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  1. Ron Paul - March for Life?
  2. George Cleveland, Ron Paul talk 'lawyers, guns and money'
  3. Ron Paul is the only one for me Valentine's day money bomb February 14
  4. When Talking to Anti-Paul People
  5. A Looney Tunes Foreign Policy - Videos Included
  6. RPF Project: Video for Tomorrow SOPA Black Out [help!]
  7. Ron Paul Campaign To Newt, Santorum, Perry: "It's Over" (on Drudge)
  8. Skeletons in the closet - why do we have to read UK papers to read this ?
  9. Dr. Paul should try and use religion during the debates
  10. Republican Party of Virginia drops loyalty oath requirement
  11. Ron Paul Gets "SHOT IN THE ARM" (Wall St. Journal)
  12. Ron Paul says his defense cuts wouldn't hurt state (of South Carolina - local news)
  13. Dr. Paul should point this out more often from here on out...
  14. Ron Paul Receives Key Endorsements from Three South Carolina State Senators
  15. Youth needs your help to help the Doctor!!
  16. Max Boot (Council on Foreign Relations) attacks Ron Paul
  17. Bret Baier's question to Rick Perry re:Turkey
  18. Total votes among the candidates still in the race..
  19. Paul's candidacy takes on feel of a movement in South Carolina
  20. **Please Help! If you haven't voted, do so now in this thread....**
  21. Washington Times: 46% of Rep. Primary Voters AGREE w/ NON-Intervention
  22. Dr. Paul's Foreign Policy would leader to Economic Boom in South Carolina.
  23. Breaking Down Electability - Paul vs. The Others
  24. 235 Articles on Google.....
  25. A humble submission: Something that Ron Paul said that allays some fears....
  26. RP backup plan?
  27. Youth, independents rally around Paul's candidacy in South Carolina
  28. Paul supporters in Rock Hill say he’s their man in SC
  29. Show some love to new SC endoresers!!
  30. Paul Campaign Suing Maker of Huntsman False-Flag Video!!
  31. Foreign Policy Video could change everything
  32. Ticker reading $1,625,000...
  33. ATL GA - Boots on the Ground - Give this guy some love and support
  34. ATL GA - Boots on the Ground - Give this guy some love and support
  35. Dr. Paul = A Constitutional Veto: Use this Argument
  36. "For Liberty" documentary on Public Access TV
  37. VIDEO: How About a 0% Income Tax?
  38. Daily show in 5 minutes!!
  39. We really need to draft Jimmy Wales to run for Senate...
  40. Lake Jackson Loyal to Ron Paul
  41. Op-Ed: Ron Paul and the looming 'passionless presidential race'
  42. From a definite 15% in SC to 20+ ???
  43. Twitter Results: Ron Paul Wins South Carolina GOP Debate
  44. The key to winning South Carolina!! (URGENT!)
  45. Mediate: Jon Stewart Skewers The Candidates And The South Carolina GOP Debate Audience
  46. Bill O'reilly Thinks Car Dealers Are Violent Because Cars Can Kill People (RP on Drugs)
  47. Watch the full SC debate on your iPhone! Latest RP news and video with Ron Paul Mobile!
  48. Use SOPA Blackout to Gain Supporters
  49. Shocking! MSNBC Absolutely Destroys the Associated Press Over Their Hit Piece.
  50. Campaign must use SOPA and PIPA to get Dems/Indys and young voters out in SC!!
  51. New Ron Paul anti-SOPA themed twitter avatar I found (on someone's twitter)
  52. +Rep thread for those who have contacted their Senators and House Reps against SOPA/PIPA
