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  1. When Santorum drops out, this will be a great picture to share... :)
  2. Minnesota caucus question....
  3. Once you go Paul....
  5. Juan Williams on Fox Just LIED ABOUT RON PAUL. RON CAME IN 2nd in NH not 3rd!!
  6. How many morning shows is Ron Paul booked for tomorrow (sunday 2/22)??
  7. CNN Reporting Exit Poll Demographics
  8. CNN Exit Poll: Paul comes in 4th
  9. YAY!! Gingrich won, according to the MSM scoundrels...
  10. Phone From Home -- Still showing SC Calling -- Switch It to NV
  11. Pauls was 4th in AD money in SC
  12. We'll probably get 3rd
  13. Why Ron Paul Did so Well in New Hampshire in 2012
  14. Perception Was Paul Not Electable to SC Voters
  15. Ron Paul Takes on NDAA: Paul Introduces Legislation in the House to de-fang the NDAA
  16. What is Ron's actualy delegate count!?
  17. CNN: 42% of SC Evangelical voters support Gingrich; 13% Paul
  18. Someone is Lying in SC!
  19. Northwest SC should be the RP stronghold, accoriding to 2008 results and early counts
  20. FNC Megyn Kelly: Ron Paul has a 3rd, a 3rd, and a 4th
  21. CNN just officially projected that Gingrich won South Carolina
  22. How can the 2nd place candidate, with 1% reporting, be projected a winner?
  23. Guys, we knew we weren't going to win South Carolina and we always knew that.
  24. Hey Gingrich, release your Freddie Mac contract
  25. Can we pick up a Congressional District (IE: 2 Delegates?)
  26. Remain calm, we have a long-term campaign strategy
  27. Take Up Heart
  28. Juan Williams and Charles Krauthamer look like dumbarshes now that newt won.
  29. Its not Over We Can Still Win It! In June
  30. What I'd like to hear in Ron Paul's speech
  31. CBS delegate count (on drudge front page) re: delegates
  32. Short term loss, long term win. Romney has been dethroned!
  33. Mitt's speech on CNN now, Florida response graph
  34. i can honestly say right now...
  35. Watching Revolutionpac stream LIVE on my big TV. This is the real revolution!
  36. Check out May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul's new Ron Paul anthem We Want Ron Paul!"
  37. 10000 VOTES!!!!
