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  1. Michele Bachmann Politcally Speaking: Seeking a question with Michele Bachmann
  2. Rick Perry Michael Steele Calls Perry’s Racist Ranch Name ‘Very Troubling’
  3. Rick Perry Scarborough: Rick perry’s racist camp name is a ‘disqualifying’ offense |
  4. Michele Bachmann More aides leave Bachmann presidential campaign
  5. Rick Perry at 1st NH town hall, thanked by "illegal immigrant"
  6. Rick Perry Rick Perry, soaring like the Hindenburg.
  7. General Christie Not Running
  8. Michele Bachmann More Aides Jump Ship From Bachmann Campaign
  9. Mitt Romney Romney Explodes on Intrade
  10. Mitt Romney about to receive backing from many establishment GOP bundlers
  11. Herman Cain Cain video where he gets upset while being interviewed?
  12. Mitt Romney got him to take a stand against states rights
  13. Herman Cain CBSNews Poll : Herman Cain tied for first
  14. Herman Cain Weekley Standard: Herman Cain Flip-Flops on Killing of al-Awlaki
  15. Herman Cain Did He Exaggerate About His End-of-Quarter Fundraising Push?
  16. Michele Bachmann Students' Arrival Appears to Disrupt Bachmann Event
  17. Rick Perry Drudge Exclusive: Rick Perry raised $17M in Q3
  18. Herman Cain They're spinning his FED connections as a POSITIVE? WTF...
  19. Herman Cain Clueless Cain, Clueless Voters
  20. Herman Cain If you think about it, Herman Cain is EXACTLY what OccupyWallStreet opposes...
  21. Herman Cain "If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself!"
  22. Herman Cain Cain's sweeps the field in 4 state primary polls
  23. Herman Cain Cain Coming to Springdale, Arkansas...
  24. Herman Cain What did Cain say about gays and eugenics in planned parenthood during his last election?
  25. Sarah Palin Palin not running!!!!!
  26. Sarah Palin Breaking! Sarah Palin Is NOT running for president
  27. Herman Cain Cain 2004 Campaign Called Gays 'Godless'
  28. Mitt Romney Won't explain his position on the OWS protests
  29. It is time to expose Herman Cain who appears to be gaining momentum via the MSM.
  30. Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Agrees With Supporter Who Wants To Impeach Obama (VIDEO)
  31. Rick Perry Raises 17 Million in Six Weeks to Lead Republican Field
  32. Herman Cain article
  33. Gary Johnson 3 NH State Reps Endorse Johnson
  34. General My Assessment of the 2012 race and the other candidates
  35. Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman's "Friends"
  36. Herman Cain ANYONE have him saying "there won't be a hubble in housing" ????
  37. Mitt Romney Meet his Foreign Policy Team. Wtf. (via The American Conservative)
  38. Gary Johnson Obama 42%, Johnson 27%
  39. Herman Cain ANALYSIS: 999 Plan Would Cause Largest Deficit Since WWII & Raise Taxes For Most Americans
  40. Rick Perry Perry plans a slew of travel in Iowa
  41. Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman team: Mitt Romney trying to 'game the system'
  42. Herman Cain REFUSES a VP slot with Rick Perry
  43. Mitt Romney announces foreign policy team
  44. Sarah Palin Palin out! Already being courted for endorsement...
  45. Michele Bachmann : says that Rick Perry Rewarded Donors With State Money
  46. Michele Bachmann Congresswoman Boasts Of 'Titanium Spine'
  47. Herman Cain "I’d be VP for anybody but Perry"
  48. Rick Perry Democrats introduce floor resolution condemning Perry for slur
  49. Jon Huntsman Wins Left-Wing Straw Poll
  50. Herman Cain Rick Perry website "Redstate.com" very angry at Herman Cain
  51. Romney - Major Foreign Policy Speech -
  52. Herman Cain Great Businessman-Fraud
  53. Gary Johnson Pedaling on the fringe | GOP candidate Johnson finds town hall empty (this is sad)
  54. General Buddy Roemer getting a lot of good publicity lately
  55. Mitt Romney God wants US to lead, not follow
  56. Mitt Romney Romney accused of Lobbying Nevada GOP to move caucus date
  57. Michele Bachmann Can Nod From Church Leaders Save Bachmann?
  58. Mitt Romney Is Mitt Romney a Keynesian?
  59. Herman Cain Cain vs. Larry O'Donnell
  60. Newt Gingrich Did Newt Gingrich drop out?
  61. Herman Cain Needs to be vetted of Aquila (mod: I thought this was the story that would blow up 1st)
  62. Rick Santorum Santorum's 0-0-0 plan
  63. Sarah Palin Another one bites the dust
  64. Mitt Romney Romney Calls for Century of US Dominance
  65. Rick Perry New Rick Perry ad -Romney & Obama: Carbon Copies
  66. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's alarmist foreign policy: Bush redux?
