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  1. Fox News: Bret Baier 12 in 2012 excludes Ron Paul
  2. Start documenting media bias against RP in this thread, NOW
  3. FNC Article IGNORES Ron Paul
  4. media coverage of CPAC - past and present
  5. CNN Downplays Ron Paul's CPAC Win "Doesn't Really Matter"
  6. Overheard from the media at CPAC
  7. CNN: Ron Paul "Dilutes" Whether Or Not CPAC Matters, Romney Wins Good/Paul Bad
  8. Building a website documenting RP Media Bias
  9. Request posts be moved here
  10. Great article on media propaganda: Herding the Sheep
  11. wash times
  12. Busted: Fox News CPAC Ron Paul Video Deception
  13. Fox News Ron Paul CPAC Lies Exposed
  14. Fox News Consistently Leaving Paul Out of Nationwide Polling
  15. Harvard Article Supporting Ron Paul
  16. Karl Rove Goes After Ron Paul, Campaign For Liberty And Paul Supporters
  17. TIME: 12 Candidates That Can Beat Obama (Ron Paul) (hitpiece)
  18. Jewish Times misrepresents / degrades Ron & Rand -- but artile comments set them straight
  19. Last night Lawrence Odonell Chris Christie peice
  20. Overlooked Article From CPAC: White Nationalist Booted (positive)
  21. 2007 Flashback: "The Ron Paul Revolution" in TIME
  22. WTF is this? Scarborough on WI protesters
  23. Matt Lewis
  24. Want Smaller Government? YOU'RE IN A HATE GROUP!
  25. NYT Sat on CIA/Diplomat story at Obama's Request
  26. Washington Times: "Earth to Paulbots: You are irrelevant"
  27. Fox News Lied?
  28. FOX News: Palm Trees in Wisconsin - Protest footage
  29. Guess who isn't mentioned in this article of poll results of potential GOP candidates
  30. We need a new 2012 video collage of MSM complementing Ron Paul
  31. Media bias - Guardian (UK)
  32. CBS NEWS: Not 1 serious candidate has launched an exploratory campaign committee?
  33. Great blog
  34. AP: Out of spotlight, GOP hopefuls prepping for 2012-mentions almost everyone but Dr. Paul
  35. RP in Iowa: Fumbles on Marriage and Judicial Review - Not really just another bias blogger
  36. Latest Zogby Poll, Ron excluded
  37. CBS spin that will live in infamy
  38. Need help running Unfair Coverage facebook page
  39. Ron Paul "aide" files complaint over Donald Trump's private jet
  40. Ron Omitted from WaPo Poll
  41. Politico claims Ron Paul aide filed FEC complaint against Trump, then...
  42. Chelsea Clinton's father in law is a Democrat Congressman criminal
  43. Ron Paul Youtube video count down nearly 600,000 since last month
  44. should this be a subset of hot topics? or set up the same?
