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  1. Michele Bachmann Don't attack Bachmann - it's attacking down
  2. Rick Perry Rick Perry Retired? Yep – Uses loophole to Loot money from Texans
  3. Rick Perry Humor: Frank the Doorman says:
  4. Rick Perry Most Texans know Perry is nothing but an inveterate Liar
  5. Michele Bachmann I don’t hate Muslims but Iran hates Jews & Americans
  6. Michele Bachmann Compares Iran to Nazi Germany!
  7. Let's not underestimate Bachman
  8. Michele Bachmann Hey Bachmann supporters, your candidate is ignorant of UN reports
  9. Newt Gingrich Send U.S. Marshals to arrest uncooperative judges
  10. Newt Gingrich Arrest Federal Judges and List of his support for fascism
  11. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's life as a poor Mormon missionary in France questioned
  12. Newt Gingrich Says Wikileaks founder is enemy combatant, publishing information act of war
  13. Newt Gingrich A red meat opportunist
  14. Herman Cain More less likely to vote for Cain endorsement than for. LOL
  15. Mitt Romney Does Mitt Romney really own the Des Moines Register?
  16. Mitt Romney Nikki Haley's endorsement of Romney is a stab in the back to Ron Paul supporters......
  17. Newt Gingrich The GOP's Charlie Sheen
  18. OMG..They're pushing Jeb Bush now.
  19. Rick Perry Conference Call (12/19)
  20. Newt Gingrich is this totally freaky? did gary busey's quick about face happen at newt's poll peak?
  21. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney dodges draft to live in palace in France.
