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  1. Chicago Tribune: Ron Paul-Hillary Clinton 2012
  2. Glenn Beck links George Soros to Ron Paul
  3. Stupid article on Google News, read if you want to groan
  4. What's going on with this Yahoo Contributor Network?
  5. CBS excludes Ron Paul from the suffolk poll in their news segment
  6. Judge Napolitano nails it with his own "What if?" speech! Love this guy!
  7. 'Mystery Writer' of Ron Paul's 'Racist' Newsletters Uncovered
  8. [Daily Caller] Krauthammer: ‘Ron Paul is not going to be president’
  9. Iran – Is This The Face of Evil?
  10. Boeing Ad on Latest NBC Debate Video
  11. Ron Paul Helps Romney Divide and Conquer
  12. Don't do this: Ron Paul Supporter Accuses Beck of Shilling for Israel, Defends Bin Laden
  13. Archive of all the mainstream media 'pundits' and 'journalists' who state Paul won't win
  14. Juana Summers blatantly lies in Pro-Huntsman Piece on Politico
  15. Imagine if you had control of the Media
  16. Gingrich with Frank Luntz on Fox NOW
  17. How the media is pumping Huntsman at Paul's expense
  18. The Media Are Still With There Old Game of Manipulation
  19. Miami Herald Article Says Ron Paul Campaign Is "Run By Amateurs"
  20. Absolutely Disgraceful - CBS Reporter, Slammed for Excluding Ron Paul, goes viral
  21. Alexandra Petri: "Have you met a Ron Paul supporter lately?"
  22. WOW!! MSNBC cites PPP poll after refusing to cite PPP in Iowa with Paul leading last week
  23. I need a reality check - Santorum Shows Movement In Poll
  24. Yahoo! Recommended Article List blatantly smearing Paul; pushing Huntsman and Santorum
  25. Please Vote for Ron Paul in this Poll
  26. Ron Paul Racist Newsletters - Ben Swann Report
  27. CNN 11:00am morning news
  28. Fox News: Ron Paul 2nd in NH is not news
  29. Reuters needs a few more facts
  30. WSJ: Romney's Wing Man
  31. Exclusive: Jesse Ventura Demands Fox Retraction for Sniper's Lies
  32. Anger over Paul's fuel aid comments
  33. Olbermann calls RP and his supporters "worst person in the world" re: huntsman video
  34. Did Ron Paul say this???
  35. DEAR RON PAUL SUPPORTERS: Here's The Truth About The "Media Blackout"
  36. CBS Omits Ron Paul From Latest New Hampshire Poll
  37. Rachel Weiner believes in lying
  38. CNN reporter slips up and all but admits agenda.
  39. Not sure what to make of this entrance poll by Cap Cats Polling and Tracking Agency
  40. It's international
  41. Rock Center/NBC/Brian Williams smear
  43. MSNBC: Rising Huntsman delivers closing argument
  44. MASSIVE Manipulation of Headlines To Affect NH Vote - non-Event to spur fake momentum
  45. Ron Paul on the 2012 campaign trail: 1,000 points of darkness
  46. I'm Mad at GMA
  47. CNN: "Ron Paul is Ron Paul and that Disqualifies Him"
  48. CBS Omits Ron Paul in yet Another Poll.
  49. Writing a Letter?
  50. [Video]: Chris Matthews: "If I Were Voting, I’d Vote For Huntsman"
  51. Ron Paul takes tips from extremist [= non-Zionist] Neturei Karta rabbi
  52. We need to document as much of the Huntsman media push as possible
  53. Alex Wagner show on MSNBC (12pm) = DISGRACEFUL PROPAGANDA
  54. Tea party has died according to Kevin McCullough (no mention of Ron Paul)
  55. business insider: DEAR RON PAUL FANS: Sorry, But The Truth Is He Just Can't Win
