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  1. General lol, found this
  2. Rick Santorum The embodiment of modern collectivism
  3. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney mocked in new video game
  4. Newt Gingrich Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Says He Might Give $100M To Newt Gingrich Or Other Republican
  5. Rick Santorum Who Supports Rick Santorum? You Will be Surprised By Santorum Audience
  6. Gallup Poll: Santorum leads (See the comments..lol)
  7. Mitt Romney Why isn't Romney winning Detroit?
  8. Mitt Romney Win a day with Mitt, convince him to end all foreign aid?
  9. Barack Obama Five years ago today
  10. Mitt Romney Romney Blowing Money fast
  11. Rick Santorum DRUDGE: "Santorum's Satan Warning" (attacks mainline Protestantism)
  12. Rick Santorum Santorum linked hospital saw abuse and suicide attempts
  13. Rick Santorum foreign contributions
  14. Rick Santorum Can you BELIEVE this? "Santorum says he was an outsider inside Congress"
  15. Rick Santorum A hypocrite of Olympic proportions...
  16. Rick Santorum Huffpo: Santorum in '95: 'I Was Basically Pro-Choice All My Life, Until I Ran For Congress
  17. Rick Santorum The santorum equivalent of Ron Paul Forums
  18. General When do you see a bumper sticker?
  19. Mitt Romney Google problem just got worse....spreadingromney.com site now ranked #1 on Google
  20. Rick Santorum Ayatollah Rick says The Democratic Party Is About ‘Homosexuality’
  21. Rick Santorum Flip Flopped on Department of Education
  22. Newt Gingrich Newt makes play for Washington
  23. Mitt Romney Romney Says Spending Cuts Hurt Economic Growth
  24. Newt Gingrich Did the ex-wife interview hurt Gingrich after all?
  25. Newt Gingrich Remember that time
  26. Rick Santorum Santorum says no such thing as a liberal Christian
  27. Rick Santorum - More Graphics to Share
  28. Barack Obama Obama Plans To Cut The Corporate Income Tax to 28%
  29. Rick Santorum Spread this Santorum Image Around!!
  30. Rick Santorum Not A Fiscal Hawk
  31. Rick Santorum His Title X Record
  32. Rick Santorum Record on Immigration
  33. Rick Santorum 02/22/12 Intrade chances of Santorum becoming nominee...06%
  34. Rick Santorum [VIDEO]: "Reality Check: Was Rick Santorum really a big spender while in Washington?"
  35. Newt Gingrich Has the support of the moderator of the debate
  36. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich warned second time for financial dealings
  37. Rick Santorum Attacks Paul On Earmarks In Response To Ad
  38. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney: Neo-Keynesian
  39. Rick Santorum Santorum’s Remarks on Contraceptive and Social Morality
  40. Mitt Romney How Mitt Romney's Firm Tried — And Failed — To Build A Paper Empire [NPR]
  41. Mitt ripping off Ron's compassion ad
  42. Rick Santorum John King, Rick Santorum clash after CNN debate
  43. In lieu of recent events...
  44. Rick Santorum Santorum Says Protestants 'Gone from the world of Christianity'
  45. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Claims Arlen Specter Traded Confirmation Votes for Campaign Support
