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  1. Herman Cain 2012 Presidential Matchups: Cain 43%, Obama 41%
  2. Michele Bachmann Photos: Bachmann faces protesters at Phoenix event
  3. Herman Cain David Frum's Opinion on Herman Cain: Too Inexperienced
  4. Herman Cain Herman Cain on auditing the Fed
  5. Herman Cain Cain 43%, Obama 41%
  6. Herman Cain Against a National Sales Tax before he was for it
  7. Mitt Romney Romney consulted eugenics-pushing John Holdren to craft carbon tax legislation in MA
  8. Rick Santorum Santorum Calls 'SNL' Sketch 'Bullying'
  9. Rick Santorum Claims Herman Cain Is Too Pro-Gay, Compares His Fight Against Marriage Equality To Lincoln
  10. Newt Gingrich Gingrich says Cain is not ready for prime time
  11. Herman Cain Cain already being marginalized
  12. Herman Cain understands the neoconservative movement just fine. He is one.
  13. Herman Cain True flip-flop on border fence
  14. Herman Cain USING Campaign CONTRIBUTIONS to enrich himself? TSK, TSK, TSK
  15. Herman Cain No worries, Herman was just an "honorary" messenger at the Federal Reserve
  16. Herman Cain Latino GOP Activist Leaving Party Over Herman Cain’s ‘Electric Fence’ Idea
  17. Mitt Romney Launches New Attack Site Targeting Perry: careerpolitician.com
  18. Mitt Romney Just to remind everyone
  19. Herman Cain Grover Norquist: The 9-9-9 plan is "very dangerous"; Compared it to a "tapeworm"
  20. Mitt Romney Attack ad on Perry may be GOLD against Mittens
  21. Herman Cain 9-9-9: The numbers just don’t add up
  22. Herman Cain Herman Cain Claims That A ‘Liberal Court’ Killed Jesus
  23. Herman Cain Imagine there's no Pizza!
  24. Herman Cain 999 Praised by Marco Rubio
  25. Herman Cain If Al Qaeda Demanded It, I’d Consider Freeing Every Gitmo Prisoner For The Release Of An A
  26. Herman Cain Herman Cain explains past donations to Democrats
  27. Herman Cain 84% of Americans would have their taxes increased under 9-9-9
  28. Herman Cain Herman Cain wins 71% of the vote in Newsmax poll (out of 49,000)
  29. Herman Cain No-No-No on 9-9-9
  30. Rick Perry Letter in Support of TARP
  31. Michele Bachmann Bachmann forgets where Libya is during the debate
  32. Herman Cain Herman Cain's ties to the Kochtopus (article)
  33. Herman Cain Herman Cain backers launch super PAC
  34. Herman Cain Ever notice.....Herman Cain blinks rapidly when he is stressing out...
  35. Michele Bachmann The Trump foreign policy
  36. Herman Cain The "4th 9" in Cain's plan
  37. Newt Gingrich *sigh* Palin likes Newt, thinks he won the debate
  38. Michele Bachmann Celebrity Stars In Her Eyes!
  39. Mitt Romney Hiring Illegal Immigrants
  40. Newt Gingrich Lying about individual health care mandate
  41. Herman Cain Antioch Baptist Church North
  42. Herman Cain RedState: The quickly evolving 9-9-9 (LOL)
  43. Herman Cain Does anyone have video of the Cain lie about negotiating with terrorists?
  44. Rick Perry Perry repeatedly calls Cain "brother"
  45. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney: ObomneyCare and Wall Street Money
