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  1. Washington Post: Ron Paul have mixed record on energy subsidies
  2. How about a line-by-line rebuttal of this article?
  3. Ann Coulter loves the 9-9-9 plan
  4. "I'm Not Biased Against Ron Paul!" Anderson Cooper
  5. "Rick Perry​, Ron Paul Sought Energy Subsidies They Now Condemn"
  6. SHOCKER!!! Denninger Slams Paul, Clueless on Austrian Econ. (& RP), Bans RP Defenders
  7. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!
  8. Blacking Out Ron Paul (The Right Scoop)
  9. The Columbus Dispatch
  10. Piece of Crap Journalist
  11. FOX news negative spin 10/23/11
  12. Crooks and Liars Article
  13. Nice Piece on Media Blackout
  14. *sigh* Wolf Blitzer still obsessed over Ron Paul 3rd Party run
  15. CBS Early Show discusses 6th place Perry, 7th place Bachmann, ignores Paul
  16. Ron Paulbots Really Have it in for Hermain Cain
  17. Fox News skips Ron Paul when reading poll results
  18. Ron Paul Spent $1 Million on Charter Flights
  19. Jon Stewart lumps Ron Paul with other candidates 'crazy' quotes/flipflops
  20. Ron Paul: Crazy Uncle or Focused Genius, He's Not Getting Elected, Say Power Outsiders
  21. ABC: Ron Paul’s Economic Plan Gets His Rivals Talking
  22. Black This Out Part II - Media Drive
  23. Ron Paul a Fascist? One person on youtube thinks so
  24. Reason.com on Ron Paul's "Unusual Path" - Hit Piece
  25. Another Jeffrey Lord hit piece
  26. While the Media Discuss Various GOP Fiscal Plans, Ron Paul's is Ignored
  27. Today I read a Reason Magazine article about Ron Paul on a radio show which airs 10/30/11
  28. Ron Paul for President of the United States of America: The danger! The Crying Wolf
  29. Ron Paul on sourcewatch: very biased and inaccurate.
  30. *VIDEO* Why Does Wolf Blitzer Ask Ron Paul about 3rd Party Run Almost Every Time????
