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  1. Mitt Romney ALL IN: Romney Doubles Down On Iowa
  2. No reason to fret about Santorum...
  3. Mitt Romney "Ron Paul's Not Going to Be Our Nominee"
  4. Jon Huntsman Dirt on Huntsman?
  5. Jon Huntsman Huntsman - Would not vote for Ron Paul as nominee; "unelectable"
  6. Rick Santorum Rick "Santorum" is GOP's latest "sex symbol"
  7. Jon Huntsman "The world is crying out for American leadership" - with Wolf Blitzer
  8. Michele Bachmann Politico Headline: "Michele Bachmann's hard fall" - Pre-caucus Campaign Obituary
  9. Newt Gingrich Two claim Gingrich lobbied in '03
  10. Newt Gingrich Not everyone's buying Gingrich’s anti-Agenda 21 cred
  11. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Kinda Freaks Out When Asked About Ron Paul & Her Ex Co-Chair
  12. Michele Bachmann Can't keep her own story straight over campaign defection
  13. Michele Bachmann ‘I Was Never Offered a Nickel’: Former Bachmann Iowa Chair Speaks Out on Joining Paul Camp
  14. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Campaign Leader Eric Woolson claims
  15. Michele Bachmann "I'm the only one in the race that has won a state wide election." M. Bachmann
  16. Barack Obama Jim Messina releases a Electoral College Map for 2012 Election
  17. Jon Huntsman Releases the MOST boring ad ever...
  18. Newt Gingrich Kiss of death for Newt?
  19. Michele Bachmann Politico pens a Michele Bachmann campaign post mortum
  20. General PolitiFact Scores for all 7 Republican Candidates
  21. Mitt Romney Romney relied on corporate welfare
  22. Michele Bachmann Politico: Who Won the Day? Ron Paul
  23. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney profited $4M from Federal bailouts while laying off his workers
  24. Michele Bachmann Paul poached Sorensen after her campaign SURGED ! LMAO
  25. Mitt Romney Is Romney really going to bus demented people to his caucus sites?
  26. Mitt Romney Let's have some fun while destroying Mitt Romney.
  27. Mitt Romney NBC Poll: Mitt Romney and Ron Paul neck-and-neck in Iowa
  28. Sarah Palin New Palin Iowa Ad: Iowa Earthquake
  29. Newt Gingrich Frank Luntz To Campaign, Uh, I Mean Moderate Newt's Town Hall @ Java Joes In Des Moines
  30. Donald Trump (come vote in poll) Donald Trump’s Possible Third Party Run Gains Momentum
  31. Mitt Romney Romney's sons call for OBAMA's birth certificate and grades...ROFLMAO
  32. Mitt Romney Romney's son calls for Obama's Birth Certificate and Grades
  33. Newt Gingrich Gingrich cries at Iowa stop
  34. Mitt Romney New Romney New Hampshire TV Ad: “American Optimism”
  35. Michele Bachmann Politico Obit: Why did Bachmann implode?
  36. General Romney & Gingrich: The Draft Dodgers That Want to Send Your Kids to War
  37. Mitt Romney Says he's "working harder than anyone to make sure [RP] isn't nominee."
  38. Mitt Romney CNN Reporting Romney now taking the holiday off
  39. Newt Gingrich Newt Behind the Newsletter Attacks
  40. Barack Obama potus + campaign staff = vulcan responce 2 mitt's childe
  41. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Cries; CNN Reporter says clip will "air all weekend before the caucuses"
  42. Rick Santorum Santorum: "Imposing" our values on eachother is what "America's about"
  43. Michele Bachmann Largest turnout today was 12 and some at restaurant just to eat lunch lol
  44. General Steve Deace endorsing Gingrich
  45. Newt Gingrich Gingrich would be worse than Obama
  46. Mitt Romney Sons' Obama joke used to make "Obama cup" Made in USA w/birth certificate 12/30/11
  47. Newt Gingrich considers Sarah Palin VP for Cabinet Position
  48. Newt Gingrich Just got spam from Newt
  49. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney names VA campaign team
  50. Newt Gingrich Newsmax to put on a 30 minute special for Gingrich this weekend in all IA major TV mkts
  51. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Kills Chapter on Climate Change in Upcoming Book
  52. General Time to flip it around
  53. Rick Santorum Santorum and Bachmann don't qualify for delegates on TN ballot
  54. Rick Santorum Mobbed by Reporters, Shouted Down by the People
  55. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney strapped his family dog to roof of his car for 12 hours on a family road-trip
  56. Michele Bachmann This is trouble
  57. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich's racist statements
  58. Michele Bachmann Bachmann warmongers about the "new Axis of Evil": Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, Russia
  59. Rick Santorum New very strange Iowa poll puts Santorum in second
  60. Mitt Romney the BIG DIG
  61. Mitt Romney Why has Romney not been attacked on this?
  62. Mitt Romney Romney Ties Dog to Roof of Car in Airtight Kennel! (story from 2007)
  63. Mitt Romney Romney & Gingrich: The Draft Dodgers That Want to Send Your Kids to War
  64. Rick Perry Deace's Replacement Simon Conway Endorses
  65. Rick Santorum About That Santorum Surge
  66. Mitt Romney: I'm working to harder than anyone to make sure Ron Paul...
  67. Mitt Romney Romney Contributions and Secret Fed Bailouts
  68. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney For The Average American-Goldman-Sachs is His #1 Contributor.