  22. Newt Gingrich Gingrich-Linked Propagandist Recycles Debunked “Racist” Ron Paul Smear
  23. Michele Bachmann Tea Party group tells Bachmann to quit the presidential race
  24. Rick Perry Another Gaffe
  25. Newt Gingrich Bob Barr writes about his love for Gingrich in Daily Caller
  26. Newt Gingrich Iowa Speaker Paulsen endorses Gingrich for 2012 GOP nomination
  27. Newt Gingrich About time: Newt gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment
  28. Mitt Romney Planned Parenthood prez: Romney used to come to our events, sought endorsement
  29. Michele Bachmann I was called LIVE and heard town hall meeting as way to communicate Bachmann
  30. Newt Gingrich suggests Ron Paul unprepared, a threat
  31. Mitt Romney Intersting wikipedia link about Mitts Father
  32. Family Leader Endorsement Coming Tomorrow at 10:30
  33. Sarah Palin Sara Palin...again
  34. Michele Bachmann saying some pretty wild stuff on the Steve Deace show
  35. Mitt Romney Romney endorsed Ultra Liberal Mayor back in 2003
  36. Michele Bachmann Is accusing Newt campaign of paying for Tea Party endorsements
  37. Mitt Romney Romney working hard to lose the evangelical vote
  38. Sarah Palin Online Poll, will Palin enter race?
  39. Jon Huntsman : New Hampshire will be a two person race between himself and Romney
  40. Mitt Romney Proposes National ID Card
  41. Michele Bachmann ‘Ron Paul Would Wait until American City is Taken Out by Nuclear Weapon’
  42. Newt Gingrich To Launch 44-City Iowa Bus Tour to Rebut"reprehensible attacks."
  43. Herman Cain "There's too much politics in politics!"
  44. Mitt Romney Dole teasing Iowa Gov. Branstad with Romney VP talk
  45. Newt Gingrich exposes on Newt
  46. Mitt Romney Has A Big Tax Problem With Conservatives & The Tax Foundation Grades His Fiscal Plan C-
  47. Family Leader Endorsement
  48. Rick Perry Hypocrisy Alert: "Bailout Was Single Biggest Act Of Theft in American History"
  49. Michele Bachmann Quotes from interview with Steve Deace
  50. A website that promotes adultery...words fail me...
  51. Barack Obama Obama administration switches border security strategy before election year
  52. Rick Perry New Rick Perry Iowa TV Ad “Three Streets”
  53. General Family Leader group doesn't endorse any candidates
  54. Barack Obama Is GOP infighting helping Obama???
  55. Mitt Romney Missions - Not just for draft dodging!
  56. Newt Gingrich Christmas ad (Video)
  57. Newt Gingrich ‘You Know Something? You’re a F–king A–hole’: Iowa Man Confronts Gingrich
  58. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson to seek Lp nomination
  59. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson to Drop Out of GOP Race, Run as a Libertarian
  60. Newt Gingrich Sad commentary on what has happened to the Tea Party....
  61. Michele Bachmann Iowan religious conservatives asked Michele Bachmann to quit
  62. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson withdrawing to run for Libertarian Party
  63. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Going 3rd Party, should we be worried?
  64. Newt Gingrich Bahaha Ashley Madison Endorses Newt Gingrich
  65. Palin hinting at entering race?
  66. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney: Rewriting Conservatism
  67. Barack Obama The one candidate who opposed an individual mandate. (2008)
  68. Newt Gingrich Drudge: Gingrich assails Romney for 'smear campaign'...
  69. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Reportedly Tells Gay Iowan Voter He’s Better Off Supporting Obama
  70. Michele Bachmann someone isn’t being completely honest about what was said. re: dropping out of race
  71. Newt Gingrich NewtGingrich.com redirecting to various sites and articles he wouldn't like
  72. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson for senate?
  73. Is a Santorum push coming?
  74. Mitt Romney New Romney Iowa TV Ad: “Character”
  75. Newt Gingrich Supervillain or Newt: A Tough New Game
  76. Mitt Romney Mitt's SOFT SPOT
  77. Newt Gingrich Billboards going up in Iowa
  78. Mitt Romney Romney Campaign Confident of Its Organization
  79. Michele Bachmann email "only four points behind Ron Paul for first place in Iowa!"
  80. Mitt Romney Neocon Romney just flip flopped on Iraq war
  81. Newt Gingrich Judge Comments: ‘Why do The American People Have to Tolerate an Anti-Religious Bigot?’
  82. Michele Bachmann Who does Michele Bachmann think she is?
  83. Mitt Romney New Romney Web Ad: “Earn It: Bedford, NH”
  84. Newt Gingrich 3.1 million dollar Iowa Ad buy: Romney SuperPAC hits Gingrich and Perry on immigration
  85. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich tells gays to vote for obama
  86. Michele Bachmann "Dr. Michele Bachmann" frequently lied about being a doctor, among other things
  87. Rick Santorum "Santorum" Outlines Plan To Win Over Gay Voters
  88. Gary Johnson Big announcement ?
  89. Mitt Romney Romney: I Would Deport Obama's Uncle
  90. Jon Huntsman Endorsed by the Concord Monitor?
  91. FYI, Huntsman just got the Concord Monitor endorsement.
  92. Newt Gingrich on Ron Paul: "I think the key to his volunteer base is people who want to legalize drugs"
  93. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Heckled In Iowa.. MORE LIKE PUMMELED!!! Love it
