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  1. Mark Levin smearing and lying about Ron Paul
  2. NBC Out of Fingers
  3. CNN major media spin about Herman Cain's "impressive" resume.
  4. Jesse Ventura Smokes CNN Reporter On Bin Ladin Death/ Ron Paul
  5. Page 83 of EM
  6. Who will the Meatheads in the Frank Luntz Focus Group Say Won The Debate???
  7. Ron Me3ntioned on NPR Here and Now
  8. New POLITICO story leaves out Ron Paul!
  9. N.H. Primary Poll Spin
  10. National Media Journal - debate facepalm
  11. ZERO percent of CNN "insiders" think Ron Paul won last nights debate...
  12. Did Ron Paul attend a debate last night?
  13. Dial Down The Ron Paul Mania
  14. One (positive?) take on the debate last night
  15. Stossel to discuss RP's debate performance on Bill O'Reilly
  16. Ann Coulter on Ron Paul
  17. DRUDGE Report leaving out Ron Paul
  18. WND's Joseph Farah on Ron Paul
  19. Why are there Bachmann for prez adds on these forums?
  20. NBC chastises RP supporters for not listening too other candidates.
  21. CNN: "Huntsman surprises in big GOP straw poll"
  22. Ron Paul Wins GOP Straw Vote; Rick Perry Wins Hearts
  23. Fox News spins Ron Paul's win to highlight Rick Perry
  24. Jack Kerwick, Ph.D.: Why I Defend Ron Paul Against His Republican Critics
  25. What sort of USA Today headline is this for someone who just won the RLC straw poll?
  26. Why Does Media Continue to Ignore Ron Paul's Candidacy? Read more: http://www.benzinga.co
  27. Houston Chronicle: Why does Ron Paul keep winning all these GOP straw polls?
  28. Morris does it again!
  29. Washington Post: Why Ron Paul keeps winning straw polls
  30. [Video] Lawrence O'Donnell gives Ron Paul some love
  31. Walton and Johnson Show 6/21/2011
  32. With More Than Half of Americans on Facebook, Can the Media Downplay This?
  33. Another blatant hack job on Paul-isolationist therefore no chance
  34. [Video] Fox Business panel mocks Ron Paul's marijuana bill and presidential chances
  35. Lew Dobbs S****
  36. Media Distorts Facts on Ron Paul, Huntsman and Afghan War |
  37. RP 2nd in AP Poll, no mention in Report
  38. Story on auction for Ames straw poll, picture of candidates excludes Ron who won auction
  39. "No More Drug War" only mentions Rep. Frank as marijuana bill author
  40. LA Times Belittles Ames Significance.Also Paul Not Tea Party.
  41. Is NBC Atheist
  42. Dr. Paul left out of article on GOP quarterly fundraising (not even mentioned)
  43. Horrific article on ron paul
  44. This will make your blood boil.. Dobbs & panel laugh about Ron
  45. AOL front page picture of front candidates in poll leaves Ron out tho he came in b4 TPAW
  46. [video] What a joke review by CBS News.
  47. Fox's Neocon Allstars Attack Ron Paul, Call Him A Flake For Wanting To End The Fed
  48. "Crazy Ron Paul: Gaza Blockade Is 'Act of War' Ė US Shouldn't Support Gaza Blockade"