  53. CNN: Gingrich urges Santorum and Perry to drop out (Follow the Leader?)
  54. The Official "TMOT Thread"
  55. PPP: Obama has 5 point lead over Romney. [Romney Electable? Gimme a break !]
  56. Jon Stewart: South Carolina "boos" the Golden Rule
  57. Does Mitt Romney get Jon Huntsman's delegates?
  58. Ever wonder about how the future will perceive this election?
  59. Can someone please debunk the whole Iran wipes Israel off the face of the Earth BS.
  60. you can tweet debate questions to CNN
  61. Four man race going into Super Tuesday
  62. ron paul joins in god discussion forum
  63. "Ron Paul Addresses Boos From South Carolina GOP Debate"
  64. The most amazing video you will see this week..
  65. Tea Party '07 is to The Tea Party as Black This Out is to Sopa Strike
  66. Remember this? Sorry if this has already been posted
  67. Ron Paul wins support urging End to the Fed & pushing Gold Standard
  68. Driving to S.C. - Anyone have the address to the RP campaign office??
  69. CBS NATIONAL Primary Poll Jan 12 to 17: Shows close race still
  70. Quinnipiac New Jersey Primary Poll and Ohio Primary Poll and General Election Poll
  71. SC - winner take all
  72. Ron Paul - Foreign Policy Video
  73. Time for a Ron Paul Twitter Bomb..Use hashtag #stoponlinepiracyact or #SOPA
  74. Video update - Ron Paul introduces bill to repeal NDAA indefinite detention provisions
  75. Today's News (1/18/12)
  76. VIDEO: CIA Chief Endorses Ron Paul (in-case you missed it)
  77. Ron Paul SC debate performance winning people over!
  78. Possible voters for Ron Paul
  79. Sen Bright deserves donations
  80. Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul in South Carolina
  81. Look where I spotted Endorse Liberty advertising for RP
  82. Rasmussen National Poll 1/18
  83. Neal Boortz just said.... Wow!!!
  84. Loot $100 Trillion of Americans Taxpayers. Put Obama in Office
  85. What are the odds?
  86. 1 Cent for 1 Gallon Gasoline or 4 Litres Petrol
  87. [VIDEO] - The Ron Paul smackdown on foreign policy - debate highlight.
  88. My Stop SOPA FB Profile Pic & Avatar; I added Vote Ron Paul to mine
  89. Press Conference Needed to Address Media Spin…
  90. Excellent article to convince Christians to support Ron Paul. SHARE WITH EVERYONE IN SC!
  91. A-"Paul"-calypse Now in South Carolina
  92. HUGE opportunity with SOPA to win people to our cause!
  93. Obama ever coment about RP?
  94. Western primaries, Romney and Paul
  95. Ron Paul needs to add some balance on terrorism
  96. This UNHOLY ALLIANCE will bring many to Ron Paul
  97. The Steven Colbert Dilemma
  98. I've converted 4 People Register Republican to vote for Ron Paul (How about you?)
  99. Ron Paul is statistically tied for 2nd in New Jersey
  100. Deepak Chopra: ‘I Like Ron Paul’
  101. HuffPo: Second Place in NH Democratic Primary Goes to...Ron Paul?!
  102. [video] Spartanburg, Rock Hill, SC, Jan 17th
  103. Idea for Ad on Foreign Policy
  104. Air War: Greenville SC Features the Santa Rita Super PAC-(The Slate)
  105. Hit Piece on the TX Preacher who Endorsed Ron Paul
  106. Long debate with local Radio host (NeoCon lite) How did I do?
  107. Ron Paul Needs to Make this Point in Thursday's Debate
  108. I Just called C-SPAN to try to attain Ron's 1984 farewell speech from Congress..
  109. OMG!! Gingrich is Ron Pauling the Gold Standard!!
  110. Mitt's duplicity shows right now in current campaign!! pro / anti immigration
  111. Ron Paul's facebook likes exploding after posting this status...
  112. CNN "Republican Debate of the Year Tomorrow" - Will let them "just go at it"
  113. Just got a call from the Ron Paul campaign...
  114. Short interview with Mrs. Carol Paul
  115. Paul Live on CSPAN RIGHT NOW 1:29PM Central
  116. Attention:Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Lamar Smith Plan To Push SOPA & PIPA
  117. Please share and tweet Ron Paul's latest facebook status on SOPA/PIPA!!!
  118. NOM is sponsoring the southern Republican Leadership Conference this weekend in SC?
  119. SC campaign telling volunteers not to talk to media?
  120. Fundraising numbers posted on these sites
  121. Ron Paul calls for repeal of detainee rules, slams Lindsey Graham
  122. Ron Paul Calls 'THEM' Out
  123. Ron Paul OK (grassroots) announces State Director and State Chairs for Oklahoma
  124. IF Viral -Could be the shot heard round the world!
  125. Who runs RPs twitter account? We need an anti SOPA tweet ASAP!!!
  126. CNN South Carolina Debate (1/19/12) -- Official Thread!
  127. Tom Davis on Freedom Watch tonight at 8pm EST!
  128. Paul warns failure to reduce debt will have global consequences
  129. New CNN SC Poll
  130. Tell the MSM to tell the world that Ron Paul introduced legislation to repeal section 1021
  131. TalkRadioBomb
  132. 1000 New Facebook Likes in the Past 1.5 Hours!!!!!!!
