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  1. 3 weeks of Mitt Romney attacks in February
  2. TX Perry supporters may come over to Ron Paul
  3. Highway Patrol Asks Ron Paul Supporters to Deflate Hot Air Balloon Along Busy I-85
  4. Help minimize Perry supporters moving to Santorum
  5. Brian Ross talks about Newt's ex-wife interview
  6. Romney's Salary and Ron Paul
  7. Okay. With Santy winning IA, Mitt winning NH, (possibly) Newt winning SC....
  8. Poll: Ron Paul crushes Rick Santorum in South Carolina
  9. Today's News (1/19/12)
  10. CNN Debate: 8 PM Eastern - Official "DAY-OF" Thread
  11. CSPAN: Ron Paul live at College of Charleston - over but may b on CSPAN video
  12. Paul/Romney/Santorum = Win
  13. Boots on the Ground in SC - FP is the Issue that is Holding Us Back
  14. Ron Paul should get some!
  15. CNN tries to trip up young Ron Paul supporters; doesn't work
  16. Spread the word. Ron Paul is now the ONLY veteran in the race!
  17. CNN reporting that results from 8 Iowa precincts are missing, after all this time
  18. Crossing my fingers that Ron does way better then expected in South Carolina!!!
  19. Just got a robo-call from the campaign here in NJ...
  20. So Gingrich lied in Iowa when he signed the pledge to remain faithful to his wife?
  21. Rephrasing the foreign policy issue
  22. Point out Santorum is all over the spectrum on abortion to wean away his supporters
  23. Ron Paul is the Only Electable Candidate for President
  24. ARG SC poll: Paul Surges to 19%! (Newt 33%, Mitt 32%, Santorum 9%)
  25. Possibility Newt's implosion may encourage Santorum??
  26. Standing-room only at Downtown Ron Paul event
  27. Statistical proof that RP KILLED it in the last debate
  28. Fox News: Carl Cameron Reports Santorum Trailing Ron Paul in SC and he may come in 4th
  29. PPPPolls tweet ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling only candidates up from 2 wks ago, Paul, Gingr
  30. Perry Endorsing Newt RIGHT NOW
  31. Herman Cain Endorsement -I Almost Forgot....
  32. Still pics of Ron's Charleston College event (post here)
  33. Perry speech
  34. Per Ron Paul FB Pg: 1,050 People at the College of Charleston in South Carolina today!
  35. Massive Facebook Bomb! (any MoneyBomb FB EVENTS please post here)
  36. Colbert Report: Ron Paul's Chest of Gold
  37. VIDEO: Associated Press "On the Issues - Ron Paul"
  38. Santorum wins Iowa, Romney loses his "inevitability"
  39. Tonight's Debate Audience?
  40. New SC Web Poll, Nail this one!
  41. Rasmussen: South Carolina: Gingrich 33%, Romney 31%, Paul 15%
  42. Head to Head: Is Ron Paul the best candidate in the presidential race?
  43. Hit Piece on Paul Supporters or on Santorum?
  44. InsiderAdvantage Poll
  45. Turn on the Charm and Turn Out The Vote
  46. "I'm Running to the Right of ....
  47. The Christian Science Monitor: The prophecies of Ron Paul
  48. Resistance is Victory: The Tide Is Turning
  49. We are Ronstitutionalists!
  50. Stand Tall For Paul (a wear gear day or...)
  51. This could be a 2 man race within the week
  52. need video of Tom Davis and Michael Scheuer on Freedom Watch (1/18)
  53. Politico Poll: Vote for who will win S.C.
  54. OH MY GODDDDDD!!!!!!! I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  55. Video update - Megyn Kelly discusses lawsuit against fake Huntsman ad
