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  1. Rick Santorum raises eyebrows again, this time with a mailing to Iowa
  2. Newt Gingrich Herman Cain no longer endorses Newt Gingrich
  3. Are There Any Photos of Mitt Romney's Rallies?
  4. Barack Obama [VIDEO] "Operation Hot Mic" (Obamas open mic comment)
  5. Mitt Romney Birthday Fundraiser For Ann Romney Hosted By Man Who Once Barbecued A Dog
  6. Santorum mailer: Romney as GOP nominee 'frightens me'
  7. Obama eats dogs and Romney forces them to ride on top of cars - animal cruelty much?
  8. Newt Gingrich New Lawsuit against Newt in Arlington Virginia Circuit Court
  9. CNN Poll: Republicans divided on VP choice
  10. Mitt Romney The Ultimate Flip-Flop Collection
  11. Barack Obama People still hoping for Obama money handout
  12. Mitt Romney Cookiegate
  13. Newt Gingrich Gingrich puts 20 students to sleep
  14. Rick Santorum Interesting comment to Santorum supporters on washington article about delegate convention
  15. Mitt Romney Romney - 12 million raised in Feb and March...
  16. Mitt Romney Mormons vs. Warmons
  17. Rick Santorum Santorum Campaign Nearly $2 Million in Debt
  18. Mitt Romney to build Keystone Pipeline himself
  19. Newt Gingrich NC State chair for Gingrich's campaign endorses Romney
  20. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Reports $4.3M in Campaign Debt
  21. Newt Gingrich Sources: Gingrich cancels North Carolina trip - then reinstates when all guess suspending
  22. Mitt Romney An interesting piece on why Romney lies
  23. Barack Obama Jon Corzine Still Bundling For the 2012 Obama Campaign ????????????
  24. Mitt Romney Photos: Mitt Romney at Phoenix town hall, draws 300-400 people
  25. Mitt Romney Romneycare
  26. Virgil Goode The Constitution Party nominates a neo-con for President.
  27. Barack Obama Pro-Obama Picture I found that evokes emotion.
  28. Mitt Romney Romney believes in America. LOL
  29. Virgil Goode Constitution Party to Run Virgil Goode for President
  30. Mitt Romney Video Must See - Romney gets the Youth Vote
  31. Mitt Romney Who are Romney's hardcore fans anyway?
  32. Newt Gingrich Was Newt Gingrich’s campaign the worst in history?
  33. Rick Santorum Will Santorum endorse Romney?
  34. Newt Gingrich Can Gingrich turn around the primary in Delaware?
  35. Mitt Romney Romney agrees with Obama on student loan plan
  36. Mitt Romney Supports Obama's Student Loan
  37. Newt Gingrich hints he may drop from race this week
  38. Marco Rubio VP gaffe (has a deal been secured ?)
  39. Newt Gingrich Gingrich tricks people into attending campaign events in Delaware
  40. General Mish: Does it Matter if Obama Beats Romney?
  41. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum, still asking for money
  42. Newt Gingrich Well, No Matter What Happens, At Least We Have This:
  43. Tonight Town Hall with Gary Johnson and Peter Schiff
  44. Mitt Romney Add another endorsement to the list....
  45. Newt Gingrich In light of Gingrich's decision to exit the Presidential Race
  46. Barack Obama Obama is ready to start "officially campaigning" and attacking Romney
  47. Mitt Romney "Neoconservative Marco Rubio wants to rule the world" (The Telegraph)
  48. Mitt Romney Perry endorses GOP candidate he once called 'vulture capitalist' Read more: http://www.be
  49. Will Americans Vote for Mitt Romney or President Obama?
  50. Barack Obama Biden: Romney's Foreign Policy Is Completely Out of Touch
  51. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney: Mandatory Porno Filters must be installed on every computer (2007)