  133. HELP Needed for Georgia R.Paul Event
  134. Ron Paul slams SOPA: ‘The establishment hopes to censor’ freedom
  135. Ron Paul Anti-SOPA/PIPA Ads on Facebook (and beyond...)
  136. Mark Levin fans have written hundreds of 1 star reviews of RPs books over last 2 days
  137. Mark Levin's liberal constitutional arguments by Jack Hunter - excellent article!
  138. Here is some encouragment in 2012happens brand new poll for south carolina primarys!!
  140. SOPA will come up at the debate!
  141. Pull it together people and focus.
  142. Idea for a web ad.
  143. CNN Dana Bash covers RON PAUL in DC today.
  144. What are the other candidates' stances on SOPA?
  145. Pew: Obama 44, Romney 32, Paul 18
  146. [VIDEO] Ron Paul Speech Against Raising the Debt Ceiling (Jan 18 2012)
  147. Right To Life Rallies THIS weekend!!!
  148. Volunteers needed in Maine!!!
  149. NOT being reported in SC - FOUR State Senators Endorse Paul
  150. Does the Campaign know its about Electability?
  151. TONIGHT: Personhood USA Pro-Life Forum live stream 6:45 ET
  152. Michael Scheuer on Freedom Watch tonight! (1/18/12)
  153. (Video) Sen. Tom Davis talks to Reuters reporter about RP's foreign policy
  154. Wanting to volunteer my design talents
  155. [Video] Tom Davis and Jim Demint on Freedom Watch discussing Ron Paul
  156. Calling All LDS! Please join "LDS for Ron Paul Coalition"
  157. A parallel with 1984
  158. how saturated is S.C. with 3 of a kind ad? any carolinians seeing it?
