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  1. Rick Santorum Santorum's position on abortion in 1991 was same as that of Ron Paul
  2. Rick Perry New Perry ad features tebowing at 7 seconds
  3. Newt Gingrich Devastating Attack Ad on Romney- "The French Connection"
  4. Rick Santorum How Opus Dei Influenced Rick Santorum
  5. INSIDER told me Huntsman to drop out after SC and endorse Ron Paul!
  6. Mitt Romney When Mitt Romney Came To Town — Full version
  7. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney meets dying medical marijuana patient
  8. Mitt Romney Mitt called out for a lying about lobbyist
  9. Rick Santorum Bill Kristol: "Give Rick a chance."
  10. General Bachmann - Article answers a lot of questions about Iowa, Sorenson, etc
  11. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul is called a racist?!?!
  12. Barack Obama Obama to seek smaller government
  13. Newt Gingrich Newt & Bohemian Grove
  14. New Santorum TV Ad blurs the truth about his military service
  15. Rick Santorum Awesome! Rick getting hit in paid ads by Pro-Romney PAC
  16. Newt Gingrich Still strong in SC
  17. Newt Gingrich FOX News: "GrinGrich" Gaining on Mitt Romney in SC
  18. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's Unprecidented Run for Nomination
  19. Newt Gingrich Crazy Foreign Policy: What 'Chickenhawk' Newt Gingrich Would Do To Libya As President
  20. Rick Santorum Billionaire Foster Friess Backing Santorum
  21. Tarp Voter, Gresham Barrett endorses BIG Spender Rick Santorum!
  22. Rick Santorum on his Support for Planned Parenthood (abortion)
  23. Newt Gingrich Gingrich PAC ‘Inaccuracies’ in Romney Attack
  24. Mitt Romney Romney/Bain got bailouts ?
  25. Barack Obama Obummer flip-flops on Medical Marijuana
  26. Rick Santorum funraising letter, knocking Romney
  27. Barack Obama Pres. Obama makes a proposal that at face value I agree with. Shrinking government
  28. Rick Santorum Voted for 2001 Airline Bailout
  29. Jon Huntsman Huntsman Exodus Begins
  30. Newt Gingrich Peter King: Newt Gingrich Is A 'Political Assassin' And 'Delusional' Presidential Candidat
  31. Rick Santorum Santorum complains that choosing Romney is like electing your Boss
  32. Rick Perry Perry again forgets which three Federal Agencies he has pledged to eliminate
  33. Mitt Romney Delete
  34. Get Your SC Countermeasures in order.. CNN Telegraphing a Perry surge.
  35. Newt Gingrich TYT: C&L's Tina Dupuy on 'Suicide Bomber' Newt Gingrich
  36. Mitt Romney Romney in 2007: Close Guantanamo? No. Double Guantanamo!
  37. Newt Gingrich FEC Violation? Gingrich Calls on PAC to Alter Film
  38. General Perry, Santorum, Bachmann - Homophobic comments
  39. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney no stranger to tax breaks, subsidies
  40. Newt Gingrich Smashed by Jon Stewart.
  41. Mitt Romney For the Dogs (attack ad featuring Return of Seamus)
  42. Rick Santorum Santorum says "Ron Paul doesn’t stand for life"
  43. Mitt Romney Obama team slams Romney's U.S. corporate past
  44. Clear Channel's Rush Limbaugh Comes Out In Support Of Mitt Romney
  45. Mitt Romney Ron Paul 2012 Supporter Releases Devastating Romney Attack Video
  46. Mitt Romney My nine year old sister is pissed about this
  47. Rick Santorum Breaking: Evangelicals select Santorum
  48. Social conservatives back Santorum
  49. Newt Gingrich FLASH: Newt Booed At Huckabee Forum Over Romney Attacks;
  50. Newt Gingrich I'm Going To Be The Nominee
  51. Santorum is the new Huckabee
  52. Mitt Romney South Carolina Veterans for Mitt Romney
  53. Newt Gingrich Ali G interviews Newt
  54. Mitt Romney Romney gives supporter cash at rally
  55. Rick Santorum Santorum says there's a US program to kill Iranian scientists
  56. Rick Santorum Santorum flip flops on Social Security
  57. Newt Gingrich Ted McKnight questions Newt Gingrich at Huckabee Forum
  58. General Steven Colbert announced an exploratory committee for S.C.
  59. Mitt Romney 'Colbert Super PAC Goes Negative On Romney In First South Carolina Ad'
  60. Newt Gingrich newt gingrich doesn't know amer history
  61. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's Skeletons: His Bain Capital Received Millions in Bailouts