  52. Newt Gingrich How Newt Gingrich destroyed Rick Perry’s political career
  53. Mitt Romney blogger admits to being neo-con who supports pre-emptive war
  54. Mitt Romney Etch-A-Sketch: Romney No Longer Believes AZ Immigration Law a 'Model for the Country'
  55. Barack Obama Keep Circulating This Tape
  56. Mitt Romney Romney tells "crowd" of 250 students at Otterbein to just borrow $20K from their parents
  57. Barack Obama Youtube channel
  58. Mitt Romney Some Mormons fear a failed Romney presidency would reflect badly on the Mormon Church
  59. Barack Obama Romney Doesn't Have A Clue...
  60. Mitt Romney Karl Rove Predicts Romney Loss to Obama
  61. Mitt Romney Mitt and Ann Romney on CBS This Morning tomorrow, Tuesday
  62. Mitt Romney Mitt Draws Small, Sleepy Crowd
  63. Barack Obama Washington Times: "Forward" - New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, Socialism
  64. Rick Santorum Molotov Mitchell on Ron Paul or Rick Santorum
  65. Mitt Romney Here's ANOTHER Reason Why Marco Rubio Won't Be Mitt Romney's VP Pick
  66. Rick Santorum Set to meet with Romney Friday-May 4th
  67. Mitt Romney I Need Researchers to Uncover the Motherload of ALL Scandals.
  68. Barack Obama Obama's Secret Visit to Afghanistan on Anniversary of Bin Laden's Death?
  69. Mitt Romney Santorum wants promises from Romney before backing – Plans to meet Romney on Friday privat
  70. obama now military favorite? wth?
  71. Newt Gingrich $4 Million in Debt; Staffers and Creditors Fume
  72. The Obama Campaign media assault against Romney is starting. . .
  73. Barack Obama Obama fabricated the girlfriend character in his biography "Dreams of My Father"
  74. Newt Gingrich Gingrich's Departure Creates Catch 22 for Religious Right
  75. Mitt Romney Romney fired staffer because he is gay
  76. Mitt Romney Bachmann set to endorse Romney
  77. Barack Obama obama's support for his troops
  78. Barack Obama video - Obama kills Osama: What if REAL reporters were allowed White House press passes?
  79. Mitt Romney voter fraud and subgate...is the ron paul community doing anything????
  80. Newt Gingrich Newt says Romney is still a liar but you should vote for him anyways
  81. Mitt Romney Romney not cleared from ponzi scheme
  82. Mitt Romney Record on Homeland Security: Everyone's a Suspect
  83. Mitt Romney Romney & Son Investigated for 8 Billion Ponzi Scheme
  84. Rick Santorum Meets Romney Reuters reports that no endorsement comes
  85. Mitt Romney The White Hats Report
  86. Gary Johnson Libertarian nominating convention on CSPAN Sat 5/5/2012 12 EST/ 11 Cen
  87. Mitt Romney 'Super PAC' supporting Romney rethinks donations from federal contractors
  88. General Libertarian debate
  89. Mitt Romney Chronicling the Crazy Chat on Mitt Romney Central
  90. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson wins Libertarian Party nominations, rips GOP over Grenell’s resignation
  91. Gingrich must be getting help for his campaign debts....
  92. Gary Johnson Keeping Gary Johnson Off the Ballot
  93. Mitt Romney Electoral College Obamney vs Romney vs Johnson as at 5/5
  94. Barack Obama TOTAL JOKE! Obama Is Trying To "Grow" A Grassroots Campaign?
  95. General Is This Enough To Take Down Obama and Romney?
  96. Mitt Romney Woman tells Romney that Obama should be tried for treason
  97. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's massive gathering in Ohio today!
  98. Mitt Romney Santorum sends out email to endorse Mitt Romney
  99. Vetting Mitt Romney
  100. Mitt Romney Romney saved the auto industry... HAH!
  101. Mitt Romney Romney giving the election to Obama because of the Stanford Fraud
  102. Mitt Romney Romney gets a new endorsement
  103. General Bachmann gets Swiss Citizenship
  104. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson lost badly to "No Preference" in NC primary