  31. The Hill: Ron Paul SHOULD run as a Third Party candidate...
  32. GOP Insiders: Ron Paul DEAD LAST
  33. CNN blacks out their own story about Ron Paul win
  34. Ron Paul wants students to pay their own way- like he did in 1961.
  35. Time To Look Below The Surface
  36. The Tea Party Pork Binge
  37. Daily Beast: GOP candidates...silent or incoherent on what to do about [Afghanistan] war
  38. Education is a Human Right, Not a Product
  39. "Ron Paul ready to turn back on Israel" smear
  40. If the media asks will you run as a 3rd party reply
  41. Focusing on the Fed - Crap article credits Cain more then Ron Paul
  42. Amazing Atheist is lying? Or just ignorant
  43. IMMA Rebuts American Spectator "Hypocrisy" Article (explains the earmarks, and more)
  44. Jim Clark: Grading the GOP presidential candidates
  45. Shocking fraud by msnbc
  46. bret baier and panel ignore paul again 11-2-11
  47. A Daily Reminder - This Is Still Happening
  48. ESPN writer takes cheap shot at Ron Paul
  49. The ongoing RP media blackout - cause or symptom?
  50. Hot Air: Ron Paul signs letter encouraging Super Committee to consider new revenues?
  51. USA Today Gallup Poll Obama vs Republicans no mention of Ron Paul
  52. PJTV'S ZoNation: "Ronulan Invasion: Are Ron Paul Libertarians Inviting Bigger Government?"
  53. remove
  54. Another perplexing Ron Paul oversight from the Times
  55. Atlas Shrug - Pamela Geller takes knock at Ron Paul
  56. PolitiFact: Paul: Herman Cain called Federal Reserve critics "ignorant"
  57. Daily Caller cherry picks from Fox News Sunday interview
  58. mod delete
  59. Poll: Cain - Legitimate Candidate Or Satire Art Project?
  60. Did You Catch Geraldo Tonite? Ugh!
  61. Legit endorsement from Ron Paul!?
  62. I heard Ron Paul won a straw poll?
  63. Bill O'Reilly advertisers
  64. Fox News : Take Ron Paul Out Of The Debates!
  65. O'Reilly: Ron Paul support is "almost a cult", "like bees"
  66. Clint Eastwood supports Mr. Cain
  67. Hit Piece on Ron Paul--Iowa Caucus Endorsements
  68. Ron Paul, Tea Party: not our friends--Message directed toward OWS Supporters.
  69. LA Times...
  70. National Tea Party Alert email to me was Newt campaign material
  71. Flood CNBC With Phone Calls
  72. Blatant MSNBC Poll Distortion Screenshot I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE
  73. I give you Allen Wastler the man who took down our poll
  74. FOX News "Who won the debate?" 7/8 candidates named... We know who won.
  75. AP: Some Candidates ‘Drifted From Reality’ During Last Night’s GOP Debate, The Blaze
  76. ZH Guest Post: Be Honest CNBC - You Are Biased Against Ron Paul
  77. The problem with Ron Paul
  78. Mark Levin Poll
  79. CBS Poll headlines new "TOP 3" with Newt, no mention of Ron
  80. Not a single mention of Ron Paul!
  81. New CBS Poll: Newt Tied With Mittens.
  82. Another look on Statistic Manipulations
  83. Ron Paul faces criticism for ‘Veterans Day’ money bomb
  84. I can already see tomorrows headline
  85. Damn you Fox News
  86. Comments Deleted on "who won" article naming 7/8 candidates? Please Confirm
  87. No mention on FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC
  88. Fox Nation Poll Omits RP
  89. The Daily Candidate says Ron Paul didn't support killin Bin Laden
  90. Bad news: Nobody terrible at CBS Republican debate & Cain avoids major stumbles
  91. CBS Debate: The Final THIRTY (30) Minutes
  92. Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Lincoln’ book banned from Ford’s Theatre because of ‘mistakes’
  93. Media spin and its affect on the Revolution.
  94. FOX hit piece
  95. Countering Media Spin
  96. Huckabee - "The Yellow Ribbon Medal of Freedom" -Salute to Veterans
  97. Forbes: "Ron Paul Loses Saturday GOP Debate in South Carolina"
  98. Yahoo News is pushing Romney....unfreaking believable!
  99. Media Propaganda - The coalition that Ron Paul can't build
  100. Politico national poll
  101. Fox News-Bachman Paul about even in polls, Paul got a lot more questions
  102. hardball w/ chris matthews "Let me Finish"
  103. Hannity draws the line above Ron Paul
  104. Ron Paul wins BIGGEST straw poll yet! (100k Polled)
  105. RedState still saying Ron Paul shouldn't be in the debates
  106. watch the five today? lol
  107. Mixed on Ron Paul - his SWOT
  108. The 40 Republican Congressmen, Including Ron Paul, Who Just Sold You Out
  109. Outrageous Yahoo Media Bias Against Ron Paul
  110. What needs to change, regarding media bias?
  111. Professor Murray Sabrin admits Ron Paul is silenced by the media because of the Federal Re
  112. CNN AM:No Mentions of Ron Paul But They Mentioned Newt,Huntsman
  113. Why Ron Paul is Wrong?
  114. CNN 'newt is surging' - guess who they forgot to mention?
  115. Amazing reuters article on yahoo
  116. Disgusting Morning Joe Quote "it's frustrating that it's the people's choice"
  117. "Republicans will never accept Ron Paul"
  118. Fox News "covers" Iowa State poll with Ron Paul in second
  119. Ron Paul's Lack of Debate Time/Coverage Discussed on NPR's Talk of the Nation
  120. Why is Newt getting a free, national, campaign speech on CNN?
  121. Hit piece:Strange bedfellows: Nancy Pelosi, Ron Paul join SOPA opposition
  122. Mitt Romney should be excluded from the Des Moines Register candidate summary
  123. Does Someone Want To School This Blogger?
  124. NEW AP article about Ron Gaining traction, "But he's an isolationist"
  125. Ron Paul Has ‘Secret Meeting’ With ‘Evangelical Powerbrokers’ in Iowa
  126. Will the FLOOD of TEARS effect the polls?
  127. Quixotic back in a big way!
  128. Politico slams Paul on Headline, but breaks link to story
  129. So, did Newt "school" Ron Paul on the Founding Fathers?
  130. USA Today Family Leader Event coverage covers everyone but Paul
  131. "Ron Paul Cannot Win" compilation video?
