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  1. 12/14/11 Levin goes Lunatic again
  2. Media's Manipulation of Election Addressed In New Film
  3. [Video] Hannity and Bill Bennett rehash newsletters more, accuse of 9/11 conspiracies
  4. The New Yorker: HERE COMES RON PAUL
  5. Dick Morris on Ron Paul
  6. The Media 2012 Agenda
  7. Hannity's facebook invaded by RP supporters
  8. Irrelevant National Review
  9. Hot Air joins Hannity in smearing Paul
  10. rush changes his tune
  11. Local radio program Schnitt Show has spent 2 hours attacking Ron Paul
  12. My Email to MSNBC/Maddow Yesterday..
  13. Anybody catch Rush saying this about RP toady?
  14. Pure hatred and vile for RP from the chemically-imbalanced Tomasky
  15. Paul victory in Iowa over Gingrich would be viewed as a win for Romney
  16. O'Reilly: "Everyone Knows The Republican Party Is Not Going To Nominate Ron Paul"
  17. Washington Post - Ron Paul the Big Loser of the Debate - Isolationist Views
  18. FiveThirtyEight Tweets
  19. Morning Joe: Ron Paul made devastating remarks on Iran
  20. War of the Signs
  21. Is News Corp a War Profiteer?
  22. 3rd party run questions used to disqualify from ballot from certain states?
  23. Larison on "peculiar media coverage of last night’s Republican debate."
  24. FOX News Is At It Again
  25. For all those who are worried......
  26. Need help defending Ron on that newsletter issue
  27. Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul Puts on the Tinfoil Hat
  28. we can mudsling too
  29. HuffPo hit piece: Ron Paul's Iran Comments Raise Questions About His Iowa Surge
  30. Ron Paul segment coming up on O'Reilly
  31. Mark Levin, the facebook ninja...
  32. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz And Gueston Ron Paul
  33. Desparation of Neocons - Heavy Weekly Standard Hit Piece on Ron re: old newsletters etc
  34. Decent article on World Net Daily
  35. New Poll by Mark Levin hating on Paul
  36. Another Hit Piece over the Newsletters.
  37. McLaughlin Group: Ron Paul's Big Mo
  38. Weekly Standard Hit-Peice on Ron Paul: "The Company Ron Paul Keeps"
  39. Race 4 2012 hit piece on newsletters
  40. "Ron Paul is not Biblical" - Please POLITELY school Steve Deace
  41. Mike Huckabee A Big Disappointment
  42. Dick Morris called Ron Paul an Anti-semite today?
  43. Paul must correct the "You are to the Left of Obama on Iran" nonsense
  44. What the Media is NOT Covering, Democrat Party Sued for Racism
  45. Union Leader Editorial: Renegade Ron is a gadfly, not a contender
  46. Fox and Friends Going After Ron on Earmarks
  47. Des Moines Register: Ron Paul would lead to Economic Chaos
  48. Add "whale with indigestion" to the media's list of metaphors for Ron Paul
  49. Supreme Distortion: USA Today Says Mitt Romney is Averaging 2nd in Iowa
  50. AP Pretends Paul Does Not Exist (12/18/2011)
  51. NewsMax Openly Uses National Poll for Iowa
  52. Counter the Letters
  53. Ron Paul's Misrepresentation by the Mass Media
  54. Morning Theme On Fox N Friends
  55. Talk radio has been talking...
  56. RedState: PPP polls are meaningless.
  57. Morning Joe: Ron Paul takes the lead... Six way tie? LOL
  58. Rightbloggers Close Ranks Against Ron Paul: "Wrong" Kind of Small-Government Conservative
  59. Steve Deace is attacking us!
  60. HotAir is FURIOUS about the Ron Paul lead in Iowa.
  61. Foxnews attacks in sneaky way
  62. AP 12-19-11 No mention of Paul
  63. Hit piece I found on facebook
  64. Shep Smith, Newt and Romney on top but................
  65. Fox News with Shepard Smith
  66. Frank Luntz said Paul people on Paul sites are vicious
  67. BREAKING: Important Announcement by Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf
  68. LA Times does it again, calls Ron Paul an 'Isolationist'
  69. Eric Bolling Smear
  70. Bob Beckel on Fox News "[Paulites] are as close to a cult as I've ever seen"
  71. Hit piece on The Five
  72. :mad: Dick Morris: "Blah Blah Blah... Ron Paul."
