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  1. Who is funding Santorum's campaign?
  2. Santorum is in Louisiana...
  3. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney was arrested in 1981 in boating squabble; charges dropped
  4. Meet Your Average Rick Santorum Supporter
  5. Newt Gingrich Santorum - Gingrich Ticket floated by Gingrich Advisor
  6. Barack Obama Obama Plays Bin Laden Card In Re-election Effort
  7. Mitt Romney The Romney Spin Machine
  8. Newt Gingrich REPORT: Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Will Stop Writing Million-Dollar Checks To Support Gin
  9. Rick Santorum What scares you about Santorum? Judge Napolitano asks on his Facebook page
  10. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Adviser Urges States to Implement ObamaCare
  11. Mitt Romney Romney In '07: The Individual Mandate Is "Ultimate Conservatism" and No mandate is Sociali
  12. Rick Santorum Single Moms Are "Breeding More Criminals"
  13. Rick Santorum Campaigning in Puerto Rico: Speak English If You Want Statehood
  14. Rick Santorum This is a silly question about delegates, but it keeps me up at night . . .
  15. Mitt Romney Delegate Lead Grows After Tuesday
  16. Romney campaign telling their supporters "Mitt won"
  17. Mitt Romney The Romney deal disinfo is back
  18. Rick Santorum Says He'll Crack Down On Pornography
  19. Rick Santorum Touts new Questionable nickname in Puerto Rico campaign: ‘Senador Puertorriqueño’
  20. Newt Gingrich Alex Jones about to interview traitor Bob "CIA" Barr
  21. Mitt Romney The Hill: Delegate math Romney's path to 1144 not guaranteed
  22. Rick Santorum t’s clear that Santorum, Perry, and Huntsman have the strongest animal protection records.
  23. Possible Jon Huntsman/Evan Bayh ticket
  24. Barack Obama Obama's reelection campaign begins: Tom Hanks narrates 16-minute propaganda movie
  25. Rick Santorum Santorum takes early caucus in Missouri
  26. Rick Santorum Santorum Puerto Rico delegate changes allegiance over official language comments
  27. Mitt Romney Big-Time Pa. Republicans Endorse Romney (Prior to primary)
  28. Mitt Romney Firm Romney Founded Is Tied to Chinese Surveillance
  29. Rick Santorum ‘Senador Puertorriqueño’ snapped shirtless in Puerto Rico
  30. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney can relate to black people (satire)
  31. Mitt Romney Romney campaign in hyperdrive before Puerto Rico primary
  32. Rick Santorum Santorum event disrupted by "homosexual act"
  33. Mitt Romney Michael Steele: Mitt Romney Won't Clinch GOP Nomination Before Republican Convention
  34. Mitt Romney Intrade Bullish on Romney winning Illinois
  35. Barack Obama President Obama stands with Israel ad
  36. Rick Santorum Pope Ricky doubles down on fight against Pornography
  37. Rick Santorum Religion a key issue as Illinois Republicans go to polls
  38. Mitt Romney Illinois ballot deal for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum (both failed to get on ballots)
  39. Rick Santorum Santorum home schooled all his kids in Opus Dei system
  40. Santorum Endorses Romney [drudge headline]
  41. Mitt Romney This photo really describes what is backwards about Romney's campaign
  42. Rick Santorum: 'The Issue In This Race Is Not The Economy'
  43. Rick Santorum Need some help: what is the name of the ad in which Santorum says he's Evangelical?
  44. Barack Obama Raises $45 million in February
  45. Rick Santorum Swinging his bat
  47. Mitt Romney Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)
  48. Rick Santorum In Illinois, Santorum's Chance at Nomination is Slipping Away
  49. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum's pastor tells non-Christians to "Get Out!" of America if they disagree
  50. Rick Santorum Early Shenanigans Leading Up to Senate Loss
  51. Rick Santorum "What we need is a government mandate" - quote from 2008 op-ed on reducing oil use
  52. Rick Santorum "I don't care about the unemployment rate"
  53. Rick Santorum Santorum Denies Global Warming
  54. Rick Santorum Game On? How about Go Home? (Parody)
  55. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum loses (Illinois), his campaign is unhinged