  67. Jon Huntsman To protect American interests, we need to transform our foreign policy
  68. Mitt Romney Key Romney Advisers Advocate War With Iran
  69. Newt Gingrich I'd ignore Supreme Court if need be
  70. Herman Cain is to the LEFT of the NRA on gun control...
  71. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum's 0-0-0 plan?
  72. Rick Perry Perry campaign plays mormon card at VVS
  73. Michele Bachmann Plenty Of Seats Up Front For Bachmann’s ‘Standing-Room Only Crowd’ VVS
  74. Cain's upside down "666" plan :D
  75. Mitt Romney Transcript (and video) of Romney PBS interview on foreign policy, etc
  76. General The "Scandals" of RP's opponents - For Reference
  77. Mitt Romney Politico: At The Citadel, but not a Citadel event [Romney RENTED the venue....]
  78. Jon Huntsman John Huntsman wins straw poll -- put on by Democracy Corps....
  79. Michele Bachmann Bachmann at VVS and some Bachmann supporter doesn't like Ron
  80. Mitt Romney Romney Speech Hints At Renewal of Bush Doctrines
  81. Rick Perry Prominent Perry Endorser Robert Jeffress Says Voting Romney Would Give Credibility To Cult
  82. Mitt Romney Bennett hints Perry pastor at Values Voter Summit a Bigot
  83. Rick Santorum Santorum asks for Palin's endorsement
  84. Rick Santorum Rick begs Sarah Palin, who calls him a “knuckle-dragging Neanderthal,” for an endorsement
  85. Rick Santorum Rick begs Sarah Palin, who calls him a “knuckle-dragging Neanderthal,” for an endorsement
  86. Rick Santorum 'I'm addicted to ice cream'
  87. Mitt Romney Romney chides 'poisonous language' about his Mormon faith
  88. Rick Perry Perry ready to win ugly against Mitt Romney
  89. Herman Cain says Gun rights are a state issue. #fail
  90. Herman Cain ’999′ Plan Would Cause Largest Deficits Since WWII, While Increasing Taxes For Most
  91. Herman Cain Koch Brothers Fund Herman Cain
  92. Rick Santorum Santorum Endorses Ex-Gay Therapy
  93. Mitt Romney Romney Gives Bush Neocons Another Chance
  94. Rick Santorum Santorum Bemoans Gay Soldiers Who 'Shower With People'
  95. Rick Santorum offers ‘zero’ plan for economy
  96. Herman Cain Cain tops MLC straw poll with more than 50%
  97. Herman Cain steps up attacks on Occupy Wall Street protests
  98. Mitt Romney Obamney!
  99. Last Thursday's Daily show (Jon Stewart on Palin & Cain) *vid*
  100. Herman Cain the outspoken and effective critic of Occupy Wall Street
  101. Michele Bachmann Bachmann says she was the 'one lone voice in Congress calling against raising debt ceiling
  102. Rick Perry Tough new Perry ad attacks Romney on RomneyCare
  103. Jon Huntsman would consider preemptive Iran strike
  104. Cain Targeting OWS Americans, Again
  105. Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich calls for Gary Johnson to be included in Bloomberg debate
  106. Herman Cain Herman Cain IS a career politician
  107. Herman Cain The False Allure of Herman Cain
  108. Michele Bachmann Closes Virginia campaign office
  109. Herman Cain Gallup: Herman Cain Surges
  110. Herman Cain Need some proof reading help on Herman Cain
  111. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney (Romney teams up): Vote for me — or for Herman Cain