  56. Paul ignored again by CBS on day of NH Primary
  57. DRUDGE in on the Hunstman push... bait-and-switch link on front page.
  58. CNN the Jon Huntsman Show today
  59. CNN Just spun it like Dr. Paul defended Romney
  60. CNN Edits Out Ron Paul & Jesse Benton Confrontation With Dana Bash
  61. Is Ron Paul getting too much media attention?
  62. CNN Trying To Generate Huntsman Surge
  63. ABC News: "The Independent Effect"
  64. WA Post: Ron Paul Lays Bare Hypocrisy
  65. Michael Scheuer publishes scathing article against org. that slandered Ron Paul
  66. CNN Pushing hard the "Huntsman surge"
  67. Your opinions on this article please - Isolationism, Redux
  68. Yahoo! News Article Headline: Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire (only 23% of votes reported)
  69. Brit Hume: "Ru Paul has more chance of being elected than Ron Paul" Fox News
  70. Neo-con david frum is going mental at ron Paul right now
  71. I think CNN "might" be biased.
  72. So, I was going to log into foxnews.com to make a comment on a story...
  73. listening to MSNBC while waiting for Wead...I cannot believe...
  74. Michael Reagan: My father would go home and pray that Ron Paul wouldn't be the nominee
  75. Reagan accidentally endorsed Ron Paul on the economy tonight (CNN)
  76. Salon.com post NH spin
  77. CBS post NH primary coverage (parody)
  78. Al Sharpton Scared of Ron Paul
  79. William Kristol: "worried... about the fact that Ron Paul got so many votes"
  80. WSB Radio in Atlanta, GA
  81. Attn Campaign: Libelous article in Washington Times
  82. Disgraceful Ron Paul video on Jon Huntsman’s adopted daughters
  83. Ron vs. Mitt
  84. Ron Paul - Conservative Killer!
  85. Limbaugh: "Ron Paul Kills Conservatives"
  86. No expectations within Republican Party
  87. real clear... real biased
  88. A new twist on an old joke (idiot warning: this is satire)
  89. BLOWBACK for CNN's Dana Bash by NH Ron Paul supporters [VIDEO]
  90. The man who could stop romney (Ari Fleischer pimps for Newt)
  91. Dennis Prager: Ron Paul Is A Sickening Liar And Radical Lefty
  92. National Review's Rich Lowry: Paul's Malicious, Sinisterly, Racist, Implicit Threat On GOP
  93. MSNBC doesnt get it. Ron Paul is 2 issues, liberty and pot ?????
  94. CNN Pumping Gingrich
  95. WSJ Smears Ron Paul through intentional omission! EMAIL THEM NOW
  96. Politifact changing the rating on Paul's claim about DOE doubling 2007 v 2012
  97. Ron Paul Wont Be Much of a Thorn in Mitt Romneys Side from USNEWS
  98. Beck Radio Crew Cautions ‘Overzealous’ Paul Supporters: "tone it down a litte"
  99. CNN 10:36 who is ron most dangerous to?
  100. Jon Stewart Exposes Ron Paul Media Bias After New Hampshire Primary
  101. Michael Medved: The Speech Ron Paul Ought to Give
  102. Mike Wallace: Dr. Paul = Jesse Jackson
  103. Chicago Sun Times: Dr. Paul = Louis Farrakhan
  104. Willie Geist and SE Cupp on MSDNC
  105. Union Leader hit (1/12): "You're welcome: On not endorsing Ron Paul"
  106. Rush Limbaugh is owned by Mitt Romney (Bain Capital)
  107. David Asman: Don't Ignore Ron Paul
  108. Is it possible to sue MSM for defamation of character?
  109. Must be getting to them now- Salon: Ron Paul, Extortionist
  110. The Nation: Ron Paul's Strange Bedfellows
  111. RedState: "Get RP off the stage!"
  112. MSNBC calls RP a RINO, his supporters don't care about the Fed???
  113. Washing Post STILL Spreading Disinfo Smear, Please Contact
  114. Gene Lyons: Paul attracts anti-semitic support
  115. FN: 3 are positioning themselves as the anti-Romney
  116. Ron Paul's narrative has lost sight of us all: GULF NEWS 1.12.12
  117. The Weekly Standard: Ron Paul's Timidity
  118. Another HuffPost hit piece: Who's Vision of freedom? Ron Paul or MLK