  73. NBC Nightly News election segment tonight
  74. Great example of media spin. Top story on Yahoo right now 12/19/2011 ~5:00 PM PST
  75. Newt Gingrich Tumbles, but Mitt Romney Fails to Gain
  76. Rush Limbaugh: "The GOP Establishment's Primary Strategy Has Led to Ron Paul Creep"
  77. Facebook Post: 10 Reasons not to Vote for Ron Paul
  78. Sweet Jesus, I just turned off "Freedom Watch"
  79. Gingrich falls in Iowa, Perry comes up
  80. On Hannity: Panel agrees Ron Paul is a "classic protectionist" who wants Iran to get nukes
  81. media missing?
  82. Massive MSM Propaghandi Effort Against the Good Doc.
  83. Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul Is Different Because He Has Lost The ‘Murdoch Primary’
  84. ATTACK ARTICLES - Zionist and Pro-Establishment Agendas
  85. Paul Could Lead From Behind (Wall Street Journal)
  86. Maddow and Weigel: Ron Paul embarrasses conservatives with actual small government stance
  87. How to Blackout Ron Paul While Giving Him "Air Time" (Meet The Press 12/12/11)
  88. AP's Kasie Hunt Pretends Iowa Frontrunner Ron Paul Doesn't Exist
  89. Politico front page: "Ron Paul panic seizes Iowa establishment"
  90. Ron Paul in the Crosshairs By W. James Antle, III
  91. American Spectator Attack Articles
  92. Looks like a rough "4 minute man" day today
  93. Ron Paul, the Betty White of GOP politics?
  94. Bloomberg - Ron Paul’s Ascent Won’t Last, or Help His Cause
  95. World War 4 Report Charging $5 Per Comment
  96. Verdict is in, NOT A RACIST!!!
  97. Comprehensive list of hit pieces from this morning
  98. Iowa GOP Establishment Attacks Ron Paul!
  99. This is GREAT! The hit pieces are piling up!
  100. huffpo joins the newsletter parade "What Our Young Folks Need to Know About Ron Paul"