  45. Mark Levin calls Ron Paul "Ru Paul" on Fox News
  46. Ron Paul retreats from earlier talk of impeaching Obama for Libya action
  47. Prediction For 2012 Media Theme...... "Civil War In The GOP"
  48. Michael Savage - Ron Paul is an Honorable Man but Unelectable
  49. Cult / Fringe / Racist / Gullible / Brainwashed / Hypocrite
  50. Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential Dilemma
  51. Underdogma: How America's Enemies Use Our Love for the Underdog to Trash American Power
  52. Tea party flexes muscle in 2012 race
  53. Ron Paul excluded from WSJ/NBC presidential poll.
  54. Salon: South Carolina GOP confirms five clowns for first 2012 debate
  55. Someone seems to be missing here
  56. As grassroots, how do we fight the media spin?
  57. e How Trusted advice for the cuious life
  58. AP: Ron Paul "could be a factor" in 2012
  59. Ron or Rand in 2012? Harvard Political Review Weighs In on the Pauls
  60. "Terrible ‘Atlas Shrugged Part I’ Dismal At the Box Office"
  61. The Seven Things You Can't Say on Television
  62. 'Birther' claims force GOP leaders to take a stand
  63. Krauthammer la Douche
  64. Looking for contributors to unfaircoverage.com
  65. New anti-Ron Paul Talking Point: "Ron Paul Supports Ground Zero Mosque"
  66. Wonkette: Ron Paul Campaign Logo Features Bald Eagle Desperately Trying to Escape Him
  67. Mark Levin viciuosly ripping on Ron Paul
  68. Rush looking for Bold GOP Leader to run in 2012; Omits the Pauls
  69. Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation - Fear Mongering and Isolationism
  70. Wonkette: "Ron Paul Logo Guy: If Anything, Mitt Romney Stole Our Logo"
  71. David Horowitz's Blog: "Ron Paul Would Open America’s Doors to Sharia"
  72. MSNBC: "A Better Ron Paul" (Gary Johnson)
  73. Mixing a Little Lie with the Truth on RadioDerb
  74. Where/s Ron Paul in this NewsMax Article?
  75. [Horowitz claims] Ron Paul Would Open America’s Doors to Sharia
  76. Youtube Ron Paul hits
  77. Why Is the Good Doctor not named in this story ?
  78. anti-Ron Paul Talking Point: "Ron Paul says homosexuality not a sin"
  79. @ White House Correspondence Dinner Ron & Rand Paul mentioned as "not going to win" Pres.
  80. American Spectator and Tancredo calling RP2012 doing 180 on immigration?
  81. (Matt Taibbi) Mailbag: Why I Can't Vote For Ron Paul
  82. 2nd worst of all hopefuls on immigration
  83. Numbers USA: Ron Paul downgraded to "f" on immigration
  84. NumbersUSA: Ron Paul's New Book Sinks His Immigration Grade to an 'F'
  85. Taibbi + rough day for liberty supporters all around
  86. SC Debate - Here we go again :(
  87. South Carolina presidential debate still on, with or without candidates
  88. [Video] Fox News Plug for 1st Presidential Debate (Only Mention Pawlenty again...)
  89. "Ron Paul Sinks Own Ship - Immigration"
  90. Become a Ron Paul Reporter!
  91. Hugh Hewitt says Ron Paul is "nutty", "angry", and "old"
  92. 5/5 --- S.C GOP debate --- Will Ron Paul now run?
