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  1. New York Times hit piece written up by IBTimes
  2. Politifact.....
  3. "Sorry, you're just going to have to die."
  4. Whatever happened to Ron Paul? , Hit piece On RP
  5. Washington Times falsely accuses Dr. Paul of neglecting his duty
  6. Ron Paul is the first candidate to be on the ballot in all 50 states!
  7. Ron Paul gathers 5,200 supporters while Joe Biden gathers 150 supporters
  8. Quinnipiac Poll Plus Spin
  9. As Paul's White House campaign fades, supporters face choices
  10. Ron Paul accused of being false opposition by one William Dean A Garner
  11. Poll: Americans overwhelmingly support Ron Paul's "fringe" foreign policy
  12. From Romney to Paul: Vast Wasteland of American Conservatism
  13. Weigel: Why I Voted for Huntsman, and not Ron Paul
  14. Media Coverage Breakdown - The Blackout in Numbers
  15. Bad piece: FOX LOL: Where's Ron Paul?
  16. Media Psywar and How It's Used AGAINST you.
  17. Fox News lies about Ron Paul claiming he stopped having campaign events
  18. Ron Paul: Dr. No Show in Congress
  19. Rand Paul cut off this morning on Sirius/XM POTUS interview
  20. RIP Mike Wallace
  21. Media Blackout of Rand Paul in 2016 has now already BEGUN!
  22. New York Times Clueless Why Ron Paul Keeps Campaigning
  23. Interviewee on RT mentions Ron Paul in discussion on China's century
  24. Pic of Bill O Reilly with Topless Woman?
  25. Google Trends - The Ron Paul Media Blackout Continues...
  26. Washington Times writer on what constitutes anti-Semitism
  27. SNL 4-14 Romney and GOP candidates
  28. Ron Paul is on the Fark Politics Tab. Any Cavalry out their to come to the rescue?
  29. Awesome: Fix income inequality with $10 million loans for everyone!
  31. Guess I'm blocked from making comments on Fox "News" & Fox Nation
  32. Geraldo Speaks With Taliban Over The Phone (Ridiculous)
  33. and the lies start about the gop nominee
  34. Gallup Blacks Out Ron Paul In New Poll
  35. USA Today leaves Ron Paul out of candidates, includes Jon Huntsman & Rick Perry
  36. Pittsburgh Tribune Review Writer's Article Has Wrong Delegate Count
  37. BBC gives Nigel Farage the Ron Paul treatment
  38. media
  39. Great local philly Article on Paul
  40. SNL GOP Primary Skit [blacked Ron out]
  41. CNN Pressures RNC to Drop Paul and Gingrich
  42. How will the media downplay Paul's delegates at Tampa?
  43. The Media Downplays Everything!
  44. Can YOU find RP in this poll?
  45. Come give Ron a little support
  46. Fox News discusses media bias of the 2012 elections and ignores Ron Paul
  47. The NYT makes its endorsment
  48. Rush Limbaugh brags 'young voters trend Republican' with no mention of Ron Paul
  49. CNN Makes Ron Paul a Non-Person
  50. Ron Paul: The Candidate Who Wasn't There, Yet is Sticking Around
  51. Hill: "Clinton would win in a landslide against the party of Nugent, West, Paul and Ryan"
  52. Washington Post refuses to put up Ron Paul's name
  53. Conspiracy nut Henry Makow smears Ron Paul
  54. Even my own state's newspaper...
  55. CNN Article Ron Paul True Believers
  56. Gingrich to stay in campaign extra day
  57. Media Disinformation and the Use of Language
  58. Colbert mentions Paul - something about Ayn Rand and being selfish
  59. CNN Has Lowest-Rated Month In More Than A Decade In April
  60. Ron Paul Supporters are "Playing Mischief"
  61. Fullerton Rally Front Page yahoo for a second...
  62. Shepard Smith Admits Politics is Weird, Creepy, and Far From Reality
  63. Ad Lib the MSM
  64. Corporate Media Lies About Attendance at Ron Paul UC Davis Rally
  65. Thy Black Man on the Ron Paul campaign
  66. Apparently, there is tension between Ron Paul and his supporters
  67. Daily Ca!!er decided to hide Maine delegate story
  68. 6 Rights You Could Lose
