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  1. Newt Gingrich Newt wanted the Mariana Islands to become part of Hawaii
  2. Mitt Romney Should the campaign focus on Romney more?
  3. Barack Obama Obama Failed to appear after subpoena (GA)
  4. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Tells Sick Kid Market Should Should Set Drug Prices, Spread it!
  5. Mitt Romney A Poor Man Defends Mitt Romney
  6. Rick Santorum Sharron Angle endorses Santorum
  7. Newt Gingrich Brad Pitt should play me in a movie (LOLOL)
  8. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Braves the ACLU-- reason.com
  9. Mitt Romney Romney angers K'naan using his music
  10. Mitt Romney A letter to an old classmate of mine.
  11. Newt Gingrich Did Newt Gingrich Endorse ObamaCare in 2009?
  12. Mitt Romney Glitter Bombed yesterday
  13. Mitt Romney 16 Lobbyists Hauled in $2 Million for Mitt Romney in 2011
  14. Mitt Romney Kind of looks like an Average Joe here:
  15. Mitt Romney Trump changes mind, endorsing Mitt Romney lol
  16. Want to beat Romney in Nevada? Expose his medical marijuana position
  17. Newt Gingrich CARTOON - Newt's Other Woman
  18. Newt Gingrich Donors and Backers
  19. Newt Gingrich Las Vegas billionaire, backing Gingrich, does things his own way Read more here: http://w
  20. Mitt Romney Romney Clarifies Statement On Poor People
  21. General Roseanne Barr seeks Green Party presidential nod
  22. Mitt Romney All kidding aside, has Mitt Romney actually stated what he wants to cut!??
  23. Rick Santorum Interview: Rick Santorum Opposed to Online Poker (01/31/2012)
  24. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney relying heavily on small group of super-rich donors
  25. Newt Gingrich Unseen video of Newt Gingrich as Speaker
  26. Mitt Romney Romney's 'organization' extends to when to raise signs given in as you enter, during rally
  27. Rick Santorum warns of Doomsday
  28. Mitt Romney Romney’s Wife Had $3 Million in Secret Swiss Bank Account; Not Reported in Tax Returns
  29. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum favors global wealth re-distribution
  30. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich campaign investigated for ballot fraud in Virginia -- ACORN style
  31. Newt Gingrich Newt says "We Can Win" NV
  32. Rick Santorum Bad lip reading soundbite
  33. Newt Gingrich [POLITICO] Newt Gingrich's Nevada campaign unraveling
  34. Rick Santorum fails to qualify for Indiana ballot
  35. Rick Santorum Let's help Rick win this one !
  36. Newt Gingrich Failure to make state ballots
  37. Rick Santorum Failure to make state ballots
  38. Newt Gingrich Adelson Casino Empire Investigated for Mob Ties, Prostitution
  39. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Patron Said to Have Plan B: Romney
  40. Newt Gingrich Gingrich to Announce a New Strategy Tonight
  41. Newt Gingrich NYT: Associates Say Adelson Open To Aiding Romney
  42. Newt Gingrich SNL: Gingrich Moon spoof
  43. Rick Santorum Huffington Post: Santorum spanked in Nevada Caucus
  44. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac ties extend to "Speaker" days
  45. Newt Gingrich I don't normally speculate, but could Newt wind up being an ally?
  46. Fox Panel Rip Gingrich’s Nevada Speech: This is What Flailing Looks Like’
  47. Rick Santorum Santorum is going after Minn through the mega churches
  48. Rick Santorum Santorum's campaign is falling apart? Says 'there's a chance' he could go 2 convention
  49. Rick Santorum Santorum refuses to bow despite another loss
  50. Rick Santorum Abortions cause breast cancer
  51. Mitt Romney Funny Romney tweet with picture
  52. Rick Santorum Santorum vs. Obama, Rasmussen Daily Poll
  53. Mitt Romney Romney Keeps on Winning
  54. Mitt Romney Taking Mitt Down
  55. Romney targets Santorum in MN. Santorum aggressive in MO - Newt not on ballot?
  56. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Internet Townhall Tonight 7CST
  57. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's 1% Problem...