  93. Site Claims Ron Paul Supports the "T. Boone Pickens Earmark Bill"
  94. CNN Producer: "Deathers Take Over Where 'Birthers' Left Off" Attacks Judge Napolitano, AJ.
  95. Mommy blogger not happy about the debate
  96. *sigh*
  97. On this post-debate day, please...
  98. Wanda Sykes on Leno: "Ron Paul? What are you - Ron Paul Hitler? "
  99. Byron York: Pay no attention to Paul and Johnson.
  100. Juan Williams Lies (Intentionally Misleads) With His Debate Israel Question
  101. GOP vs. GOP Round 1: The B-Team Descends On South Carolina"
  102. Bill O'Reilly's poll for the GOPdebate
  103. Ron Paul Wins the Democrat Presidential Debate
  104. Email Bomb: Counterattack Against FOX Debate Poll
  105. WMUR TV9 NH host 2012 GOP Primary Debate - Omits hyper-link for Ron Paul among candidates
  106. WND: Cain wows Luntz focus group and wins debate
  107. Did Ron Paul Support Marriage Freedom in the May 5 Presidential Debate?
  108. CNN's Howard Kurtz Calls Ron Paul A Sideshow
  109. ALL Faux News Polls and Snapshots are available on this Facebook Page.
  110. Blog: Seven Times Lucky for Fox News?
  111. Who's polling who?
  112. Washington Examiner: Ron Paul Wins the Democrat Presidential Debate
  113. Article: Ron Paul Snubbed Fox News on Purpose, Why?
  114. An objective, positive Ron Paul article by Juan Williams
  115. WashPo: Ron Paul's Land of Second Rate Values
  116. AP ignores Ron in latest article about Gingrich and 2012 GOP field
  117. --> Some Ron Paul Backers Move to New Hampshire to Sway the Primary
  118. Ron Paul clip on CONAN. Is this good or bad coverage?
  119. Ron Paul's godless goddess of greed: Ayn Rand
  120. Luntz's Nuts
  121. History Lessons: Fox news
  122. NBC Nightly News spin/put down of RP
  123. The Fear Mongering Continues...
  124. Fox News: When one poll just isn't enough
  125. RP said he wouldnt have had OBL killed?
  126. ‘president’ ron paul would not have ordered bin laden’s death [mod - meme not correct]
