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  1. Hit piece on both Romney and Paul
  2. 3 Reasons Ron Paul Should Drop Out of the Presidential Race
  3. Biggest newspaper in Switzerland (NZZ) sells Gingrich 1m$ moneybomb as top news of the day
  4. Ron Paul or no one else... working out great ain't it...
  5. Blatant CNN Media Bias towards Ron Paul (gasp... Shocking!!!)
  6. Ben Swann Exposing Fox Bias.....
  7. Limbaugh: "Ron Paul sounds like an Islamic Terrorist sometimes"
  8. Fox Nation: "Ron Paul Defines 'Conservative' for Brian Williams"
  9. HS Today: Ron Paul Owes TSA An Apology (mod: TSA says TSA is owed apology; where's OURS?)
  10. Levin on Michael Berry Show
  11. Thomas Sowell on Gingrich
  12. Hear this song about Media Distortion & Deception about Dr. Ron Paul!
  13. Petition calls on Ron Paul to end campaign and exit GOP
  14. Fox forced to apologize on air over Ron Paul CPAC video deception (old video)
  15. Ron Paul, Republican King of Celebrity Endorsements - Is Hollywood Changing?
  16. O’Reilly about to stab Paul on Fox.
  17. Murderin' Morning Joe
  19. Fox piece with Fox-typical spin
  20. Bill O'Reilly tries to tie Ron Paul to child molestation - Jerry Doyle takes him on!
  21. Threats From Ron Paul Supporters?
  22. CNN search result for Ron Paul
  23. Not watching the debate tonight
  24. O'Reilly ask if his coverage of the election is fair lol....... lets tell him!
  25. FCC Online Complaint Form. Once & For ALL, Aggressive Grassroots Action Targeting O'Reilly
  26. [video] FN: "Ron Paul Is To The Tea Party Movement What Neil Young Was To Grunge
  27. Russians Using Internet To Help Campaigns
  28. Video - I'm guessing this was before South Carolina.
  29. Yahoo babbles about distinction between 'Printing' money and creating computer entries 4it
  30. Drudge: "The Ron Paul Media Blackout is Back On"
  31. Levin Finally Includes The Option Of 'Ron Paul' In One Of His Online Polls
  32. LOL pre-debate coverage
  33. Facebook page needs some guidance.
  34. Local FLORIDA NEWS totally ignoring Ron Paul
  36. ABC News: Romney Won the Debate; No Mention of Paul
  37. Even "Next Generation News and Politics" Website is in the mix.
  38. Jack and Suzy Welch piece for Reuters - Ron Paul must drop out of race
  39. They're back again…
  40. Blackout or Honest Ron?
  41. Why do they black out Ron?
  42. Fox Nation: "Santorum Top Donor: 'I Believe Rick...'"
  43. FOX NEWS Pundit Michelle Malkin: [UPDATE: Misquoted]
  44. Bank connections to the MSM
  45. Stupid FL media
  46. Study: CBS Hearts Ron Paul?
  47. Ron Paul Supporters Take On the Media
  48. RT INTERVIEW WITH RP SUPPORTER: A Vote for RP, is a Vote For Keeps!
  49. Subtle Bias in Candidate Photos
  50. Ron Paul Heads to Nevada: Strategy Called ‘Odd’
  51. Fla. broke rules to gain influence on nomination
  52. Gay ex-congressman shuns politics in Florida, votes for Ron Paul as a "protest candidate"
  53. Limbaugh continuously says "all 3"
  54. Media Belligerence against Ron Paul Reaches a Pathetic Point
  55. HuffPost Hit on Ron and Rand - The Opressive nature of "smaller government"
  56. CBS news delegate count
  57. Zero Spin Article at Politico
  58. Maine straw poll holds value for Romney, Paul, but major impact unlikely
  59. Why doesn't Ron Paul appear on 2012 CPAC Roster?
  60. Dissecting One of Ron Paul's Bad Ideas (Fed related)
  61. So this dude subbing for Michael Savage just said....
  62. "Ron Paul + Potheads = Racist Dopes"