  56. Mitt Romney Endorsed By Jeb Bush Today
  57. Mitt Romney Romney gets tea party support
  58. Romney looks to seal the deal
  59. Mitt Romney Top Romney Advisor: Mitt will erase his conservative positions once he’s the nominee
  60. Barack Obama "President Obama: Genuine Birth Certificate
  61. Rick Santorum The Gang of Four starring Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich
  62. Mitt Romney Romney Praises TARP
  63. Rick Santorum York: Why did Santorum lose his seat by 18 points?
  64. Rick Santorum Campaign Crunches Their Projected Delegate Numbers
  65. Rick Santorum Santorum seeking to coax delegates
  66. Mitt Romney DeMint is "excited" by prospect of Mitt as nominee
  67. Newt Gingrich Gingrich loves zoos (goes to yet another zoo in Louisiana)
  68. Barack Obama Suspicious ducks at white house
  69. Rick Santorum Nuclear Santorum? Maybe America’s better off with Obama than... “Etch-a-Sketch” candidate
  70. Rick Santorum Rick makes it real - now publicly prefers Obama to Romney
  71. This makes my day - Santorum suggests Obama preferable to 'Etch-A-Sketch' Romney
  72. Rick Santorum’s end game (and why it matters) [Is it time to end the show ?]
  73. Mitt Romney AP fact checks: Romney blames Obama for Bush light bulb deal 3/23/12
  74. Rick Santorum [Satire] Santorum Stops Wearing Sweater Vests After Realizing They’re Made of Mixed, Unnat
  75. Rick Santorum Louisiana heat into the high 70's\low 80's to prevent sweater vest appearances?
  76. Mitt Romney Bashes Romneycare, I mean Obamacare
  78. Mitt Romney The least interesting man in the world!
  79. Barack Obama Mocked on Danish TV for Using Repetitive Talking Points
  80. Rick Santorum Secret Service investigating remark made at Monroe Santorum event
  82. Rick Santorum Says his 2006 loss was a "Great Gift"
  83. Barack Obama New Obama Ad: Republicans are desperate to kill health care reform
  84. Rick Santorum says: George Zimmerman ‘has a very sick mind,’ motive ‘a malicious one’
  85. Mitt Romney expected to receive endorsement of Senator Mike Lee
  86. Rick Santorum It's bullsantorum!
  87. Barack Obama EXCELLENT VIDEO - Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law
  88. Barack Obama Ten years of Obamacare would cost 1.76 trillon dollars – far more than originally claimed
  89. Barack Obama Obama Installs New Guidelines To Aid Spying On Innocent Americans
  90. Barack Obama Obama urges China to act to rein in North Korea
  91. Mitt Romney White House Memo: RomneyCare Example Helped Convince Obama To Adopt Individual Mandate
  92. Mitt Romney VIDEO: Romney Making The Policy Case For The Individual Mandate
  93. Mitt Romney Video: Romney confronted on the Fed and Goldman Sachs
  94. Barack Obama Obama's consistency!
  95. Rick Santorum Santo Super PAC investing money into Wisconsin
  96. Barack Obama Tells Russia... after the election.
  97. Rick Santorum Could Pennsylvania end Santorum’s political career twice?
  98. Newt Gingrich Want a Pic with Newt? That'll be $50.....
  99. Mitt Romney Classic! Meets w/Millionaires & Billionaire $1000/plate breakfast in Bankrupt Stockton, CA
  100. Rick Santorum can only win 5 of 29 delegates in West Virginia
  101. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Pledges To Support Mitt Romney If He Wins Enough Delegates
  102. Mitt Romney The president's lawyer ties Obama's health care law directly to Romney's overhaul in Massa
  103. Barack Obama Obama Advances Plan to “Bankrupt” Coal Industry With New CO2 Limits
  104. Newt Gingrich Gingrich cuts 1/3 of staff, Shrinks Campaign schedule
  105. Barack Obama Obama’s Child Soldiers
  106. Mitt Romney Adelson Hosts Dinner for Romney Supporters; Republican Jewish Coalition Finances Campaign
  107. Barack Obama Poll: Obama Holds Double Digit Lead Over Romney/Santorum
  108. Mitt Romney Rubio Endorsing Romney Tonight
  109. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum During Bowling Alley Visit: 'Friends Don't Let Friends Use Pink Balls'
  110. How the Original Tea Party is Co-Opting the Establishment
  111. Rick Santorum Obamaville - Creepy new Horror-movie style Santorum ad
  112. Mitt Romney Romney Justifies Denying Health Care To People With Pre-Existing Conditions: 'We Can't Pla
  113. Newt Gingrich Legacy At Risk
  114. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney makes another elitist faux pas