  56. How many debates left after tonight?
  57. Retirement community campaigning? RE: bingo halls
  58. Local news: Standing-room only at Downtown Ron Paul event
  59. Ron Paul and some Suggestions on One-Liners
  60. Is The ABC/Newt show on tonight at the same time as the debate?
  61. VIDEO: Ron Paul vs. Goldman Sachs
  62. Black people love Ron Paul
  63. Endorse Liberty Running 15min Youtube ad
  64. @RonPaul nearing 200,000 followers
  65. Paul is the ONLY Veteran in the Race
  66. Paul hits Newt on 'faith, family, freedom'
  67. 'Guerilla campaigners' told to deflate Ron Paul balloon
  68. Gingrich Making A Play For Ron Paul Voters
  69. Proof of AIPAC "anti-Semite" coordinated smear campaigns
  70. Cincinnati anchor goes deep on Paul campaign
  71. Video of Ron Paul's Speech at College of Charleston
  72. Jesse Benton must be happy
  73. Santorum Lobbyist Meetings Part of 'Insider' History He Rejects Read more: http://www.sfg
  74. Ron Paul Speaks to Large Crowd at CofC
  75. I can hear a pin drop
  76. YouTube - Ron Paul Speech at Charleston College, SC - Jan 20 2012
  77. Was Mitt Romney's father "anti-war"?
  78. Blitzer's blog: CNN may push Newt to say he wouldn't vote for Ron at the debate
  79. Where will the Ron Paul Folks be after the debate tonight?
  80. anyone listening to hannity right now?
  81. I'm hopeless, how do I win over this Mittens supporter?
  82. CNN talks about Mitt, Newt, and Rick. No mentions of Ron Paul. Get ready.
  83. Why aren't we broadcasting Paul's electability??
  84. Herman Cain is making his "unconventional" endorsement now.
  85. Tonight on Stossel: Ron Paul, War, and Military Spending
  86. Decision 2012, A Rehash Of Dole vs Clinton?- Despite title, article is really re: Ron Paul
  87. Ron Paul’s revolution picking up speed
  88. Has the interview with Newt's wife been aired yet? Does anyone have a youtube link?
  89. ONLY ON 3: Wilmington supporters hit road to support Ron Paul
  90. vote against romney
  91. SHARE BOMB!!!! NDAA Speech Video
  92. I wonder if the Media will endlessly harp on Newt walking out…
  93. Ron Paul to make Grand Strand, Pee Dee stops Friday
  94. NDAA Section 1021 vs. 1031 Discrepancy......
  95. Live Tonight! GOP South Carolina CNN Debate 1-19-2012
  96. The prophecies of Ron Paul.
  97. Inspirational Ron Paul 2012 “Think Different” Commercial
  98. Alex Jones: Where is Ron Paul? Media Cover-up!
  99. Ron Paul comments on Rick Perry dropping out of the Primary race. (Video)
  100. Nevada GOP may change Caucus date
  101. Ron Paul: The candidate who wasn’t there
  102. Holy Crap: John McCain's 200-Page Mitt Romney Opposition Research Book From '08 Found
  103. Are we actually starting to believe Irans propaganda???
  104. CNN Podium Layout
  105. Perry Out + Ron's Percentage
  106. It's a trust issue..Greenville with Tom Brokaw
  107. Gingrich: I will defy Supreme Court orders to try or release terror suspects
  108. ARTICLE: Ron Paul says 2X4 sometimes needed to get Congress to listen.
  109. Alito audio on the EPA case that Paul has vocally supported the family
  110. The best video on Ron Paul - ever
  111. Live debate thread to discuss South Carolina debate with opposing supporters.
  112. where do you go to get a live video feed online for the debate?
  113. CNN Debate: Ron Paul--"the insurgent"
  114. HotAir Survey - VOTE NOW - CLOSES QUICKLY
  115. Donation Average Since Jan. 14
  116. Ron Paul's health care answer probably the best rebuttal in recent history
  117. "We The People" NEED TO :
