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  1. Rick Santorum 'The Daily Show' - Indecision 2012 - Romspringa - Rick Santorum's Surge
  2. Jon Huntsman Huntsman's record - start spreading it.
  3. Rick Santorum fails to qualify for DC ballot
  4. Rick Santorum This video destroys Rick Santorum. Spread it everywhere.
  5. Mitt Romney In besieged Mormon colony, Mitt Romney’s Mexican roots
  6. Rick Santorum Santorum didn't even submit 1 damn signature to get on ballot in his own state of VA
  7. Rick Santorum Very funny...25 People Who Just Googled “Santorum” For The First Time
  8. Rick Santorum has raised $1 Million since last night
  9. Rick Santorum Pennsylvania Residency Scam and School Tuition Fraud
  10. Jon Huntsman needles Ron Paul over tweet (Newsletters)
  11. Rick Santorum Santorum likes Catholicism, just not on foreign policy
  12. Rick Santorum's weird Wrestling Video
  13. Rick Santorum Conservative Technocrat
  14. Rick Santorum Enemy of Liberty
  15. Rick Perry Perry On, My Wayward Son [Politics]
  16. Mitt Romney Can we release something like this? (Attack ad)
  17. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney supports a National ID
  18. Mitt Romney Anatomy of a Narrow Victory
  19. Mitt Romney Pro-Gingrich Group Posts Anti-Romney Ad, Featuring McCain
  20. Rick Santorum 30 people define Santorum In 5 Words Or Less
  21. Mitt Romney is a creepy robot (compilation vid)
  22. VIDEO: So much for Santorums integrity on family values
  23. Rick Santorum On CNN Just now...Rick Santorum "I didn't say BLACK, I said BLAH!!!" LOL
  24. Jon Huntsman Anti-Huntsman vid made by "Paul Supporter"
  25. General Quick question about the other candidates' discussion forums
  26. Rick Santorum The Rick Santorum that America Doesn't Know
  27. Rick Santorum I finally figured out who Rick Santorum reminds me of......
  28. Rick Santorum Santorum to make large ad buy in South Carolina
  29. General Who is Buddy Roemer?
  30. General Who really won the Iowa Caucus?
  31. Rick Santorum Super PAC supporting Santorum to become more active
  32. Rick Santorum Santorum's Faith, Family & . . . "Freedom" tour???
  33. Rick Santorum Santorum Attacks Reagan ( He's done )
  34. Rick Santorum What does westboro baptist church think of Rick Santorum?
  35. Jon Huntsman Boston Globe endorses Huntsman
  36. BREAKING: Santorum May Have Won, Caucus Vote Counter Says Romney Mistakenly Given 20 Votes
  37. Here comes Huntsman (Boston Globe Endorsement)
  38. Rick Santorum Santorum hates libertarians
  39. Jon Huntsman Disavow 'manchurian candidate' ad with Chinese daughter
  40. College Kids Boo Santorum
  41. Rick Santorum Politico: 2006 Landslide loss for Santoriom
  42. Rick Santorum: "I don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them.."
  43. General John Stewart Makes Fun of Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann
  44. Rick Santorum Santorum voted to confirm Greenspan as Fed chairman
  45. Santorum: Same-Sex Marriage=Polygamy. *Booed in NH* (Santorum About To implode)
  46. CNN Pushing Huntsman
  47. Rick Santorum Donated Money to Himself to the Tune of $42,019
  48. Rick Santorum Santorum's Views On Evolution Clash With Own Religion
  49. Rick Santorum Pledges to Ban All Pornography
  50. Newt Gingrich Get rid of the super PACs
  51. Rick Santorum they don't want a Nuke to bomb israel, they want it for protection.
  52. Oh wow. The Taiwan people have made a "Santorum" video.
  53. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum-Linked Universal Health Services Facility: Fraud, Assault And Alleged 'Exorc
  54. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney avoids U.S tax by using Offshore bank accounts
  55. (Shocker) Santorum Booed by college students in NH
  56. Rick Santorum Santorum booed in NH talking about marriage -
  57. Democrats on Santorum's Rise: Whatever
  58. Mitt Romney Romney, 19 protests in 'Favor' of the draft while exempted from service
  59. Rick Santorum The Rick Santorum that America doesn't know
  60. Rick Santorum Even Santorum's staff supports Ron Paul
  61. Santorum linked to controversial "End Times" preacher
  62. CNN: Santorum wants to impose 'Judeo-Christian Sharia'
  63. Rick Santorum Erick Erickson @ RedState: What A Big Government Conservative Looks Like
  64. General Santorum Candidate of the week (distraction) vs Romney leading contender
  65. Rick Santorum Krauthammer calls "Santorum" a "worthy challenger"
  66. Newt Gingrich Gringrinch speechless?
  67. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum for president!