  105. Mitt Romney The Mitt Romney delegate estimation as of 5/9/2012!
  106. Mitt Romney Crowd of 40 gather to hear Romney speak in Colorado
  107. Virgil Goode Virgil Goode: Virgil Goode takes 10% of "Very Conservative Vote" (5% General) in Virginia
  108. Rick Santorum Sell out endorses “worst Republican in the country” who “frightens me (me being Rick)”
  109. Romney reiterates opposition to legalizing gay marriage, maybe.
  110. More AP delegate count myths
  111. The real Mitt Romney surfaces as a school bully. (Washington Post)
  112. Mitt Romney Reddit Plots to Protect Porn From Mitt Romney
  113. Newt Gingrich Newt 2012 is selling its email lists to spammers
  114. Barack Obama high school drug use response to Mitt high school haircut (I guess)
  115. Gary Johnson VIDEO - Gary Johnson Wants Your Vote If Ron Paul Is Not On The Ballot, But....
  116. Mitt Romney George Soros endorses Mitt Romney!!!!!
  117. Mitt Romney Romney plan to increase military spending by $2.1 trillion without paying for it
  118. Mitt Romney Romney Insists Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug
  119. Barack Obama Does Obama have a Women problem?
  120. Mitt Romney Gay Rights Timeline
  121. Mitt Romney Romney Schemed To Help Marriott International Avoid Paying Taxes
  122. Mitt Romney The Week ‏ @TheWeek Mitt Romney's 1981 arrest and 4 other times he lost his cool:
  123. Mitt Romney Rasmussen tracking poll has Romney up
  124. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich to campaign with Mitt Romney
  125. Mitt Romney Romney’s team starts to look like Bush’s
  126. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Libertarian Presidential Candidate on C-SPAN
  127. Mitt Romney Romney's Top Funders Made Billions On Auto Bail-Outs
  128. Barack Obama The Disturbing Psychopathology of the Obama Re-election Campaign
  129. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney’s Support Of Same-Sex Adoption Lasts One Day
  130. Mitt Romney Romney downgraded....
  131. Barack Obama NY Post: Obama Team attempted to Bribe Jeremiah Wright To keep Quiet...
  132. General The Bush-Obama-Romney Connection Explained Like Never Before.
  133. Mitt Romney Log Cabin Republicans Insist Mitt Romney Is Comfortable Around Gays.
  134. Mitt Romney Is The Perfect Candidate...
  135. Mitt Romney "Hating Mitt Romney: Democratic voters less motivated by love of Obama"
  136. Barack Obama obama will crush romney
  137. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson: ‘I Will Continue The Ron Paul Revolution’
  138. Mitt Romney Hashtag #MittRomneyFilms Going Viral
  139. General George W. Obamney 2012!
  140. Mitt Romney PPPPolls tweet Mitt really lost his crossover appeal in NH
  141. Gary Johnson Ron Paul rules out endorsing Libertarian Gary Johnson | The Daily Caller -
  142. Mitt Romney George W. Bush Backs Romney
  143. Rick Santorum defeats Paul in Nebraska May 15 primary
  144. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Campaign Responds to Benton's Claim That There's "No Chance" of Endorsement
  145. Barack Obama Obama: Head Over Heels for Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase
  146. Mitt Romney Start calling it the cult of Romney
  147. Gary Johnson New Ad
  148. Mitt Romney GALLUP: Romney takes 9-point favorability lead over O
  149. General Obamitt
  150. The Carrot and the Stick
  151. Mitt Romney Romney's Secret Meeting with the Press -- Let's Remind their Readers in our Comments
  152. Mitt Romney Multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme involving Romney and Son
  153. Barack Obama Evidence Obama Born In Kenya Goes Beyond 1991 Brochure
  154. Mitt Romney Remember Bob Barr?
  155. Barack Obama Arizona Secretary of State Threatens to Remove Obama from Ballot
  156. Mitt Romney Romney can't win GOP will lose seats if he is nominated - hard-nosed politics
  157. Mitt Romney One of the most scathing profiles of Romney you will likely ever read
  158. Gary Johnson Johnson 2012 over obamney!
  159. Mitt Romney Is Romney a huge MLM scam?
  160. Barack Obama The math behind Obama's inevitable win over Romney
  161. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Quit Presidential Race Owing $4.8 Million, Reports Show
  162. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Campaign Debt Increased After Quitting Race
  163. Mitt Romney Webster Tarpley predicts Romney will beat Obama
  164. Mitt Romney Will the real mitt romney please stand up?
  165. Gary Johnson Peace is Cheaper
  166. Newt Gingrich Audit the Federal Reserve, Gold Currency, and Ron Paul!?
  167. Bruce Willis: Mitt Romney is 'an embarrassment'
  168. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich's Private Ventures Are Going Bankrupt
  169. Mitt Romney Rachel Maddow: Obama great for Wall St. (bailouts); Mitt Romney IS Wall St. (bailouts)
  170. Barack Obama Bennett Backs Off Birther Issue As Hawaii Sends Arizona Obama Verification Document
  171. Barack Obama Obama Uses CIA Funded al-Qaeda Attacks in Yemen to Declare National Emergency
  172. Mitt Romney Romney backs vouchers, more school choice
  173. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's newest fundraiser: Dick Cheney
  174. Mitt Romney Ask Romney this question on camera.
  175. Mitt Romney Reality Check: Why Is Pro-Life Mitt Romney Taking Money From Morning After Pill Maker
  176. Gary Johnson Americans become more Libertarian
  177. Barack Obama Busted!… Obama Headlined a DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA Event in 1996 **FLIER**