  63. Mark Levin talking about Ron Paul selling out to Romney, using phrase Paultards..
  64. CNN's Piers Morgan BIASED Ron Paul Interview Highlights
  65. Thanks for nothing realclearpolitics
  66. At Nevada caucus, some GOPers want to have fun.
  67. Ron Paul Speaking on CNN, Fox News Covering Superbowl Foods
  68. LOL @ CNN.com & FoxNews.com
  69. For the Truth About Ron Paul, Skip the Article and Read the Comments
  70. Republican Security Council grossly distorts Ron Paul's view on Drug War
  71. Media Meme of the Week:
  72. POLITICO Reports: Nevada Caucuses, Ron Paul underwhelms
  73. "Honest Rape"
  74. Politico highlights Nevada GOP failures, also says Paul supporters hijacked Adelson Caucus
  75. CBS Propaganda says Ron Paul supporters turned Special Caucus into a "Circus"
  76. Stephanopoulos: Paul finishes at back of the pack in NV
  77. Ron Paul would permit abortion in cases of 'honest rape'
  78. What's with all the anti-Paul slant from Reason Magazine?
  79. You know the MSM is desperate when they attack Ron Paul's traveling
  80. plz thank Greta for a fair interview
  81. Ron needs to attack the other candidates
  82. Town Hall Article "6 ways Paul beats Obama on Foreign Affairs debate"
  83. Compilation of media 'accidental' omissions of Paul
  84. Examiner.com: Ron Paul blames U.S. for problems overseas, dismisses Iranian nuclear threat
  85. CBS News excludes Ron Paul from coverage yet again 2/6/2012
  86. Is Facebook marking pro-Ron Paul sites as spam?
  87. Associated Press' "9 delegates" projection
  88. Google <3 Mitt
  89. Michael Eric Dyson's name calling on MSNBC
  90. Why do conservative talk show hosts hate Ron Paul?
  91. Freedom Watch Cancelled
  92. Ageism displayed on Fox n Friends, kilmeade slams Paul's age
  93. Bill Murray Echoes Personal Responsibility (Similar to Paul's View)
  94. Fox News Advertisers you can contact about Freedom Watch being replaced by reruns
  95. Townhall.com: In Maine, Paul vies to extend Romney losing streak
  96. "Judge Napolitano Will Go On"
  97. Time to stop visiting "Spreading Santorum", guys
  98. Drudge: Ron Paul supporters question outcome
  99. Spinning the 2012 CPAC Straw Poll
  101. Bernanke proves his critics wrong about surge in inflation Read more here: http://www.the
  102. LA Times CAPTION AND article on the Maine Caucuses says Ron Paul took '26%' not 36%
  103. Feb 12th blog post by Eric Dondero and Radley Balko's comment
  104. War drums in action
  105. Paul Krugman points out "extreme fringe" views: newsletters, Civil War, Civil Rights Act
  106. Judge Napolitano asks his supporters to stop contacting Fox
  107. SNL - Clint Eastwood Chrysler Ad Mentioned Ron Paul
  108. Ron Paul Interview:: Face The Nation Day After Maine Caucus 02/12/12
  109. Paul Campaign Challenges Romney's Maine Win - WSJ
  110. Romney & Santorum Now Tied For National Lead
  111. The Santorum Surge: Goodbye Ron Paul Territory
  112. A Testament to the Brain Damaging media
  113. Not sure if this has been posted yet... (Albany Herald blacks out Ron Paul)
  114. Looking for Compilation of Media Bias Ron Paul Video
  115. Another omission of Ron as a candidate
  116. Video: Paul 1st in CNN Poll, graphic shows him last
  117. Ron Paul wins poll. Chris Matthews leaves him out.
  118. Emergency Committee for Israel
  119. The HuffPo forgot someone in their election dashboard.
  120. Shoe Mountain.
  121. Why the Drudge Blackout on Maine-gate?
  122. British show omits Ron Paul in a lampoon of the Republican presidential candidates
  123. CNN Hack job
  124. Chris Wallace on Fox News called Ron Paul "Palin"
  125. MSNBC Morning Joe & The New Yorker Magazine Crafted Marginalizing: Ron Paul Libertarianism
  126. Mustache March But No Vet March
  127. Latest Fox Nation Spin
  128. #occupy global meedia or are you stupid or are you dumb
  129. "For nearly a decade, he wasn’t even a member of the GOP."