  46. Herman Cain's edited for consumption resume
  47. Herman Cain Economist Who Helped Cain Craft 9-9-9 Plan Backs Away From Sales Tax
  48. Herman Cain HotAir: Cain Flip-Flops Again, This Time on Releasing Gitmo Prisoners
  49. Michele Bachmann Funny video: Anderson, Anderson, Anderson!
  50. Mitt Romney Mandate Mitt RomneyCare's Mandate "grinding the Destitos into the dirt"
  51. Rick Perry LRPT: Gardasil Kills Kids
  52. Herman Cain Says Abortions Should Be Both Legal And Illegal
  53. Herman Cain A Closer Look at Herman Cain's "9-9-9" Tax Plan
  54. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann: Iraq and Libya Should Reimburse the U.S. for 'Liberating' Them
  55. Herman Cain Breaking! Architech of Cain's 9-9-9 plan says drop the sales tax!
  56. Mitt Romney wouldn't mind hiring illegals if he wasn't running for office?
  57. Herman Cain "I'm going on the attack [in the next debate]"
  58. Mitt Romney Brutal New Romney ad: Rick Perry’s a moron
  59. Mitt Romney Romney to Gingrich: The Individual Mandate Was Your Idea
  60. Michele Bachmann I have to laugh
  61. Herman Cain Herman Cain's campaign paid his company to buy his books
  62. Herman Cain Cain’s campaigning raises questions
  63. Mitt Romney In 2007 Romney proposed extending Romneycare to all the US
  64. Herman Cain How bad is Godfather's pizza: The Godfather’s Pizza taste test
  65. Herman Cain Ron Paul Least Favorite Candidate
  66. Herman Cain Harry Belefonte smacks down Cain (vid)
  67. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum calls Paul's foreign policy "reckless."
  68. Rick Perry Perry to Propose Flat Tax Plan
  69. Newt Gingrich Fill this thread up with anti-Gingrich fodder, please.
  70. Herman Cain Hates his own 9-9-9 Plan - VAT Tax 2010 article
  71. Herman Cain Aquila - Herman Cain's Enron
  72. Rick Perry Perry releases "Mitt Romney - Misleading" ad
  73. Rick Santorum Ron Paul causes Rick Santorum to flip-flop
  74. Herman Cain Cain is using campaign cash to buy copies of his own book
  75. Mitt Romney Potential Romney and Cain campaign money scandals
  76. Herman Cain Washington Post on Cain's flip flopping
  77. Herman Cain Nabs Hawkeye Establishment Support
  78. Herman Cain ------- Falling Up -----------^
  79. Herman Cain Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? Critics Say Herman Cain’s Abortion Stance Is Confusing