  159. Use Ron Paul in your headline Generate Ad revenue, Win
  161. Paul doesn't have many fans in Congress - Positive CNN story
  162. Prediction: Finger-in-the-wind candidates suddenly opposed to SOPA after today
  163. Scary voice "Millions hidden in the Caymens.. supports NDAA...." Nice ad to destroy Mitt
  165. T-Shirt Hell sent us some love!
  166. Ron Paul only GOP candidate to publicly denounce SOPA
  167. Ask John King To Ask The Questions For the candidates on the SOPA,PIPA and More
  168. Animation Destroys Logic of Voting for Unprincipled "Compromise Candidates" (FUNNY)
  169. Carol Paul Unloads on Husband Ron -- (Satire)
  170. Local news video coverage of Ron Paul campaigning in Spartanburg yesterday
  171. PPP SC Tweets (1/18)
  172. Sooo... what's Ron polling in SC??
  173. Jon Stewart promotes NON-intervention on Oreilly Factor, defends tea party (from 2010)
  174. Suggestion to Google News on Content
  175. [VIDEO] Ron Paul - SC Presidential Pro-Life Forum - 01/18/11
  176. Q4 FEC Reports - 2011
  177. Campaign: What if Ron says this during tom debate...
  178. Gingrich Think-Tank Behind Ron Paul Smears!?!?!
  179. No One But Paul - February 10th Moneybomb - NoOneButPaul.com & NoneButPaul.com
  180. Ron Paul Facebook page now has 750,000+ Likes
  181. Perry hits right notes at anti-abortion forum but fends off suggestions to quit campaign
  182. Ron Paul approves resolution opposing Obama's debt-limit hike
  183. Ok - between Santa Rita Pac, Ron Paul Campaign.. HOW visible is his presence on t.v.?
  184. Apparently there is a 'March for Ron Paul' before the debate in Charleston tomorrow
  186. The one thing I've found after making calls...
  187. The Hill: GOP hopefuls tout abortion stances at 'personhood' forum
  188. Insider Adv S Car 1/18: Gingrich 32% Romney 29% Paul 15% Santorum 11%
  189. Watch Ron Paul at the Personhood USA Pro-Life Presidential Forum on your iPhone or iPad!
  190. New FiveThirtyEight forcast for SC
  191. *VIDEO* The Crazy South Carolina Debate Audience
  192. Ron Paul Will Win In The End - Article
  193. *Foreign Policy Ad Extremely Vital at this Point*
  194. Ben Swann Reality Check: Three unintended consequences of SOPA
  195. Ron Paul Supporter Uncovers Iowa Vote Discrepancy (CNN video)
  196. GOP candidates slam Romney at pro-life forum
  197. What About Online Enforcement and Protection of Digital Trade Act (OPEN)?
  198. UNC students travel to SC to campaign for Ron Paul
  199. Please leave pro-Paul comments on this Paul piece from school paper
  200. Local SC station coverage of the personhood forum
  201. Bloomberg: Republicans Running as Outsiders Are Recipients of Taxpayer-Paid Pensions
  202. Ron Paul needs to say things like "as president I will" and "as President I would have"
  203. Last chance before Saturday
  204. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!
  205. Thy Black Man: Ron Paul blast SOPA…
  206. Ron Paul at College of Charleston: Live at 11am Jan 19th 2012
  207. Post a Facebook status "like this if you're a registered voter who actually votes"
  208. "They're not targeting right." South Carolina ads on wrong stations
  209. Prayers for the SC debate tonight
  210. VIDEO: Gingrich steals Dr. Pauls message of returning to the Gold Standard
  211. US Citizen (From Arizona) living in Australia asks me how he can vote for Ron Paul
  212. Question about one of Dr. Paul's votes
  213. Ron Paul Fax
  214. The brainless warmongers that booed Rom Paul, You are fools
  215. Ron Paul Supporters in SC at Pro-Life Forum
  216. Oh, the irony. (SOPA related)
  217. [VIDEO] Foreign Policy education mission: The Military/CIA intellgence Endorsing Ron Paul
  218. I bet Fox opened the Myrtle Beach debate to general public, Charleston next? Free tix?
  219. ***T-Shirt Design Contest!***
  220. Video: 4 South Carolina Senators Endorse Ron Paul at Press Conference
  221. NBC News/Marist SC Poll: Romney 34%, Gingrich 24%, Paul 16%, Santorum 14%
  222. NDAA and Indefinite Detention: Someone please clear this up for me
  223. Video: Iowa Caucus voting results from Polk County precincts
  224. Changing the Narrative of Ron Paul's Foreign Policy
  225. Internet Fight Song! (Anti SOPA/PIPA)
  226. WaPo Poll: Ron Paul Weakest Among College Grads & Weekly Churchgoers
  227. Female turnout critical in South Carolina primary
  228. Ron Paul vs. the Corporate Wing of the GOP
  229. Santorum Wins Iowa by 34 Votes
  230. Newt's Ex-wife gives bombshell interview
  231. Gingrich Scandal Could Hand Ron Paul Shock Second Place Finish
  232. VIDEO: The Young Turks's Cenk Uygur Outlines the NDAA
  233. My Prediction: The "Bombshell" Interview
  234. could Bachmann re-enter?
  235. [Video] Anyone but Obama
  236. Paul Rising: RCP Average @ 14.1%
  237. Last Man Standing Strategy
  238. Insider Adv.: Gingrich 31.6%, Romney 28.8, Paul 15.2, Santorum 10.9
  240. Final 48 Hour PUSH! ~50% of Voters Decide Today/Tomorrow
  241. Are the Ron Paul Forums Strong enough to get.....
  242. CNN reporting that Perry suspended Campaign!!!!
  243. Is Perry out?
  244. Rick Perry in 2007 saying no Texan running for President.
  245. C-SPAN Live Thu 1/19 11am ET: Ron Paul at College of Charleston Bully Pulpit Series
  246. My Plan to win +40 voters.
  247. Be a Local Watchdog
  248. Welcome Rick Perry supporters
  249. 3 weeks of Mitt Romney attacks in February
  250. TX Perry supporters may come over to Ron Paul