  94. Newt Gingrich On Ron Paul's Foreign Policy "He Doesn't Want to Blame the Bad Guys"
  95. Newt Gingrich Gingrich lowers expectations, shoots for top three or four in Iowa
  96. Newt Gingrich Newsmax "paid by Newt" fundraising email explains their news bias
  97. Michele Bachmann funraising email claims "statistical dead heat"
  98. Is there any way we could get Herman Cain to stick up for Dr. Paul?
  99. Newt Gingrich Crushed Ego Sends Newt to Hospital [Satire]
  100. Newt Gingrich Predicts 3rd Place Finish in Iowa
  101. Mitt Romney Declines To Release Tax Returns, Fundraisers, Destroying Evidence, Cementing His Secrecy
  102. Mitt Romney Bush endorses Romney.
  103. General Bachmann, Huntsman, Santorum fail to make Virginia ballot
  104. Mitt Romney George H.W. Bush Backs Romney: ‘The Best Choice for Us’ Blaze 12/22/11
  105. Newt Gingrich Pets with Newt
  106. Michele Bachmann Email Bachmann at her campaign website.
  107. Rick Perry A President of Honor (Ad)
  108. Romney needs to be hit with treatment of Family Dog Story
  109. Newt Gingrich Gingrich Attacks Ron Paul on Abandoning Israel
  110. Rick Santorum Vander Plaats paid for endorsement?
  111. Mitt Romney Report: Romney raised at least $20 million in fourth quarter
  112. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney research
  113. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney on Same Sex Marrage
  114. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Releases Second Statewide Iowa Campaign Ad
  115. Michele Bachmann Bachmann's caucus organization and training videos
  116. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann claims polling strength (Des Moines Register debunking)
  117. Newt Gingrich Gingrich questions Ron Paul on newsletters
  118. Newt Gingrich questions Ron Paul on newsletters
  119. Newt Gingrich Newt is unlikeable
  120. Donald Trump Changes Party Affiliation; Leaves Door Open for 2012 Run
  121. Rick Perry fails to qualify for Virginia primary
  122. Newt Gingrich Newsletter Scandal Points to Gingrich
  123. Gary Johnson Gary endorses Ron Paul on the front page of his campaign site
  124. Newt Gingrich Gingrich FAILS to qualify for Virginia primary
  125. Newt Gingrich [VIDEO] Some interesting clips. Gingrich says: "The Constitution is not a suicide pact"
  126. Rick Santorum Iowa group investigating for violating FEC regulations
  127. Newt Gingrich Newsletter oversight raises competency questions but failing to get on VA ballot doesn't?
  128. [VIDEOS] Alot of Gingrich material (including unraised issues like 95 Mexican bailout)
  129. Newt Gingrich Alvin Toffler: The Congress is obsolete
  130. Michele Bachmann New Iowa ads-(And we thought that OUR 2008 ads were bad...)
  131. Newt Gingrich Frontline: The Long March of Newt Gingrich
  132. Newt Gingrich Gingrich’s Ballot Miss Could Shake Voters’ Confidence
  133. [video]Newt Gingrich Sides With Bill Clinton Over Conservatives In 1995 Mexican Bailout
  134. Michele Bachmann Bachamann Makes Me Think Of Toothpaste
  135. Newt Gingrich assails Virginia's "failed system"
  136. Mitt Romney Warmongering Mitt Romney Ad
  137. Donald Trump Trump switches to independent, mulls run on Americans Elect ticket
  138. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Compares His Failure To Make The Virginia Ballot To The Pearl Harbor Attack