  69. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Suddenly Surging With Cash From Shadowy Sources
  70. Gary Johnson endorses Ron Paul for president.
  71. Mitt Romney Face it, Romney is the prefered candidate by the media without question.
  72. General Over Phones and Greasy Pizza, a Battle for Iowa -lots of organizational details
  73. United or Manipulated?
  74. Newt Town Hall Streaming on CNN
  75. Michele Bachmann Bachmann on CNN Now - "We have highest support level from age group 19 to 29"
  76. Rick Santorum Countering the surge
  77. Michele Bachmann Bachmann is making her own phone from home calls now
  78. Rick Santorum Santorum takes aim at the gays in Iowa
  79. General Candidates join Perry's Virginia lawsuit
  80. Rick Perry Also taking a day off?
  81. Newt Gingrich Best Strategy to Overcome Him Again?
  82. Rick Santorum Santorum is second in latest poll based on Thursday Friday
  83. Rick Santorum Santorum Haunted by Support of Pro-abortion Specter - time for some opposition research!
  84. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Compares Herself To John Wayne Gacy
  85. Mitt Romney Romney likely to raise $20 million in 4th quarter
  86. Rick Perry Rick Perry 2012 y'all !!
  87. Rick Santorum Was Santorum indirectly responsible for getting Obamacare passed?
  88. Mitt Romney Video: Christie Warns Iowa To Vote For Romney, Or Else
  89. Jon Huntsman Huntsman releases 2nd ad attacking Ron Paul, tries to make him look crazy
  90. Mitt Romney Kennedy's unaired ad against Romney (Romney was losing so didn't air it)
  91. Not Romney candidate? Why is Santorum not taking votes from Romney
  92. Rick Santorum The Lobbyists loved Rick Santorum
  93. Rick Santorum "Marriage is an institution that is a bridge too far for many African American Women"
  94. Rick Santorum Crazy man Rick Santorum: I Would Bomb Iran
  95. Mitt Romney Romney lands another Iowa newspaper endorsement
  96. Rick Santorum Fox News: Michele Bachmann Jabs Rick Santorum (video)
  97. Rick Santorum Murdoch joins twitter; first tweet expresses support for Santorum
  98. Rick Santorum has Romney also but mainly motivational Important! Please read and comment, suggest
  99. Rick Santorum Santorum bothers Cyclone fans, gets told to be quiet during football game [VIDEO]
  100. Donald Trump Has just registered in TX for 3rd Party POTUS bid
  101. Rick Santorum Santorum ready to bomb Iran
  102. Mitt Romney 2005 Boston Article: Romney Eyes Penalties for those lacking insurance
  103. Rick Santorum Voted for bailout of the Airline Industry
  104. Rick Santorum "I want to go to war with China"
  105. Mitt Romney Under Romney's Governorship, Department of Social Services almost killed 11yr old girl
  106. Rick Perry Rick Perry New Year Resolution: Pray For Troops In Our Combat Theatres
  107. Mitt Romney Picture of protesters at a Mitt Event today
  108. Rick Santorum The Origins of the Nick Name "Frothy"
  109. Rick Santorum GOP Strategist: Media Will "Eat" Rick Santorum
  110. Rick Santorum [VIDEO] Rick Santorum says 'I have a right to do what I want to do.' is Mantra of Left
  111. Rick Santorum Memories of Rick Santorum's lies
  112. Mitt Romney History of Mitt Romney Flip-Flopping
  113. Rick Santorum Is a REAL racist.
  114. Rick Perry Collects a pension AND a Paycheck
  115. Rick Santorum This is the second highest viewed video on Santorum's youtube channel
  116. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Supported Pro-Abortion candidates: Arlen Specter, Christine Todd Whitman