  38. First 2 states RP got 20+%, 3rd then 2nd, keep perspective, tonight is positive news.
  39. Video update: Ron Paul speech after SC primary
  40. Independent vote, Paul tied to Romney for 2nd position even in SC
  41. brokered convention now a certainty
  42. My analysis +The Plan moving forward
  43. I'll match the next $150 in donations.
  44. Mitt a DISTANT 2nd. WOW.
  45. Ron Paul's Favorite Recipe
  46. Stay Positive - We Have Only Just Begun
  47. Remember, SC/FL are probably our 2 worst states
  48. When Do We Fight the Corporate Media?
  49. Projection: Good News from South Carolina
  50. Ron Paul's Position on Statehood In Puerto Rico?
  51. We have to find a way to make these bastards pay
  52. The LONG TERM STRATEGY involves delegates. Focus!!
  53. Soft-Delegate Count, Dr. Paul Still In Third
  54. Nevada, Minnesota, Louisiana, Maine, Colorado, & U.S Territories
  55. Ron Paul on CNN now w/ Wolf Blitzer (8:56 ET)
  56. [PIC] This will make you laugh
  57. If Romney drops out before VA...
  58. What states can Paul win, realistically?
  59. Ron Paul primary/caucus results 2008 vs 2012
  60. So far the fight has been about 2% of the delegates
  61. Gingrich was the STOP ROMNEY vote.
  62. Don't give up, this is not the end
  63. Ron Paul Signs Across America..Feb 18-19 Pre-Super Tuesday
  64. RevPac Broadcast
  65. How to Change the Conversation
  66. [video] Ron Paul Interview After SC Voting Results
  67. Anybody catch the careful selection of words Karl Rove used on FOX?
  68. I have a perfect AD idea!!
  69. We need to harness Americans' HATRED FOR THE MEDIA like Newt has...
  70. Today Christianity has been dealt a powerful blow.
  71. Over/Under on Newt's Reagan references?
  72. Reality check:
  73. I just donated to Ron Paul to celebrate how far we've come!
  74. RP RevPAC election night live coverage still on -- Peter Schiff speaking now
  75. 564 delegates to be split between Ron Paul and Romney
  76. ==========>> | NewtExposed.com | <<==========
  77. On nights like tonight - and when you get sick of the media
  78. [VIDEO] Ron Paul after South Carolina - Fighting for Liberty
  79. This campaign will not go down like the "Setting Sun". Fight on!!!
  80. Next bomb.."Snowball for Paul!" instead of a black out we'll have a white out!
  81. 2008: 2.8% , 2012: 14%
  82. Stay The Course!
  83. How many "Average" Americans actually watch pundits?
  84. Newt is having a KNOCK-OUT MONEY BOMB....
  85. Ron Paul President Talking Action Figure
  86. Just realize something IMPORTANT.
  87. RevPAC fundraising -- selling Ron Paul doll with Constitution!
  88. We got more votes tonight than Romney got in 2008
  89. Feedback wanted - More voices in the MSM for Ron Paul on a grand scale
  90. Why tonight's results are very positive
  91. VIDEO: SC Post Primary Speech (Please watch. Get excited! One of Paul's best speeches!)
  92. It does not take a majority to prevail...
  93. Im a newbe and im not interested in anything but a ron paul victory!!
  94. It's the 2nd Amendment Stupid!
  95. History is Repeating Itself Tonight
  96. Our momentum is growing massively: Iowa 2.2x, New Hampshire 3.1x, South Carolina 4.7x
  97. I'm new to the process. I don't understand the delegate process.
  98. [VIDEO] Gingrich and the Tofflers (newer version)
  99. Adam Kokesh on Howard Stern's Show and Imus Explaining Why Vets Support Ron Paul?
  100. How about an "electability" ad?
  101. What States isn't Newt On?
  102. So can Paul win the Gop Nomination? I dont underatand this process?
  103. Did you all watch the Revolution Pac stream instead of Mainstream Media today?
  104. So many votes
  105. **$$$ for Ron Paul**
  106. Well, they can't say we haven't influenced the lexicon...
  107. Who are all the MSM outlets who've attacked and ignored Ron Paul?
  108. Is Newt Gingrich Electable?
  109. For the States where Ron Paul won't actively campaign, WE NEED TO CHANGE THE DIALOGUE.
  110. WE ARE WINNING - Don't let the MSM allow you to believe otherwise
  111. If I were in RP's shoes making a final statement in a debate...
  112. Please Stop being Childish and Stupid. This has Only Just Begun.
  113. Any idea of where I can get votes by polling location?
  115. Sun Tzu: Do Not Forget - We Are War with Corruption & Injustice!
  116. This is our Valley Forge moment!!!!!
  117. David vs. Goliath
  118. Ron Paul MUST come up with a plan for Women and Seniors
  119. Who should drop out? On Fox Now.
  120. Stossel Just had a nice piece on Paul and some military guy (against) and some RP supporte
  121. Tonight was a good night
  122. Supporter TV Station In South Florida!
  123. We should have trademarked 'moneybomb' in 2007.
  124. This is all yawn...relax people
  125. Stop wasting your vote on an Alvin Toffler radical who is incompetent cannot be elected
  126. Watch Ron Paul's post SC speech and interviews on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  127. Win with Pannetta clip
