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  1. General GOP Candidates article from CATO
  2. Donald Trump Obama on The Apprentice: "Eligibility Edition"
  3. Mike Huckabee thinks all Americans should be forced at gunpoint to listen to...
  4. Tim Pawlenty already sizing up 2012 running mates (Rubio, Christie, Kasich, Sandoval, Martinez)
  5. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Apologizes, Promises to Fight Patriot Act at Tea Party Event [Apr. Fools]
  6. General Where were we on this? Fred Karger wins NH Straw poll, Paul in 5th?
  7. Michele Bachmann Drudge front page: Bachmann out raises all other candidates (false headline Paul raised mo
  8. Donald Trump Supports withdrawing from Afghanistan
  9. Donald Trump Secrets of Donald Trump's hair revealed.
  10. Mike Huckabee wins 2012 straw poll in South Carolina
  11. Gary Johnson Grassroots Tax Day Money Bomb
  12. Mitt Romney Is Mitt "Stalking" His '08 Supporters?
  13. Rick Santorum A tweet going around about Santorum
  14. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty Accidentally Endorses Keynesian Economics [Krugman]
  15. Michele Bachmann hires former Mike Huckabee Iowa political director
  16. General Obama Challengers Would Need $590,000 a Day to Match His 2008 Fundraising
  17. General Some recent polling numbers
  18. Michele Bachmann Bachmann now for ‘deem and pass,’ called it ‘violence to the Constitution’ when Dems did
  19. Mike Huckabee Mike Huckabee's Gubernatorial Records 'Missing'
  20. Rick Perry Rick Perry's Texas Record - The Case Against Perry2012
  21. Donald Trump to speak at South Florida Tea Party Patriots Event
  22. Donald Trump "Anyone but Trump"
  23. Sarah Palin Palin/Bachmann music video.
  24. Tim Pawlenty Campaign Worker Barfs on Lawn at 3AM, Tries to get into house...
  25. General Obama 2012 Funny youtube
  26. General please tell me this thought did not just go through my head: Beck's show is ending
  27. Donald Trump Most Popular With Tea Party
  28. General Will Glenn Beck RUN FOR PRESIDENT?
  29. Donald Trump 04.07.2011 Donald Trump: I have 'real doubts' Obama was born in U.S.
  30. Donald Trump "I'm Only Interested in Libya If We Keep the Oil"
  31. Donald Trump Donald Trump, the Pied Piper of Obama's Birther Trap to Marginalize Opposition
  32. General multiple- Romney fundraising Barbour on immigration, Bachmann to be in Ames straw poll etc
  33. Sarah Palin Palin's unfavorable rating reaches new high
  34. Tim Pawlenty Wins Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Straw Poll
  35. Mitt Romney NH Dems to have 'thank you celebration' for Romneycare 4/12, w/cake etc 4 'father
  36. General Can someone tell me about Buddy Roemer?
  37. General Rand Paul: Should he be considered an Opposing Candidate?
  38. General multiple activities of 4/11 week - per this Santorum seems to be making big play for SC
  39. Donald Trump "I’m Obama’s Worst Nightmare"
  40. Mitt Romney Launches Presidential Exploratory Committee
  41. Donald Trump Vanity Fair joins the pile-on
  42. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty chooses top Republican operative as Campaign Manager
  43. Mitt Romney is Taking Donations Through his Exploratory Committee Website
  44. Mitt Romney A Helpful Tool for Exposing Mitt Romney
  45. Newt Gingrich Likely to Skip May 5 Debate
  46. Donald Trump Trump Will ‘Probably’ Run as Independent If He Doesn’t Win GOP Nomination
  47. General A Prediction on a Strategy Against Ron
  48. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson to make "major announcement" April 21
  49. Donald Trump Donation History: OH REALLY???
  50. Mitt Romney Multiple Choice Mitt Romney (record of flip flops)
  51. Donald Trump Donald Trump the Populist and Pragmatist
  52. Mitt Romney The Real Mitt Romney - More like a Liberal Democrat than a Republican
  53. Donald Trump "14 Things Everyone Should Know About Donald Trump (not very nice.)
  54. Donald Trump Donald keeps his Bibles 'at a certain place. A very nice place....'
  55. Donald Trump Trump claims pro-life conversion ‘years’ ago - despite endorsing Hillary Clinton
  56. Donald Trump Huckabee/Trump ticket??
  57. Donald Trump Is Trump For An Assault Weapons Ban?
  58. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty says "I'm running for president" in a response to CNN
