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  1. Republican Warmongers Smearing Paul
  2. Hannity/Dick Morris Hit Piece
  3. Google News misquoting Ron Paul
  4. Peter Johnson Jr: Ron Paul is "Off the Map"
  5. Disparaging a Business - What the New Republic hasn't said to the media
  6. GOP candidates offer few new ideas on reviving housing market (not one word "Paul")
  7. Fox News Discussing Gingrich Newsletter
  8. todays limbaugh show doing damage.
  9. Lies about liberty defined and the accusation of apartheid state
  10. Rush Limbaugh Fill-In: Ron Paul's support in Iowa is from Liberals...
  11. Redstate hitpiece on RP and his supporters
  12. The Jewish Press: Former Aide: Ron Paul “Calls for Abolishment of Jewish State”
  13. "Iowa Cacuses a Week Away" Ron Paul blacked out completely
  14. CNN now!
  15. Now they're pushing 9/11 inside job lies
  16. voter fraud concerns?
  17. Ron Paul's "Disgruntled" Staffer and the Press Smear of Ron Paul
  18. You know you are a serious candidate , a clear frontrunner and winning when....
  19. Iowa pragmatism could benefit Mitt Romney campaign
  20. Lobbyist Attacks Ron Paul on MSNBC
  21. Paul not at Deace pro-life tele-townhall
  22. Ex-Aide: Ron Paul Foreign Policy is 'Sheer Lunacy'
  23. CNN talking heads attack Ron Paul
  24. Google News wrongly attributing quote to Ron Paul
  25. Media continues to smear and refuses to call him "Dr." Paul
  26. Ignore the smears, let me explain why Ron is doing everything correctly
  27. Paul's surge may prompt a new look from GOP voters
  28. Ron Paul's Destructive Foreign Policy
  29. The mainstream media :)
  30. Politico Calls Ron Paul's Chances at Winning GOP Nomination "Laughably Unlikely"
  31. Mr. Paul’s Discredited Campaign (NYT hit piece)
  32. National Journal: Romney is The New Frontrunner In Iowa
  33. Ceiling Update - 24-25% according to ABC
  34. Gary Weiss: "Ron Paul Corners the Crackpot Vote"
  35. Politico: Ron Paul fading?
  36. Politico Says: Romney Is Winning Iowa, According To Polls We Won't Name
  37. Has there been as many hit pieces for any other candidate in recent history?
  38. BREAKING! IOWA: If RP Wins Caucus, Kiss First-In-Nation-Status Goodbye
  39. Cancelling my business advertising at KOMO (ABC) news radio in Seattle...
  40. [THE NEW YORKER] Why Ron Paul Isn’t Just Another Right-Wing Nut (almost unbiased)
  41. Who is Terry Holt on Fox News?
  42. Shockingly false CNN headline: Santorum now ahead of Paul
  43. CNN: Will his 'Paulbots' torpedo Ron Paul in Iowa?
  44. Ron Paul Perfect Candidate for Bigots
  45. Attacks are getting intense & direct
  46. Hardball: Dishonest Smears
  47. Dick Morris bashing Ron on Fox
  48. O'Reilly Show Now
  49. Huff Post daily hammer drop on Paul
  50. Newsmax/Newt Gingrich "Liberal Republicans Spending $9 Million To Attack Newt"
  51. {Article} Mother Jones at it again.
  52. Fox News: Carl Cameron states Ron Paul's own supporters...
  53. Blitzer getting Santorum to do a Newt and compare Ron to Obama.
  54. Google has donated 10 times more money to Obama than Paul
  55. Kirchick and NYTimes at it again
  56. http://www.dailypaul.com/197343/eric-bolling-spreading-misinfo-about-paul-israel-on-fox