  128. Colbert [Cain] beats Perry and Huntsman
  129. [Video] Ron Paul Asked If White House Is Happy On Newt's SC Win
  130. Stop Being Negative. We Have Well Overperformed In The First Three States.
  131. Stephen Colbert/Herman Cain in South Carolina
  132. Yahoo.com home page asks if Newt "has it" - Vote "too early to tell"
  133. New list of total raw votes per candidate from all states to date
  134. Would the media accept money to air ads that targeted them?
  135. How did we do delegates wise in the 2008 Republican Convention?
  136. Polygamist Defeats Mormon in Evangelical State
  137. Get Google, other tech corps, to support Ron Paul?
  138. Next up: the War on Gingrich
  139. South Carolina attorney general informs Justice Department of dead voters Read more: http
  140. Real Clear Politics Average of GOP candidates against Obama, Gingrich AVG down by 11 pts
  141. Has "No tax on tips" been mentioned in any debates or ads so far?
  142. We need a handout for seniors.
  143. 999!
  145. Somebody get Ron Paul on video speaking out against ACTA.
  147. Monday Debate Time & Channel?
  148. Cpl Jesse Thorsen speaks out for Ron Paul despite US Army censorship
  149. Are there enough resources to hit all the caucus states as hard as we hit Iowa?
  150. Time to Organize Our Next Moves: Discussion
  151. No more Dana Bash covering Ron Paul Campaign
  152. They know nothing of his policies.. But boy can he debate?
  153. Ron Paul Having Some Fun
  154. What states are after S.C. and Florida? I'm thinking we will kick ass pretty soon!
  155. RonPaulRadio 2.0?
  156. Facebook post I found amusing that basically calls Gingrich a wasted vote...
  157. Gingrich and Santorum CAN'T WIN THE NOMINATION. They miss out on 500 delegates.
  158. 3.7% voted for RP in SC in 2008
  159. Why Ron Paul Can Still Win
  160. It's all about Electibility, and the masses have to know RP has it!
  161. I wouldn't worry too much about the South Carolina results... (video)
  162. The Three Problems with Ron Paul [article]
  164. Are You Frightened For Your Retirement? Targeting Baby Boomers.
  165. We could have taken out Newt and Romney all along
  166. Evangelical Voters: Newt May Be an Adulterer, but He's OUR Adulterer!
  167. The "Christian" thing to do is to support a Chickenhawk serial adulterer ...
  168. FoxNews is asking for us to submit evidence of media Bias
  169. The SUNSHINE LIST (Media Contacts in Florida): Starting NOW until February 1
  170. No One But Paul - We had better deliver
  171. Ron Paul Needs To Do Better At The Debates! and The One Coming HQ Listen!!!
  172. The upside to the Toad's victory
  173. Republican Convention Has '50-50' Chance Of Being Open: Former GOP Chair Michael Steele
  174. Yesterday is now behind us, pick your heads up and MARCH forward!!!
  175. Autographed Campaign for Liberty T-shirt for auction
  176. The two biggest issues that need to be fixed for us to win
  177. Stay The Course And Remember What We Are Fighting For !!!!
  178. CNN Deciding For The Voters, Ron Paul not Mentioned
  179. CO and MN = HUGE! We must focus now.
  180. [Video] Tom Davis on Fox News talking about growth of Ron Paul movement
  181. It's all about psychology
  182. Stick it out Ron Paul supporters - only 57 delegates of 2286 delegates have been awarded
  183. Don't underestimate the Grinch!
  184. What if the vote for Newt was just a Rejection of Mitt Romney, and perhaps the GOP saying
  185. Wall Street Journal Delegate Count ----- Is This True? [mod: no, it isn't]
  186. Ready for FLORIDA?!
  187. Triggering American Patriotism - If People Knew They Would Join....
  188. Is this statement about delegates true?
  189. Face the Nation pushes a Newt + Romney only debate
  190. Nobel prize for peace - Ron Paul