  58. Tea Party Nation Chief to Gingrich: ‘Your Campaign Is Sinking......
  59. General Other Candidates Keeping Their Word
  60. IMHO, all the anti-Catholic Obama stuff is meant to spur Santorum
  61. Mitt Romney How is Romney mobilizing his voters?
  62. Newt Gingrich If Newt drops?
  63. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Campaign Editing His Wikipedia Page
  64. Newt Gingrich Missouri Ballots, No Gingrich!
  65. Mitt Romney His Drafted Campaign Memo To Preemptively Spins Tuesday Night Loses
  66. Rick Santorum American Thinker: Santorum 'The good son'? Not so much.
  67. Rick Santorum "Government needs to be BIG if people don't order their lives correctly"
  68. Newt Gingrich Does anyone else LOVE seeing Gingrich with 0 Delegates in Minnesota?
  69. Rick Santorum Super PAC guy is traveling with Santorum
  70. Really ? Santorum Wins CO, MN, MO
  71. How much $$ will Santorum raise as a result of tonight's performance/results?
  72. General Ron Paul has best finish yet in Minnesota primary with almost 30% of the vote!
  73. Am I right that these Rick Santorum wins are a blessing???
  74. Rick Santorum jumps into Second place in delegate race
  75. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Said He Wants to WIPE OUT Libertarianism!!
  76. Newt Gingrich to Run Third Party? Nader Thinks So
  77. Rick Santorum fundraising email 02/8/2012
  78. Rick Santorum Even Trump gets it.
  79. Rick Santorum Santorum throwing a monkey wrench in Texas
  80. Jon Huntsman What happens with Huntsman's NH delegates?
  81. Rick Santorum Catholic Church Surge
  82. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum's anti-gun history
  83. Rick Santorum Pat Robertson says Romney didn't lose a thing last night
  84. Rick Santorum Santorum to campaign in Washington State
  85. Rick Santorum Santorum raises $1 Million; website receives 2x traffic & 3x donations than after Iowa
  86. Mitt Romney Mitt still heavily favored on Intrade to win nomination after Santorum sweep
  87. Rick Santorum The Santorum Surge... how long will it last?
  88. Mitt Romney And so it begins: Romney goes after Santorum
  89. Barack Obama Obama Girl Leaning Towards Paul?
  90. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum doing the job Ron Paul won't do on Mandatory Health Care?
  91. URGENT How to convert Evangelicals from Santorum to Ron Paul
  92. Barack Obama Obama to accept the nomination in a Bank of America Stadium
  93. Santorum Interview Contrasted with Paul Interviews
  94. Santorum: The Huckabee of 2012
  95. Rick Santorum CNN: 10 Reasons to Love Santorum
  96. Rick Santorum Freedom candidate? Wtf?
  97. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Condoms - Hilarious or Offensive or Both?
  98. Barack Obama Obama’s budget cut-backs means NASA Mars program may be shelved
  99. Barack Obama Iran sends toy drone to Obama
  100. Rick Santorum Ayatollah Santorum the Sanctimonious
  101. Rick Santorum Did Santorum vote to bailout Bain Capital's GS Industries?
  102. Rick Santorum will be leading a ppp poll
  103. Rick Santorum Ayatollah Rick: Women shouldn't serve in combat because of 'other types of emotions'
  104. Mitt Romney Video: Romney on local Maine TV discussing caucus
  105. Mitt Romney Romney losing Steam?
  106. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum voted for "No Child Left Behind" [Doubling DoEd] (2001)
  107. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich supported "No Child Left Behind" (2001) and would expand it
  108. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Group Looks for New Money as Big Donor Checks Stop
  109. Mitt Romney Comprehensive list of Romney's positions
  110. Mitt Romney George Will hammers Romney & Obama on having the same ineffective foreign policy
  111. General On the abortion issue, just what does Santorum believe?
  112. Newt Gingrich Calista talking about conservative values LIVE
  113. Rick Santorum Fundraising streak continues....raises $3 Million in 3 days
  114. Bad News:Santorum leads in Tennesee Poll [Santorum Needs To Be ShutDown]
  115. Newt Gingrich Billionaire Gingrich Contributor (Sheldon Adelson) To Cut Support
  116. Mitt Romney [VIDEO] "Don't get so upset about it, Madam!"
  117. General JEB BUSH: Jeb Bush could emerge as nominee at a brokered convention
  118. Mitt Romney Saw on twitter
  119. Mitt Romney Romney takes on hecklers at Maine town hall
  120. The Hill: Chris Christie In A Brokered Convention
  121. [video] Imposter Or Fox News Plant? Supposed Paul Supporter Says Vote Mitt
  122. Mitt Romney Romney caught using an ear-peice during an 08 debate?
  123. Which Non-Paul GOP Candidate Still Running Would Be The Most Offensive 2012 Nominee?
  124. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Bailout:
  125. Mitt Romney Best campaign photo ever.
  126. Rick Santorum CNN STATE OF THE NATION Says, "US Constitution Authorizes AMTRAK FUNDS to Philadelphia PA"
  127. Rick Santorum Video: Santorum using his support of Amtrak to pander for votes!
  128. Rick Santorum "I don't try to rig straw polls"
  129. Mitt Romney Comprehensive list of Mitt Romney positions
  130. Rick Santorum Deniability "Radical Feminists With Undermining Families & Mandating Fatherhood Training"
  131. Gary Johnson What about Gary Johnson?
  132. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum in 1st in National Poll
  133. Gary Johnson Why Gary Johnson is not running for U.S Senate in New Mexico
  134. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Meets with an Undecided Voter [Youtube Video]
  135. Rick Santorum The Rick Santorum that America Doesn't Know
  136. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney greatest interview hehe
  137. Barack Obama "The American Promise"
  138. Barack Obama [pic] Disenchanted Democrats for Ron Paul.
  139. Rick Santorum Article that Destroys Rick Santorum
  140. Rick Santorum Big Government Santorum
  141. EXCLUSIVE - Adele Trashes Newt Gingrich at the Grammys!
  142. Rick Santorum Santorum looking for caucus support -- in Washington State
  143. Gary Johnson LP debate w/ Gary Johnson
  144. Rick Santorum NYT: SURGING OUT OF "RON PAUL TERRITORY" (ugh)
  145. Gary Johnson Sued by fundraiser for not paying 100k+ debt
  146. Mitt Romney TYT on Mitt Romney's campaign getting desperate
  147. Rick Santorum [VIDEO] Police TASER hecklers at Rick Santorum Rally
  148. Gary Johnson Campaign Email (2/14): The daylight between Paul and Johnson
  149. Rick Santorum Indiana puts Santorum on the ballot after missing signature requirement; Voters challenge
  150. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Sued by Jonothan Bydlak for $100,000 for unpaid comission and salary
  151. Rick Santorum Santorum promises "vigorous enforcement" of obscenity & anti-porn laws
  152. Mitt Romney Liberals Love Romney
  153. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney charging $2,000 and $1,000 a person to see him speak
  154. Mitt Romney Pro-Romney PAC launches 8-State, $1.5 million ad buy
  155. Barack Obama Obama To Unleash “Truth Teams” To Counter Negative Coverage
  156. Rick Santorum Santorum revels in sudden support _ but how deep?
  157. Rick Santorum Inconsistency: Santorum promised to publish tax returns, still hasn't
  158. Rick Santorum Santorum adds Michigan stop, launches two statewide ads (incredible irony)
  159. Rick Santorum Santorum now claiming he is a veteran
  160. Rick Santorum New Santorum Ad: "Quotes"
  161. Rick Santorum [VIDEO] Anti-libertarian beliefs of Rick Santorum
  162. Rick Santorum CBS/NYT Poll explains why ignorant voters support Santorum
  163. Rick Santorum Santorum in 2010: Wary of "libertarian strain of thought" in Tea Party
  164. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum: Birth Control is bad for women and society (2006)
  165. Rick Santorum Veteran Slams Rick Santorum
  166. Rick Santorum From The Blaze: More Criticism of Santorum's Fiscal Record
  167. Newt Gingrich Sheldon Adelson to renew funding for Gingrich campaign according to WSJ
  168. Mitt Romney Dogs Against Romney’ protests
  169. Rick Santorum TAC: Making Sense of Santorum’s Tea Party Support [Partisan Teaocons]
  170. Mitt Romney Hilarious anti-Romney ad by Santorum
  171. Rick Santorum Santorum looking for secret service protection
  172. Newt Gingrich [video] Newt Gingrich Calls RON PAUL "INDECENT AMERICAN" (many weeks ago)
  173. Rick Santorum Santorum makes ad buys in five states
  174. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum attracts 2,300 in Boise; Mitt Romney and Ron Paul set visits to Idaho