  118. SC Viewers: Are any Ron Paul ads running during the debate in South Carolina?
  119. Speaking time WAY off tonight
  120. Stream to ABC?
  121. video Ron Paul CNN Debate Highlights – Jan 19 2012
  122. Did someone get the footage of Romney picking Santorums Jaw off the ground!?
  123. Grade Ron's Debate Performance
  124. "Thank You Ron Paul for Your Debate Performance" Moneybomb
  125. PPP SC Poll through night 2
  126. Ron Paul Finally Explains State vs Federal on the Abortion issue. Great Job!!
  127. Vote in the CNN poll - Keep Paul in the lead!
  129. AP: Fiery debate tops bizarre GOP campaign day in SC
  130. Audience forces King to ask Ron Paul a question
  131. every single question: newt/mitt/sant/mitt rebut/newt rebut/Paul
  132. Ron Paul: You're Over Sensitive (Rick Santorum)
  133. RP at the Southern Republican Debate! Get the latest RP news and Videos on your iPhone!
  134. The GOP Establishment's Worst Nightmare
  135. [Youtube] Ron Paul Highlights CNN Debate 1/19/12
  136. CNN did their job..
  137. Drudge debate poll - VOTE now
  138. Go to Dick Morris' Facebook Page...vote for Ron Paul in polls
  139. Tom Green: "Ron Paul is the only Republican ... who could beat Obama."
  140. Hit the polls and share!! SC Debate 1-19-2012
  141. "Army of young voters" = Marginalization tool
  142. LOTS of polls to vote in on this web page. Take a moment and give some love
  143. Need Raw Video Of Post-Debate Analysis
  144. youtube of entire debate???
  145. Ron Paul to hold South Carolina Whistle Stop tour tomorrow - 1/20/2012
  146. Dear GOP,
  147. RUDE! On TWO occassions, Dana's Bash's husband walked across stage while Ron spoke!
  148. LifeNews.com reports: Republicans Spar Over Abortion Issues in GOP Debate
  149. Alot of Pissed Off People! I'm just gonna set this right here..........
  151. Interesting comments by Benton in a NRO interview about something totally different
  152. How to bring up Ron Paul in the work place?
  153. Newt has caught on to online dominance!
  154. Link to full Debate tonight
  155. Ron KICKED ASS at the debates once again! ALRIGHT!
  156. your votes are needed
  157. is the newts ex interview on??