  139. Newt Gingrich Gingrich on South Carolina’s Decision To Fly Confederate Flag At Capital
  140. Newt Gingrich Newt's failure to get on the Missouri, Ohio and Virginia ballots and Problems in NH : caus
  141. Newt Gingrich Don't bother posting on Newt Gingrich's page today.
  142. Jon Huntsman Will Huntsman get his media pump?
  143. Mike Huckabee Paul may win Iowa, but will never got nomination. Foreign policy slammed
  144. Mitt Romney Huckabee: Romney will win Iowa — if the weather holds up
  145. Mitt Romney On NDAA
  146. General Romney & Gingrich Security Advisers Tied to $40 Billion in Contracts
  147. Rick Perry Rick Perry’s Security Costs Texas Taxpayers up to $400,000 a Month
  148. Mitt Romney New site exposing Mitt's record
  149. Mitt Romney Romney's wife donated to Planned Parenthood
  150. Barack Obama Obama Justifies NDAA act in front of the Constitution
  151. Newt Gingrich OOPS-Gingrich compares ballot exclusion to Pearl Harbor
  152. Michele Bachmann Voted Yes on NDAA
  153. Newt Gingrich Newly released court documents cast doubt on Gingrich version of first divorce
  154. Dick Morris just loves Santorum.
  155. Newt Gingrich says "Ron Paul's foreign policy worse than Obama's"
  156. Barack Obama Let the real racist be exposed
  157. Rick Perry Ron featured in new Perry ad
  158. Newt Gingrich "Newties" Mom
  159. General Discredit Dick Morris
  160. Mitt Romney Local blog (now defunct) that was very critical of Romney while Gov of MA
  161. Herman Cain So since Herm only "suspended" his campaign, rather then withdraw.....
  162. Newt Gingrich Alcoholics for Newt Gingrich
  163. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Sides With Bill Clinton Over Conservatives In 1995 $40B Mexican Bailout
  164. Newt Gingrich Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire !!!!
  165. Gary Johnson The Problem With Gary Johnson: Roger Stone
  166. Newt Gingrich 5 Reasons Newt Gingrich Will Be Nothing But a Footnote in History
  167. Rick Santorum After Watching CNN Here In Canada The Elites, GOP Establishment are Pushing Rick San
  168. Mitt Romney 7 Reasons Why Mitt Romney's Electability Is A Myth
  169. Newt Gingrich Gingrich‘s ’06 Memos Praised Romney’s Health Care Plan: ‘The Most Interesting Effort’
  170. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney racist Mormon church
  171. Donald Trump Donald Trump's spokesman says Trump strongly considering Americans Elect
  172. Mike Huckabee Praises Newt Gingrich?!?!
  173. Newt Gingrich Divorce Records Reveal Gingrich’s Pants Decidedly On Fire
  174. Newt Gingrich Newt and Romney
  175. Newt Gingrich New Video: Gingrich supporting the Obama individual mandate in 2008
  176. Newt Gingrich 2008 Video Surfaces of Gingrich Supporting Health Care Mandate for All Americans
  177. Newt Gingrich first wife, "She's not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President."
  178. Newt Gingrich Conservative group teams up with Democrat to help Gingrich and Perry in Virginia
  179. Tea-O-Con Xpress Backs Bachmann
  180. Mitt Romney Romney lowers expectations for Iowa
  181. Mitt Romney 7 Reasons Why Mitt Romney's Electability is a Myth
  182. Newt Gingrich Newt: I Would Never Vote For Ron Paul
  183. Rick Perry Perry files lawsuit to get on VA ballot
  184. Mitt Romney Does not criticize RP on newsletters
  185. Newt Gingrich LA Times. Newly Combative Newt Gingrich Swipes at Mitt Romney, Ron Paul
  186. Mitt Romney says: Gingrich like Lucille Ball at chocolate factory
  187. Rick Santorum Attacks Ron Paul's Age
  188. Newt Gingrich Gingrich:Paul 'Bad Choice for America'
  189. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Wouldn't Vote For Ron Paul If He Gets The Nomination (VIDEO)
  190. Newt Gingrich Gingrich promises to run "clean campaign" - serial hypocrisy again?
  191. Rick Perry Rick Perry flip flops on abortion 7 days before Iowa Caucus
  192. Michele Bachmann Predicts Racist Statements Will Make Paul Lose Support
  193. Rick Santorum Santorum Summary
  194. Newt Gingrich Airs professional Christmas ad in New Hampshire
  195. Gary Johnson 10 PM EST (Fox News)- Gary Johnson Dropping Out, Big Announcement...
  196. Mitt Romney Romney's organization in Iowa
  197. Newt Gingrich The truth will set you free
  198. Rick Perry Perry campaign to sue Virginia to get on 2012 ballot
  199. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich refuses to rule out a third party run (12/27/2011)
