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  1. N.C. Congressman Walter Jones is an avid Ron Paul supporter
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  9. Ron Paul, Walter Jones Write Letter Opposing Obama’s NAFTA-Style Korea Free Trade De
  10. Is there an article about Walter Jones being denied Armed Services Chairmanship?
  11. Walter Jones & Ron Paul Urge Colleagues To Oppose The So-Called Free Trade Agmt. w/ Korea
  12. Walter Jones letter to Ron Paul
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  15. Reps. Ron Paul, Barbara Lee & Walter Jones Introduce Bill to End Afghan War
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  19. Walter Jones again
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  22. GOP Rep. Walter Jones says ‘let’s declare victory and bring our troops home’
  23. Did anyone tube Walter Jones Anti-Afghanistan War rant on the Situation Room right now?
  24. Ever heard of this guy? Representative Walter B. Jones
  25. Congressman Walter Jones wrote me back
  26. Did you know US Rep Walter Jones has endorsed Ron Paul? According to The Hill, he has.
  27. US Rep Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) Endorses Ron Paul
  28. Rep Walter Jones "Media Arrogant To Ignore Ron Paul" - Jack Hunter's Blog on RP2012
  29. Rep Walter Jones cites media ‘arrogance’ for lack of coverage of Ron Paul
  30. Liberty Rally - Greenville NC - Congressman Walter Jones and Ron Paul
  31. Rep Walter Jones On The Jason Lewis Show
  32. Rep. from NC3 Walter B Jones calls RP "A True Constitutionalist."
  33. Ron Paul, Walter Jones visit Eastern N.C., touch on issues
  34. Has Walter Jones officially endorsed Ron Paul?
  35. Ron Paul should coSponsor Walter Jones bill to Impeach Obama
  36. Walter Jones on Alex Jones today
  37. Congressman Walter Jones: It’s Time to Bring Our Troops Home
  38. Congressman Walter Jones: Middle East will Implode under Obama
  39. Btw, Walter Jones won reelection - does he want to carry the torch?
  40. Rep. Walter Jones surprised at being kicked off committee
  41. Rep. Walter Jones: We need to get out of Afghanistan
  42. Walter Jones on Gun laws post-Newtown
  43. Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC): Obama Guilty of War Crimes