  101. A Strong Message to Those Smearing Ron Paul
  102. The short version: Ignore him.
  103. The political spin of a Paul win in Iowa is fully underway.
  104. Matthew Jaffe: Liar, Hack, and A-Hole
  105. Libel, Slander, Defamation - Anyone we can go after legally?
  106. Fox News just now prior to a discussion on Iowa: "What if Ron Paul runs 3rd party?"
  107. How is the media controlled?
  108. Iowa Radio’s Conway: Ron Paul Poll Numbers Inflated
  109. I'm Getting Sick of David Weigel's Constant Smears of Ron Paul
  110. CBS, WaPost would lead neocon media attacks
  111. WOW Ron Paul being attacked on CNN HARD CORE!!!!
  112. Daily Oklahoman endorses Mitt Romney
  113. Time to fight fire with fire!
  114. Ed Rollins: Ron Paul Will Win Iowa Caucuses
  115. CBS Evening News ignores Ron Paul (10%) at third place in their own poll
  116. "Racist Newsletters" Debunked Once And For All
  117. Rush "Slightly Pompous" LIMBAUGH!!! hates Ron Paul
  118. Iraq Combat Veteran Pwns Dick Morris
  119. WAPO Hack: Ron Paul's ceiling rises, but it's still a ceiling
  120. Pundits who have said "Iowa doesn't matter"
  121. Jennifer Rubin: "Iowa caucuses have outlived their usefulness"
  122. Hit piece by Neocon John Podhoretz
  123. Fox Nation: "Ron Paul 'Will Win Iowa' Caucus, But Not GOP Nomination'"
  124. Disgusting Hill Article
  125. From RedState.com another hit piece, on Paul's endorsing McKinney and other 'wackos"
  126. Iowa DOES Matter!
  127. Ron Paul = Naive Promises?
  128. Could this article be any more negative?
  129. Letter to Editor about Iran's Nukes
  130. another Poll that leaves Ron off which Bachmann is moving people towards
  131. A sane blog article about the smears (might need some comments to help)
  132. AC360 CNN - Bashing Ron
  133. I think it's time Mr. Fred Reed stepped up to the plate...
  134. WSJ: "Ron Paul, greatest propagandist for our enemies" <- PURE HATE AND VENOM
  135. Think Progress Bashes Ron Paul
  136. Tube of Anderson Attack on RP?
  137. Video from today's media attacks
  138. LA Times: "Ron Paul's racist link"
  139. Please bring Judge Nap. Back!
  140. Yahoo news is really lame!
  141. "Ron Paul Is Not Only Unacceptable In The Republican Party He's Unacceptable In America!"
  142. Judson Phillips and his 'Tea Party Nation' website... disgusting.
  143. Now THIS bit of spin is downright funny!
  144. Fox News Trollling Hardcore
  145. Racist Media Cheerleads Drug War Against Minorities
  146. American Thinker: The Madness of Ron Paul | Smearing Ron Paul as a Libertarian
  147. First CNN Now "The Atlantic"
  148. Erick Erickson Tweets Insult After CNN Hit Piece!
  149. I Think These Newsletter Accusations are Backfiring on the Media
  150. Google lies and attributes newsletter comment to Ron Paul
  151. Google Lies - Search Results Quote directly attributes newsletter comments to Ron Paul
  152. Morning Joe opens with Ron Paul hit piece by Dorothy Rabinowitz and then newsletters
  153. James Kirchick: why oh why am I not relevant?
  154. USAToday: How Ron Paul’s story on the newsletters has changed
  155. Ron Paul Ignored by the Media? Not So Much
  156. Just a Question to You All
  157. Another Fox Nation Hit Piece "...Iowa Voters Lose Credibility."
  158. Video: CNN Links Ron Paul With Neo Nazis
  159. CNN Doing Wall To Wall Coverage of Newsletters
  160. CNN just can't stop talking about newsletters
  161. Ron Paul: The new teflon candidate?
  162. Ron Paul’s disqualifying racist newsletters
  163. MSNBC - "Ron Paul is never going to be a republicna nominee" (video)
  164. CBS hit piece on Ron
  165. BSNBC attack. Ron Paul = no AC for troops and whores on every street corner.
  166. LOL - "The Elf Who Liked Ron Paul" - Red State Update
  167. Okay, who is this Gregg Hilton?
  168. FOX's Most Over-The-Top Attacks Yet? (Carlson, Gutfeld, Levy, Tantaros, Schutlz)
  169. Fox news poll results black out Ron Paul
  170. The Atlantic Wire HATES Ron Paul
  171. More Newsletters Have Been Discovered
  172. Google does is again - attributes newsletter quote diretly to Ron on Search
  173. Thanks to Drudge for not engaging in the dishonest smear campaign
  174. Daily Caller hating on RP
  175. Imagine that Rich Lowery. I Found Another "Racist Newsletter" - NATIONAL REVIEW!
  176. Is this blogger taking part in liable slander....
  177. We've Achieved The Final Stage Of A Revolution- They Fight Us
  178. Maddow and Ed Schultz on newsletters 12/22/11
  179. The MSM has shot itself in the foot re. the "Solicitation Letter"
  180. The Five - Beckel: "Sorry, earpiece didn't work"
  181. My letter to Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz & Melissa Harris-Perry
  182. Drudge: In AD for newsletter, Ron Paul forecast "race war"
  183. TYT - Is Ron Paul Racist?
  184. "If Ron Paul wins Iowa, we just take it out" - Chief Political Columnist at Politico