  62. General Mitt Romney-Ha Ha Ha America
  63. Mitt Romney Dogs across America oppose Mitt Romney.
  64. Rick Santorum Bust in Lie
  65. Mitt Romney Gives Unemployed woman "wad" of cash. Rumors $50 to $150
  66. Rick Santorum His Charity For The Poor Spent Most of its Money On Management, Political Friends
  67. SC state Sen Knotts, he of the 'raghead' slur, stands with Gingrich at campaign speech
  68. Rick Santorum Santorum Staffer Under Fire for ‘Sexist’ Email
  69. Jon Huntsman Huntsman picks up big endorsement from S.C. newspaper
  70. Rick Perry UGH seriously... Perry appealing VA Judge's ruling.
  71. Mitt Romney Letters of Catharine Cottam Romney, Plural Wife - BOOK
  72. Rick Santorum Abolishing Departments won't do any good...changing laws will (Shot at Ron...?)
  73. Rick Santorum Plans Offensive Against Mitt Romney, Ron Paul In South Carolina
  74. Rick Perry Rick Perry defends Marines accused of urinating on Afghan corpses
  75. General Early voting benefits campaigns with money, manpower
  76. Newt Gingrich Where's Newt? SC campaign stumbles plague Gingrich
  77. Jon Huntsman Breaking news....Huntsman out endorses Romney
  78. Jon Huntsman Let's get this name blackened and stricken through!
  79. Newt Gingrich battles with crowd at black church
  80. Rick Santorum After Supporting Health Care Mandate In 94', Santorum Now Says He Never Supported Mandates
  81. Mitt Romney Still Voting For 'Mitt Romney'?
  82. General Stephen Colbert: "Mitt the Ripper"
  83. Newt Gingrich Santorum too, Redefine the Lobbyist Discussion
  84. Rick Santorum Donors Gave as Santorum Won Earmarks
  85. Mitt Romney Gives out cash at rope line.
  86. Mitt Romney Who are Romney's supporters? And why?
  87. Rick Santorum Imploding? (speculation)
  88. Rick Santorum Newsweek says Santorum is Establishment candidate groomed by Karl Rove
  89. Rick Santorum See the Pro-Romney Ad That Has Santorum So Upset
  90. Mitt Romney Need an anti-Romney ad to send Huntsman supporters.
  91. Rick Perry Perry defends urinating marines, and pledges to fight on to Florida
  92. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's repeal and replace of Obamacare???
  93. Jon Huntsman Image From the Judge's Facebook Page
  94. Barack Obama Obama
  95. Jon Huntsman He was polling BEHIND COLBERT
  96. Jon Huntsman Since he just dropped out, maybe we can get his few supporters to switch to RP
  97. Santorums wife while student stayed with OB doctor who cofounded first abortion clinic
  98. Newt Gingrich All Newts Great and Small
  99. Rick Santorum Santorum Distorts Constitution ie Happiness
  100. Rick Santorum Loved Earmarks
  101. Mitt Romney Romney gets owned by a reporter. Mittens gets pissed! (from 2008)
  102. Mitt Romney Christie to speak for Romney at GOP retreat
  103. Rick Santorum New ad attacks Romney hard
  104. Rick Santorum Self appointed College of Cardinals of Christianity in Texas endorsed Santorum but....
  105. Mitt Romney Dems make Huntsman spoof ad against Romney
  106. Rick Perry Perry loses key South Carolina supporter
  107. Jon Huntsman Huntsman steals G.W.B. flight jacket for campaign trail
  108. Rick Santorum says Ron Paul negative ads about him are "absolute outright lies"
  109. Rick Santorum Santorum's answer on NDAA really surprised me since he was fine w all parts of Patriot Act
  110. Newt Gingrich Newt Calls Due Process "Legal Mumbo Jumbo"
  111. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Unscathed from Debate Attacks