  49. Ron Paul The Dictator
  50. Krauthammer calls Ron Paul a flake
  51. This is the reality
  52. National Tea Party: A Trojan Horse?
  53. Ron has been getting hammered on this "Bankrupt" statement
  54. Expose Ron Paul
  55. The Club for Growth is a joke
  56. Hit piece on Ron and Rand
  57. Huffington Post is already starting to dig up dirt on Ron Paul
  58. Christian Science Monitor takes a little jab at Ron Paul...
  59. Washington Post gunning for Ron again with the "Radical" spin
  60. Hit job article on Ron Paul
  61. Fox News mis-reports on Paul's Q2 fundraising
  62. reuters hit piece on RP
  63. Re Tea Party's Rhonda Seeks Campaign Response
  64. People's World: Why progressives should not support Ron Paul
  65. Ron Paul Is All Talk And No Action
  66. 14 Propaganda Techniques Fox "News" Uses to Brainwash Americans
  67. Good article about media spin against good Dr. Ron Paul.
  68. Morning Joe: Ron Paul missing from Graphic of Q2 Fundraising
  69. Eliot Spitzer's show gone after just one year. "justice"
  70. VBS.tv----Best source of info!
  71. HuffPost buries pro Ron Paul editorial
  72. Daily Caller: Youth must wake up to the threat of Islamism (be afraid...of Ron Paul!)
  73. TPM -Talking Point Memo & DC Insider Political, Excludes Ron Paul From Their Posted Polls
  74. My Ron Paul Youtube page has a paid Obama advertisement on it!
  75. Natl Review Inflation Article OMITS Ron Paul
  76. Article about MB hiring a media firm that RP's relative works for
  77. PPP polling against obama
  78. Anyone get today's Time Magazine with the "Bracketology" winner?
  79. Daily Caller article on "Constitutional Conservatism" omits Ron Paul
  80. TIME tries to hide the fact that Ron Paul WINS their Poll.
  81. One Murdoch property down!
  82. The Five on fox
  83. Ron Paul should take every campaign $ and make a movie about His Life and the Media Bias
  84. Should burning the U.S. Currency be illegal?
  85. Des Moine Resgister: NEW Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Iowa Poll, Ron Paul @ 3%
  86. Maddow links Tea Party to anti-abortion laws, says movement not libertarian
  87. LA Times twists RP quote
  88. The Hill: "Ron Paul's irresponsible amateur hour"
  89. Budowsky attacks Ron Paul's ad, calls it "trite, minor league and irresponsible'
  90. Multiple media outlets say Romney has 3 to 1 cash on hand above 'closest' rival Bachmann
  91. Bloomberg Article "Romney Beats..." Skips Paul Fundraising, Shows Almost All Others
  92. Romney caught in a 10 million dollar lie! Dupes the media!
  93. Virginian Pilot omits Ron from AP atricle
  94. Citizen journalism is sweeping the globe
  95. NPR Is So Biased It's Disgusting: "Tea Party Makes it Difficult to Achieve Greater Good"
  96. Ron Paul 1988
  97. Daily Caller - Says Ron has "all but skipped" Iowa
  98. Latest PPP Poll excludes Paul, includes Pawlenty
  99. Which Media Talking Head Is The Worst?
  100. FOX News headline picture for 7/21/2011
  101. What Iowans Need to Know About Ron Paul
  102. Pro-Life Profiles: Ron Paul
  103. revolutionpac.com blogs about Romney?