  46. Mitt Romney Romney flip-flop on No Child Left Behind
  47. General Candidate Comparison Chart - Very Professional Handout
  48. Rick Santorum Santorum flip-flops big time
  49. Newt Gingrich Blasts Obama for apologizing
  50. Rick Santorum DUBYA still a drag on Santorum's prospects
  51. Rick Santorum Politico: Democrats ask is Rick Santorum for real?
  52. Rick Santorum Rush Limbaugh Cringed at Rick Santorum's Comment
  53. Rick Santorum Santorum Makes a Complete Insider Out of Himself at the Debate
  54. Rick Santorum Specter: Santorum Lying
  55. Rick Santorum Santorum and Beck Part Ways on Libertarianism 02/23/2012
  56. Rick Santorum Karen Santorum: Husband's sure is God's Will
  57. Rick Santorum Back on ballot in Indiana
  58. Mitt Romney Romney Is a Keynesian Crank [Krugman takes note: "A-ha"]
  59. Mitt Romney just spoke to an empty Stadium in Detroit
  60. Mitt Romney Willard "Questioning Wall Street is about Envy not fairness"
  61. Rick Santorum Lies About Ron Paul On Laura Ingraham’s Show (And Was Called A Liar By Specter Today)
  62. Barack Obama Bill Maher Gives $1 Milliion to Obama Super PAC
  63. Rick Santorum Tony Soprano agrees with Rick Santorum
  64. Mitt Romney Guardian UK: Mitt Romney's economic speech falls flat at near-empty stadium
  65. Mitt Romney Fact check: Does Romney "believe in the Constitution"?
  66. Rick Santorum Robert Aderholt endorses Rick Santorum
  67. Newt Gingrich Adelson makes new 'sizeable' contribution to pro-Gingrich super PAC
  68. Mitt Romney Romney's Clunker
  69. Rick Santorum Not a big crowd awaiting Santorum here in Lincoln Park, Michigan
  70. Rick Santorum I barfed on the pizza
  71. Rick Santorum Is Rick Santorum a pathological liar?
  72. Rick Santorum Santorum: Courage? (Romney Ad)
  73. Rick Santorum Santorum boasts of his "courage" but could not stand up against the Establishment
  74. Barack Obama Obama Plays Race Card, Calls on Churches to Support Campaign
  75. Rick Santorum Santorum benefits from mistaken religious identity
  76. Rick Santorum Santorum says Paul is "no conservative"
  77. Rick Santorum Jack Kerwick, Ph.D. - Rick Santorum: No Conservative
  78. Rick Santorum Comes from behind in Alabama 3-way
  79. Rick Santorum Campaign To Sponsor NASCAR Daytona 500 Underdog T. Raines with "MADE IN AMERICA" Race Car
  80. Gary Johnson "I will continue the Ron Paul Revolution" if RP doesn't get the GOP nomination
  81. General Rand Paul Slams Rick Santorum: NO Excuses For Throwing Your Principles Out the Window
  82. Rick Santorum Made in America Plan By Rick Santorum
  83. Newt Gingrich Scent of Death, Gingrich at California GOP Convention
  84. Rick Santorum 22 Minutes of Lying on NBC Meet The Press Said 'Ron Paul Not Even Campaigning In Michigan'
  85. Mitt Romney Romney's wife say's he's done with the debates
  86. Rick Santorum says no apology is needed for Quran burning, Afghanistan should apologize instead
  87. Rick Santorum The problem with Santorum’s ‘past’
  88. Santorum: Separation Of Church And State 'Makes Me Want To Throw Up'
  89. Rick Santorum Ayatollah Rick says he opposes separation between church and state
  90. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum: "I am not a Reagan Republican"
  91. Rick Santorum says Obamacare is the Main Reason He Decided to Run for President
  92. Rick Santorum Santorum says he doesn't believe in separation of church and state
  93. Rick Santorum Santorum claims Dutch involuntarily euthanize their elderly
  94. Romney - I have friends who own NASCAR teams
  95. General Why people are voting for candidates in Michigan
  96. Rick Santorum How Santorum Fails Constitution 101 (Townhall.com)
  97. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum's Claim That College Decreases Faith Questioned 02/27/2012
  98. Mitt Romney NYTimes says Romney appears to be coordinating with super PAC's illegally
  99. Romney tells Michigan crowd about attending event that happened before he was born
  100. Rick Santorum Santorum: High gas prices caused 2008 mortgage meltdown
  101. Rick Santorum campaign crack-up
  102. Rick Santorum How many donations does Ron Paul get a month?
  103. Romney caught passing out fake "Grassroots" signs. (Video)
  104. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum claims to have more donors than Ron Paul
  105. Rick Santorum Santorum Surge Continues Into Super Tuesday States
  106. Newt Gingrich Bob Barr: Libertarians should vote for Gingrich
  107. The race is over, Kid Rock supports Romney
  108. Rick Santorum Jon Stewart Rips Rick Santorum Gaffes: 'How Is It That Mitt Romney Hasn't Crushed This Guy
  109. Rick Santorum Claims to be a better fundraiser than us
  110. Rick Santorum HEY TEA PARTY: Here Are Seven Reasons Why You'll End Up Hating Rick Santorum
  111. Rick Santorum This video made me finally understand what he is saying.. I feel enlightened.
  112. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Regrets Saying JFK’s Religion Speech Made Him Want to ‘Throw Up’
  113. Rick Santorum NY Times Accuses Santorum of ’Creeping Up on a Kind of Christian Version of Shariah Law’
  114. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum has been robocalling Democrats in Michigan!