  69. Carl Cameron says it's impossible for Paul to win
  70. MSM, Ron paul opening paragraph
  71. Ron Paul on TVTropes
  72. Levin says what Paul is doing is very 'Soviet'
  73. Associated Press Says: "Romney Faces No Serious Challenge"
  74. Largest Nebraska paper promotes Romney appearance, mentions Grinch and Santa, no Paul
  75. Washington Times: "GOP primaries: Paul elected King of Paulistan"
  76. Action: The Fallacy of Liberal Media Bias
  77. CNN's Carol Costello Continues Her Condescending Tone With Ron Paul
  78. Blood boiling
  79. Bangor Daily News: Paul has not won a State so far
  80. Why can't Romney win delegates like Ron Paul
  81. Did WaPo Fabricate The Romney Haircut Story?
  82. Journalists say election is close, only to sell advertising
  83. More media bias - Pro Romney, Anti Paul, no news here
  84. BLATANTLY obvious BLACKOUT of Ron Paul by CSPAN
  85. Ron Paul Supporters At Arizona GOP Convention Get Undeserved Media Attack
  86. Fox News Anti Paul headlines
  87. Remember this interview? It's STILL bugs me to this day.
  88. Glenn Beck spins the booing thing
  89. "Ron Paul Guys Boo Romney's Son..."
  90. VIDEO: RNC’s Reince Priebus is at it again. Pimping Romney as the nominee....
  91. Politico Blog Says Ron Paul's Campaign Is Over
  92. Top of Drudge...
  93. Why doesn't Ron Paul come on here??!!
  94. BuzzFeed says Ron Paul is "basically out"
  95. @RonPaul_2012 Says Campaign is Over.
  96. Daily Beast hit piece
  97. Washington Times: "Ron Paul says stuff! Supporters cheer, world (atlas) shrugs"
  98. Guardian America article - What makes Ron Paul unsuit
  99. Have you ever wondered PAWNAGE!
  100. ALERT: NPR Talk of Nation has NV committee-man talking RP take over
  101. On Dylan Rattigan just now: misrepresenting that Ron has suspended his campaign
  102. How to debate O'Reilly people?
  103. Breitbart: "Ron Paul, Sheila Jackson Lee Agree: Civilian Courts for Terrorists"
  104. The Ayn Rand Institute vs. Ron Paul
  105. We are the media
  106. Overcome the Media Spin
  107. AP & Fox Outright LYING About Ron Paul
  108. Rachel Maddow Caught Making Stuff Up
  109. Video showing media manipulation?
  110. VERY blatant and biased news footage against ron paul
  111. Veterans Give Romney Big Lead Over Obama
  112. **RED ALERT** Media Propaganda for Texas Primary!
  113. C-Span: "Mitt Romney Clinches GOP Nomination"
  114. 'Paul delegates who couldn't impact the eventual nominee' - So Afraid
  115. Ron Paul Should Drop Out (Huffpost)
  116. Rate The Press
  117. 2012 MSM TEXAS PRIMARY Results
  118. Romney hits 1144 according to CNN
  119. CBS 46 ATLANTA misleading ron paul pic (crosses him out)
  120. Rate The Press.com - The only web portal where you can rate the performance of the Media
  121. Television and control
  122. Is the MSM (CBS) trying to white-wash Mormons at the Gay Pride parade?
  123. Local (Pgh) CBS News - Romney now addressed as "Virtual" Nominee
  124. Curtains for CNN?
  125. The media is using our own dedication against us!
  126. Majority of Americans support legalizing same-sex marriage, poll shows
  127. CNN: "Ron Paul admits he won't be nominee"
  128. "The biggest difference between Gary Johnson and Ron Paul"
  130. Glenn Beck signs 5-year $100 million radio deal
  131. Glenn Beck doesn't hold back, "Ron Paul supporters deride son Rand as a "Judas""
  132. Infowars Nimmo article
  133. Infowars:Adams - Is Rand Paul plotting (for liberty) to insert himself as a double agent
  134. How to combat the mainstream media at their own game
  135. TV - living without it?
  136. OP reads thinkprogress and doesn't think critically (regarding supposed SS 'hypocrisy')
  137. Ron Paul's Delegate Count: Doing the Math
  138. I Just Lost an Incredible Amount of Respect for the Washington Times
  139. [VIDEO] Interesting Look Into the Entities Behind MSM (RT News)