  130. Roll Call: Associate Confronted Rep. Ron Paul About Flights
  131. Pat Buchanan: Iran & Syria not our business
  132. Ron Paul does best against Obama but is ignored by media - Peter Schiff Show 2/21/2012
  133. USA Today dishonesty
  134. (Daily Kos) Announcing Operation Hilarity: Let's keep the GOP clown show going!
  135. Blogger: Paul going out of his way to help Mitt Romney
  136. Polifact says Ron Paul/Santorum ad is half-true, but leaves out half the ad!
  137. ABC 15 News (PHX)
  138. If You're Looking For A Nice Debate Stream...
  139. Anderson Cooper gets put on the Ridiculist for not paying attention during a CNN debate.
  140. The blackout redux.
  141. Levin:
  142. Sharing a Video I Just Posted About REAL Delegate Count
  143. Ron Paul ommitted from yahoo article...earns wrath of readers
  144. FYI, Politifact rates Ron 'Pants on Fire' for telling the truth about rising gas prices
  145. AP article: Study: Gingrich, Santorum plans hike deficit
  146. "Ron Paul hates gay people" pissed off about a stupid meme.
  147. Savage having a meltdown!
  148. Get a load of this crap from MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell (Video)
  149. Rachel Maddow And The Liberal Fear
  150. Lew Rockwell Dispells Ron Paul VP Rumor as "Establishment Trick"
  151. Let's all send a boycott letter to AP for reporting wrong on Ron Paul first class flights!
  152. Los Angeles Times: "Talk of a Ron Paul-Mitt Romney alliance won't go away"
  153. Detroit Free Press: Ron Paul Small Fry
  154. does anyone know what happened to www.dailypaul.com/
  155. KFOR OK City misrepresents Ron Paul crowd size?
  156. "Santorum Blasts Romney-Paul Coordination"