  115. Newt's Stupid Speech
  116. Barack Obama Betting on American workers
  117. Mitt Romney NBC calls MICHIGAN for GENTLEMAN MITT by cutting into regular programs 30 minutes ago!
  118. Gary Johnson Supports federal funding for contraception?
  119. General Best anti-war Ron Paul video ever.
  120. Rick Santorum fundraising letter 2/29/2012
  121. Mitt Romney New Romney Ad: Liberal Democrats for Santorum
  122. Newt Rising: Good News
  123. Rick Santorum Fight of his life fundraising e-mail received 6 times
  124. Rick Santorum Santorum raises money in February
  125. Coulter destroys Santorum
  126. Rick Santorum Santorum draws 500 people in TN
  127. Rick Santorum Hilarious Anti-Rick Santorum Website Trending
  128. Rick Santorum fundraising letter: "We tied Romney in MI. Forget what the press says"
  129. Rick Santorum Politico bold prediction: Santorum will soon slide into obscurity
  130. Newt Gingrich Newt: I have to win Georgia
  131. Rick Santorum Google Drops 'Frothy' Website
  132. Mitt Romney Super Tuesday Intrade odds domino to Mitt (including Ohio.) Wrap up nomination early?
  133. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum LOSES IT during interview with Scott Sloan
  134. Barack Obama Sheriff Joe: 'Probable cause' Obama certificate a fraud
  135. Rick Santorum [Video] Why I'm Voting for Rick Santorum
  136. Rick Santorum Fox News: SPIN METER: Santorum's shifting views on education
  137. Barack Obama Per AZ Sheriff : Investigation found "Probable Cause" Obama birth certificate is forgery.
  138. General That's it, to heck with RP!
  139. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum appears to be winning a poll at americaschoice2012.org
  140. Rick Santorum Santorum Voted with George W. Bush 95% of the Time
  141. Newt Gingrich Leaves 30 year trail of debts, lawsuits and bankruptcies
  142. Rick Santorum Took tens of thousands tax dollars to pay for his children's home schooling
  143. Mitt Romney A damning video of Mitt Romney
  144. Mitt Romney Ted Nugent endorses Mitt Romney
  145. Mitt Romney Romney in 2009 -Obama should look to my mandate in MA in crafting Obamacare
  146. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum’s Ohio Delegate Problems Pile Up
  147. Barack Obama Supporters of Obama believe Obama does not support NDAA
  148. Newt Gingrich KKK Grand Wizard Supports Gingrich
  149. Mitt Romney He says things like this and people still think he's on their side?
  150. Rick Santorum Full delegate slate out of reach for Santorum in Ohio
  151. Rick Santorum Does Santorum Actually Homeschool?
  152. Santorum is catching up...
  153. Barack Obama Will Damning Obama Footage Still Be Released After Breitbart’s Death?
  154. Rick Santorum Campaign Disorganization Puts Santorum Behind
  155. Rick Santorum has Rick Santorum the br@ssb@lls to ackowledge this loss, yet?
  156. Newt Gingrich Iran ‘Should Expect To Get Hit’ If I’m President
  157. Newt Gingrich blasts Santorum as ‘pal’ of unions in new robocall
  158. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Confronted On NDAA; Secret Service Tells Reporter ‘Out Now’
  159. So Rep. Eric Cantor (VA) has endorsed Mitt Romney.
  160. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum and Obamacare
  161. General Herman Cain: strikes again
  162. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum blamed his lack of charitable donations on his disabled child
  163. Rick Santorum Supporting Santorum means Rejecting the Tea Party
  164. Mitt Romney Wants to know how Barack Obama can sleep at night after hearing story from military Mom
  165. Santorum backs nullifying existing gay marriages, Spread it!
  166. Newt Gingrich Brilliance, Ambiguities and Inconsistencies
  167. Mitt Romney Invisibility
  168. Rick Santorum Blind Sheep Are In Dire Need of Moral Leadership
  169. Rick Santorum Ayatollah Rick greeted with cheers of "racist" and "fascist" in Oklahoma.
  170. Rick Santorum Oklahoma: Santorum supporters get violent against a OWS Supporter
  171. Has this been posted!!!
  172. Barack Obama Senator Obama Quote on Iran
  173. Rick Santorum Nocera: Rooting for Santorum so Obama will win
  174. Rick Santorum Radio Ad
  175. Mitt Romney Touted the Individual Mandate as an Example for the Nation as Recently as 2009
  176. General McCain: Bomb Bomb Bomb Syria
  177. Mitt Romney Caught on tape: RomneyCare could serve as a model for the Nation
  178. Mitt Romney Romney campaign directs more than $1.7 million to state officials
  179. Mitt Romney Intrade bets that Romney wins Ohio tomorrow (and basically the nomination with it)
  180. Barack Obama will attempt to win over Ron Paul voters in general election?
  181. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Has Used Garbage Bag as Rain Coat