  158. Vote for Ron in South Carolina news online poll
  159. No debate following Florida or preceeding Arizona/Michigan...
  160. Rick Santorum apparently doesn't understand what comparative advantage is
  161. The question CNN was GOING to ask Dr. Paul from social media before the crowd spoke up....
  162. Turned my biz partner/zombie friend into Paul supporter...pretty amazing.
  163. The TIE!
  164. Parties champion, sacrifice different liberties
  165. HuffPo write up of campaign exchanges in the debate aftermath etc
  166. Radio Podcast of Benton interview: Ron Paul Chair: Santorum And Gingrich Campaigns Lack Le
  167. Debate puts local couple in Paul's corner
  168. Home Run - Post Debate Donation Push!
  169. How we win! Realize where we are, what we need to do!
  170. Can A Guy Like This be Converted?
  171. Was this on the forums? AD in The State (South Carolina) Newspaper
  172. Ron's closing comments, and some thoughts of my own...
  173. SC audience clapped Romney National ID Card statement:
  174. blame Obama for the Megaupload takedown
  175. TV Producers and their influence..
  176. Obama 2012 = LBJ 1968; prepare for Hillary
  177. No One But Paul Money Bomb - Planning & Promotion - Goal: 20,000 Facebook Event Pledges!
  178. What Does Zbigniew Brzezinski Think Of Ron Paul?
  179. Phone Banking and Sign Bombing at once!!
  180. Texas Rep. Ron Paul was the fourth candidate in the debate.
  181. Protest SOPA,PIPA and Open on MPAA Twitter
  182. Second viral surge on the Newt video
  183. Brief recap of the last few days needed, thanks.
  184. Paul on 1250 AM WTMA
  185. Chanting Ron's name = still boring; Boston's second attempt at Ron Paul anthem (yewtoob)
  186. CNN Front Page Poll
  187. Dont Get complacent!
  188. How can Newt deny an Open-Marriage when he has admitted to doing it?
  189. South Carolina victory party
  190. Is Rush right about the media's playbook? If so this helps Ron Paul...
  191. Colbert on Morning Joe: endorses (in all seriousness) Ron Paul
  192. Blowback: Hatred Growing Rapidly, Afghan soldiers killing US Allies.
  193. Any Feedback From Military Veterans & The Citadel Cadets ?
  194. Welcome all CPAs!
  195. Welcome Perry and Huntsman supporters!
  196. Ron Paul Jan 19th 2012 Debate Highlites
  197. The Media not only attacking/avoiding Ron Paul - but dangerously avoids subjects.
  198. The Peoples Debate?
  199. Ron speaking now live C-SPAN stream
  200. Ron Paul LIVE SRLC Speech on C-SPAN2 10AM EST 7AM PST
  201. Today's News (1/20/12)
  202. C.S. Monitor: Will Ron Paul pick up many of Rick Perry's voters?
  203. ABC News Poll: Who did the best in the debate?
  204. Ron Paul Defended: South Carolina Debate Crowd Protests CNN 'Censorship'
  205. Lots of polls this morning -- list yours here http://www.ronpoll.com/
  206. Video update - Ron Paul's granddaughter Laura Paul Fite on Freedom Watch
  207. Phone From Home-South Carolina Persuasion Calls
  208. Ron Paul supporters VS media cartoon
  209. Gandhi, Ron Paul, and the Bloodthirsty GOP
  210. New "exneocon" ppl are waking up!
  211. Potential CNN live stream coverage of Ron's events today - Fri Jan 20
  212. Newt "Newt meme"?
  213. 95K Raised So far Today-http://paul.depositwiz.com/
  214. Rick Santorum is Tired of People Wanting a Small Government That Leaves People Alone
  215. Christian Science Monitor: Israel says ... Iran isn't building a nuclear weapon
  216. Why a Gingrich win in SC would be good for Paul
  217. question about Paul
  218. Ron Paul Polls
  219. Clear proof US gov and military believes war with Iran is not wise
  220. Amazon 1 star attack on Ron Paul books!
  221. Video: Bill Maher Stands Up For Ron Paul & Calls His Audience Brainwashed Liberals
  222. Can SC Democrats vote in Primary?
  223. Do we get a suprise ron paul surge in the s.c. primaries tomorrow?
  224. Brokered Convention? 8 Scenarios for SC and Beyond
  225. Convert my father to the Revolution!
  226. Drudge Poll: Gingrich Up by 30,000 Votes
  227. Question about military donations...
  228. Ron Paul Supporters vs. The Status Quo
  229. LIVE: Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain hold rally in S. Carolina
  230. URGENT: Call JT SHOW Supertalk Mississippi
  231. A Moment Of Humor To Help Get Us Through The Media Blackout
  232. Bill Maher Stands Up For Ron Paul & Calls His Audience 'Brainwashed Liberals'
  233. So under RP how would something like this pan out?
  234. If you're on Facebook, you need to be "Liking" Minister Derrick Grayson!!
  235. Ron Paul Endorsed by Louisiana State Rep. Joel Robideaux and Fmr. LAGOP Deputy Chair.
  236. Yahoo News - For Undecided Voters...
  237. Ron Paul Campaign Announces Substantial TV Ad Buy in Nevada and Minnesota
  238. POLL: Take the Washington Post Pres Poll
  239. [video] Jesse Benton On MSNBC Talking South Carolina Vote 01/20/12
  240. I'm ashamed of my state
  241. [New Video] - Peter Schiff discusses his support of Ron Paul
  242. SC Debate Article on SOPA @ cnet.com
  243. Landon Sanford, son of Mark Sanford, passes along a message from his father to Ron
  244. The elderly just need to know the truth, I finally converted 2 FL seniors toady (83+81 y)
  245. Send this Colbert story to drudge.
  246. Bailout Freedom Mega Money Bomb -- Valentine's Day 2012!!!
  247. Dogged by tax issue, Romney wants Gingrich to release ethics files
  248. My thoughts from the CNN SC Debate
  249. Call South Carolina Toady!!!
  250. newspaper reports closed primary.. please correct!