  132. CNN attempts hit piece on Paul’s 911 “claims"...
  133. tunewall.com's first Article hits Google News
  134. Young Americans for Freedom attack Paul on CIA/FBI arguments
  135. CNN already blacking Ron Paul out
  136. CNN Cafferty File (11/21) - Will RP Run 3rd Party?
  137. Ron Paul supporters: Join the GOP or go home. [Eric Golub]
  138. Family Leader writes off Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Ron Paul
  139. Fox Five at Five going to critique Ron's Foreign Policy Now.
  140. Suggestions For Good Stream Links For Tonight's Debate
  141. Is anybody else at all concerned about the RT connection?
  142. CNN doesn't allow response from Ron Paul
  143. Brit Hume: "It was a Ron Paul Debate"
  144. LoL -Dick Morris On Fox And Friends Said CNN Debate Was A Conspiracy
  145. Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends Slams Ron Paul
  146. CNN National Security Debate Recap, Winners and Losers
  147. The Blaze beats up on Ron Paul re: Israel
  148. WA Times Hit piece: "Is Ron Paul a Viable Candidate?"
  149. Anyone catch "The Five" today?
  150. Greg Gutfeld criticizes Ron Paul again on "The Five" today
  151. Thanksgiving Media Attack on Ron Paul
  152. Rush Limbaugh jumping on the "Call Ron Paul Nuts" Bandwagon.
  153. O.K., Now Ron Paul
  154. Krauthammer blasts Ron Paul on foreign policy for ‘living’ in the 1920s
  155. Paul's Iowa Rise Faces Hurdle,Defend Paul At The Comment Section
  156. Stupid Salon.com hit piece needs comments
  157. Though Ron Paul Has Clout, It's "Anyone But Paul" for the Nomination
  158. George Orwell’s guide to the news
  159. And Then There Were Two??
  160. Drudge reporting on Gingrich-Romney
  161. ABC + WP- 'favorability' polls
  162. RealClearPolitics Polls - What's up with these???
  163. Ron Paul to be talked about on "The Ed Show" (On now, MSNBC)
  164. The Hill: "Debates are welfare for Paul, Perry"
  165. Sarah Palin on Hannity talking about Ron Paul - 12/1/11
  166. Foxnews.com "In The News"
  167. Yahoo's negative spin on Paul's new Gingrich ad
  168. ****** Leprechaun? oh brother...