  59. Newt Gingrich Cons
  60. Donald Trump Least charitable billionaire in the US?
  61. Rick Santorum Santorum announces formation of exploratory committee
  62. Rick Santorum Candidate who said that Libertarians don't belong in R Party throws hat into the ring.
  63. Donald Trump The Cook Report: Trump’s a Joke
  64. Tim Pawlenty WSJ - FEBRUARY 23, 2008 - Pawlenty's Record
  65. Donald Trump Trump leads in PA PPP poll - '23% will only vote for a birther....'
  66. Tim Pawlenty Raises $160,000 In First Two Weeks
  67. Donald Trump "We Must Have Universal Healthcare"
  68. Donald Trump Conservatives for Eminent Domain Abuse
  69. Mitt Romney ObamaCare is RomneyCare 2.0
  70. Mike Huckabee Huskster supports tuition breaks for illegal aliens?
  71. Sarah Palin From Toast of the Town to Plain Toast
  72. Donald Trump Trump is apparently anti-gay. Who wants to break it to GOProud?
  73. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin's Updated Website
  74. Mitt Romney Bizarre statement by mittens on 2nd hour of sean hanity show 4-18 about taxes
  75. Donald Trump Tried to STEAL old lady's house with eminent domain!
  76. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson set to announce in New Hampshire.
  77. Donald Trump "Reagan Was A Con Man"
  78. Newt Gingrich Newt's PAC struggling to raise hard cash
  79. Donald Trump Trump: Ryan's Plan Is "Too Extreme"
  80. Sarah Palin 61% of People in Alaska Have Unfavorable View
  81. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid and SS by 43%
  82. Donald Trump to visit NH twice within a two-week period
  83. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson wants to be the Ron Paul of 2012. Unfortunately for him, so does Ron Paul.
  84. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson just announced that he is running for President
  85. Mike Huckabee Beck Derides Huckabee as 'Progressive'
  86. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Announcement (Video)
  87. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson On MSNBC Talking About His Announcement To Run For President 04.21.11
  88. Gary Johnson Raimondo on Gary Johnson: 'Gary Johnson: Caveat Emptor'
  89. Gary Johnson Bob Wenzel: If GJ is the next RP, Obama was born in Hawaii and delivered by Jack Lord
  90. Gary Johnson Justin Raimondo - Gary Johnson: Caveat Emptor
  91. Donald Trump Donald Trump's Ideology
  92. Donald Trump Called Kooky by Townhall contributor
  93. Gary Johnson Gary Jackson, Phil Johnson? Just Gary Johnson: Zen Master of GOP like Phil Jackson of NBA
  94. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson will be on Alex Jones today
  95. Donald Trump Weigel needles The Donald on abortion
  96. Gary Johnson How about a Gary Johnson for Senate pledge bomb?
  97. Gary Johnson For those who want his stances cleared up
  98. Gary Johnson How much did GJ's PAC raise?
  99. Gary Johnson Am I the only one that finds Gary Johnson boring?
  100. Donald Trump Donald Trump: The Art of Bankruptcy
  101. Gary Johnson Will GJ do better than Ron Paul in NH?
  102. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson supports NAFTA
  103. Donald Trump Trump/Snooki 2012!
  104. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson May5th Debate?????? need your help please
  105. Gary Johnson Dave Barry announces bid for President
  106. Donald Trump Atlas Trumped: Four Reasons Why Conservatives Should Run from Donald Trump
  107. General Who's for a private working group?
  108. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson opposed to NAFTA type corporatism free trade, would have veto'd NAFTA
  109. Gary Johnson Attention Paulites: There are other 2012 ‘liberty messengers’
  110. Gary Johnson Tom Woods: ThinkSoros on Gary Johnson
  111. Haley Barbour MS Governor Haley Barbour Will Not Run For President in 2012
  112. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson on Hannitty.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  113. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich pocketed $300K consulting for ethanol group
  114. Mitt Romney Obama/Romney 2012? This can't possibly be legit....
  115. Mike Huckabee 'The State Column' Leads in South Carolina '08 Campaign Manager Ed Rollins Says Huck 2 Run
  116. Gary Johnson Is Ron Paul snubbing Gary Johnson — or rebranding the GOP?
  117. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum: Voting for Medicare Drug Program Was a "Mistake"
  118. Donald Trump Thomas Sowell: Donald Trump's Nomination Will Guarantee Obama's Second Term
  119. Mike Huckabee Doug Wead: Why Mike Huckabee will be president?
  120. Rudy Giuliani Guiliani Surveys Weak GOP Field
  121. Tim Pawlenty Tim Pawlenty Spoof Site (Draft)
  122. Donald Trump Rand Paul Rips Trump A New One
  123. Tim Pawlenty Tim Pawlenty vetoed nation's strictest-ever medical marijuana bill
  124. Gary Johnson An endorsement from another candidate will count for more than one from an ex-gov
  125. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson grassroots websites beginning to show up