  140. on Stossell right now Dennis Kuinich vs John Bolton
  141. First election in 80 years with no military service on either ticket!
  142. Ron Paul to blow off Paul Festival for GOP delegates rally
  143. CNN and Facebook app will enable people to vote on particular issues or candidates
  144. Business Insider, Ron Paul destroying the Global economy !
  145. That Is All.
  146. Newser claims Ron Paul's plan to crash convention "officially kaput"
  147. HotAir: “Heart Ache. The dream of a Ron Paul presidency is 'smoked'”
  148. Jim DeMint Says Palin can draw the biggest crowds for republicans
  149. Statesmen calls Dr. Paul's efforts to end the FED "Fruitless"
  150. Manipulating The Media
  151. BEWARE: Audit the FED
  152. Pretty epic ONION satire on Ron Paul.
  153. Stochastic Modeling of Congress
  154. Ron Paul featured in Culture in Decline Episode #1 "What Democracy?"
  155. The Highest-Paid Media Figures
  156. Ron Paul referenced in Minnesota Senate race ad
  157. Happening RIGHT NOW - Bing News search blocking searches for "Ron Paul"
  158. "Libertarian Party Eyes Spoiler Role in 2012 Race"
  159. Here We Go Again
  160. ____(state name)___ for Liberty domains all taken, asking money
  161. Asset Tracking - City of Dallas - Wasp Barcode
  162. A New Guide to the Republican Herd
  163. Media bias against gold standard
  164. "The Problem With Paul"
  165. "Political Malpractice" (With Ron Paul Picture Featured!)
  166. "I Would Say It's The Ron Paul People That Did Voter Fraud" @cenkuygur
  167. Muttonhead Limbaugh talks RNC rule changes
  168. Some GOOD Coverage!!
  169. Ron Paul Delegate speaks out About GOP Corruption on CNN
  170. Rand Paul Passes CNN Fact Check Test
  171. Obama answers a planted question in his AMA by a user account 4 hours old. Nobody notices
  172. Fabrication? 80 Indigenous "Yanomami" People Killed in Venezuela
  173. The GOP locked its mad uncles in the attic
  174. Ron Paul The Party Pooper In Louisiana
  175. "The New Media/Military Relationship"
  176. The Most Corrupt Members Of Congress, Report Smear
  177. "This Week" spins the Fed
  178. Glenn Beck has "had it up to here" with us (Ron Paul Supporters)
  179. More on Why Ron Paul’s Libertarian Fans Need to Support Our Constitution…and Romney
  180. Ron Paul’s CD to be Represented
  181. Minnesota State House and Senate "dominated [in part by] libertarian followers of Ron Paul
  182. Rudy Giuliani just told Anderson Cooper the GOP needs to be libertarian on social issues
  183. Fox Nation Poll Omits Rand Paul
  184. We Who Must Not Be Named
  185. Media Bias of Rand Paul collection
  186. Republican Security Council Back At It
  187. Fox Nation Article Over Ron's Farewell Speech
  188. States With Most Signatures to Secede Took Millions in Federal Money
  189. How quickly they forget
  190. Mainstream media avoiding any mention of link between psych drugs and violent shootings
  191. Mark Sanford should take a hike
  192. Glenn Beck...
  193. Bill Clinton, LINCOLN + The Golden Globes... tonite
  194. RT host claims Ron Paul
  195. Orwellian Skies & Complicit Media
  196. Glenn Beck endorses entire Paul family
  197. Maddow using bots to get her twitter hashtag to trend.
  198. Washington Post to Try Sponsored Posts
  199. Article: More gun laws = fewer deaths
  200. O'Reilly: "Not important" whether government can kill us with drones, filibuster was "BS"
  201. NYT, CNN interviews concern troll on guns
  202. Blackout TV: US media Turn Blind Eye To Gitmo Hunger Strike
  203. Salon: Libertarians name North Dakota “most free” state
  204. In the Wake of Boston Bombings, Misguided Demands for YouTube Censorship
  205. FOX Editorialization
  206. Gary Johnson's Libertarianism, WHCD: Journalism in Decline....
  207. MSNBC Spins Biden's Benghazi Remarks into Gun-Control Push
  208. Free Media Spin
  209. Hannity Then and Now on NSA Surveillance
  210. Mainstream Media Silent on Multi-National Trade Deal