  44. Walter Jones and Charles Rangel hold press conference on Syria
  45. Congressman Walter Jones to speak at Honor the Oath
  46. Alex Jones interviews Rep. Walter Jones
  47. Congressman Walter Jones at "Honor the Oath" in Raleigh NC
  48. Walter Jones to oppose U.S. military aid in Mali
  49. Walter Jones: Cheney will rot in hell
  50. Cool picture of Ron Paul and Walter Jones
  51. Liberty For All pledges to defend Walter Jones who faces primary challenge
  52. Liberty for All Super PAC to Support and Defend Walter Jones
  53. Walter Jones meets with Judge Napolitano
  54. Is RPF supporting Walter Jones for re election or this guy?
  55. Rep. Walter Jones to vote "no" on Syria attack
  56. Rep. Walter Jones on The Alex Jones Show 9/18/13
  57. Walter Jones has an establishment primary opponent
  58. Breaking: Walter Jones' primary opponent will now run as a democrat.
  59. Congressman Walter Jones Exposes Massive 9/11 Conspiracy [who financed hijackers?]
  60. Walter Jones' opponent attacks him for wanting to impeach Bush and Cheney
  61. Walter Jones could use a campaign boost
  62. GOP establishment, including Romney's campaign mgr, fundraising for Walter Jones' opponent
  63. Koch Pac vs Israel Pac in Walter Jones primary
  64. Bill Kristol declares war on Congressman Walter Jones
  65. RLC Endorses Walter Jones in NC CD-03
  66. Laura Ingraham Interviews Walter Jones' GOP Primary Opponent
  67. Sarah Palin endorses primary challenger to Walter Jones
  68. Ron Paul endorses Walter Jones
  69. Official Walter Jones primary results thread (update: Walter wins)
  70. Walter Jones Survives Well-Funded Primary Challenge From Bush Crony
  71. Pat Buchanan: Walter Jones Repels a War Party Attack
  72. Ron Paul: Pro-Peace Candidate Rep. Walter Jones Wins North Carolina Primary
  73. JD Hayworth & Rush Limbaugh endorse Walter Jones' victory in NC
  74. Rush Limbaugh: Establishment came after Walter Jones with a million dollars and they failed
  75. Walter Jones votes against more gov't spying
  76. Rep. Walter Jones discusses Iraq on C-SPAN's Washington Journal - Friday at 8:20 am
  77. Walter Jones on C-SPAN's Washington Jn this morning
  78. [Video] Thomas Massie on Walter Jones' Washington Watch 6/25/14
  79. Former Commission Heads Endorse Rep. Walter Jones' 9/11 Declassification Bill
  80. Who Has Courage to Defy AIPAC? Only Justin Amash, Walter Jones, Tom Massie, and Mark Sanford
  81. Ron Paul interviews Rep. Walter Jones, declassifying 9/11 secrets and foreign policy discussed
  82. Rep. Walter Jones: “Hamilton Gave us Impeachment; Use the Constitution;” Lawsuits Don’t Work
  83. Walter Jones discusses 9/11 report on MSNBC
  84. Rand Paul heading to the Carolinas endorsing Tillis & Walter Jones
  85. Neocons attack Rand for campaigning with Walter Jones
  86. [Video] Rand Paul and Walter Jones on North Carolina radio show
  87. Walter Jones on Laura Ingraham show
  88. Walter Jones re-elected to congress in 2014 with 68% of vote
  89. Walter Jones to face tough RINO challenge in 2016
  90. Walter Jones talks foreign policy on Washington Watch
  91. NC Rep. Walter Jones Endorses Sen. Rand Paul for 2016
  92. Rep. Walter Jones endorses Rand Paul for president
  93. Rep. Walter Jones Uncovers 9/11 | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV
  94. Walter Jones floor speech: Afghanistan - Graveyard of Empires
  95. Walter Jones on The Laura Ingraham Show discusses TPP
  96. Welcome to the new Walter Jones Forum!
  97. Congressman Walter Jones on the staggering $18 trillion debt
  98. Walter Jones and Jim McGovern start Constitutional War Study Group
  99. Walter Jones discusses Constitutional War Study Group on C-SPAN Washington Journal 5/1/15
  100. Congressman Jones Raises Hell Over Defense Contractor Waste
  101. Jones And Mcgovern Urge Boehner To Take Action On Existing AUMF Request
  102. GOP Establishment Readying New Primary Challenge for Walter Jones
  103. Walter Jones speaks on urging Boehner to take up an AUMF - 6/4/15
  104. Walter Jones op-ed: ‘I oppose fast track’
  105. Walter Jones Votes Against Unconstitutional Obamatrade
  106. Congressman Jones forces a debate on the US strategy against ISIL
  107. Walter Jones Named Most Conservative in NC Delegation
  108. Walter Jones Primary Challenger Taylor Griffin Looks for Rematch in 2016
  109. Walter Jones: Here We Go Again
  110. Taylor Griffin Announces 2016 Congressional Campaign
  111. The New American's Freedom Index: Walter Jones scores 90%
  112. NC Congressman Walter Jones stands with Mark Meadows, tells CNN Boehner is Bully who MUST GO
  113. Walter Jones speaks at Young Americans for Liberty 2015 national convention
  114. Walter Jones on The John Fredericks Show 8/6/15
  115. Walter Jones on The Alex Jones Show discusses why Boehner must go (TUBE added)
  116. Thomas Massie endorses Walter Jones for re-election: "The most courageous man in congress"
  117. Walter Jones on Iran deal, Trump and running in 2016 (video)
  118. Jones Calls On Feds Not To Overregulate Spiny Dogfish