  182. Newt Gingrich Hypocrisy again - Newt and his wife won't vote in VA
  183. General Lugar (IN) - Admits CFR is in charge (ACTA)
  184. Newt Gingrich Sarah Palin voted for...
  185. Grinch to get Secret Service protection...
  186. Romney just overtook Santo in OH.
  187. Mitt Romney vote projections (pure and varying speculation)
  188. S. A. T. O. N. R. U. M.
  190. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum, Birth Control, and "Playing God"
  191. Barack Obama Obama's attorney general defends assassination of U.S. citizens
  192. Newt Gingrich Oxford Philosopher Defends Dr. Paul Against Warmonger Newt Gingrich
  193. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney called "warmonger" by Oxford Philosopher
  194. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Falls Asleep (several times) at AIPAC, Wakes Up More Than a Little Confused
  195. Rick Santorum The Ultimate Guide
  196. Romney campaign says losing nomination would take 'act of God'
  197. Barack Obama received only 57% of vote in Oklahoma Democrat primary from Super Tuesday
  198. How the hell is Gingrich still polling so high?
  199. Barack Obama Hannity vetting Obama's Radical past right now........
  200. Mitt Romney campaign dragged down by big boatload of delegates
  201. Rick Santorum The "Rooster" Big Drinker At Penn State, Liked To Party
  202. Rick Santorum may not be eligible? Santorum refuses to provide proof of his eligibility to be president.
  203. New poll shows Rick Santorum leading in Alabama GOP primary
  204. Barack Obama Obama asks Netanyahu to delay Iran attack until after the Elections
  205. Rick Santorum Santorum's Delegate Woes
  206. Newt Gingrich RNC’s delegate count shows Gingrich ahead of Santorum
  207. Rick Santorum Upset over Romney's act of God statement
  208. Rick Santorum Kansas Tea Party angry w/Santorum for skipping their event; Ron Paul will attend
  209. Rachel Maddow on Santorum's inability to get on the ballot or collect delegates.
  210. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney favors/favored military draft?!
  211. General Tightrope of RINO half-truths
  212. Barack Obama Deja Vu: Obama’s Military Actions in Syria May Be Impeachable
  213. Barack Obama Obama Plans More Middle East Wars
  214. Rick Santorum GOP Voters in Alabama, Mississippi Views
  215. Newt Gingrich to packed house: Wal-Mart must be empty
  216. Mitt Romney Romney's $10M Bain Bailout
  217. Barack Obama Obama Kicks Door Open
  218. Rick Santorum The Mind of a Rick Santorum Supporter and his take On RT
  219. Newt Gingrich Campaign speeches getting cheesier by the day
  220. Rick Santorum Santorum: I'm Not Going To Ask Newt To Quit
  221. General "Why Game Change producer Tom Hanks Must destroy Sarah Palin"
  222. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Predicts He'll Win 'Vast Majority' Of Iowa Delegates
  223. Barack Obama Will A Sitting President Finally Be Held Accountable For High Crimes and Misdemeanors?
  224. General This proves Romney & Santorum are the SAME! Hillarious!
  225. Newt Gingrich Gingrich to pick Rick Perry at VP?
  226. Rick Santorum Is this secret nationwide Christian group behind Santorum?
  227. Rick Santorum supporter admits Ron Paul can win the nomination
  228. Barack Obama McCain: It’s ‘Bothersome’ That Obama ‘Would Denigrate’ The Views Of Those who want IranWar
  229. Mitt Romney A conversation with a Mitt Romney supporter
  230. Mitt Romney Romney: If battle to convention, 'signaling our doom'
  231. Mitt Romney Jeff Foxworthy endorses........Mitt Romney???
  232. Mitt Romney Soundboard of Mitt Romney Cussing
  233. Mitt Romney ‘I’ve Got A Lot Of Good Friends’ Who Are NFL Team Owners
  234. General Nicolle Wallace (Palin coach): 'Game Change' Scene 'True Enough to Make Me Squirm'
  235. Rick Santorum New Santorum theme song for 2012
  236. Mitt Romney “If I’m a weak frontrunner, what does that make Newt Gingrich?”
  237. Newt Gingrich Super Southern Tuesday Intrade Odds favors Gingrich in both southern states
  238. Newt Gingrich Norris for Newt: Chuck Norris robocalling Republican voters in the South for Newt Gingrich
  239. Barack Obama America and Israel: An Unbreakable Bond
  240. Newt Gingrich If he does not get a win today or good 2nd place showing ....
  241. Barack Obama Alabama and Miss. voters believe that Obama is a Muslim
  242. Mitt Romney The Slog to 1,144: So Far, Demographics Trumps Momentum
  243. Mitt Romney Rasmussen: Romney now leading winner take all Texas [mod note: not WTA]
  244. Mitt Romney Family Investment Group Partnered With Alleged Perpetrators Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme
  245. General Even Hitler can Explain Why Ron Paul is the Best Choice for the GOP!
  246. Rick Santorum Game On – New Campaign theme Song for Rick Santorum 2012!
  247. Rick Santorum Governor Ed Rendell’s assessment of Rick Santorum (Great Pork Senator)
  248. Rick Santorum Santorum Says Fox News Is ‘Shilling for Romney Everyday’
  249. Romney says Santorum at 'desperate end' of campaign,
  250. Santorum to Campaign in Puerto Rico