  178. Mitt Romney HERETIC Romney Comment Contradicts GOP Orthodoxy... Admits Slashing Spending Would Cause R
  179. Please Stop the Gary Johnson Threads!
  180. Mitt Romney 99 facts about Mitt Romney (from thinkprogress, yeah, I know, but some are just flips)
  181. Mitt Romney Romney Disqualified Himself in Nevada?
  182. Gary Johnson Looking to 2012 and beyond
  183. Mitt Romney Romney argues against spending cuts...
  184. Barack Obama Penn Jillette - Headline on Huffington Post
  185. Mitt Romney Mitt-job creator(?) (vid included)
  186. Romney Campaign Plays its Trump Card
  187. Newt Gingrich Newt is a hell of a debater - MTP today
  188. Mitt Romney wants strong military to bully and "prevent" wars
  189. Mitt Romney mass Media reporting Romney 58 delegates away from "clinching" nominee status
  190. Mitt Romney Obama/Romney Electoral Map
  191. Barack Obama The Whole Truth – Obamacare
  192. Mitt Romney Romneycare: Death Panels, and Less Freedom For All.
  193. Virgil Goode Virgil Goode Makes His Case to Ron Paul Supporters
  194. Mitt Romney A Better Amercia ?
  195. Mitt Romney Romney/Rand Paul Ticket a reality?
  196. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson LIVE FREE of the FED
  197. Mitt Romney Double secret: Romney addresses weeds
  198. General Obamney's Top Donors
  199. Romney Campaign Tele-Conference in 30 Minutes, Info Here:
  200. Mitt Romney Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney For President (And Not Ron Paul)
  201. Gary Johnson HOT: Gary Johnson Interview with Robert Wenzel - Just How Libertarian is Gary Johnson?
  202. Rick Santorum tweet
  203. General HERMAN CAIN will be taking Neal Boortz' place on WSB AM 750
  204. Barack Obama Obama sez: "Mitt Romney + GOP = Extreme Libertarians"
  205. Mitt Romney Hufpo - FRONT PAGE - How Romney Pushed State Health Bill (WSJ) - Emails Surface
  206. Mitt Romney Unearthed Emails: Romney Deeply Involved In Pushing For Individual Mandate
  207. Mitt Romney Romney Wins Majority of Missouri Delegates
  208. General Roseanne Barr will "Fix This @#$%"
  209. Romney's Private Email Account Hacked!
  210. Barack Obama "Uh O"
  211. Mitt Romney Eyewitnesses: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012
  212. Gary Johnson Be Libertarian With Me
  213. Mitt Romney The Billionaires' Club Gets a Visit From Mitt Romney
  214. Mitt Romney O'Donnell - Romney impersonated police officer - pulled drivers over, bragged
  215. Gary Johnson Explain to me Gary Johnson
  216. Mitt Romney is honored to have the endorsement of Rand Paul
  217. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum predicts a convention fight with Ron Paul delegates over party platform
  218. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson: Statist
  219. Mitt Romney Mitt's FP aide: Iran will see there's a new sheriff in town; Mitt will visit Israel first
  220. Mitt Romney Romney Raises $76.8 Million In May.
  221. Mitt Romney Name an issue or policy that you agree with Romney on
  222. Gary Johnson LIVE FREE of the FED
  223. Gary Johnson Peace is cheaper
  224. Gary Johnson The Elephants and Donkeys deserve the BIRD
  225. Mitt Romney Report: Willard used to impersonate police officers, stop cars with siren
  226. Barack Obama Obama Campaign Data Mining U.S. Citizens
  227. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson--the Ron Paul 2012
  228. Gary Johnson Let's get behind Gary Johnson IF...
  229. Gary Johnson It's time to throw our full weight behind Gary Johnson.
  230. Mitt Romney Anybody but Romney!
  231. General Rand Paul: Friend or Foe?
  232. Gary Johnson Wenzel interview paying dividends: Gary Johnson is reading Economics In One Lesson
  233. Virgil Goode A good candidate: Constitution Party's Presidential Candidate Virgil Goode
  234. Gary Johnson Gary stop listening to hipsters about Kony, start listening to Michael Scheuer
  235. Rick Santorum Santorum on the Lisa Graas show tonight..
  236. Mitt Romney Is Romney aligning himself with terrorists?
  237. Barack Obama CBC staff: Opposition to Obama is racist
  238. Mitt Romney What we should be demanding out of Mitt Romney...
  239. Gary Johnson Endorsed George W. Bush for President
  240. Gary Johnson Jesse Ventura endorses Gary Johnson
  241. Gary Johnson on Rand Paul's endorsement
  242. Barack Obama Every Cent You Make (I'll be taxing you) (music video)
  243. Mitt Romney If Reddit support means anything...
  244. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson's record as governor
  245. Barack Obama I've Got a Crush on Obama
  246. Gary Johnson Urgent, Gary Johnson coming to Colorado this Weekend
  247. Barack Obama Is Legalizing Weed Obama's Secret Weapon?
  248. General i think ALEX JONES should POTUS run as in a.s.a.p!!!
  249. Mitt Romney Gay GOP candidate in Utah
  250. Barack Obama New BO EO... Broadband Networks