  126. Mike Huckabee Releases South Carolina Team [to work on other campaigns]
  127. Sarah Palin In U.S., More Than 6 in 10 Would Not Vote for Trump, Palin
  128. Donald Trump Trump's Chief Advisor a Democrat who voted for Obama
  129. Donald Trump Maybe the most hypcritical thing about Trump and his "China" talk.....
  130. Donald Trump Donald Trump: Magnificent Bastard
  131. Mike Huckabee Huckabee out of the Race? [Mod note: Huck hasn't decided yet.]
  132. Donald Trump "Now let's see the college records!"
  133. Donald Trump RASMUSSEN: Trump 19% Romney 17% Huckabee 15%...
  134. Gary Johnson WILL participate in May 5th Debate (and pre-Tea Party rally)
  135. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson: I have no contact with Ron Paul
  136. Gary Johnson Disturbing Video of Gary Johnson's Views on Iraq
  137. Gary Johnson John Derbyshire (writes for National Review) blasts Gary Johnson and Libertarians
  138. Donald Trump Is he a draft Dodger?
  139. Newt Gingrich Gingrich will not be participating in the May 5 Debate
  140. Tim Pawlenty Tim Pawlenty believes global warming is a real threat and we must act soon
  141. Donald Trump Tirade Of Profanity: “Listen you mother f***ers we’re going to tax you 25 percent,”
  142. Mitt Romney NH Dems accuse Mitt Romney of campaign finance violations
  143. Mike Huckabee Cancelled His Speaking Event Here
  144. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson = Chris Peden
  145. Donald Trump Donald Trump and the Faux Conservatives
  146. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson: Keep Guantanomo Open
  147. Gary Johnson This is what your donations to Gary Johnson campaign are paying for.
  148. Gary Johnson Peter Schiff should post on Gary Johnson forums. He's a traitor......
  149. Gary Johnson Why I think it's good he's running
  150. Mitt Romney Romney on Obama: "We're going to hang him"
  151. Donald Trump Trump going for attention (shock!) may attend May 5 debate, if not as participant
  152. Gary Johnson Republican Liberty Caucus has glowing piece on Gary Johnson. Attacks Ron Paul.
  153. Gary Johnson Campaign edits out reporter's inflammatory references to Ron Paul
  154. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann compares debt crisis to Holocaust
  155. Tim Pawlenty Anyone familiar with him pardoning a Sex offender even with the evidence before him?
  156. General multiple - Rasmussen polled only 'dark horse candidates' (Ron wasn't one) Bachmann wins
  157. Tim Pawlenty T-Paw shoots down Trump's birth certificate investigations.
  158. Donald Trump Trump gets destroyed at White House Correspondence Dinner
  159. Gary Johnson Is there any proof that GJ opposed the Iraq war from the start?
  160. Sarah Palin The Case Against Sarah Palin
  161. Donald Trump Trump reacts to being destroyed at White house correspondence dinner
  162. Newt Gingrich Gingrich: I’ll be joining the race within the next 10 days
  163. General Mitch Daniels, Michelle Bachmann, and Mike Huckabee will all run - Kristol
  164. Donald Trump Was Donald Trump a school yard bully?
  165. Donald Trump Ex-Employee Exposes Donald Trump’s History of Harassment
  166. Donald Trump Donald Trump Was Once Sued By Justice Department For Not Renting To Blacks
  167. Donald Trump Trump Says He’s Decided ‘In My Mind’ to Pursue the Presidency
  168. Michele Bachmann Media is pushing Bachmann above interest - see google trends
  169. Mitt Romney End run: Romney's crafty financing
  170. Herman Cain Will debate on the 5th in SC.
  171. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson WILL Participate in the May 5th Debate
  172. Sarah Palin Palin finally articulates a foreign policy, Politico refers to it as "non-interventionist"
  173. Sarah Palin Palin splits with neocon advisors
  174. Mitch Daniels Mitch Daniels is every conservative's worst nightmare
  175. Sarah Palin Palin Replaces Neocon Advisors With Another Neocon After They Dump Her....
  176. Sarah Palin Gave a Speech that Sounded like Ron Paul
  177. Sarah Palin Palin Thanks Bush, But Not Obama Following Bin Laden's Death
  178. Donald Trump What Is Donald Trump's Net Worth?
  179. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum forms presidential exploratory committee