  112. General Cain/Romney/Paul Fact Sheet - RevPAC
  113. Newt Gingrich John Birch Society: "The Real Newt Gingrich" video
  114. Rick Santorum Launches Ad Buy in Iowa
  115. Michele Bachmann I had no idea Bachmann supported Ron Paul
  116. Herman Cain Cain "Im not a bad apple"
  117. Mitt Romney Chris Christie to Endorse Mitt Romney
  118. Herman Cain "My support for TARP 'could be' a problem."
  119. Mitt Romney 2008 - Herman Cain Endorsed Mitt Romney for President
  120. Herman Cain Must read: How Cain supporters view the Federal Reserve
  121. Mitt Romney Romney camp: Christie to back Romney for president
  122. Rudy Giuliani Rudy Giuliani: I'm not running in 2012
  123. Herman Cain Herman Cain ran in 2000 and Supported The Wall Street Bailout
  124. Herman Cain Enron-esque Disaster - Herman Cain's Gardasil name is Aquila
  125. Mitt Romney Romney’s Advisers Met With Obama to Help Craft ‘Obamacare’ Read more: http://www.foxnews.
  126. Herman Cain Why did people say he was going to stop campaigning for a month?
  127. Herman Cain From TARP-apologist to Mr. Tea Party?
  128. Herman Cain Herman Cain: Federal Reserve Audit Unnecessary
  129. Herman Cain 9-9-9 Doesn’t Add Up
  130. Mitt Romney "Unfit" - a blog by Jack Hunter
  131. Mitt Romney Bailouts, Then and Now
  132. Herman Cain “Cain-sian” Economics = That Just Happened
  133. Herman Cain Picks Greenspan, Really?
  134. Rick Santorum I Don't Want A Trade War. I Want To Go To War.
  135. Herman Cain Breaking: Local wells fargo branch employee that crafted 999 plan
  136. Gary Johnson Gary Johnson is on reddit answering reader questions
  137. Herman Cain "Uzbeki-beki-beki-stanstan"
  138. Herman Cain Theory of Cainunism
  139. Herman Cain Who's the BIGGER Flip Flopper?
  140. Michele Bachmann Setting up to be Romney V.P.?
  141. Herman Cain Herman Cain asked about quotes dismissing housing bubble on MSNBC
  142. Herman Cain Check Out This Funny Ron Paul Herman Cain Animation
  143. Herman Cain Looking for video
  144. Herman Cain More dirt from Herman Cain's past
  145. Herman Cain What Ron Paul Could Ask Herman Cain (Tom Woods)
  146. Michele Bachmann Bachmann and her Devil rant are the end of her being taken seriously
  147. Herman Cain Herman Cain: LIES LIES LIES (2 new videos)
  148. Herman Cain Pic and quote from Herman Cain on the housing bubble. Please re-post.
  149. Herman Cain Obvious Double-Speak
  150. Herman Cain Statement on state regulation of guns
  151. Herman Cain I more people knew about this ridiculous stance.
  152. Herman Cain Herman Cain Exposed Series
  153. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Breaks Streak of 88 Consecutive Missed Votes - 4 sovereignty eroding 'free trade'