  115. Barack Obama Birther Controversy: Feds Refuse To Release Obama Draft Card
  116. Mitt Romney Paul Ryan expected to endorse Mitt Romney
  117. Mitt Romney Makes a joke about his dad costing thousands their jobs
  118. Gingrich, Romney have private meeting (Will the media ask them about it now ?)
  119. Gary Johnson Important info on Gary Johnson
  120. Rick Santorum Did Santorum almost call Obama the N word?
  121. Rick Santorum Repeating missteps of the 2006 calamity
  122. Rick Santorum Endorses Ron Paul
  123. Barack Obama Ron Paul has over 4 times as many votes as President Obama on TIME.com
  124. Newt Gingrich says: Paul Ryan endorsement 'a great achievement' for Romney
  125. Mitt Romney Ryan, Jeb, GHWB endorse Romney....but where is W.???
  126. Mitt Romney Paul Ryan: Prolonging GOP Race Will be Counterproductive
  127. Rick Santorum Government N****r is a term used by racists
  128. General Buddy Roemer to Receive $285k of Federal Matching Funds
  129. Rick Santorum Phone from Home
  130. Mitt Romney Republicans and analysts point to several other culprits who prevented Romney early win
  131. Rick Santorum Campaign claims they'll win as many delegates from WA as Romney
  132. Barack Obama Obama Channeling His Inner Lenin for 2012 Election
  133. Mitt Romney Brzezinski Says Romney Lacks ‘Grasp’ of Foreign Policy
  134. Barack Obama Sheriff Arpaio: Obama’s Documents Are Amateur Phonies
  135. Barack Obama Obama Is Trying To Start A Race War Exploiting Trayvon
  136. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich on abortion in 1991: "Relax and accept it"
  137. Newt Gingrich Newt and NAFTA
  138. Rick Santorum Why i cant support Santorum in any circumstances
  139. Mitt Romney Romney Tells "Humorous" Story About Factory Closing - Video
  140. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson polls at 7 percent in Obama/Romney match up
  141. Rick Santorum Should be a bowler instead of president
  142. Newt Gingrich Want a photo with Newt Gingrich? It will cost you $50
  143. Barack Obama Top Obama campaign donor accused of fraud
  144. Barack Obama Polls: Obama leads Romney by double digits nationally
  145. Rick Santorum New Santorum ad smashes Mitt Romney
  146. Rick Santorum Help! My friend said Rick and Ron are the same on most views.
  147. Mitt Romney [VIDEO] Romney Asked About Mormonism at Tense Town Hall
  148. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich "I can support Rick Santorum" (and what it means for Ron Paul)
  149. Rick Santorum Limbaugh asks good question:if the race is over, why is everyone STILL attacking Santorum?
  150. Mitt Romney Is the Romney campaign using subliminals in their ads?
  151. Mitt Romney Have you seen this video!?!?
  152. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson on Colbert Report
  153. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum may have just lied to the press and is boycotting Drudge
  154. Poll: Santorum Hangs On to Lead in Pennsylvania, You're Joking Me Right?
  155. Barack Obama Obama May Make “Unelected” Supreme Court a Campaign Issue
  156. Mitt Romney Romney thinks Lincoln, FDR and LBJ were great presidents
  157. Mitt Romney Day on the Road with Mitt
  158. Barack Obama NEW Obama 2012 ad: Keep Hoping
  159. Rick Santorum making horribly uneducated claims about California education system
  160. [VIDEO] Democrats File Complaint over Romney's sub "Bribe" to Voters in Wisconsin
  161. Mitt Romney 99 Facts About Mitt Romney
  162. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich's think tank "Gingrich Group LLC" has filed for bankruptcy
  163. Barack Obama All Countries are our Strongest Allies
  164. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum is attempting to change Texas to a winner-take-all delegate state
  165. Mitt Romney Even the people who like Mitt Romney DON'T LIKE MITT ROMNEY!
  166. Barack Obama Mitt Romney versus Reality
  167. Mitt Romney The Mormon Candidate (Documentary)
  168. Barack Obama Obama Is Not A Keynesian, He's An American!
  169. Mitt Romney Romney spokesman says ignore his views
  170. Barack Obama Spock Obama
  171. Barack Obama New Version of American Flag Bearing the Face of President Obama Hangs in New Jersey
  172. Rick Santorum Problems With the Truth: Confessions of a 22-Year Rick Santorum Observer
  173. Barack Obama Sheriff Rochford - New sheriff calls for roundup of Obama records
  174. Newt Gingrich Why Is Gingrich Super PAC Still Spending?
  175. Mitt Romney is the nominee, says GOP superdelegates
  176. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich has lost the support of the Tea Party Nation
  177. Rick Santorum A picture of Rick Santorum that won't do him any good...
  178. Barack Obama Obama says this is Iran's "last chance"
  179. Rick Santorum Evangelical support falling apart
  180. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich says his campaign is $4.5 million in debt
  181. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu are old friends
  182. Mitt Romney Panders to NRA
  183. Mitt Romney Romney photos at pro-choice fundraising event
  184. Rick Santorum Santorum taking a break from campaign Mitt lays of attack ads
  185. Barack Obama "Obama is turning his back on Zionism"
  186. Mitt Romney Hypocrisy: Wants Obama To Disclose Foreign Meetings, But Will Keep Israel Talks ‘Private’
  187. Rick Santorum Santorum is out, it's Ron Paul vs. Romney
  188. Rick Santorum Santorum's reason to quit: asks Romney to pay his debt! (same thing Gingrich need\demands)
  189. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum wants money to pay off campaign debts after dropping out