  169. Wolf Blizter 12/3
  170. Libertarian Point is LIVE! End commentator spin
  171. MSNBC FRONT PAGE HEADLINE: "Gingrich surges in Iowa Poll; Romney drops to third"
  172. Not just MSNBC.. CNN: Gingrich ahead in Iowa, poll shows; Romney drops to third
  173. CBS: "GOP stuck with establishment picks"
  174. Ron and Constitutionalists.
  175. What people are saying going door to door for RON PAUL...
  176. The US News and World Report Presidential Poll
  177. CNN at it again..
  178. The Atlantic: "Ron Paul, Zionist" [mod note: not spin]
  179. Bloated Limbaugh on today's (12/6/2011) program
  180. Hit Piece On Ron Paul blaming RP for the Herman Cain Scandals.
  181. Rush Limbaugh Show Transcript: "Ron Paul Ain't the Tea Party"
  182. New Hit Piece First Result on Google
  183. More support for the media and political class orgy
  184. BBC profile on Ron Paul mentions followers' conspiracy theories
  185. Poll of Conservative Bloggers
  186. Article from the RJC on Ron Paul exclusion
  187. Thank You RJC!
  188. Lets play a game
  189. "Ron Paul has Zero chance at winning the nomination"
  190. Sociologist shows MSM's intentional obsuring of Ron Paul
  191. Article about Ron Paul published December 30, 2011? (in the future?)
  192. RealClearPolitics Polls, wierd ?
  193. Worst, most unbelieveably stupid hit piece I've ever seen
  194. Mother Jones: "Don't Believe the Ron Paul Hype; he might win Iowa—but that’s about it."
  195. Mother Jones: 'Don't Believe the Ron Paul Hype'
  196. Ron Paul Strength May Help Romney in Iowa
  197. The Republican Jewish Coalition 2012 Presidential Candidates Forum--Paulbots not apply
  198. We Need a "Glee" Video
  199. The Blaze hitpiece on "glee" comment
  200. Mark Levin rips Ron Paul for an hour- email him
  201. UC Berkley professor calls Paul most 'Anti-Environmental' candidate ever
  202. What to say when contacting radio show sponsors?
  203. Journal Editorial Report
  204. NPR Hit Piece on Ron Paul in NH
  205. Fox News (& CNN) Caught Lying
  206. Audio of Levin freaking out last week
  207. SNL just played up Donald Trump's future run as a candidate
  208. Iowa Republican debate: Winners and losers
  209. RedState: Ron Paul Goes Full Metal Truther
  210. newsleader.com - "Ron Paul Effect has GOP worried"
  211. 12/11/11 - Good Morning America doing debate analysis -- Ron Paul not even mentioned
  212. CBS video. Could Ron Paul be the next president?
  213. RP Hit Piece Tweeted by Drudge
  214. "The Surprising Candidacy of RP"
  215. The Blaze, Scott Baker, Debate Fact check "corrects Ron Paul"
  216. Daily Rundown "Ron Paul wont rule out a 3rd party run for the White House"
  217. The Washington Times Resets Poll: Who do you think will end up being the GOP nominee?
  218. Who is Limbaugh promoting today?
  219. Morning Joe SC/FL poll spin
  220. The Iowa poll Fox is using?
  221. Limbaugh going bonkers over Paul again
  222. Freedom's Phoenix publishes hit piece on RP:
  223. teapartypatriots.org:Ron Paul is not the one.Support Newt
  224. CNN Runs “Newt vs Mitt” Ads With Eight GOP Candidates Still in Race
  225. SKY NEWS
  226. Rasmussen Frontpage Story: Paul vs Obama poll numbers
  227. New Media Script Out
  228. No, Ron Paul is not a threat to win the Iowa Caucuses
  229. [Slate] The old Weigel rearing his head again
  230. What To Expect From The Press
  231. Hannity mentioned Ron briefly on TV tonight...
  232. Maddow: Paul is the only candidate opposing war with Iran. 1 point from winning Iowa Video
  233. REALITY CHECK: This New Poll Has Some Terrible News For Ron Paul Supporters
  234. Here they come: Hot Air attacks.
  235. Google burying RonPaul2012.com?
  236. Ron Paul Rising - NYTimes.com
  237. How Will Hannity Attack?
  238. Hannity's Attack
  239. ABC Iowa debate
  240. Yahoo Home Page: How Ron Paul could win nomination
  241. Don't support Ron Paul just to send a message
  242. Social Issues Bubbling Up in GOP Campaign - NO MENTION OF RON PAUL!!!
  243. Chris Wallace: If Ron Paul Wins In Iowa, It Will Discredit The Iowa Caucuses
  244. Where do you all get your news?
  245. Why is Ron Paul allowed in GOP debates?
  246. Krugman: "RP's economic predictions have been all wrong" (fail)
  247. [VIDEO]: Chris Wallace on Ron Paul
  248. Dick Morris spewing more Ron paul hate/falsities on Oreilly Show right now - 12/14
  249. Rachel Maddow Discrediting a Ron Paul Iowa Win
  250. Surprise (not): Hannity has been talking with Levin about Ron Paul