  119. HuffPo: LGBTs for Ron Paul: Huh?
  120. MSNBC Calls Ron Paul A 300 Year Old Isolationist Who Won't Be President
  121. Argument against the 600 to 1 bills passed meme
  122. Ron Paul's Delusional And Passively Narcissistic Worldview: An Essay
  123. Kasparian/Young Turks claims Ron Paul lied regarding Clarkson album sales
  124. Wall Street Journal continues obsession with RP's Portfolio
  125. The Economist says Republican election is over, swoons over Romney
  126. Ron Paul article (mostly positive) New York Daily News - Editorial Section - page 29 Today
  127. Dr Paul delivers the Big Bambino
  128. LULZ @ Frum article on The Daily Beast
  129. Ari Fleischer: Ron Paul Campaign Schedule Shows he is not serious about White House
  130. Fox News (Shep Smith): New meme for new polls....
  131. CNN hit piece on now! (tube added)
  132. CNN stares me down! (Peter Morris, Dana Bash)
  133. CNN Political hack, Dana Loesch, pleased with desecrating bodies.
  134. Who's Provoking Who Now?
  135. Statistically tied for second in SC
  136. Article That Argues Ron Paul Missed His Target Voters In Iowa
  137. Another hit piece from Huff Po
  138. New York Times Attacks Ron Paul Again
  139. Paul goes home to Texas just as campaign heats up
  140. Awesome Dees art Ron Paul front page
  141. Daily Show: Brilliant ironic piece on media bias and hypocrisy (incl. tea party coverage)
  142. Ron Paul falsely accused of attracting anti-semitic support
  144. Who owns Rasmussen?
  145. A reminder of how much the conversation has changed
  146. Serious Issue has come up
  147. Spinning a good title into a negative one.
  148. Ron Paul, the most dangerous man in America
  149. Mitt Romney Fails To Sway Ron Paul Supporter At Huckabee Forum
  150. Ron Paul supporters according to Carl Gibson
  151. Ron Paul and the John Birch Society
  152. Expect media to be pushing Santorum this week prior to SC.
  153. Stephanopoulos interviewing Colbert on Sunday Morning
  154. Philadelphia Inquirer: After NH results
  155. Thank You Senator Tom Davis and Welcome to the Revolution!
  156. canadian neocon
  157. New spin: He travels first class to Congress (how desperate are they??)
  158. Mark Levin: Ron Paul’s interpretation of the Constitution Not always accurate
  159. FOX News Reporting South Carolina is a Closed Primary
  160. The Times admits it deep-sixed Ron Paul
  161. Rand Paul Won’t Comment on Father’s Past Comparison of Gaza to “Concentration Camp”
  163. Phil Musser releases poll slanted against Paul
  164. CNN Breaking News Showing Romney and Obama Tying
  165. National Polls Suggest Romney Is Overwhelming Favorite for G.O.P. Nomination
  166. candidates don't show leadership
  167. LoL, TNR attempts to revive newsletters.
  168. Romney unscathed from debate attacks
  169. Ron Paul Denies Saying He Wouldn’t Have Ordered Bin Laden Raid in Pakistan — But Here’s th
  170. Ron Paul Criticized for supporting Golden Rule
  171. US election results tabulated by foreign firm
  172. Ron Paul Still Leads Twitter in Mentions, but Mitt is Rising
  173. O'Reilly "Refutes" Paul on Drug War
  174. Anybody else see this? (regarding military donations)
  175. If you missed Mark Levin tonight, you missed an awesome show
  176. Al Gore: Ron Paul is the 'Silly' Candidate
  177. Owner of bunny ranch on Lawrence O'donnell
  178. Prager criticizes Ron Paul's drug policy
  179. National Review website excluding Ron Paul from Who Won the Debate Poll
  180. Crony Media instead of Mainstream Media
  181. So disturbing
  182. Ron Paul and America's Alleged Racism
  183. AP HIT PIECE;
  184. Behavior of MSM in Light of Ballot Scenario is Telling
  185. Sean Hannity Forums Are Running Scared Of Ron Paul Check Out There Threads
  186. Dailybeast brings up newsletters again