  112. General Colbert Super PAC Endorses Herman Cain (VIDEO)
  113. Mitt Romney Wow look at all this enthusiasm!
  114. Newt Gingrich battles Ron Paul & Elite Media at S.C. Debate
  115. Rick Santorum Santorum stole Ron Paul's talking point
  116. Barack Obama Will formally accept Democratic Nomination at BANK OF AMERICA Stadium in Charlotte
  117. Newt Gingrich Says He May Stay in Race Even if Romney Takes S.C.
  118. Newt Gingrich Jackson,"kill your enemies" Jesus "love your enemies."
  119. Newt Gingrich The myth of the Clinton errr Newt Surplus
  120. Rick Santorum AD IDEA
  121. Mitt Romney Huge Crowd of People at His Florence, South Carolina Event, NOT!
  122. Mitt Romney Romney Pays Less In Tax [Rate] Than His Secretary (15%)
  123. Mitt Romney [Video] Romney's debate answer on the NDAA
  124. Rick Perry Rick Perry Draws Ire From Turkey After Saying Country Ruled By 'Islamic Terrorists'
  125. Rick Santorum Mitt Romney is re-running a Robo-call of Santorum's endorsement of Romney
  126. Rick Santorum Just got this email from Let Freedom Ring
  127. Rick Perry Turkey reacts to Rick Perry's terrorist accusation
  128. Mitt Romney Romney profited from firm that committed Medicare fraud
  129. Mitt Romney Damon's fraud timeline coincides with the period Romney's Bain Capital owned Damon
  130. Rick Perry Judge denies Perry appeal to get on VA ballot, calls suit disruptive
  131. Mitt Romney Romney Avoids U.S Tax By Using Offshore Bank Accounts - ABC News
  132. Barack Obama Obama's campaign strategy?
  133. Live stream moneybomb of Gary johnson on now. Ron Paul should do this too
  134. Mitt Romney Opposition Research Doc compiled by McCain in '08 Posted online
  135. Rick Santorum "She told me I’d like [Rick], that he was pro-choice and a humanist,"
  136. Newt Gingrich Palin endorsed Newt (sort of) on Hannity
  137. Mitt Romney Romney in 2007: "It’s not worth moving heaven and earth" to catch Osama Bin Laden
  138. Mitt Romney Wow, and this is supposed to be the guy that's clobbering everyone in the polls....
  139. Mitt Romney I support "No Child Left Behind" [Doubling DOE]
  140. [SUPERPAC] A Vote For Herman Cain is a Vote For Colbert
  141. Mitt Romney Bain Alum is appointed to Obama's Admin
  142. Newt Gingrich Sarah Palin: "I'd Vote For Newt"
  143. Gary Johnson could capitalize on Romney’s Weaknesses
  144. Newt Gingrich Callista Gingrich Called A 'Mistress For 8 Years' By James Dobson: Report
  145. Gary Johnson If you think Gary Johnson is a fallback position...
  146. Rick Santorum TV family Duggars endorses Santorum in SC, Yuck
  147. Gary Johnson Could Gary Johnson break 10-15% and get into the general election debates?
  148. Newt Gingrich S.C win = GOP nomination opines Newt to S.C Chamber of Commerce
  149. General Are Ron Paul's voters being stolen away by Stephen Colbert?
  150. Mitt Romney Bellinger: Contact Romney to publicly rule out VAT tax in America (email)
  151. Newt Gingrich New Romney Web Ads: “Unreliable Leader” & "Undisciplined"
  152. Newt Gingrich I side 75% with Ron Paul
  153. Mitt Romney OMG: Obama's new OMB director has BAIN TIES...
  154. Newt Gingrich Romney launches new attack ads hitting Gingrich on unreliable leadership
  155. Mitt Romney Millions in Cayman Islands
  156. Newt Gingrich Robo-Calling in Nevada
  157. Newt Gingrich Newt: Sarah Palin Will Play Major Role In My Administration
  158. Final Huntsman Girls video leaked (hits Mitt Romney)
  159. Mitt Romney Romney has Millions in the Caymans.
  160. Newt Gingrich "tell all" interview by newt's ex is sat on by ABC news as S.C looms!
  161. Newt Gingrich Gingrich's ex-wife revealing interview inside! (Esquire article from 2010)
  162. Mitt Romney 17 Reasons Why A Vote For Mitt Romney Is A Vote For The New World Order
  163. Newt Gingrich Race flip-flop
  164. Newt Gingrich ABC Wants to Withhold Newt Bombshell
  165. Palin Supports Newt in SC
  166. Rick Perry Need help vetting tax plan
  167. Rick Santorum Santorum is McLovin
  168. Newt Gingrich ABC to air the interview with Newt's ex-wife Thursday 1/19 on Nightline
  169. Newt Gingrich wrapping it up in SC
  170. Newt Gingrich Is this what the ABC News interview will be about??
  171. Rick Santorum How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans
  172. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich, Marianne and the Arms Dealer: A Buried FBI Investigation
  173. General Stephen Colbert: Rally With Herman Cain In South Carolina On Friday
  174. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum has won the Iowa Caucus
  175. General So Hermain Cain is making an endorsement today right?
  176. Barack Obama Hollywood Moguls Stopping Obama Donations Because Of Piracy Stand: “Not Give A Dime"
  177. Rick Perry BREAKING: Rick Perry to drop out today
  178. Perry is endorsing Newt
  179. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Asked Ex Wife to Share Him in Open Marriage