  117. Rick Santorum Santorum walks back on endorsement of Romney in 2008.
  118. Rick Santorum Implies Obama Should Be Pro-Life Because He's Black
  119. Newt Gingrich My biggest weakness is I am too reasonable
  120. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Makes Most Corrupt List In 2006
  121. Rick Santorum Tried to cover up Sen. John Ensigns sex scandle. Family values indeed
  122. Rick Santorum Santorum deleting and banning any opposing views on his facebook page
  123. Tim Pawlenty Rick Perry Iowa ground game
  124. Herman Cain Herman Cain to endorse Newt Gingrich tomorrow?
  125. Rick Santorum Video of Rick Santorum endorsing pro-choice Arlen Specter in 2004 senate primary.
  126. Rick Santorum Santorum on Blacks and Marriage
  127. Rick Santorum Santorum gets a grilling on ‘Meet the Press’
  128. Mitt Romney Obama Campaign Promises As Good As Kardashian Wedding Vows
  129. HAHAHA! Classic Santorum video from Imus interview.
  130. Breaking Vid: Newt Supported 1995 Clinton Bailout of Mexico, Jp Morgan, Citi And Gore!
  131. Rick Santorum lied about meeting with Lobbyists
  132. Rick Santorum Official anti-Santorum Facebook page. Share with everyone you know!
  133. "Santorum Surges From Behind" LOL headline
  134. Rick Santorum Laughing his way to the bank?
  135. Rick Perry Hundreds of volunteers 'some of them elected officials and lobbyists from Texas' 4 GOTV
  136. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum, Earmarxists, and the Pro-Life Statist
  137. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum helped double the size of the Department of Education (2002)
  138. Mitt Romney RP should take a page out of Romney's book
  139. Santorum exposed
  140. [Video] Romney argues with a reporter after being caught in a lie.
  141. Mitt Romney [Video] AP reporter spars with Romney over lobbyist running Campaign
  142. Rick Santorum implies Obama should be pro-life because he is BLACK
  143. Rick Santorum Santorum on the Australian School of Economics
  144. Mitt Romney Adam & The Constitution VS Mitt Romney
  145. Rick Santorum santorum fundraising "soars"
  146. Rick Santorum Santorum expanding campaign in NH
  147. Rick Santorum Ricky S-among corrupt senators (2006)
  148. Mitt Romney Falls for a prank
  149. Rick Santorum Talking about medicaid: "I don't want to make black people's lives better"
  150. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Was For Mitt Romney Before He Was Against Him
  151. Rick Santorum An unfortunate explanation by Santorum
  152. Rick Santorum Santorum Picks Fight with O'Reilly
  153. Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman Grasping for Straws in Attacks on Ron Paul