  57. Eric Dondero's website and accusations on CNN
  58. What did I just hear???
  59. Front Page Boston Globe Hit Piece on Newsletters
  60. Des Moines Register Editorial: Paul's bigoted newsletters need answers
  61. Michael Savage: supporting Ron Paul is like believing in the tooth fairy and santa claus
  62. Clarkson's comments about Ron Paul getting media attention
  63. NH - Union Leader - Joseph W. McQuaid: Ron Paul is truly dangerous
  64. Dick Morris Calls RP ‘The Most Liberal, Radical Left-Wing Person to Run for President
  65. MSNBC just played the "Unelectable" card.
  66. Can Ron Paul go all the way to the GOP nomination?
  67. Just Disgraceful
  68. ETF is just another scheme to help the financial sector(facepalm)
  69. NYT's Kirchick hit piece - All varieties of smear are represented.
  70. Ron Paul's War on Israel?
  71. POLITICO FRONT PAGE: PAUL Takes Heat As Iowa Looms
  72. Philip Klein (WashExam/AmSpec): Why I'd back Obama over Ron Paul
  73. If the Media were honest about RonPaul's Foreign Policy
  74. Investors Business Daily: False and Misleading Cover Story
  75. NBC Nightly News (12/29/11) - Let's talk about Romney and New Hampshire first!
  76. Wow! Attack ad aimed at Paul only
  77. Mayday! Under Attack! Need Help Defending Dr. Paul
  78. The Mark Levin Show has been absolutely lambasting Dr. Paul the last two days.
  79. Did Ron Paul Really Deliver The Biracial Baby?
  80. Ron Paul is Not a Champion of Libery - HuffPost Article
  81. Ezra Klein attacks Paul on Newsletters, Conspiracy Theories, and Gold Standard
  82. Republican Security Council - This is How the Anti-Ron Paul people think
  83. Ben Adler of The Nation Needs a Dictionary
  84. Miami Herald Comic
  85. Morning Joe lies more about Ron: "Thinks it would be good for Iran to have nuke."
  86. Local newspaper dismissing Iowa caucus...ugh
  87. Fox News hit piece on Ron Paul and Kelly Clarkson
  88. Hit piece Ron Paul: The Highlander
  89. Extreme Fox News bias
  90. When Paul wins Iowa...
  91. HUGELY False Accusations About Ron Paul
  92. Latest media theme: "Young people like RP for his marijuana and anti-war stance"
  93. Well, this didn't help
  94. Is the MSM coming to the point of making people LIKE Ron Paul?
  95. CNN are they part and parcel of Romney campaign ?
  96. Okay. Now I get it.
  97. US News - President Paul When Pigs Fly (horrific article)
  98. CNN lies about their poll they released yesterday
  99. Shields and Brooks on Ron Paul's 'Authenticity,' Romney's Message, Iowa's Role
  100. Savage attacks
  101. Ron Paul Should Stop Claiming Constitutional Stuff Is Unconstitutional
  102. HuffPost: "Ron Paul on crack"
  103. CNN Front Page-Paul criticized AIDS patients, harassment victims
  104. Greta conveniently leave Paul out of campaign in review
  105. CNN Closes Comment Section After Pro Romney & Obama Statements 4 Comments only
  106. Washington Post makes biased mockery of Iowa Caucuses yet again
  107. Steve King says
  108. This Guy Is a Big Hater Of Ron Paul and He Has a Poll Up
  109. MSNBC Pulls Kelly Clarkson Interview! Intro'd segment, then never played it.
  110. Ron Paul Warns of U.N. Conspiracies, Rioting in the Streets During Iowa Stump
  111. Time: Six Reasons Ron Paul Has Appeal Beyond the GOP
  112. Ron Paul supporters so fed up, ...
  113. CNN just showed a "Mitt Romney 2012" digital billboard
  114. FOX NEWS personality of candidates
  115. Crazy Ron Paul Supporters Clean the Sky with Vinegar
  116. Less Than 1 Hour into the New Year and Fox News is Already Trashing Ron Paul
  117. EMAIL TORONTO SUN and ask that John Robson be FIRED.