  200. Newt Gingrich LMAO: the grinch blasts Paul for values? LMAO !!!!!
  201. General Newt and Perry Throw Tantrums over Virginia
  202. Mitt Romney Romney - LOL ARranged crowd for Tomney clogs streets and gets him a bill
  203. Rick Santorum Santorum says he'll drop after Iowa - but only if he comes in last
  204. Newt Gingrich Gingrich will make half of the number of Iowa stops announced last week
  205. Gary Johnson officially running as Libertarian Party candidate for president
  206. Will Gary Johnson's Libertarian switch hurt Ron Paul?
  207. Newt Gingrich former chairman of the VA Democratic Party will help try to let Gingrich do VA write in
  208. Mitt Romney TheHill: Romney still defending the mandate as a conservative principle
  209. Michele Bachmann fundraising "if they defeat our campaign, the Tea Party movement will be eliminated"
  210. Newt Gingrich "I took that vacation to Greece because I needed to see the fiscal crisis up close"
  211. General Santorum, Romney would vote for Ron Paul if he becomes the GOP nominee.
  212. Rick Santorum voted for No Child Left Behind and medicare busting medicare part D?
  213. Mitt Romney romney website is horrible.
  214. Rick Santorum "Santorum" commercial steals Restore America Now theme?
  215. Michele Bachmann Some ammo to use against Michelle Bachmann
  216. Mitt Romney Says he will vote for Ron Paul on CNN with Wolf Blitzer
  217. Mitt Romney Romney thorws Jab at Ron Paul over stance on Iran
  218. Rick Santorum Is "Santorum" the next flavor of the week?
  219. Michele Bachmann Won't say if she'll vote for Ron, actually a limit to what the US can do in the world..
  220. Newt Gingrich Team Gingrich Resets In Iowa: We Can Survive 5th Place Finish
  221. Michele Bachmann Bachmann's Super Pac defects to Romney
  222. Sarah Palin ‘Vote Rogue’: Iowa Ad Campaign Urges Voters to Caucus for Sarah Palin
  223. Gary Johnson encourages supporters to vote for Ron Paul in GOP primaries
  224. Jon Huntsman "I'm not an isolationist. I don't share the Ron Paul world view."
  225. Rick Perry sues Virgina over ballot access
  226. Mitt Romney Steve Forbes, campaigning for Rick Perry, attacks Romney’s capital gains tax policy
  227. Michele Bachmann Bachmann responds to Kent Sorenson defection to Ron Paul campaign
  228. Mitt Romney Romney describes healthcare mandate as conservative principle
  229. Michele Bachmann Team Bachmann has accused people of being on the take before.
  230. Pushing Santorum as the next "One"...
  231. Michele Bachmann Michelle Bachmann’s own political director claims she lied about Ron Paul defection
  232. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum "Iowa Surprise" Moneybomb! haha
  233. Santorum being pushed to coalesce evangelical vote?
  234. Mitt Romney GIDDY ROMNEY: 'Why Don't We Just Caucus Right Now?'
  235. Rick Santorum Byron York: Santorum’s numbers could soar in the final few days
  236. Gary Johnson Barack Obama may lose gay voters to Gary Johnson in 2012
  237. Jon Huntsman 'They pick corn in Iowa. They pick presidents in NH'...
  238. Newt Gingrich fundraising: can the GOP buy an election
  239. Jon Huntsman claims 3rd in Iowa: behind Romney, Paul, and Gingrich...?!?
  240. Jon Huntsman Huntsman calling Ron Racist in new ad.....
  241. Gingrich Says Ron Paul Can’t Win Iowa, Calls Him a 'Protest Candidate'
  242. Drudge front and center: Rasmussen: ROMNEY 45% OBAMA 39%...?
  243. Rick Santorum LOL..They're pushing Santorum as being in THIRD and..
  244. Rick Santorum Santorum buying television time in New Hampshire
  245. Rick Santorum Santorum: Paul too liberal even for Democrats
  246. Rick Perry Perry slams Santorum in new radio ad
  247. Santorum Hype Begins
  248. Rick Perry New Ad In Iowa Calls GOP Rivals DC-Insiders And Plays Class Warfare, Attacks Ron Paul Too
  249. Gary Johnson Checkmate GOP establishment.
  250. Rick Perry Judge rules against Rick Perry in VA