  180. ABC's Brian Ross talks about the Marianne Gingrich Interview
  181. Rick Perry Breaking: Rick Perry Dropping out
  182. Newt Gingrich When's Rush Limbaugh going to talk about Newt's lack of moral character?
  183. Barack Obama Appointments and White House visits for Obama bundlers
  184. Newt Gingrich PDF of FBI File on Gingrich Investigation
  185. Newt Gingrich Drudge: WASHINGTON POST prepares own Marianne Gingrich bombshell
  186. General Gingrich & Santorum Fight Over Who Led the Failed 1994 "Contract With America"
  187. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Promises Palin a Presidential Appointment and Commits a Felony
  188. Mitt Romney Stephen Colbert Destroys David Frum
  189. Rick Santorum Study: Santorum tax plan swells deficit by $900B
  190. Bachmann will not endorse Gingrich
  191. Rick Santorum Santorum ad based on Apple 1984 and is spot on
  192. Mitt Romney Principles?
  193. Perry may have dropped out because of building bisexual rumors
  194. General Who gets Rick Perry's 2 delegates?
  195. Rick Santorum Santorum's tragic yearbook photo
  196. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Defends SOPA
  197. Newt Gingrich Gingrich paid 60k to praise private equity [=Romney's Bain Capital business model] in 2009
  198. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich or Dwight Schrute? HAHAHA
  199. Newt Gingrich U.S. should reconsider gold standard
  200. Herman Cain Just Endorsed The People.....
  201. Barack Obama Obama Releases First Campaign Ad
  202. Newt Gingrich Marianne Gingrich: Lobbied her own husband for millions.
  203. Newt Gingrich Huffington Post: What Marianne knows but won't tell
  204. Newt Gingrich Teflon Newt
  205. Mitt Romney doesn't even try to be forthright
  206. Rick Santorum Tancredo endorses Santorum
  207. Newt Gingrich I got your nose!
  208. Anyone else feel John King should have stood up to Newt?
  209. Newt Gingrich Nightline Newt's Ex-Wife was pretty weak
  210. Rick Santorum Santorum hijacks individual mandate issue despite supporting it in 1994
  211. So... what the heck happened with the "career-ending" interview with ex-Mrs. Gingrich?
  212. Mitt Romney Rabbinical Alliance Urges Social Conservatives to Reject Mitt Romney
  213. Newt Gingrich "Swingrich"...Already a popular term on Twitter!
  214. Mitt Romney Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell backs Romney
  215. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum LIED about Dr. Paul's NRLC voting record
  216. Rick Santorum Is Overly Sensitive.
  217. Newt Gingrich cancels S.C. campaign Event, citing Poor Attendance
  218. Newt Gingrich Used "Chamberlain cliche" to Attack Ronald Reagan on Summit with Gorbachev
  219. Newt Gingrich Newt Preaches Sanctity Of Marriage... (Please share)
  220. Newt Gingrich Newt was keynote speaker at event hosted by VeriChip.
  221. Newt Gingrich Gingrich breaks his promises by breaking the bank (1995 news on raising debt limit)
  222. Newt Gingrich Jenny Sanford: I won’t vote for Newt Gingrich via politco.com on drudge
  223. Rick Santorum Ayatollah Santorum the Sanctimonious (ASS)
  224. Newt Gingrich Gingrich calls Scozzafava principled and endorses her
  225. Mitt Romney SC Governor Got $62,000 from ROMNEY Affiliated PACs
  226. Mitt Romney Economy "getting better"
  227. Newt Gingrich Fake Newt e-mail circulating?
  228. Newt Gingrich Chuck Norris endorses Newt
  229. Newt Gingrich Newt Defends Obama's NDAA bill by nullifying Supreme Courts Authority to rule on it
  230. Mitt Romney Romney loses his cool with reporter when caught in lie about lobbyists (from 2008)
  231. Newt Gingrich Newt Romney
  232. Newt Gingrich America Hates Newt Gingrich
  233. Newt Gingrich Gives Christians/Christianity a bad name, IMHO.
  234. Newt Gingrich Mitt should use this in FL against Newt
  235. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum's macaca moment?
  236. Rick Santorum How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans
  237. Newt Gingrich Can Gingrich's Visceral Appeal Outweigh His History? nice end to the story....
  238. Mitt Romney Gallop: Romney lead "collapsing"
  239. Mitt Romney Maher on Mormonism
  240. Newt Gingrich The establishment wants Newt
  241. Newt Gingrich Will more women come forward on Newt?
  242. Santorum Received the Media BlackOut Memo....
  243. Gary Johnson Would Ron Paul endorse him?
  244. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich: A Crime Against Conservatism [1-Hour Long Expose Video]
  245. Mitt Romney Lots of Damaging and Not Widely Circulated Footage Here...
  246. Get your barfbag ready and read this...
  247. Mitt Romney May Skip Florida Debate as Lead Fades
  248. Newt Gingrich Why is John Edwards vilified while Gingrich gets away with it...twice?
  249. Newt Gingrich would appoint JIM GRANT to head Gold Commission
  250. Mitt Romney Struggling to list differences with Newt, names lunar colony, child labor [VIDEO]