  118. Alana Burke: Ron Paul's base afflicted with tunnel vision
  119. Fox & Friends outright lying right now: Marc Thiessen
  120. Fox News pouring on the hit pieces this morning.
  121. Interesting reddit thread.
  122. Hit Piece Sunday - Post videos here
  123. Reporters w/ hurt feelings POLITICO: "In a switch, Ron Paul ignores the media"
  124. Liz Trotta on Fox News just said Ron said we shouldn't have been in WW2
  125. Mother of All Hit Pieces tomorow?
  126. Again, Iowa Gov. says if Paul wins, we should watch 2nd and 3rd
  127. Really, Politico?
  128. How Ron Paul Might Win Iowa and STILL Get No Hawkeye Delegates
  129. Really, this is the best Ron Paul photo they could find?
  130. Dr. Paul Never Cites The Favorable Electability Polls..Why Not???
  131. Sean Hannity Forum Users Attacking Out-of-State Caucus Monitors, Lee Kingtom Insulting Ron
  132. Fleischer: "We would not have won the American Revolution if Ron Paul was president."
  133. I'm tired of News wrongly describing RP & supporters as 'Isolationists'
  134. GOOGLE "Ron Paul" (From Politico Morning Score)
  135. check this CNN hit piece out...just came out today Jan 1
  136. (CNN) Only 56% of Ron Paul supporters say that they're definitely going to the Iowa Caucus
  137. Fox News/CNN/MSNBC Voter Education Day
  138. Chris Wallace is a homophobe?
  139. The Economist hitpiece on Paul
  140. Two nasty articles by Yahoo's Chris Moody.
  141. Perhaps soundbite-speak training is in order?
  142. Paul being ignored from MSM web sites on final day before caucus
  143. Robert Ringer: Why Dick Morris Fears Ron Paul
  144. [WAPO] Seriously, Iowa? Ron Paul?
  145. Fascinating discussion of newsletter/racist charge
  146. Wow Wolf brings in Ari Fleischer and James Carvlle to smear Paul.
  147. NY Times Rosenthal: Ron Paul Sounds Good at First, But Then Gets Pretty Scary
  148. Hannity Attacking...Over RP supporter?
  149. Nightly News: Paul supporters aren't "eligible to vote"
  150. MSNBC keeps citing last two days of DMR poll, refuses to cite PPP
  151. Now they're trying to downplay New Hampshire...
  152. Santorum "Surge"
  153. WaPo calls us "motley"
  154. Rupert Murdoch tweets again - encourages iowa to vote santorum
  155. Humorous Fargo, ND newspaper editorial
  156. Isolationism via Ron Paul
  157. Ron Paul: Odds Have Been Slim [Past Tense]
  158. Media hype about Iran's dangerous missiles way off base
  159. CNN Show On Now Early Start: Blackout Any Mentions of Ron Paul
  160. MSNBC keeps showing American Research Group 12/29 poll, not Insider Advantage 1/1 Poll
  161. Yahoo! says Ron Paul & Santorum Stretch Truth on Iran
  162. Washington Times:: PRUDEN: The night the music stops, or pauses, for GOP presidential cand
  163. "Smoke filled room OK to keep Ron Paul from winning"
  164. Fox News asking for Twitter questions for their Iowa panel
  165. Glenn Beck
  166. internet censorship in effect
  167. Zerohedge calls out Misnistry of propaganda?
  168. Krauthammer - Spewing nonsense - RP has ZERO chance of winning nomination.
  169. Dallas Morning News: A win would descredit Iowa.
  170. I predict a victory tonight. Here's why.
  171. Anyone got anything on this nonsense?
  172. what if its a blowout in our favor?
  173. The Sean Hannity Forums Attacking Ron Paul Anyone there? Defend Him Look at them Spin
  174. CNN Dress Rehersal: Romney 38% Perry 30% Bachmann 29% Paul 2%
  175. Fox News gave Paul 1/4 screen for his speech
  176. RP tweet to huntsman
  177. If Frothy Mittens came in FIRST ....
  178. [false not awarded yet] AP Says Romney Got 13 Delegates, Santorum 12 and Paul None