  104. A Ron Paul IOWA win? The spin continues...
  105. Fox News Poll (7/21/11) - Subtle, and Not-So-Subtle, Bias
  106. CNN Poll (7/22) - Skewed Demographics
  107. Ron Paul: DC Miser, Galveston Porkmeister (Mother Jones)
  108. Brent Budowsky flaming out? (Re: Ron Paul)
  109. In 2007 or EVER, did the media constantly include people who weren't running for POTUS?
  110. Mother Jones: "Ron Paul a libertarian? Not when it comes to pork for his district"
  111. The Mis-Treatment of Ron Paul in our "Free" Press (Video)
  112. Ron Paul Gets the Most Military Contributions, But the Media Remains Silent?
  113. Good RP interview Fox 7/23/2011
  114. Obama is scared of Ron Paul
  115. Article suggests that Ron Paul and Herman Cain signed Iowa Marriage Vow
  116. Austin Chronicle crackpot failboat
  117. Where is Ron Paul ? ( In this story I mean )
  118. NorthJersey.com leaves out Ron Paul as a candidate -- and NJ.com responds!
  119. Neocon Radio Host Dedicates Whole Show to BASHING Ron Paul
  120. Great article written that points out media biase against Ron Paul
  121. Cory hearts Ron: A wasted endorsement in Iowa
  122. ABC Reporter asked about campaign shirts made in El Salvador
  123. We Need a thread on the main page for good articles found about Ron Paul
  124. Solved the problem guys
  125. The Top 10 White Terrorists Of All-Time- Tries to connect three on its list to Ron Paul
  126. Red State says simply, "Ron Paul will not be the nominee."
  127. Media Manipulation of Ron Paul: Is anyone in the media brave enough to report on this?
  128. I'm fascinated, but disgusted...
  129. WaPo scumbag ignores RP's statements and interviews on debt ceiling
  130. LA Times - want to be president, must write a memoir (forgot Paul)
  131. The Hacks at Rasmussen Reports
  132. Fox makes debt (movie) preview excludes Ron Paul
  133. One last shot for bloggers at unfaircoverage.com
  134. Can something be done about this?!
  135. CBS Reviews Current GOP line up (They can't backup their claims with the recent Polls)
  136. CSPAN misrepresents fund-raising numbers on WJ Aug 3
  137. Rick Perry vs. Mitt Romney - Don't let the media decide for you!
  138. Ron Paul: A Demagogue
  139. Fox Power Play: If anyone but Ron Paul wins Ames its a huge deal
  140. Fox already starts to say if Ron wins it it doesn't count.
  141. Ron Paul announced a five-city Iowa bus tour next week with his son
  142. Ron Paul & Mike Gravel- Liberty and fake media polls 1988 - 2012 (Video)
  143. George Will: "Shrug" if Paul finishes Top 2
  144. POLITICO missing Ron Paul on downgrade...
  145. Ron Paul and the tea party to be blamed on the debt downgrade
  146. Proof(?) of Dr. Ron Paul's Racism...
  147. Bill Maher is one really smart guy! And he knows how to subtle spin Ron Paul
  148. Rasmussen: What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Weekís Key Polls
  149. Politico trashes RP (again)
  150. From the S&P website
  151. Wolf Blitzer calls Ron Paul "the oldest white guy running in the Republican field"
  152. MSM adjectives used to describe Ron Paul that are annoying
  153. Top Donor To Pro-Ron Paul Super PAC Runs Adult Social Network
  154. Huffington Post attacks the Revolution SuperPAC and Paul...
  155. Ron Paul 2012 Deprogram
  156. spin on conviction ad - politifact rates "false"
  157. The day of the Ames debate, Fox News in the trenches again carrying the establishment flag
  158. Another set of CNN poll results - don't think I have seen them on here yet
  159. anyone just watch The Five?