  191. We Have to Fight the Corporate Media via Local Media Airtime
  192. Popular Vote Totals To Date
  193. Please tell me what state ballots Gingrich/Santorum failed to get on!
  194. Ron Paul proposes bill to repeal indefinite detention provision
  195. Something our Mods should consider.
  196. Newt Wins - Paul Campaign Celebrates.
  197. Liberty Radio - Grassroots Gorilla Style - Take Back the Airwaves
  198. Keep your head high, the next two weeks maybe tough
  199. Compare January to February... This is good news for us!
  200. Paul looks past South Carolina to caucus states
  201. HUGE BLOWBACK OPPORTUNITY: Call in NEOCON TALKRADIO and ask if they still despise Gingrich
  202. Ron Paul gears up for the long haul
  203. Evangelicals vote for Newt.
  204. New Strategy for Caucus States: No Rallies or Big Speeches--Just Long Town Hall Q&A's
  205. PPP-MN Tweets
  206. Ron Paul Declares: ‘The message of liberty is being received’
  207. Jump on our backs people.....CAUSE MN IS TAKING THIS THING DOWN!!!!!!
  208. Checklist of Things to Do: Win GOP Nomination and Promote Liberty Institutions
  209. Republicans' greatest weapon needs to leave the GOP, to save the USA
  210. Ron Paul's E-Mail Today: Onward!!!! Donate Whatever You Are Able To NOW!!!
  211. Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan, supports Ron Paul
  212. So is ABC releasing some damaging info soon?
  213. Republicans care about one thing and one thing only
  214. Ron Paul Campaign please read: How to fix foreign policy message.
  215. Did Gingrich vote for that raid of social security funds that 'balanced' Clinton budget?
  216. Don't be discouraged, Ron Paulians! Here's a song to cheer YOU!!
  217. How To Deal With The MSM: Peace Not War, Love Not Hate, and The Theory of Blowback
  218. A Dose of Republican Primary Reality - We're running a marathon, not a sprint.
  219. This song has really gotten stuck in my head lately....
  220. Justin Amash: Newt Gingrich embodies nearly everything that the Tea Party opposes
  221. Ron Paul: The Campaign's Momentum will Continue
  222. New Boards For Maine, Minnesota, and Colorado Caucuses
  223. Ron Paul Predictions Video REMASTERED w/proof
  224. 4th Quarter Financial Reports for the candidates?
  225. Former party chairman says there’s now a 50-50 chance of a brokered GOP convention
  226. Activist Post: There's something very odd about the GOP Primary pre-polling and vote
  227. My theory on how to win Illinois
  228. Bring the WA State Thread to the front with the other recent States
  229. Another way to help control the airways
  230. RP Commercial/Music Vid
  231. FYI: Florida voting started yesterday
  232. FREEDOM & LIBERTY party
  233. Looks like Sumerian Records likes the good Doctor.
  234. NO PAUL=Obama care! Let the GOP be wounded by their folly!
  235. Fighting the MSM: Promoting Locally- What Are You Doing To Help Ron?
  236. Tomorrow remember Phone from Home for Nevada!
  237. Best Ron Paul support picture ever.
  238. Will you pledge to visit local forums several times a day and be more active FOR RON PAUL?
  239. Liberty in the Rockies with Ron Paul!
  240. Delegate information is lacking in certain states
  241. Petition To Investigate Dodd For Bribery: SOPA Related
  242. I registered to vote. Have you? Have your friends?
  243. National Promote Ron Paul Day 2/25
  244. Foreign Policy debate on Stossel
  245. WHAT are the Concerns of the Dems/Indies - for open primary states.
  246. Only Paul and Romney Can Beat OBAMA
  247. Who does Ross Perot support? or Forbes (now that perry is out)?
  248. Need Fliers related to the candidates views on Gun Rights
  249. Wash. Post: Florida voting has started (not just absentees) & continues everyday.
  250. Less posts about the media and polls, more about real grassroots ideas!