  154. Mitt Romney NH Debate - Romney’s weak answer on banks and TARP
  155. Herman Cain OMG Laughing About Slaves
  156. Herman Cain The Concord Monitor: Cain's 9-9-9 plan punishes the poor
  157. Herman Cain Herman Cain's Plan for the Economy Explained
  158. Herman Cain Herman Cain recommended stock at $75 in 2006, now trading at $1.69
  159. Herman Cain Herman Cain asked about support for Greenspan in post-debate spin room
  160. Herman Cain "I have no idea."
  161. Herman Cain isn't like Perry or Romney - His Supporters Actually Believe in Him
  162. Herman Cain hermain cain on the wayback machine - cool stuff - loved the fair tax - imagine that!
  163. Newt Gingrich Here comes the Gingrich push
  164. Mitt Romney Romney Bashfest on Rush today
  165. Herman Cain Fact Checker delivers promised analysis of "9-9-9" plan - awesome!
  166. Rick Perry Anita Perry thinks people don't like Rick because of his faith
  167. Mitt Romney Reason: Mitt Romney Praise Liberal Lion Ted Kennedy For His Role In Passing RomneyCare
  168. Mitt Romney Obama to reporter: "I Didn't Know You Were The Spokesperson For Mitt Romney"
  169. Mitt Romney Romney Sheep
  170. Herman Cain Who is the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan?
  171. Mitt Romney Obama campaign hits Romney as flip-flopper
  172. Herman Cain Cain is done better start working on Romney.
  173. Herman Cain ABC News: Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Would Almost Double Taxes on Middle Class
  174. Herman Cain Cain's nontraditional strategy _ unlikely, too?
  175. Herman Cain Something else that he stole!!!
  176. Herman Cain Cain raised 8 million dollars?
  177. Herman Cain Herman Cain, an Unusual Politician
  178. Herman Cain Do partners in a small business get hit 3 times with the 999 plan?
  179. Herman Cain Is Media Covering Up Cain's Business Failure?
  180. Herman Cain Commence Rant
  181. Herman Cain Hermain Cain Lobbyist ?
  182. Herman Cain Cain quotes pokemon (another vid)
  183. Herman Cain Norquist: 9-9-9 puts 3 needles in taxpayer's arms
  184. Herman Cain DISCOVERED: Where 9-9-9 came from!
  185. Michele Bachmann Bachmann took in under $4 million in the third quarter
  186. Herman Cain Ben Swann Talks to Herman Cain on Reality Check about 9-9-9
  187. Herman Cain Time to start scaring seniors
  188. Mitt Romney raises $14.2 million in third quarter
  189. Mitt Romney The picture Romney does not want people to see
  190. Herman Cain double standard
  191. Jon Huntsman Huntsman not attending Oct 18th debate in Nevada
  192. Herman Cain Only Has "Several Hundred Thousand Dollars" In The Bank
  193. General 13 Biggest Foreign Policy Blunders of the GOP Field
  194. Herman Cain Trouble in Paradise: Cain's Tax EMPOWERMENT ZONES
  195. Mitt Romney Romney Campaign Raises $14 Million, But With High Burn Rate
  196. Herman Cain A Critique of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Tax Plan
  197. Jon Huntsman Huntsman campaign nearly broke as GOP campaign heats up
  198. Gary Johnson Raises $236K in 3rd quarter
  199. Gary Johnson Supports the Empire
  200. Jon Huntsman Money troubles
  201. Herman Cain Video: Bursting the Cain bubble
  202. Herman Cain "I does not care"
  203. Herman Cain Limbaugh Admits the Fed is Cain's Weakness (but it doesn't matter)
  204. Herman Cain Herman Cain Is the New Sarah Palin (and Anna Kournikova)
  205. Rick Perry I thought he was announcing his economic plans today...?
  206. Herman Cain Endorsed Romney in 2008
  207. Michele Bachmann In NW Iowa
  208. Rick Santorum Aaaaand Santorum has no money.
  209. Mitt Romney Mitt's having a "National Call Day" on 10/15
  210. Jon Huntsman Huntsman’s third-quarter disclosure shows campaign in debt
  211. Michele Bachmann Bachmann’s road to the White House gets rocky
  212. Herman Cain says campaign brought in $2.8 million in third quarter
  213. Rick Santorum in 2008: "If you're a conservative there really is only one place to go...Mitt Romney"
  214. Herman Cain Haley Barbour - "If elections were today, would vote for Herman Cain."
  215. Gary Johnson [Video] Gary Johnson wants troops in Uganda but not Libya
  216. Sarah Palin changes Facebook "Political Views" status from Republican to Conservative
  217. Sarah Palin Facebook: Changes Political Views From Republican to Conservative
  218. Mitt Romney grassroots effort at spreading the word..
  219. Herman Cain Cain headed back to Iowa for speaking events
  220. Herman Cain 999 architect once backed Romney
  221. Michele Bachmann Bachmann only raises $199K in Q3
  222. Michele Bachmann $4.1 million raised, $6.1 million spent
  223. Mitt Romney Coleman and Pawlenty hosting Romney event
  224. Herman Cain Cain used Canada-based e-marketing firm
  225. Herman Cain Interesting Facts Are Reported About Cain In Iowa
  226. Herman Cain Koch ties
  227. Herman Cain Herman Cain Has Long Ties to Koch Brothers
  228. Herman Cain 9-9-9=Jobs Jobs Jobs--Say What What What?
  229. Herman Cain Cracks in 999 -Herman Cain's Empowerment Zones
  230. Herman Cain Herman Cain 'I'm Not Familiar With The Neoconservative Movement'
  231. Herman Cain Herman Cain Proposes Lethal Border Security Solution: 'It Will Kill You'
  232. Michele Bachmann Bachmann Holding a Telephone Town Hall Meeting With Donald Trump
  233. Herman Cain acknowledges a '9-9-9' tax hike
  234. General Great Article--Don’t buy GOP’s neo-con con game
  235. Herman Cain Politico: Cain 'clueless' on foreign policy, if it matters
  236. Herman Cain Detailed critique of 999 plan?
  237. Herman Cain the email circulating now
  238. Mitt Romney Romney is Hitting Hard Locally, at the County Levels!!!
  239. Herman Cain Herman Cain flip-flops in 24 hours on Border Fence
  240. Herman Cain Herman Cain Admits that 999 Will Raise Taxes
  241. Herman Cain Bruce Bartlett: Inside the Cain Tax Plan
  242. Herman Cain Dan Drezner: This is Herman Cain's Foreign Policy!
  243. Herman Cain 9-9-9: Simple, Clear, and Wrong
  244. Mitt Romney What is the difference between Obama and Romney?
  245. Mitt Romney Jim DeMint, still a Mitt Romney guy? (Politico)
  246. Herman Cain Peter Schiff on fourth 9 in 9.9.9 plan, payroll tax [vid]
  247. Herman Cain Paulites are stupid!
  248. Jon Huntsman Huntsman's Raised Just $1,000 in NH
  249. Herman Cain Herman Cain Sings an Ode to Pizza
  250. Herman Cain This is NOT Herman Cain