  187. Conservative byte lies - headline claims Sarah Palin Endorses Gingrich on Hannity
  188. Ron Paul spending large amounts of tax-payer money on airfare?
  189. The closing statement made it sound like NEWS!
  190. Ron Paul yawns at South Carolina, looks beyond
  191. Attn: Gingrich Being Pushed by Media Again
  192. Fox News: 16% is significantly less than 16%
  193. So Who Is Behind the Ron Paul Attacks?
  194. VIDEO - Glenn Beck attacks Ron Paul as Sounding Like Bin Laden
  196. Dear Glenn Beck
  197. Ron Paul: Wrong on the Taliban
  198. Very proud of RP supporter posts in defending biased media
  199. According to Rush, it's a THREE-MAN RACE: Romney, Newt and Santorum
  200. CNN Falsely Reporting that Ron Paul will be the next one to Drop Out!
  201. Greenwald exposes neocon/Krisol smear campaign
  202. New poll at politico
  203. Hack Writer Attacks Military Donations
  204. Bill Maher on Local Radio Show Discusses Ron Paul
  205. CNN post debate discussion waits 54 minutes before mentioning Ron Paul
  206. Facebook Angry Crazy Lady Attacks Paul On Facebook on Dick Morris Page
  207. Fox and Friends.. Not so fair, not so balanced
  208. Fox and their 3 vets...none like Paul.
  209. CNN Fact Checks Paul on WW2 Vet Job programs
  210. Post Limbaugh, Medved, Beck, Savage, Hannity debate commentary here:
  211. Why is the MSM not addressing the FBI investigation into Newt's actions re: arms to Saddam
  212. Is there an online site that breaks down "news" stories to show intentional lies and...
  213. CNN Pumping Up Newt Gingrich
  214. Brought to you by RedState: Is Ron Paul losing his supporters?
  215. 2.75 Hours of Rush Debate Analysis and NO Ron Paul
  216. 26 of 9000 (0.3%) = The amount of actual words CNN's AC360 devoted to discussing Ron Paul
  217. Poll backgrounds
  218. Chuck Norris endorsement: Paul or Newt?
  219. CNN John King Covers Candidate's Campaign Appearances in South Carolina Blackouts Ron Paul
  220. The blackout has been 100% throughout ALL MEDIA.
  221. Drudge break-down of articles w/ Ron Paul mentions vs.others on Primary eve...
  222. absurd statements in article on cadets at the Citadel in NYTimes
  223. What's wrong with DRUDGE lately?
  224. Rachel Maddow Show...
  225. Stephen Moore of the WSJ on Judge Nap
  226. GOP outsider Ron Paul less a factor in SC, looks beyond Florida to caucus-state delegates
  227. Ron Paul’s “South Was Right” Civil War Speech With Confederate Flag
  228. paul just got cut off foc when asking why they/other stations dont mention him
  229. Ron Paul cut off on Cavuto - Oh the Irony
  230. Jim DeMint on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy
  231. With a Paul Presidency comes a tremendous opportunity for new media
  232. Propagation:The media and its place in the machine.
  233. Ron Paul even blacked out on C-span.org - 1/20/12 - If they can.. they'll do it..
  234. Fox Nation: "Paul Like the Rain for SC..."
  235. Stay classy, CNN. This will make you rage.
  236. Media black out: Easiest to boycott w/ results. Drudge.
  237. Wolf blitzer
  238. Fox News Poll, Check it Out
  239. Fox News Cut Off Ron Paul When He Starts To Talk About Media Treatment After Last Debate
  240. Really CNN?
  241. Fox still ignoring Ron Paul
  242. VIDEO: Lawrence O'Donnell Hating on DR.Paul Rachael Maddow Defending Him
  243. Great for pushing Rons actual abortion policy!
  244. How we can get ahead of the MEDIA
  245. A simple approach to MSM spin.
  246. This Guy Lying About Dr. Paul On About.com
  247. Obama increased the debt by the lowest amount compared to recent presidents?
  248. We Have A Serious Problem: PNAC neocons strike Ron Paul
  249. Media Spin vs Individual Spin
  250. Hit piece on both Romney and Paul