  80. Rick Perry Rick Perry releases flat tax as he falls to sixth in Iowa polls
  81. Herman Cain Clearer Herman Cain article on his pro choice stance, based on Piers Morgan interview
  82. Herman Cain endorsed by outsed NH GOP chair
  83. Herman Cain The Iowa Republican: Do we really know who Herman Cain is?
  84. Michele Bachmann Teletownhall phone call tonight at 6 CST
  85. Herman Cain Santorum, Bachmann hammer Cain on abortion comments
  86. Herman Cain Hillary Clinton And Hamid Karzai Laugh At Herman Cain
  87. Herman Cain Cain lies about 2004 Senate run?
  88. Herman Cain Facebook status. After contradictions all day. "I'm 100% pro-life. End of Story."
  89. Rick Perry Perry proposes flat-tax ahead of economy speech
  90. Rick Perry For Perry, A Rapid Fundraising Rise -- and Fall
  91. Herman Cain Pro-choice candidate Herman Cain complaining about Ron Paul again.
  92. Herman Cain Video: Cain says that GOP Candidates are "Getting On My Last Nerve"
  93. Herman Cain GOD told him to run.
  94. Herman Cain "OPPORTUNITY ZONES" to be discussed Friday, October 21, 2011
  95. Rick Perry Perry did vote for a $5.7 billion tax increase in 1987 - and other facts
  96. Rick Santorum Herman Cain Abortion Stance Is 'Quintessentially Pro-Choice,' Rick Santorum Says
  97. Herman Cain Cain challenged us in the debate to read the independent analysis of 9-9-9... Please help!
  98. General This subforum is a freak show
  99. Herman Cain Donations To Democrats Were Business Decisions
  100. Herman Cain Hey, writers!
  101. General Yahoo: Gaddafi an Obama Victory?
  102. General Hmmm...Who do They think would be the best DERIVATIVES CRISIS President?
  103. Herman Cain Cain already flip flops on his 999 plan
  104. Herman Cain Cain's abortion comments roil Iowa republicans
  105. Michele Bachmann Bachmann has no shame
  106. Herman Cain Herman Cain's "flat tax" is not so flat after all. "3-3-3" for "opportunity zones"
  107. Mitt Romney Accelerate Foreclosures to ‘allow Investors to buy up homes’
  108. Michele Bachmann Campaign Staffers In New Hampshire Quit
  109. Herman Cain Blowing with the wind: Cain Tweaks the 9-9-9 Plan
  110. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann 2012 Campaign Staffers In New Hampshire Quit
  111. Rick Perry Rapid fundraising rise and fall
  112. Gary Johnson sends a letter to the RNC
  113. General Marco Rubio’s Phony Biography
  114. Herman Cain Politico: Herman Cain, winging it since 2003
  115. Herman Cain Herman Cain, winging it since 2003
  116. Rick Perry For Perry, A Rapid Fundraising Rise---and Fall
  117. Herman Cain What happened in Nevada?
  118. Herman Cain advertising on Ron Paul Forums?
  119. Gingrich agrees with Obama's decision to withdraw troops from Iraq
  120. Rick Perry Perry working to keep Nevada in play
  121. Herman Cain How Does Cain's Book Get On The Bestseller Lists? He Buys Thousands Of Them (shady financi
  122. Rick Santorum Santorum proclaims he's ready to die in fight against the gays. also wants to ban birth co
  123. Newt Gingrich Gingrich's postion on legalizing Marijuana
  124. Michele Bachmann Politico: Report: Bachmann staff unpaid for a month
  125. Rick Perry Video: Rick Perry religious ally predicts “death camps,” second Holocaust for Jews
  126. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin praises Ron Paul's foreign policy