  190. Newt Gingrich $500 check to be placed on Utah ballot BOUNCED
  191. Mitt Romney Romney decided he wasn't happy losing the female vote to Obama, he's now losing the male v
  192. Rick Santorum *SPECULATION* - Could be reason Santorum dropped out
  193. General Marco Rubio drafting his own Amnesty bill giving citizenship to millions of illegals
  194. Gingrich coming up again ?
  195. Rick Santorum Santorum says he was the only true social conservative in the race
  196. Newt Gingrich Gingrich check bounce meme (IMAGE)
  197. Mitt Romney Romney to travel back in time to kill liberal versions of himself
  198. Barack Obama Michelle brainwashing children again
  199. Newt Gingrich Gingrich on Family Guy's pilot
  200. General Rick Perry for 2014
  201. Gingrich Urges Romney To Drop Out So He Can Focus On General Election
  202. Rick Santorum "Rick's Army" webforum shut down
  203. Newt Gingrich Lashes out on Fox News bias, makes quite the claim
  204. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney: Flipper (Video) Spread!
  205. Mitt Romney "Obama White House has released a happy birthday video congratulating RomneyCare"
  206. Mitt Romney Damn! CBS is Smart
  207. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson – “Libertarian”
  208. Rick Santorum Campaign ended because money dried up
  209. Rick Santorum Preparing to become a Romney spokesman: Santorum Scrubs Anti-Romney Content From Webs
  210. Rick Santorum First Post-Campaign interview on Greta in a few minutes
  211. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich: ‘CNN is less biased than Fox’
  212. Mitt Romney Right to Life groups gag out a Romney endorsement
  213. Mitt Romney Romney: "Santorum [and all other opponents] on my VP list"
  214. Romney "My only connection to the GOP is that I am a registered Republican"
  215. Mitt Romney GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La) Concedes That Romneycare Is ‘Very Similar’ To Obamacare
  216. Newt Gingrich Rents out his donor list
  217. Mitt Romney Scandal poses as a major threat to campaign?
  218. Mitt Romney Turned his back on 9/11 widows and orphans at Olympics
  219. Newt Gingrich Pulls big crowds in Greensboro
  220. Newt Gingrich wants Santorum's endorsement
  221. Mitt Romney Mitt Romey's Second Amendment Joyride! Also: He's a tool.
  222. Mitt Romney Has this been posted? SUBS FOR VOTES INVESTIGATION?
  223. Mitt Romney This anti Romney video is going around twitter
  224. Mitt Romney Most Comprehensive Abortion Documentation Available
  225. Mitt Romney sells Inaugurational Access... 9 months early.
  226. Mitt Romney says he would Eliminate HUD and Other Federal Agencies
  227. General Herman Cain's "Tax Day Tea Party Protest" @ Capital Bldg, Washington DC ★★★ FLOPS ★★★
  228. Mitt Romney Shaking The Etch-A-Sketch: After Promising To Veto It, Romney Says He Wants A DREAM Act
  229. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Shows Record Shortfall in Personal Popularity in ABC News/Washington Post Poll
  230. Penguin Takes A Nip At Newt
  231. Mitt Romney Yahoo: The Race Is Effectively Over
  232. Rick Santorum Did he really donate to Ron?
  233. Rick Santorum 4/16: Santorum declines to endorse Mitt Romney
  234. Mitt Romney Dog enjoys being on roof of car
  235. Mitt Romney polls low on ABC/Wash Post Personal Popularity Poll
  236. Barack Obama Obama betrays the left; cheers continued expansion of drug war
  237. Mitt Romney New PPP Florida Poll: Obama Leads Romney
  238. Mitt Romney The game of scandal - timing
  239. Santorum asks for debt relief for his campaign
  240. Mitt Romney Ann's tale of 'struggling': We 'learned hard lessons' living off our stock portfolio
  241. Mitt Romney now has 666 (estimated) delegates
  242. Mitt Romney Herman Cain Drops Gingrich; Ready to Endorse Romney
  243. Mitt Romney Romney Might Axe the HUD
  244. Rick Santorum New Santorum mailers hit Iowa ripping Romney as frightening
  245. Mitch McConnell: "We're all behind" Mitt Romney
  246. Mitt Romney wants 800 million for general election
  247. Mitt Romney Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to visit Louisville Thursday for fundraiser
  248. Mitt Romney Video: The Real Mitt Romney - More like a Liberal Democrat than a Republican
  249. Mitt Romney and Bibi: Middle East Policy By Two Best Buds Walkie-Talkiing After Bedtime
  250. Mitt Romney House Speaker John Boehner endorses Romney