at Florida Paul Ryan Campaign Event
  188. Mitt Romney PAUL RYAN'S "pro-life" position continues to crumble….
  189. Mitt Romney Bain Documents: Romney Offshore Investments Used 'Blockers' To Avoid Taxes
  190. Barack Obama 70% of Obama's Twitter followers are fake
  191. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney goes Birther mode with Donald Trump?
  192. Mitt Romney Mitt Romnet spotted on the way to the ugly bug ball (rules committee)
  193. General Obama vs. Romney - Fiscal, Foreign Policy, Civil Liberties, and Social Issues
  194. Mitt Romney Maureen Dowd writes about MITT ROMNEY...
  195. Gary Johnson Ron Paul REVOLUTIONARY
  196. General Classic Video: Mitt Romney Needs Lawyers to Determine What's Constitutional
  197. Mitt Romney Anyone in Tampa come across these folks? (Dogs Against Romney)
  198. Mitt Romney Christie declined the VP spot b/c (among other reasons) he doesn't think Romney can win
  199. Mitt Romney Asked In 2008 If He Would Bring RomneyCare “National,” Romney Replied “Absolutely”
  200. Mitt Romney Does Romney want to kill Americans?
  201. Mitt Romney RNC to Unveil Debt Clock in Convention Hall
  202. Gary Johnson Romney's lawyers now working to get Johnson tossed off ballots
  203. Mitt Romney Anybody thumbing through hacked/whistleblower: "THE BAIN FILES" ??
  204. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson talking Ron Paul and Libertarian Agenda on Fox Business Right NOW
  205. Virgil Goode Virgil Goode: What's the scoop?
  206. Mitt Romney Breaking News: Mitt Romney Endorses Barack Obama
  207. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney’s Flawed Agenda for the Supreme Court
  208. Gary Johnson Vote Gary Johnson and not Obama,Romney or write in Ron Paul
  209. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney, Republican Totalitarian
  210. Gary Johnson INSPIRED by this (from Gary Johnson)???
  211. Gary Johnson The Johnson Deception
  212. Gary Johnson I formally endorse Gary Johnson for President of the United States!
  213. Barack Obama Help Me Ask Obama And Romney
  214. Mitt Romney Facebook being overwhelmed
  215. Gary Johnson Whoever you are going to vote for in November, please tell any pollsters: Gary Johnson
  216. Gary Johnson Defender of Liberty
  217. Mitt Romney Sheriff Mack to vote for Mitt Romney, reluctantly
  218. Mitt Romney Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital
  219. Barack Obama Michael Moore Insists There is a Difference Between Obama and Romney
  220. Newt Gingrich Thinks 90% Of Ron Paul Supporters Are Idiots!
  221. Hmmmm, GS is Romney's stock manager
  222. Analyst: Romney Selling American Blood
  223. Mitt Romney Saw this on farcebook
  224. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan Caught In Huge Whopper About His Marathon Time
  225. Virgil Goode Virgil Goode (Constitution Party) Interview: How Do We Elevate Constitutional Principles?
  226. Mitt Romney OMG. Lawyers for Romney Deployment Program...
  227. Mitt Romney Trending video: Wrong Direction's "Disclosure"
  228. General Mitt Romney's China Investments -- The Story Behind the Story
  229. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney’s Father Was A Mexican Citizen When Mitt Was Born
  230. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson and Catholics
  231. Gary Johnson request Gary Johnson appear on Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno
  232. Gary Johnson Reddit AMA, on September 11.
  233. Barack Obama TSA To Conduct Grope Downs at DNC
  234. Gary Johnson Everything Ron Paul Supporters Need To Know About Gary Johnson
  235. Gary Johnson at 5% in PPP Colorado Poll 9/2/12
  236. Gary Johnson Sept 11th : Gary Johnson doing a Reddit AMA
  237. General Bombshell: Nicki Minaj is a Republican, Endorses Mitt Romney
  238. Barack Obama Free Manning protest outside DNC + Occupy DNC protest crossed red line
  239. Mitt Romney Libertarians For Romney
  240. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson speech at PAULfest 2012
  241. Gary Johnson Johnson remains on the ballot in Iowa, Romney's attorneys appeal
  242. Gary Johnson Online Town Hall with Gov. Gary Johnson
  243. Virgil Goode Board puts Virgil Goode on Virginia ballot despite GOP challenge
  244. Barack Obama Portsmouth votes to bill Obama campaign for overtime
  245. Gary Johnson Vote Gary Johnson and not Obama,Romney or write in Ron Paul 2.0
  246. Mitt Romney Romney tax scandal to explode 28th Sept?
  247. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson supporters shunned?
  248. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson or write Paul in?
  249. Gary Johnson Should Ron Paul endorse Gary Johnson for president?
  250. Gary Johnson Who's gonna expose the difference?