  185. Merry Christmas Everyone !!!
  186. Exposing the hacks
  187. Elephant Journal Article full of spin
  188. Yet another lying smear by Google - Direct attribution of newsletter quote
  189. WSJ: What Ron Paul Thinks of America
  190. More "Newsletter" Libel from NY Daily News. Pathetic attempt.
  191. Politico: Lots of coverage to Paul racism and GOP fears, but if he wins, we'll ignore that
  192. Call into Rush (Mark Stein) about Politico! Have some fun!
  193. Is it Mitt in Iowa?
  194. Why bad press is good press (research included). Dont feel bad people !
  195. Get Ready for the "Political Cesspool" attack
  196. Why the left are attacking Ron Paul BEFORE the Republican Primary
  197. Erick Erickson Smears Ron Paul.
  198. Mark Steyn: Ron Paul’s Support of Constitution is “Stunted Parochialism”
  199. John King talking about you know what
  200. Glenn Beck, more newsletter stuff (video)
  201. Dick Morris says Ron Paul's a liberal! Say Wha!?!?!??!!?!
  202. rosa parks money momb?
  204. Now they are attacking Campaign for Liberty "Paul's nonprofits push law's limit"
  205. Fox news really don't like RP
  206. Part of newsletters is anti-racist quote
  207. Fox News Christmas card... insulting their own viewers..WOW
  208. Ron Paul segment coming up on Fox
  209. National Review neo-cons may be Dr. Paul's worst enemy! NR also accused of racism!
  210. Mark Steyn on Ron Paul’s worldview: ‘Sheer stupid, half-witted parochial
  211. Examples of ABC News bias against Ron Paul?
  212. odious
  213. NYT: Paul's Influence Doesn't Just Depend on Him
  214. The SOURCE of many NEOCON hitpieces
  215. Uncut Gloria Borger Interview
  216. Ron Paul, a Blame America First Republican
  217. fake walk out articles
  218. Hit piece on Fox this morning (video)
  219. Someone want to educate this fool who wrote article?
  220. Ron Paul=Jeremiah Wright
  221. Media Starting to Push Ron Paul Win Because of Bad Weather
  222. New York Times Hit Piece Coming Monday
  223. Positive Ron Paul Coverage from the UK. A link worth tweeting and putting on Facebook.
  224. FL Black Newspaper OpEd on the Newsletter
  225. NYT: Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support
  226. Using Social Media and Ron Paul Supporters obviously Angry in Fighting MSM?
  227. Ron Paul: Civil War unnecessary, Abe Lincoln out to destroy the republic
  228. Frustrated with CNN Newsletters Spin? Check it out ;-)
  229. Battle for Virginia, MSNBC
  230. Now come the cartoons
  231. Anyone see the quote on google news by "Ron Paul?"
  232. Watch Woman Cry Tears of Disgust Over Receiving Ron Paul Book for Christmas
  233. Reuters: Paul builds campaign on doomsday scenarios
  234. Jamie Kirchick will be on the radio discussing Paul at 2pm on WRKO in Boston.
  235. Reason.com and the $940,000 claim
  236. David Frum hit piece on top on CNN
  237. Dondero is at it again
  238. Media Spinning Its Own Bias
  239. Which TV Show Is This From?
  240. GOP fears Ron Paul presidency
  241. Rick Sincere Quote = MONEY IN THE BANK!!! (Best argument to combat newsletters)
  242. HuffPo is really going after Paul...HARD!
  243. Discredit Dick Morris
  244. BBC Looks at all candidates in Iowa, only negative with paul
  245. The Five On Ron Paul’s Iowa Lead: ‘Crazy Uncle Is Driving The Car’
  246. Info on Jamie Kirchick (the newsletter attack dog guy from TNR and Weekly Standard)
  247. Ron Paul voted YES to MLK Day as a holiday in 1979. Racist?
  248. WSJ:What Ron Paul Thinks of America
  249. CBS Evening News shows poll w/ Paul in 1st. 2 min. later "Paul may NOT be frontrunner"
  250. Is there a repository for laughable blackout moments?