  127. HotAir: Paul: Killing OBL “absolutely was not necessary” -- Nice knowing you.
  128. Hot air angry at Paul this morning for saying killing OBL wasn't necessary
  129. Fox News going after Ron for Bin laden comment
  130. Why isn't there a Libertarian News channel?
  131. A Semi-Comprehensive Overview of Cain's Media Coverage
  132. Imus says Ron Paul is a "loser"
  133. Andrew Malcolm: Why Ron Paul's silly campaign launch today really matters for 2012
  134. Stephanopolous' post-interview blog spin
  135. Huffington Post comments on Paul run surprisingly negative
  136. Media Research Center posts Bias Alert over Good Morning America's questions of Ron Paul
  137. Zonation from PJTV Misrepresents Ron Paul
  138. Cavuto on Fox: Most of the World Seems to Have Caught up to You
  139. Ron Paul: Who cares that he's seeking the Republican nomination?
  140. Ron Paul says he would have opposed 1964 Civil Rights Act
  141. O'Reilly: Ron Paul said the dumbest thing of the week
  142. [Video] Bill" O'Reilly Calls Ron Paul Dumb
  143. Bill O'Reilly Calls Ron Paul Dumb!! Posted by SaveOurSovereignty3 on Youtube
  144. Actual Texas Newspaper Headline: "Ron Paul: Friend of 9-11 Truthers"
  145. Oh My--Red State Attack on Ron Paul's Candidacy
  146. [Video] Fox Business segment trashes Ron Paul
  147. Daily Kos Ad Hominem Attacks on Ron Paul
  148. Late night attack by Bill O'....
  149. Reason (Matt Welch) Can't Reason? May Be The Start Of Something??
  150. Ron Paul spars with New England press corps
  151. The new republic (TNR) at it again. "Ron Paul's racism"
  152. Ron Paul has nothing to do with the Tea Party?
  153. International Agency Should Police Internet Rumors
  154. Think Progress: Ron Paul Suggests We’d Be ‘Better Off’ Without The 1964 Civil Rights Act
  155. Tom Tancredo: Ron Paul's Amnesty With An Asterisk
  156. Ron Paul Should NOT Run for President
  157. Ron in press in Texas for announcement
  158. NBC doing a good job
  159. Disgusting racism smear article by capitol hill blue
  160. Think Progress: Ron Paul compares Social security and medicare to slavery
  161. ABC's THIS WEEK: 30 Mins on GOP Presidential Candidates/Possibles Ron Paul Never Mentioned
  162. PoliticusUSA: Ron Paul’s Brand of Libertarianism Spells Disaster For Every American
  163. Mediaite Doctor Ron Paul/Chris Wallace Interview Video
  164. HuffPo: Ron Paul waging "War against Civil Rights"
  165. bill oriely
  166. RP segment on NPR this morning
  167. Anti-Illegal Immigration Group Awards an "F" to Ron Paul
  168. Here we GOOO AGAIN/CNN/Ed Rollins BLACKOUT
  169. Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul fell in a forest
  170. The Economist Republican lineup summary - calls Ron Paul a "crank"
  171. American Spector: Sunday's Disqualifiers
  172. Republic Broadcasting Show says Ron Paul is backpedaling...
  173. David Bauder Gives Ron Paul the Silent Treatment: Don't let him get away with it!
  174. CBS Hit Piece on "Sovereign Citizens"
  175. Ron Paul attacked on Flood-control: You can help!
  176. Challenge for the so-called Fair and Balance Fox
  177. Fox News Debate Focus Group Video That Shows Actual Poll Results
  178. GEEJUS! media is going crazy with this OBL position----how do we stop it?
  179. Howard Stern praises Ron Paul, but says he is unelectable
  180. All Out Media Assault On Ron Paul Recently [video]
  181. Politico Piece With Inaccuracies Posing As A Supporting Article
  182. Mother Jones must have been bought out by Weekly Standard - Get a load of this!
  183. George Will praises Pawlenty and Daniels avoids Ron Paul
  184. Thoughts on the ordering of candidates on Politico's "Candidate Hub" sidebar?
  185. Bill O'Reilly & Jon Stewart leave Ron Paul out of the GOP Pres talk
  186. Judson Phillips attacks Ron Paul
  187. Savage Slams Paul for Gold Comment
  188. Ron Paul is in; support seen as 'inch wide, mile deep'
  189. LATimes: And Ron Paul? Well, Ron Paul is Ron Paul. He's not selling a realistic candidacy
  190. Michael Medved: Ron Paul, Hookers, and Heroin
  191. Alan Colmes on Ron Paul
  192. HotAir: Ron Paul: The US will end up occupying Pakistan
  193. FoxNews: "Anti-War Group Code Pink Counts Ron Paul in Their Camp on Israel Aid Opposition"
  194. Thanks Code Pink
  195. Hit Piece on Ron Pau: Drug legalization will sink candidacy
  196. (VIDEO) Unbelievable FOX Hit-Piece From Bolling Again!Ron Deserves A Rebuttal Appearance!
  197. Michael Medved Misunderstands Rep. Ron Paul's Libertarianism
  198. Ron Paul says founders are ignorant of the constitution
  199. Huge Hit Piece on Ron by, again, Eric Bowling.
  200. The TexasFred Blog = Conservative Prick
  201. RP smear by Faux news
  202. RedState's Erick Erickson's Analysis Today of Ron Paul (and Gary Johnson)
  203. Rand Paul's vote on Big Oil
  204. Media Blackout on Ron Paul's Clark County RP meeting- 700+ attended
  205. WSJ: The GOP Field: All Talk, No Do (guess who's not part of the field?)
  206. Dick Morris on Ron Paul (MUST SEE!)
  207. Tucker Carlson discusses Ron Paul 2012 on Fox (5/13) [VIDEO]
  208. Ron Paul bashed on Fox business
  209. Time: Mark Halperin Weighs In on [some of] the Republican Party
  210. Tennessee: Ron Paul supporters VS social conservatives
  211. Frank Luntz' May 5 debate panelist, Mises own Stefano R. Mugnaini
  212. The man responsible for forcing an establishment canidate on the tea party.
  213. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson push left on immigration amnesty
  214. OpEdNews Article From Esquire Stretches Ron's Words A Little Far
  215. The Mad Doctor - Michael Medved
  216. Wanted to get opinions on this O'Donnell segment
  217. Mark Halperin conveniently leaves out one GOP contender in his assessment...
  218. Ending the Media Prejudice Against Ron Paul - A Project
  219. Think Progress calls the Texas Anti-TSA Groping Bill -- Unconstitutional
  220. Bill Oreilly 2 polls = scam! spin!
  221. Ann Coulter: "Ask any Ron Paul supporter."
  222. Ron Paul Moving to the Left on Immigration?
  223. Bloomberg OMITS Ron Paul from complete list of possible republican presidential candidates
  224. Top Republican Fundraiser: FOX Reports... FOX Lies.
  225. Media Spin Evidence from Cable TV Satellite Feeds
  226. hmmm whose missing here...
  227. WHat is this?
  228. MSNBC's Cenk on Rand's Hannity Interview Comments
  229. Paul Krugman calls Rand Paul racist
  230. Salon tries to smear Ron Paul & libertarians
  231. Another Article that Refuses to Mention Ron as a Candidate
  232. The Truth About Ron Paul
  233. Ron Paul Endorses Heroin – A Study in American History
  234. False (Fox) News
  235. I am confused; or does the media have no problem printing lies.
  236. Michael Medved Calls Ron Paul a Mad Doctor and a Crackpot
  237. Ron Paul is running Ad's on Youtube
  238. CNN's State of the Union
  239. Primetime Propaganda Fallout
  240. Need Your Help! Big Story in the Works on FNC Bias Against Ron Paul
  241. RP Discussed on Squawk Box Today w/ Dallas Fed Pres Fisher
  242. NY Times adds Ron Paul to list of candidate only in 'corrections' section.
  243. Really Mark Levin? Seem pretty hypocritical of you!
  244. O'reily Factor doesn't mention Ron Paul in polls
  245. Eric Golub: Earth to Paulbots: You are irrelevant (Feb 2011)
  246. Are Conservatives Really Blacklisted?
  247. ABC News Poll with Romney leading - MISLEADING!
  248. Iowa Republican website runs another hit piece on Iowa Reps who endorsed Ron Paul
  249. Breaking: LA Times' Top of the Ticket REPORTS that Ron Paul was left off of CBS poll
  250. Facebook is censoring!!!