  180. Rick Santorum Google "Santorum". Seriously, do it. Look what's number 1.
  181. General Holy @#*@: Obama's first campaign commercial 2012 against generic GOP
  182. General Multiple: Huntsman, Daniels, Santorum - Huntsman has exploratory c'ee type pac, etc
  183. Mike Huckabee Huckabee to speak at SRLC next month along with Ron and Rand
  184. Newt Gingrich Gingrich to announce his run for President next week - and to speak to GA GOP
  185. Jon Huntsman Huntsman Takes Step Towards Presidential 2012 Bid
  186. Tim Pawlenty Tim Pawlenty lights fuse on money bomb [MOD Note : this was last month :p ]
  187. Sarah Palin Newsweek lead story: Is Sarah Palin Over?
  188. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty hits rivals (again) for not debating
  189. Donald Trump Trump's favorable rating plummets to -38%
  190. Donald Trump New Logo - "We Shall Overcomb"
  191. Donald Trump His lawsuits could turn off conservatives who embrace tort reform
  192. Paul copying Johnson
  193. Mike Huckabee Huckabee given ultimatum by Fox News?
  194. Tim Pawlenty Pawlenty Being Pushed HARD By All Media:Documenting This Bias Anyone?
  195. General Mike Pence will not run for prez
  196. Gary Johnson Schiff to G. Johnson: "Why should a Ron Paul supporter vote Gary Johnson over Ron Paul?"
  197. Gary Johnson Will Gary Johnson help legitamize Ron's Message or Simply Take Supporters from Him?
  198. Herman Cain Cain Won the Debate?
  199. Gary Johnson What happened to Johnson tonight?
  200. Donald Trump Trump's disrespect for President Obama
  201. Herman Cain is #1 most searched on Google.
  202. Herman Cain Did he endorse Romney last time?
  203. Herman Cain He's got an Achilles' heel....we just have to find it
  204. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson please run for the senate
  205. Herman Cain Someone is astroturfing for Cain on youtube
  206. General Black Chamber of Commerce President Blasts "Marxist," "Brownshirt" Obama
  207. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson: Abolish corporate income tax?
  208. Gary Johnson Politifact check "Mostly True" on Corporate Income Tax statement
  209. Herman Cain Herman Cain Touts Outside Status Despite Numerous Financial Ties to Politicians
  210. Gary Johnson I can't wait to see Gary Johnson in the next debate!
  211. Rick Santorum Google "Santorum", click the first link
  212. Herman Cain Pollsters: Debate Makes Herman Cain Overnight 'Star'
  213. Herman Cain RedState Interview - Herman Cain Hints at May 21 Campaign Announcement in ATL
  214. Rudy Giuliani says: ‘I can probably be talked into’ 2012 run
  215. Tim Pawlenty “If the president says Qaddafi must go, he must go.”
  216. Mike Huckabee just discussed monetary policy on Fox
  217. Herman Cain My smart ass video exposing Herman Cain!!!
  218. Newt Gingrich N.H. insider Dave Carney will support Gingrich
  219. Herman Cain Video - Herman Cain Exposed! Please share.
  220. Herman Cain Anyone wanna go Herman Cain dumpster diving?
  221. Herman Cain ...A potential Peter Schiff endorsement?
  222. Herman Cain WND's Joseph Farah: "Herman Cain shines in debate" (Facebookers can comment)
  223. Herman Cain My blog condensing his negatives
  224. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Wins South Carolina Straw Poll
  225. Gary Johnson A Youtube Subscriber bomb? Seems Gary is looking for subscribers.
  226. General Revealing opposing candidates weaknesses/inconsistencies in WIKIPEDIA-entries
  227. Herman Cain An article on the Kochs and Herman Cain
  228. Herman Cain Herman Cain trashing he's hero Romney on healthcare.
  229. Mitch Daniels What do we have on Mitch Daniels?
  230. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum and the problem with the "loser" label
  231. Mitch Daniels Chris Christie Considering Endorsing Mitch Daniels
  232. Herman Cain Our FUD campaign against him is working - KEEP IT UP!
  233. General Domain: DontVote4.Us
  234. Rick Santorum Google Santorum or Rick Santorum
  235. Herman Cain Fair Tax will Grow the Government
  236. Newt Gingrich "a draft dodger during the Vietnam War and an adulterer a year as recently as 1998"
  237. Mitt Romney Romney's fundraising strategy
  238. Help a brotha out
  239. Rick Santorum Just one question about Rick Santorum.
  240. Herman Cain Herman Cain story on Michael Vick . . . need opinion on this
  241. Mitt Romney Mitt fundraises from Goldman Sachs execs et al in New York
  242. Newt Gingrich Vanity Fair: An Unabridged Guide to All of Newt Gingrich’s Wives (completely unfair natch)
  243. Herman Cain Cain on The Patriot Act
  244. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum's Compassionate Statism
  245. Herman Cain "The Federal Reserve is one of the tightest run entities I've ever Seen"-Herman Cain
  246. Newt Gingrich Newt's environmental problem (oppo research)
  247. Mitt Romney Romney backed a *federal* individual health care mandate in 1994
  248. Rick Santorum This is just flat out disturbing
  249. Mitt Romney 1st Thing Romney Would do is Undo Obmama Care
  250. Herman Cain Cain: "Earth to taxpayers!" We need a "do-something president"!