  68. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's Justice Advisory Committee
  69. Newt Gingrich Freddie Mac Lets Gingrich Release His Contact — Will He?
  70. Rick Santorum Santorum avoiding real issues when dwelling on social issues
  71. Mitt Romney Romney campaign giving opposition research to other candidates for commercials\attacks
  72. Pat Buchanan: Romney’s Almost Got it Locked Up
  73. Mitt Romney Special report: Romney's steel skeleton in the Bain closet
  74. Rick Santorum What A Big Government Conservative Looks Like
  75. Newt Gingrich A Blog Post I Wrote About Newt Gingrich
  76. Newt Gingrich Gingrich demands TV stations stop airing negative ad
  77. Rick Santorum I wonder if Iowan seniors want to change their vote...
  78. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum in 2005: Double Talk on Tort Reform?
  79. Rick Santorum Santorum on Libertarianism
  80. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum spars with growing N.H. crowds
  81. Barack Obama Current events: How do we maintain the advantage?
  82. Rick Santorum "Santorum" pushed a bill requiring an individual mandate like Obama while in congress
  83. Rick Santorum An Old Loss Dogs Surging Santorum
  84. Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman has the biggest chance of winning against Obama (NY Times)
  85. Jon Huntsman New Supporter Made Ad Crushes Ron Paul [Satire]
  86. Rick Santorum Santorum supported abortion in 1990, then quietly suppressed it
  87. Jon Huntsman Volunteer can't make up his mind between Obama and Huntsman
  88. Rick Santorum TV Commercial: "Rick Santorum Exposed"
  89. Rick Santorum Jerry Doyle: Santorum Is Not a Conservative
  90. The Hill: Poll shows Santorum hurt by Homosexual comments
  91. Jon Huntsman Lady Rothschild holding another fundraiser for Huntsman after New Hampshire
  92. Rick Santorum There are no Palestinians
  93. Rick Santorum CASHING IN: Santorum's Income Has Soared Since Leaving Congress
  94. General Iran will not nuke American cities because Iran doesn't bomb American cities today
  95. Rick Santorum Gary Bauer endorsing Santorum
  96. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum: Trying to take back Reddit usernames!
  97. Mitt Romney WaPo: Romney pushing for four-state streak to lock up nomination by Jan 31
  98. Newt Gingrich Washington Times: Gingrich to fat to be president
  99. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's 2002 Planned Parenthood Questionnaire, pro choice etc
  100. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich warns Demos against criticizing bailout
  101. Newt Gingrich Newt: No support unless stimulus $$ is added to to bailout $
  102. Rick Perry Slate wonders....Why is Rick Perry in these next debates?
  103. Rick Perry Rick Perry Wants to Send Troops Back to Iraq
  104. Newt Gingrich What made Newt ineligible for the draft?
  105. Mitt Romney The story behind Mitt's question on States having right to ban contraception...
  106. Jon Huntsman Forget about the Huntsman "surge"
  107. Rick Santorum Santorum bans wall posts on his Facebook page
  108. Newt Gingrich CNN Truth Squad: Gingrich's claim that he was not eligible for the draft is true
  109. Rick Santorum Organization polled Iranians. Iranians said they admire America?
  110. Newt Gingrich The Billionaire Has Switched Sides
  111. Newt Gingrich Newt the new-age fruitcake:Gingrich advocates using government to implement radical agenda
  112. General Lesser known Presidential candidates: Totals: 30 Repuplicans 14 Democrats!
  113. Jon Huntsman Not a serious candidate for President
  114. Jon Huntsman Does Have A Record…
  115. Rick Santorum Santorum Versus The Right to Work
  116. Jon Huntsman May Prefer Obama Presidency
  117. Rick Santorum "A Black Belt In Hypocrisy"
  118. Jon Huntsman really needs get his facts strait
  119. Jon Huntsman "Only One Will End the War" - FALSE Huntsman Ad
  120. Rick Santorum Santorum robocalls making NH voters angry!
  121. Mitt Romney Video Only Has 77k Views: Deserves To Be Spread Way More
  122. Rick Santorum Club for Growth FACT CHECK: Santorum a “big-government conservative”? Mostly True
  123. Rick Perry Perry calls Paul a Washington insider, hypocrite
  124. Rick Santorum The Sordid K Street Past of Rick Santorum
  125. Rick Santorum On SOPA: "There are limits to freedom on the Internet"
  126. Jon Huntsman Keep the campaign clean - WE can attack him
  127. Mitt Romney Seamus: New Boston Globe article about "the dog"
  128. Mitt Romney Would you describe Romney as "neoconservative"?
  129. Rick Santorum Club for Growth Supports Ron Paul Claim That Santorum is a ‘Big Government Conservative’
  130. General paul versus all the rest
  131. Rick Santorum Is Pawlenty kicking himself?
  132. Mitt Romney Anti-Romney ads from his '94 senate run
  133. Mitt Romney Does Mitt Romney understand the U.S. Constitution?
  134. Rick Santorum Conference Call Tomorrow Night 8:30PM (Number and ID inside)
  135. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich PAC gets 5 million dollar donation from billionaire.