  127. Herman Cain Herman Cain statements that are inconsistent or false
  128. Herman Cain Cain's 9-9-9-9 (FOUR 9s) Plan.Not So Great.Peter Schiff On Alex Jones
  129. Herman Cain Huffington Speculatron Weekly Roundup - Rips Cain
  130. Rick Perry Is Rick Perry Done? Releases Flat Tax Plan
  131. Mitt Romney opposes withdrawal of troops from Iraq
  132. Herman Cain Unraveling Herman Cain’s Money Laundering Scheme
  133. Herman Cain Mike Huckabee On The ‘Very Pro-Choice’ Herman Cain: ‘The Damage Has Been Done’
  134. Herman Cain LRC Podcast 229. He’s a Cainiac
  135. Herman Cain stumbling under glare of national spotlight (AP)
  136. Herman Cain Cain tops this weeks psychometer
  137. Michele Bachmann M.B.'s New Hamp. campaign staff just walked off job
  138. Herman Cain Voter Confronts Herman Cain on His Missing the Housing Bubble
  139. Herman Cain Cain came to Washington DC as a lobbyist
  140. Herman Cain Cain stumbling under glare of national spotlight
  141. General Al Sharpton's hit piece on Cain, Romney, Perry flip flops!
  142. Herman Cain Herman Cain Cain touts Jesus as 'perfect conservative'
  143. Herman Cain Flip flopping on mosques!
  144. Herman Cain The Iowan Republican: Vander Plaats on Cain's Abortion Stance: Sounds like Kerry in 2004
  145. Herman Cain GOP debates are ‘the roach motel’
  146. Herman Cain New video from Cain's PAC
  147. Herman Cain Cain campaign launches music video?
  148. Rick Perry Rick Perry Goes Birther: After Meeting With Trump, ‘I Don’t Know’ If Obama’s Birth Certifi
  149. Rick Santorum Ron gives Santorum indigestion
  150. Michele Bachmann to Iraq: Reimburse us
  151. Herman Cain Herman Cain Doesn’t Know How The Constitution Is Amended
  152. Herman Cain Mysterious leaflets in Iowa take aim at Cain's abortion comments
  153. Herman Cain campaign says they're raising $1 million a week in October
  154. Rick Santorum Santorum: "I'd Support Anybody, Even Ron Paul (although I would have indigestion)"
  155. Rick Perry Don't Count Perry Out
  156. Rick Perry Perry: 'I'll Show You Coyotes' That'll Come And 'Eat Your Little Puppy'
  157. Herman Cain Unraveling Cain’s money laundering scheme
  158. Rick Perry says Obama 'Lost the War in Iraq'
  159. Rick Perry Rick Perry and the Aga Khan Foundation
  160. Herman Cain $1M Anti-Abortion Ad Buy in 2004
  161. Gary Johnson Pot Smokers are an Important "Untapped Voting Bloc."
  162. General Christine O'Donnell shows her true colors!
  163. Michele Bachmann Former Bachmann Staffers Rip Campaign
  164. Herman Cain Herman Cain’s “truth problem” | HotAir
  165. Herman Cain Rove says Cain might not be up for it
  166. Herman Cain Worst Political Ad Ever???
  167. Rick Perry Perry to Begin Ad Campaign in Iowa
  168. Herman Cain Herman Cain did voice overs for racey ad and spent 1 million dollars of own money on them
  169. Rick Perry Perry hires Bush's campaign manager
  170. Herman Cain Karl Rove is trying to destroy me
  171. Barack Obama Obama has a 'new' slogan
  172. Herman Cain The Mystery of the Missing Presidential Campaign: Cain Operation MIA in Key States
  173. Herman Cain Herman Cain’s Appointment to The Federal Reserve: Unethical or Criminal?
  174. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Staffer Arrested for Terrorism in Uganda in 2006
  175. Rick Perry And His New Flat Tax Plan Is.... 20%!!!
  176. Herman Cain Cain Hires Ex-lover of Mel Gibson's Girlfriend as Body Guard.
  177. Herman Cain [POLL] ? of the Day: Is Herman Cain’s Candidacy on the Decline After Series of Misstatemen
  178. Mitt Romney Trouble with truth - not a conservative - how to expose him better?
  179. Newt Gingrich Next flavor of the month will be...NEWT
  180. Herman Cain Flubs Constitution question ha ha !
  181. Michele Bachmann Bachmann's ex-NH staff: Campaign was rude, cruel
  182. Donald Trump Trump: 'I Don't Know' If Obama Birth Certificate Is Authentic
  183. Herman Cain Blunders "make me look presidential"
  184. Herman Cain Is Herman Cain philosophically a libertarian with corporate special interests?
  185. Herman Cain In my inbox this morning: Another lie from Herman Cain
  186. Herman Cain LRPT: 'Herman Cain Is a Stupid, Stupid Man'
  187. Herman Cain Zig Zags? Herman Cain's Top 7 Policy Reversals
  188. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum talks sodomy laws on Bradlee Dean’s radio show