  119. Walter Jones Cosponsors Bill To Impeach EPA Administrator
  120. Walter Jones on The Alex Jones Show discusses Boehner resignation
  121. Hero: Walter Jones killed McCarthy's Speaker bid?!
  122. Heritage Action: Walter Jones top North Carolina GOP conservative
  123. Dave Brat to campaign for Walter Jones
  124. Walter Jones on NewsmaxTV 10/9/15
  125. Walter Jones on The Laura Ingraham Show 10/5/15
  126. Walter Jones outraised in 2015 Q3
  127. Walter Jones Questions Strategy in Afghanistan (video)
  128. Walter Jones Receives Award For Fighting Unconstitutional Obamatrade
  129. Walter Jones Votes Against Raising Debt Limit
  130. Walter Jones votes against NDAA
  131. Walter Jones Urges Speaker To Allow Debate on ISIS AUMF
  132. Walter Jones Demands Answers On Pentagon’s Sheltering Of Afghan Child Rapists
  133. Walter Jones votes no on Paul Ryan for House Speaker
  134. Walter Jones’ Leadership Letter Solidifies Outsider Image Ahead of Rematch
  135. Jones-Griffin Race Another Front in GOP Civil War
  136. Wow. Taylor Griffin IS being bankrolled by Wall Street & K Street.
  137. Walter Jones on Paul Ryan, budget battle (video)
  138. Walter Jones radio interview on Veteran's Day
  139. REP. WALTER JONES: Congress must defund Obama's reckless refugee plans
  140. Congressman Walter Jones on Syrian Refugee Bill
  141. Walter Jones files for re-election
  142. NC congressman hacks at $1.1 trillion budget with sword
  143. Taylor Griffin Being Funded From Out-Of-State
  144. Walter Jones-If Rand drops out I will endorse Trump
  145. Walter Jones on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto 12/21/15
  146. Jones Calls for House Oversight Hearing on Waste in Afghanistan
  147. Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Walter Jones for North Carolina’s 3rd District
  148. FreedomWorks PAC Endorses Rep. Walter Jones for Re-Election
  149. Jones sees debt as national threat
  150. 10-term NC Rep. Walter Jones faces formidable primary challenge
  151. Walter Jones on The John Fredericks Show 2/11
  152. [Video] Walter Jones speaks on waste, fraud, & abuse in Afghanistan 2/2/16
  153. Vietnam Veterans of America thank Walter Jones
  154. Is Walter Jones in trouble?
  155. [Video] Walter Jones speaks on Pentagon waste in Afghanistan 2/24
  156. Primary date moved to June 7th, runoff rule eliminated
  157. Walter Jones on wasteful spending in Afghanistan 3/15
  158. Congressman moves to block porn on federal computers
  159. The 13-year wait for 2 widows and a congressman comes to an end
  160. Jones Defends Religious Liberty Against Obamacare Mandate
  161. Facebook post from Walter Jones for Congress
  162. Walter Jones on The Alex Jones Show 3/31/16
  163. Jones leads in 3rd District cash
  164. Walter Jones speaks about the debt and Afghanistan 4/19
  165. Walter Jones urges President Obama to release 9/11 papers
  166. Walter Jones to Meet with Intelligence Director on Declassifying 9/11 Report
  167. Jones Receives Award From The American Conservative Union
  168. Walter Jones speaks at press conference urging AUMF debate - 5/12/16
  169. Walter Jones calls on Obama to release 28 pages - 5/12/16
  170. ALIPAC targets DC Lobbyist Taylor Griffin for defeat, supports Walter Jones
  171. Taylor Griffin attacks Walter Jones on Iran
  172. Jones meets with DNI Clapper on 28 pages
  173. Jones Calls for Resignation of Senior VA Official Who Heads Suspicious Veterans “Charity”
  174. Walter Jones interviewed by Ed Schultz on 9/11 pages
  175. GOP mega-donor backs eastern NC Rep. Jones’ primary foe
  176. NRA endorses Walter Jones
  177. Jones Wins ‘Fiscal Hero’ Award
  178. Walter Jones ad rebuts Griffin Lies
  179. Jones Wins Award For Fighting For Military Personnel
  180. Meet The Candidates - Walter Jones on GPAT TV
  181. [Update] Walter Jones wins NC-03 primary by 45 point margin!
  182. Walter Jones to face Ernest Reeves in general election for NC-03
  183. Why Walter Jones is my favorite congressman
  184. Jones And Massie Introduce Amendment To Cut Post-speaker Office
  185. Walter Jones Introduces Resolution To Declassify The 28 Pages
  186. Jones delivers on promise to 9/11 families
  187. Walter Jones on 9/11 report and TPP (John Fredericks Show 8/22)
  188. Walter Jones floor speech on national debt 9/14
  189. Walter Jones discusses declassification of 28 pages
  190. Representative Walter Jones on Remembering America's Fallen Heroes
  191. Jones Celebrates Victory For 9/11 Families
  192. R. Lee Ermey endorses Walter Jones (video)
  193. Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC): Don’t Undercut the 9/11 Victims Bill (JASTA)!
  194. Congressman Walter Jones on US Financing of ‘Ghost Soldiers’ in Afghanistan
  195. Jones disappointed with both Trump, Clinton
  196. Walter Jones 2016 election results thread [Update: Walter wins!]
  197. 'Asking God To Forgive Me': N.C. Lawmaker Seeks Redemption For War Votes
  198. Rep. Walter Jones’ Tireless Effort to End the Afghanistan War