  136. AP: Huntsman voters claim the media doesn't influence them as they run to the polls.
  137. Jon Huntsman Did Huntsman lie about his sons serving in the Navy?
  138. Rick Santorum Refuses GOA Gun Rights Survey!
  139. Rick Perry Getting out polled by someone with no campaign
  140. Rick Santorum Nominated Sandusky for Congressional Angel Award, walks off on Reporter's question
  141. Rick Santorum Santorum Would Cut Social Security and Bomb Iran...Priorities?
  142. Newt Gingrich Gingrich PAC comes out with ad about Bain Capital (referenced in debates)
  143. Mitt Romney Romney's Inexplicable Debate Fibs
  144. Mitt Romney Is Mitt Romney better than we think???
  145. Rick Santorum Santorum Says Gay Parents Worse Than Convicts
  146. Rick Santorum Says his pro Ron Paul nephew is "going through a phase","only 1 out of 35 nephew & nieces"
  147. Mitt Romney Palin: Media and Obama want Mitt Romney
  148. Mitt Romney Mitt draft-deferred to promote a racist organization and advance racial discrimination.
  149. Rick Santorum Take home quote from 1/7 NH debate:
  150. Mitt Romney Romney's job numbers do not count jobs taken away, but only those created!
  151. Mitt Romney Gingrich anti-Romney ad "more ruthless than Wall Street"
  152. Rick Santorum voices support for SOPA-like Internet regulation
  153. Newt Gingrich Todd Palin Endorses Newt Gingrich
  154. Mitt Romney Did Mitt Romney Really Say He Likes Firing People? (no, read article)
  155. Mitt Romney The Neocons Capture Romney
  156. Rick Santorum K Street Project
  157. Jon Huntsman Huntsman uses McCain's 2008 Slogan
  158. Newt Gingrich Kokesh writes on Facebook: assaulted by Gingrich security for filming
  159. Rick Santorum Connected With Penn State Child Raper Jerry Sandusky
  160. Mitt Romney Did Romney have his "Howard Dean" moment today?
  161. Mitt Romney Did authorize flyers championing rights for gay citizens
  162. Jon Huntsman MSNBC Rachel Maddow just did segment talking about HUntsman fake video
  163. Mitt Romney Black swan - Romney "I like to fire people" quote going viral
  164. Jon Huntsman Huntsman Fails to Qualify for Arizona Ballot
  165. Mitt Romney John McCain endorses/confuses Mitt Romney with Obama
  166. Barack Obama US argues it is immune from STD experiment lawsuit
  167. Mitt Romney: "I Like Being Able To Fire People" (video)
  168. Newt Gingrich New Hampshire results are in?
  169. Gary Johnson Obama ‘Opposes’ same-sex marriage because of Black voters
  170. Rick Santorum Santorum Supported Individual Health Insurance Mandate In 1994 Republican Primary
  171. Rick Perry Rick Perry says Ron Paul would “ideal person” to head Federal Reserve
  172. Romney With Commanding Lead in Florida
  173. Politico: Stephen Colbert tops Huntsman in South Carolina
  174. General NeW HaMPSHiRe 2012: BaNZai7 IN DePTH CoVeRaGe
  175. Jon Huntsman Thought Cap And Trade Was Awesome Before He Didn't
  176. Rick Santorum Santorum Tied to Temecula Hospital Bungling
  177. Rick Santorum Santorum Can Never Break Free From The Pack, Thanks To Ron Paul
  178. Mitt Romney Romney ZOMBIE family picture
  179. Jon Huntsman Guess with what age group Huntsman did best with?
  180. Rick Santorum What to do about Rick Santorum
  181. Mitt Romney Do you think a 2-way race between Paul and Romney would be a farily "clean" race?
  182. Jon Huntsman So if you're Huntsman...
  183. Huntsman is drunk...
  184. Gingrich just stepped on Santorum!
  185. Rick Perry Perry vows to stay in the race.
  186. Mitt Romney Mitt should call Huntsman to thank him for running
  187. Mitt Romney Warmonger Romney
  188. Newt Gingrich What did Newt say?
  189. Rick Santorum holy cow Redstate gets one right
  190. Rick Santorum Any chance he quits & makes a deal with Newt ?
  191. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Runs Away from His Final NH Campaign Stop
  192. Gary Johnson Is there any risk of Gary Johnson failing to get the LP nomination? Do we need to worry?
  193. Jon Huntsman Yes, Jon Huntsman was a member of the CFR
  194. Mitt Romney Best non-photoshoped Romney flip-flop picture EVER
  195. Rick Santorum Great picture of Santorum ironicly showing the disconnect between the media and the people
  196. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Sweater Vest money bomb.