  175. Rick Santorum - Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine Endorses Rick Santorum,[mod: later sd no]
  176. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum coming to Michigan
  177. Rick Santorum is not a Veteran (Graphic to Share)
  178. Idaho Needs Help (Santorum and Romney Related)
  179. Rick Santorum Yahoo! Suggest he will be president?
  180. Barack Obama Is Obama Going To Unilaterally Slash The Size Of The U.S. Nuclear Arsenal By Another 80 Pe
  181. Rick Santorum Santorum described himself as a "progressive conservative"; no position on abortion (1990)
  182. Rick Santorum 9 controversial Rick Santorum quotes
  183. Rick Santorum Santorum - Jack Abramoff connection
  184. Rick Santorum Poll: Santorum jumps in Arizona
  185. Rick Santorum Santorum Fiscal Conserative?
  186. Mitt Romney Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to Endorse Romney
  187. Rick Santorum Rombo Ad - Anti-Romney Ad via Santorum.....
  188. Barack Obama Could You See RP,Frothy,Mitt,& Grinch Saying Whites For Them & Get Away With It
  189. Rick Santorum CA Prop 8 overturn will put Rick Santorum into the White House
  190. Rick Santorum Santorum funder Foster Freiss wants women to go back to using Bayer aspirin for OCP's
  191. Newt Gingrich Inside Plan To Steal California's GOP Delegates
  192. Gary Johnson On the Banksters "None of them committed any crimes...just made incredibly bad decisions."
  193. General Mr. Santorum, Ohio Aint yours yet!!
  194. Rick Santorum Dave mustaine walks back Santorum endorsement
  195. Rick Santorum Devastating ad against Ayatollah Rick
  196. Rick Santorum hypocrite advocates capping medical malpractice to $250,000 unless it's his wife..
  197. Rick Santorum Santorum Opposes the Tea Party
  198. Rick Santorum Is this 2012 or 1952?
  199. Rick Santorum Warns of Iran Attack on North Dakota
  200. Rick Santorum Santorum ran as a Progressive NON-Reaganite VAGUE on abortion in 1990!
  201. General The most unflattering/embarassing things the other candidates have said/done
  202. Barack Obama Obamabots using new arguments on forums.
  203. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Raises $2 Million In California
  204. Rick Santorum List of Santorum Big Govt. Quotes
  205. Rick Santorum Santorum voted to keep National Endowment of the Arts funding in fear of cultural vacuum
  206. Rick Santorum Presidential candidate Rick Santorum visits Tioga, ND
  207. [VIDEO] - Santorum dodges questions in ND.
  208. Mitt Romney Hilarious Hardball segment on MSNBC about phony Mitt
  209. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum and Diebold closer than you think
  210. Virgil Goode Virgil Goode Files with FEC
  211. Mitt Romney John Birch Society supporter Cleon Skousen was Romney's professor !?
  212. Barack Obama Obama losing financial backing of big S.F. donor: "I can't"
  213. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Swarmed By Supporters At Campaign Stop
  214. Rick Santorum Endorsed by Ohio AG
  215. Rick Santorum RT: Surging Republican Santorum thinks condoms should be outlawed
  216. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's Boise Rally
  217. Rick Santorum "Birth control is harmful to woman and society"
  218. Adelson to give 10 million more to pro-Gingrich super PAC to stop Santorum
  219. Rick Santorum Pledges to fight the contraception and the sexual revolution: Sex only for procreation.
  220. Rick Santorum Santorum's charity run by Santorum PAC ppl who were paid more than the charity gave out
  221. Rick Santorum Jerry Doyle: Rick Santorum is NOT a Conservative! [VIDEO]
  222. Rick Santorum Ayatollah Rick warns America of the danger of rock concerts, the NBA, and Protestantism
  223. Rick Santorum Tom Woods -- Ron Paul or Rick Santorum: Whom Should Catholics Choose?
  224. Rick Santorum Supported Funding via Planned Parenthood
  225. Rick Santorum Santorum complains about earmarks he voted for
  226. Rick Santorum Rape Babies - 'A Gift'...'Accept what god has given you'
  227. Rick Santorum Jews upset over "We always need a Jesus candidate" comment from Rick
  228. Virgil Goode Former Congressman Virgil Goode to run for Constitution Party nomination
  229. Mitt Romney campaign's AZ co-chairman, Sheriff Paul Babeu, steps down - weird scandal
  230. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Raises $300,000 on Friday in Boise
  231. Rick Santorum Elizabeth Santorum says young people support Ron because they want to "legalize marijuana"
  232. Newt Gingrich Newt's talking trash!
  233. Virgil Goode Former Congressman Virgil Goode(VA) is running for President
  234. Mitt Romney Quotes from Mitt's robotic pandering in Michigan
  235. Rick Santorum The mystery of Santorum
  236. Rick Santorum What A Big Government Conservative Looks Like by Erick Erickson of Redstate
  237. Newt Gingrich Washington Post: Newt pays himself $115K (!) from campaign funds! $1mil to family + staff
  238. Rick Santorum Santorum: Obama Agenda Not 'Based On Bible'
  239. General Which Republican Candidate Scares You the Most?
  240. General Ford Names Jon Huntsman to Board of Directors
  241. Rick Santorum This is why republicans have such a bad name in Europe.
  242. General Romney, Santorum: Meet The Press (Feb. 19, 2012)
  243. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum In 2008: Obama Joined Church For Power
  244. Rick Santorum Mr. "I Voted for NO Child Left Behind" Rick says federal govt doesn't belong in education!
  245. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum's Stated Opposition to Public Schooling Doesn't Match His Record
  246. Rick Santorum political cartoon
  247. Rick Santorum Detroit Free Press : 5 things you'll hear about Rick Santorum
  248. General Proof Obama's Economy sucks
  249. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum's Contradictions: A Record of Forcing Catholics to Pay for Contraception
  250. Rick Santorum Bill Maher makes Santorum tweets