  189. Rick Perry New Rick Perry Information?
  190. Herman Cain Herman Cain's Campaign Sends Up Strange Smoke Signals
  191. Herman Cain Herman Cain Doesn't Appear to Have a Campaign
  192. Herman Cain The Truth is Viral: The Real Herman Cain
  193. Mitt Romney Conservatives Turn On Romney Over Unforced Error
  194. Mitt Romney Meet Mitt Romney's new social network
  195. Rick Perry Yahoo finance on the new Republican Fad: every candidate to offer some sort of flat tax
  196. Rick Perry On Birther issue Perry says "It's Fun" and a "A Good Issue To Keep Alive"
  197. Rick Perry Max Blumenthal wonders if Rick Perry's family was in the Klan?
  198. Herman Cain Awesome way that 9-9-9 was just broken down for me.
  199. Herman Cain [Video] Weird Cain Ad An Intentionally Ploy To Boost Name Recognition?
  200. Barack Obama Need suggestions re: Obama party favors
  201. Herman Cain Cain robocalling in Iowa
  202. Herman Cain Herman Cain on flipping policies
  203. Jon Huntsman Could Huntsman Support Ron?
  204. Rick Perry Perry: Detailed info on Eminent Domain, Bilderberg and Trans-Tex Highway
  205. Rick Perry Whose idea was this?
  206. Barack Obama State Department buys $70,000 worth of Obama books
  207. Rick Santorum Santorum Defends Stance On Anti-Sodomy Laws
  208. Rick Perry Perry: New team, same result?
  209. Herman Cain Just Another Tax Cheat
  210. Herman Cain SMOKIN new Herman Cain ad-LITERALLY (seriously? yes.)
  211. Rick Perry Steve Forbes endorses Perry
  212. Herman Cain Cainroots.net Targeting Ron Paul Supporters...
  213. Rick Perry Rick's Regret : Attending the debates
  214. Herman Cain Commercial rips off MOBILE HOME ad!
  215. Michele Bachmann Bachmann skips signing up for NH primary in person or by proxy, mails in paperwork instead
  216. Herman Cain Very funny Colbert on Herman Cain ad
  217. Rick Perry Taibbi's hitpiece on Perry: Rick Perry: The Best Little Whore In Texas
  218. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney and Solyndra: The Money's Green
  219. Herman Cain Howard Dean "Cain and I agree on abortion"
  220. Rick Perry Endorsement by TX Right To Life?
  221. Mitt Romney Nashua Telegraph Article on "Strong Anerica"
  222. General Romney and Bachmann offering fleeces
  223. Herman Cain Bumper Sticker Drawing Attention To Cain (Video)
  224. Newt Gingrich Article On Front of Yahoo!
  225. Herman Cain Former Jeb Bush Aide Joins Cain's Staff
  226. Herman Cain Art Laffer, Cain's 999 'genius' and defender, humiliated by Peter Schiff [VIDEO]
  227. Herman Cain NYT: As Cain Promotes His Management Skills, Ex-Aides Tell of Campaign in Chaos
  228. Herman Cain reveals he has teeth
  229. Rick Perry Perry might be skipping debates
  230. Rick Perry Trump predicts Perry's Birther comments going to help him
  231. Gary Johnson Johnson having a Nov. 5th Money Bomb
  232. Herman Cain Americans for Life Attack Cain
  233. Rick Perry The Rick Perry Tax Plan
  234. Herman Cain Herman Cain on Google+
  235. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich supported executions for drug smugglers
  236. Rick Santorum Santorum scheduling events in all 99 Iowa counties
  237. Herman Cain Campaign Policy For Staff: ‘Do Not Speak To Him Unless You Are Spoken To’
  238. Herman Cain Cain: All the foreign policy details aren't important
  239. Rick Santorum Santorum: Dead foreign scientists a ‘wonderful thing’
  240. Herman Cain Herman Cain's Other Smoking Ad
  241. Rick Perry Yea-Haaw now saying that he's not a birther
  242. Rick Santorum Santorum Campaign: Aborted Babies 'Think' Cain Is Wrong
  243. Rick Santorum Santorum releases harsh new attack ad on Herman Cain
  244. Herman Cain General admission for Gingrich-Cain debate: $200 per ticket
  245. Gary Johnson Photos: Gary Johnson in Phoenix, AZ at Politics on the Rocks
  246. Gary Johnson Desperately trying to make it on NH ballot with easiest requirements
  247. Barack Obama With Lobbyist Donors, Obama Lets Himself Off on a Technicality
  248. Herman Cain Herman Cain Raises $3 million in October
  249. Herman Cain Cain denies Palestinian people exist, prays at Western Wall Jerusalem
  250. Mitt Romney GOP Insiders Near-Unanimous in Predicting Romney Nomination