  197. Mitt Romney Proposed meme: do not mention Romney; call him Goldman Sachs instead
  198. Mitt Romney Romney: "Ron Paul is a very serious candidate"
  199. Rick Santorum BlueCross execs fuel Santorum’s S.C. campaign
  200. Jon Huntsman S.C. Poll: Stephen Colbert ahead of Jon Huntsman
  201. Mitt Romney Romney and Obama contributors got bailouts big time
  202. Mitt Romney Hope and Change: Republican style
  203. Rick Perry May Be Booted From NBC's GOP Debate In Florida
  204. Jon Huntsman At Huntsman event, journalists outnumbered voters 150 to 12
  205. Mitt Romney Romney Currently Running Spanish TV ads in Florida
  206. Newt Gingrich fundraising email - info@nationalteapartyalert.com via returnpath.bluehornet.com
  207. Newt Gingrich LOL: Newt blames Obama for his anti-capitalism rhetoric
  208. Rick Perry Might not qualify for South Carolina debate
  209. Newt Gingrich fundraising call, Gingrich recording, all against Romney, no mention of Paul
  210. DeMint tells Newt to stop with the attacks on Mitt
  211. Mitt Romney needs Ron Paul's Endorsement to Win in 2012
  212. Rick Santorum Santorum’s Communist Clan
  213. Mitt Romney Happy Lobbyists, Unhappy Citizens
  214. General Tim Pawlenty: Ron Paul 'Shouldn't Be Dismissed' Ahead Of 2012 South Carolina Primary
  215. Newt Gingrich Newt tries all sorts of comics in new anti-Romney ad (kind of funny)
  216. Rick Santorum Santorum Talking about Ron Paul on CNN after break
  217. Rick Perry CNN waives debate rules and lets Perry in
  218. Newt flips again (on his criticism of Romney's record at Bain)
  219. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Fights With Reporter After Being Exposed As A Liar
  220. Newt Gingrich Gingrich: South Carolina will be 'Armageddon' of attacks (Still Been Mr Positive)
  221. Rick Santorum Santorum Sponsored 'Congressional Angels in Adoption' for Jerry Sandusky
  222. Mitt Romney “When Mitt Romney Came to Town”
  223. Romney Releases Spanish TV Ad
  224. Rick Perry His path to the White House
  225. Rick Santorum Dead Scientists are a Wonderful Thing
  226. Newt Gingrich Extended Interview with Piers Morgan
  227. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney: Minimum Wage Should Rise With Inflation
  228. Mitt Romney John Bolton to endorse Romney
  229. Newt Gingrich just DESTROYED Mitt Romney on Greta!!
  230. Jon Huntsman condemns video attacking Mormonism and blames Ron Paul for it
  231. Newt Gingrich Could endorse Santorum
  232. General Stephen Colbert running in South Carolina?
  233. Mitt Romney Almost just Nuff Said! Featured on CFR site......
  234. Barack Obama Obama Uses 2001 Quake To Let 217,000 illegals Stay
  235. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum to Brody File: Ron Paul Is Out to Get Me in South Carolina
  236. Mitt Romney "It's Illegal to take Contributions from Corporations"
  237. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney lacks clear remedy for US economy
  238. Mitt Romney Conservative activists scramble to stop Mitt Romney
  239. Mitt Romney Documentary on Bain Capital: "When Mitt Romney Came to Town"
  240. Rick Santorum Santorum not living in the State he was senator of?
  241. Mitt Romney Flip Flop: Romney did not think that corporations were people in 2003
  242. Romney, Gingrich and Santorum : we will make porn illegal, Spread This!
  243. Rick Santorum Santorum will spend at least 1.5 mil on SC TV ads
  244. Rick Santorum Santorum fine with States allowing abortion (quote from 2003)
  245. Mitt Romney Forbes article on "King of Bain" inaccuracies
  246. Jon Huntsman What is Huntsman's plan?
  247. Rick Santorum "Dead foreign scientists are a wonderful thing."
  248. Mitt Romney Private equity firm leaders raising big bucks for Romney
  249. Rick Santorum Nutjob Santorum planning to assassinate Russian scientists (video)
  250. Rick Santorum How much $$$$?