  154. Rick Santorum Robert Wenzel breaks down the Santorum surge
  155. Mitt Romney John THUUUUUNE
  156. Rick Santorum Santorum singles out black people in reference to entitlements (disputed)
  157. Michele Bachmann Adam Kokesh tests Michele Bachmann's microphone
  158. Newt Gingrich Newt says he is going to nuclear on Mitt Romney (In SC?)
  159. Mitt Romney Conservatives Furious At Nikki Haley For Endorsing Romney
  160. Rick Santorum Santorum resorting to outright lies...
  161. Rick Santorum RonPaul2012.com Lays the Smackdown on Rick Santorum
  162. Donald Trump Trump: I might run if the GOP nominates “the wrong candidate”
  163. Rick Santorum John David Duggar supports Rick Santorum in Iowa
  164. Rick Santorum Makes racist statement
  165. Rick Santorum Photo: Iowa Pizza Ranch Manager Christens 'Santorum Salad'
  166. Herman Cain Piers Morgan (CNN- 9 PM EST): Herman Cain to Announce Endorsement!
  167. Herman "I am America" Cain with an announcement on CNN after the break
  168. Michele Bachmann "We're going to take it to RP"
  169. Donald Trump Trashing Ron Paul Some More Tonight on Greta
  170. Donald Trump Says Ron Paul can't beat Obama (1/2/12)
  171. General Perry and some Santorum on the trail in Iowa
  172. Rick Santorum Santorum actually got crowds today - not more than Ron or anything, but still. Peculiar.
  173. Rick Santorum Reason.com on Rick Santorum's book, "It Takes A Family: Conservatism & the Common Good"
  174. Rick Santorum says: Ron Paul belongs to ‘Dennis Kucinich wing of the Democratic Party’
  175. Newt Gingrich Credit Going to Newt for Last US Balanced Budget
  176. Mitt Romney predicts victory in GOP caucuses and beyond
  177. Michele Bachmann Will not drop out, regardless of Iowa results.
  178. Rick Santorum Young Turks mentions racial statement about black people
  181. Mitt Romney 17 Reasons Why A Vote For Mitt Romney Is A Vote For The New World Order
  182. Rick Santorum wins Rupert Murdoch endorsement
  183. Rick Santorum "Ron Paul is Disgusting"
  184. Michele Bachmann Bachmann: ‘Dangerous’ Ron Paul Would Defend America Only After Attacked
  185. Rick Santorum Nephew denounces Santorum, endorses Ron Paul
  186. Michele Bachmann Primary Bachmann? Pros & Cons
  187. Mitt Romney MSM treats everyone in a nasty way
  188. Mitt Romney How did Mitt get this big spike in Facebook?
  189. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann’s county-specific How-to-Caucus videos
  190. Rick Santorum 2006 Most Corrupt Member of Congress
  191. Rick Santorum CNN Cafferty Files Jack Asks, "Will Santroum's Vow To Bomb Iran Help or Hurt Him in Iowa?"
  192. General Romney, Perry and Santorum now have delegates
  193. Rick Perry Perry's 50 state campaign
  194. General Gingrich&Perry Have Both Cried in Iowa...Desperation Personified
  195. Mitt Romney Before voting begins, Romney takes small super delegate lead (Trey Grayson seen)
  196. Mitt Romney Tales From The Crypt: Grand Ole Republican Establishment Aristocrat Backs Mittens
  197. Rick Perry Perry relates defeating the Democrats to defeating the Nazis, Redcoats
  198. Rick Santorum Fox Live: Santorum's Color Is SH@t Brown ((( LOL? )))
  199. Newt Gingrich This will make you smile!
  200. Jon Huntsman Paul tweets Huntsman: we found your 1 Iowa voter, you might want to call & say thanks
  201. Rick Perry Rick Perry is out!
  202. Rick Santorum Irony: Santorum speaks out against fascism
  203. Mitt Romney Video Idea - Mitt Romney is Obama !
  204. Rick Santorum Two fundraising letters, suspect Gingrich, Bachmann or Cain email list
  205. Jon Huntsman Really not liking this
  206. Newt Gingrich Angry Newt Gingrich bolts after bad finish
  207. Michele Bachmann Officially Suspending Campaign
  208. Gary Johnson Website doesn't say "Support Ron Paul" anymore.
  209. Rick Santorum The slime that is Santorum
  210. Rick Perry Not out going to SC
  211. Michele Bachmann Can somebody add the strikethrough on Bachmann's name? Been waiting for it!
  212. Rick Santorum States should have power to ban birth control
  213. Jon Huntsman "The Ron Paul Blame Game"
  214. Newt Gingrich RP: "Newt is a chickenhawk" (vid)
  215. Newt Gingrich Gingrich sees scenario where he would ally with Santorum to stop Romney
  216. Mitt Romney Easiest and most effective way to steal Romney votes
  217. Mitt Romney The Romney Revolution
  218. Rick Santorum Mrs Santorum Had An Abortion That Rick Would Have Outlawed
  219. General Buddy Roemer: Will he endorse Paul?
  220. Gary Johnson Polling at 9% Nationally
  221. Rick Santorum Medicaid fraud by company for which he was a board member
  222. Rick Santorum Ethics issues
  223. Rick Santorum Ricky's confused about homosexuality
  224. Rick Santorum NOW! Santorum Surge Brings Ethics Questions - ABC News
  225. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Black people should understand Abortion
  226. Rick Santorum: Top-tier on Most Corrupt Member of Congress list 2 years running
  227. Jon Huntsman Huntsman exposed - a compilation of his positions and weaknesses
  228. Barack Obama "Someone is already bringing the troops home. His name is Obama."
  229. Newt Gingrich Historian Newt Unaware That Washington Grew Marijuana
  230. Rick Santorum Sen. Santorum, let's review....
  231. Rick Santorum Bizarre Santorum family photo
  232. Rick Santorum santorum to cut $5 trillion??
  233. Rick Santorum 'Some Christians' Think Mormonism Is 'Dangerous Cult'
  234. Rick Santorum Santorum's past
  235. Rick Santorum Santorum Surge Brings Ethics Questions
  236. Jon Huntsman First NH tv ad
  237. Rick Santorum Claims to have raised $1M since last night
  238. Newt Gingrich His Personal Mission To Destroy Mitt Romney
  239. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum caught in WMD lie
  240. Mitt Romney John McCain attack ad 2008 in NH against Romney
  241. Rick Santorum 2008 article: Vote for Foreign Aid
  242. Mitt Romney Jon Stewart Making Fun Of Romney Debate Answer
  244. Rick Perry CNN Headline just now: Rick Rolls into Contention
  245. Mitt Romney Politico: Romney goes to heck
  246. Rick Perry Perry staying in, heading to South Carolina
  247. Mitt Romney McCain endorses Mitt who McCain previously accused of embracing war criminal torture in 08
  248. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich and nukes
  249. Newt Gingrich Gingrich: Founding fathers would have 'violent' reaction to pot growers
  250. Mitt Romney Why are his poll numbers so high in New Hampshire?