  179. How the media rigs elections
  180. Best radio talk show hosts in NH?
  181. HuffPo: Five Reasons Why Ron Paul Should Never Become President
  182. Jack Cafferty: All Candidates Should Now Concede to Romney?
  183. Ron Shut out of the Delegates??
  184. Wed 2012-01-04 18:55 Fox Bret Bair makes fun of Ron paul
  185. Michael Savage takes call from rp supporter.
  186. What happened to all the talk about how Iowa doesn't count?
  187. CNN: 10:04 pm AC talking about superpacs
  188. You're a LIAR, Mr Gingrich!
  189. Ben Swann, Reality Check: The story behind the Ron Paul newsletters
  190. Red Eye: Chris Barron, 'Ron Paul's foreign policy "nutty", Iraq war was right decision'
  191. Isolationism
  192. Limbaugh on Ron Paul’s 3rd-place Iowa finish: ‘It’s Over’
  193. Leonard Pitts unbeleivable
  194. TODAY show election segment: No Ron Paul
  195. CNN: Why Santorum has a shot in New Hampshire
  196. Bill O'Reilly: 01/04/2012 - Ron Paul won't get the nomination
  197. David Gregory of MTP: It's a 2-Man Race
  198. Needs Attention: Glenn Beck Video: CATO, Soros and Tom Woods
  199. Video, please?
  200. Ron Paul's stellar investment portfolio returns still being poo-pooed, WSJ is the latest
  201. "Accidental" poll fudging
  202. Santorum gets big bounce in New Hampshire Washington Times
  203. Bob Cesca: Ron Paul Is No Friend To Progessives
  204. Goldfarb, Continetti to set up online newspaper to "fight liberals" - likely Koch-funded
  205. Paul picks up 4 in NH today
  206. CBS Propagandists Picture Of Latest Poll [pic]
  207. OOPS! Open Mike at Presidential news conference cathes Reporters scared of Ron Paul
  208. Clarkson on SNL
  209. CNBC Hardball
  210. Santorum did say
  211. MSNBC lying about delegate count?
  212. MSNBC/HuffPo/POLITICO Joe Scarborough Attacks Ron Paul Supporters For Trashing Huntsman
  213. Ron Paul Is An Electable Conservative Unless You Listen To the Media
  214. CNN 10:09 pm EST - AC talking to John King. Only Perry can raise money like Romney
  215. Michael Savage: Ron Paul supporters are hysterical, dyed-in-wool liberals
  216. Full cast of Morning Joe talking trash about all Ron Paul supporters on Morning Joe
  217. Maybe It Is Time
  218. Beck is getting schooled on newsletters
  219. "Political blogger" = failed journalist.
  220. Glenn Beck 1/6: Ron Paul waits to make sure that bill passes before voting NO
  221. New Attack Ad Against RP
  222. Waiting for the Day When We Can Say We're All Austrians: Ron Paul's Brand of Libertarianis
  223. The Propaganda term "Surge" or "Surging"
  224. Frontpagemag trys to link Ron and George Soros
  225. FP: What do the Iowa results say about Republican foreign policy?
  226. YouTube - 302 Views. Always. Why?
  227. The Video About Jon Huntsman.....
  228. Mark Levin Right Now
  229. Access Hollywood portrays Paul as a racist and homophobe
  230. Huntsman Complicit in “False Flag”-Style Dirty Trick Against Paul
  231. 01-05-12 5 - Worst Persons - Countdown with Keith Olbermann
  232. Who owns the mainstream media?
  233. Ron Paul has two problems: One his, the other ours
  234. Fox promoted the story of Santorum's dead child to defeat Paul in Iowa
  235. OMGZ Osama iz duh gentlemenz
  236. Pat Buchanan Still Missing From MSNBC After Over Two Months
  237. NYT op-ed calls Gingrich, Santorum, Paul racists
  238. NY TImes' unique spin on voter discrepanices in Iowa.
  239. Pro-Israeli group running ads against RP.
  240. RuPaul wants you to know he's not Ron Paul
  241. Rick Santorum faces aggressive heckling
  242. Medved and Paulophobia
  243. CNN: Hindus denounce ad attacking Huntsman's faith, values
  244. Rasmussen's bias against Paul?
  245. The Economist on where the race is at
  246. NHliberty4Paul twitter account.
  247. Ford O'Connell on Fox News why independents will vote for RP
  248. 12.5 minute CBS News Election Analysis: ZERO Mention of Ron Paul!
  249. Santorum surge again!
  250. Gary Bauer is a-skeered of RP