  157. Gallup Poll: Forgets to Mention Ron Paul
  158. COLUMN: Ron Paul is dangerous
  159. Ron Paul CNN ratings
  160. CNN: Ron Paul is the JOLT America needs
  161. Why Does the Military Love Ron Paul?
  162. What use are embedded reporters who see 3800 person and 1300 person crowds
  163. Mark Levin: Separation of Church and State came from an anti-Catholic bigot
  164. Fox News Lies About Ron Paul's Support
  165. Paul files to appear on Arkansas Ballot
  166. A Compendium of News Sources
  167. Santorum
  168. military donations for paul
  169. HuffPo: article saying RP takes money from bad people
  170. Fiscal Affairs: Ron Paul's Budget Proposals Are Fiscally Irresponsible
  171. Business Insider: RON PAUL Believes in an Inflation Conspiracy
  172. ABCNEWS lies about Wyoming Caucus results
  173. 'Business Insider' Attacks Ron Paul
  174. The Atlantic: Does the Romney-Ron Paul Pact Make Paul a Sellout? (Hit Piece citing RPF)
  175. Townhall Poll Article
  177. Looking for footage of a Bill O' Reilly black-out dated Feb 28.
  178. Mitt Romney's Drudge Report Connection Pays Off
  179. Corporate Media Officially Stops Covering Paul Campaign
  180. Mainstream Media Lies
  181. The Firm - March 3rd episode
  182. Fox News Iran Poll
  183. Gay rights and similar issues - Ron Paul hater
  184. Fox Removes Crowd's Boos after Neocon Beats The War Drum in Response to Ron Paul Supporter
  185. NPR's 'unbiased' delegate tracker leaves out WY
  186. CNN politics web site all Romney
  187. Why oh why didn't Ron Paul vote on the NDAA
  188. Politco's Alexander Burns takes shot at Ron Paul
  189. NPR on Consistency: 'Hedge Hogs and Foxes'
  190. Paul lies more than Romney, Santorum, and Gringrich?
  191. How the Media (Dis)counts Ron Paul Votes
  192. David Gregory Likes To Pretend Ron Paul Doesn't Exist - Meet The Press, MSNBC
  193. AOL Front Page "SUPER TUESDAY Race" Blacks Out / Censors Ron Paul
  194. Electability response - Three Men Make A Tiger
  195. Blackout redux.
  196. Ron Paul Wants Tornado Victims to Fend for Themselves
  197. [video] MSNBC Completely Leaves Out Ron Paul In Super Tuesday TV Intro
  198. Why You Should Stop Supporting Ron Paul, Even Though It's Hard: An Appeal to the Internet
  199. CNN lies and mistake again!!!
  200. Mitt Romney has the most Facebook Likes - is this true?
  201. Why is Google hiding all Paul's best finishes?
  202. They're saying Ron should drop.
  204. What actions cause people to want listen or change?
  205. Road to a Brokerd Convention!
  206. FOX (FAUX) NEWS CORP Biased Polls of All Polls of Hating Ron Paul and Pumpin Up Santorum
  207. Jack Cafferty turns on Ron Paul
  208. Local news says Ron Paul "is the only candidate saying he is considering calling it quits"
  209. Ron Paul's pointless Internet presidency
  211. Tucker Carlson Warns: Be Nice To Ron Paul
  212. Ron Paul Not a Hit With Youth Voters on Super Tuesday
  213. Radio talk host who endorsed Ron Paul needs clicks
  214. Gov. Chris Christie Calls Veteran An 'Idiot' In Shouting Match
  215. Fox News Poll: "Should Newt Gingrich get out of the race?"
  216. Play the Trump Card; No Paul/No Vote!
  217. Ron Paul Abuses Trademark Law To Unveil Anonymous Internet Users
  218. Southern Poverty Law Center creates "watch list" with liberty organizations on there
  219. CBS News report on "all 3" GOP candidates' position of Afghanistan, ignores Ron Paul
  220. Mitt Romney Wins By Losing To Ron Paul? - Rachel Maddow, MSNBC
  221. Drudge blacks out Ron Paul
  222. "Why Ron Paul May Cut a Deal With Mitt Romney"
  223. Indiana: local GOP chairman in local newspaper insults Ron Paul and his delegate hopefuls
  224. Tom Hanks: Naive? Evil? Or Under Duress?
  225. POLITICO uses jacked up picture of Ron Paul
  226. NBC nightly news Sat. 17 just stated "Ron Paul said he can't win,and just looking for VP"
  227. Conflict, strategy mark Missouri GOP caucuses [Saint Louis Post Dispatch]
  228. Fox Business added to Dish Network Top 200 week after Freedom Watch dropped
  229. Yahoo! News: "Ron Paul topped by also-ran Fred Karger in Puerto Rico primary"
  230. MSNBC: Ron Paul: The Incredible Shrinking Candidate
  231. Yahoo!: Ron Paul Topped by Also-Ran Fred Karger in Puerto Rico Primary
  232. About Dot Com Take on RP Platform
  233. CNN leaves Paul's name out of exit polls
  234. "ROB PAUL" will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.
  235. News Stories and the Ron Paul Google Search
  236. This morning on NPR: "...Gingrich a distant third..." LIARS!!
  237. It’s Over, and It Wasn’t Close
  238. CNN's John King and [annoying] Dana Bash are separating after 4 years of marriage...
  239. Huffington Post Hit Piece on Ron not wanting Secret Service protection
  240. Daily Beast: "The Great Ron Paul Caucus Strategy Fizzles into Failure"
  241. Washington Post: "Ron Paul’s House seat enriches his family"
  242. Using Trayvon Martin as propaganda tool to mask world bank?
  243. Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Obama Comment on Trayvon Martin Case; Paul Silent
  244. Larry Kudlow is an establishment hack
  245. Dana Loesch CUTS OFF Ron Paul Supporter For Sticking By Ron Paul
  246. Drugs, Guns and Madness in the Ron Paul Revolution
  247. REPORT: Ron Paul's campaign fund 'a family affair'...
  248. Rachel Maddow says Republican rules prevent Ron Paul from nomination
  249. CNN Poll: Majority in GOP say Gingrich and Paul should end bids
  250. New York Times marginalization piece