  160. Yahoo news coverage mostly ignores RP
  161. Newsmax article about RP's debate performance - smear job
  162. Fox News hides Iowa GOP debate poll results...again
  163. Dick Morris hits at Ron
  164. NRO: Including Paul at debates makes GOP look unserious
  165. New FOx News Debate poll out this morning
  166. Beck: Ron Looked so old last night
  167. Iran nuclear missles comment
  168. Ho boy, Rush comes out of the gate BASHING RON!!!!
  169. Rush Limbaugh Attacking Ron Paul on the Radio
  170. Pills Limbaugh just ripped Ron Paul really hard.
  171. Fox News: "Ron Paul Stunned into Awkward Silence at Debate"
  172. Bahahaha Mainstream media.
  173. Politico: Ron Paul winning the Ames straw poll could be a huge win....for Rick Perry
  174. You know Ron Paul won the debate when Hannity doesn't say a word about the debate...
  175. WHO'S watching The Five right now?!
  176. Chris Matthews: Ron Paul Straw Poll Win really doesn't mean much
  177. Ron Paul: You got pwned in Iowa Polls 2012 (HD) (Video)
  178. Mark Levin bashes Ron Paul
  179. Brett Baier interview w/ Sen. Grassley(8/13)
  180. POLITCO's Frontpage EXCLUDES RON PAUL from AMES, Iowa Strawpoll Results Headlines!
  181. If only Perry or Romney had won...
  182. What's with the Fox News Romney conspiracy?
  183. Michele Bachmann wins Ames Straw Poll, Tim Pawlenty gets third
  184. Documentry on media fraud concerning RP
  185. Even my parents, who don't suppoert RP are miffed at the media black out, even after ames!
  186. The Economist on Iowa straw poll results
  187. 'Demonic' author sounds off
  188. NBC Meet The Press: Presidential Candidates Weekly Campaign Schedules, Ron Paul Missing
  189. The Atlantic: "A STALLED PAUL"
  190. Second Place Only Means Something If It's Not Ron Paul
  191. Battle for Iowa Commences
  192. Video: "Being Ron Paul: The Media Fix Is In"
  193. Why Does Mainstream Media Disrespect Ron Paul?
  194. [Video] Bachmann wins Iowa poll, Pawlenty drops out (Ron Paul gets 5 sec mention)
  195. Three-way race taking shape to find a nominee who can emerge as the strongest challenge ..
  196. just how much he matters remains unclear. (Ron Paul - Ames Straw poll.)
  197. "The real GOP race is now Perry vs. Romney"
  198. Protest MSM?
  199. The GOPís Three to Beat By Jill Lawrence
  200. Media Mostly Silent on Ron Paul's Surging Candidacy
  201. CBS Evening News also ignores Paul, focuses on Bachmann, Perry, Romney as "leading"
  202. Jon Stewart addresses the media blackout on Ron Paul
  203. Bubba Shows Ron Paul Some Love, No Longer in O-Town or J-Ville?
  204. Salon: "No, Ron Paul is not getting screwed."
  205. Bret Baier is not stupid
  206. Stewart effect on Faux News
  207. Mainstream Media can no longer stop Ron Paul
  208. DAMN this felt good! This video needs to be on the front page once youtubed.
  209. Rush busy slamming RP again
  210. Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Sensibly Defended.
  211. Pawlenty Drops Out- The Onion American Voices
  212. Why media literacy is so important for our campaign/ don't jump to demonize "the media"
  213. Charles Krauthammer: "Ron Paul is not going to be president of the United States."
  214. Even Reason's Katherine Mangu-Ward is drinking the "ron paul can't win" kool-aid
  215. Every Article Today Has The Same Message
  216. Growing conflict within major media over covering Ron Paul
  217. Tucker Carlson on FOX about 2 minutes ago
  218. The lastest and most shameful attack on Ron
  219. More media BS
  220. Ron Paul's Liberty will give us death.
  221. Israel attacks the US Navy, media covers it up!
  222. "Rick Perry Is The ONLY Candidate In The Race Who Has Military Experience" Excuse me!?
  223. "Rick Perry Is The ONLY Candidate In The Race Who Has Military Experience"
  224. We are making a difference!
  225. Reason Magazine DEFENDS dismissing Ron Paul
  226. FOX edits OUT Ron Paul segment on Freedom Watch
  227. A graphical representation of Ron Paul's lack of media coverage
  228. CNN Fortune - Bravo, Rick Perry, for bringing the Fed into the conversation
  229. The Ron Paul Media Flap: Looking at the Numbers for His Press Coverage
  230. Pew Research Center - Media Ignoring Ron Paul
  231. [VIDEO] RT: Reason Magazine against Ron Paul?
  232. sorry neal i am done
  233. Google Trends - Odd Convergence
  234. Mark Levin: "Rand Paul is sane, but not Ron Paul."
  235. Harvard Political Review Article Comparing Ron Paul to Jim Thome
  236. Article On Levin Vs. Paul
  237. Stewart, after "media blackout" piece, he forgets Ron quite fast.
  238. Ron Paul Gets His Best Coverage From All The Coverage Covering His Lack Of Coverage
  239. Ron Paul, aka the invisible candidate
  240. Trumpís Candidacy Got 3x more Coverage than Ron Paulís candidacy
  241. Online negative vs. positive articles--A plan!!
  242. Fox & Friends Urges Lieberman to Endorse Perry
  243. Awful U.S. News RP Hit Piece
  244. Reason Magazine - We are all Neocons now
  245. Donald Trumpís candidacy received 3x more coverage than Ron Paulís candidacy
  246. Cavuto on "someone"
  247. Beautiful article by the Chicago Tribune
  248. Nice Thom Hartmann Segment On The Blackout
  249. Barron's Attacks Ron Paul
  250. Fox News Watch - Perry Love In