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  1. CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney and Paul
  2. Calling from home -- "yellow dog Democrat" ?
  3. Ron speaking live at Faith and Freedom Conference - live streaming CNN (4:30p.m.)
  4. SC Senator Tom Davis interviews after rally about why endorses Dr. Paul for President
  5. Live Feed: Fath and Freedom
  6. Ron Paul Can Win South Carolina, the Republican Nomination and the Presidency!
  7. Very Interesting idea - Don't go breaking the law my fellow RP supporters ;-)
  8. ***GET ON THE PHONES***
  9. OutFront? covers the Tom Davis endorsement and more
  10. PFH-People are Home in SC like no other state, CALL CALL CALL
  11. Ron Paul Campaign: Education, Energy Independence, Environment, and Other Vital Issues
  12. Overstock.com President Jonathan Johnson Endorses Ron Paul
  13. ron-paul-and-mitt-romney-are-the-only-2-candidates
  14. ...
  15. Hello, I’m ConCap, and I’m a Constitutional Capitalist
  16. How would you respond to this Mitt Romney supporter in the most professional way...
  17. ATTN Anyone w/ Twitter: Help these RP supporters win a Shorty Award!
  18. A Pic worth a 1000 Words - Isolationist vs. Non-Interventionist
  19. Florida Grassroots Meeting [video]
  20. [Video] Tom Davis talks about Ron Paul endorsement with Neil Cavuto
  21. Ron Paul's Vegas Vacation
  22. CNN: RP moneybomb exceeds expectations
  23. Ron Paul 'money bomb' brings in $1.3 million
  24. Tweetin' Time: Ron Paul!!!
  25. Auctioning Kelly Clarkson CD Autographed by Ron Paul! 100% goes to the campaign!
  26. PPP with a Florida poll out tonight between 6-7
  27. 3 Upstate SC Senators to Endorse Ron Paul
  28. CNN Poll: Obama virtually tied with Romney, Paul
  29. New Ad: Ron vs. Mitt (From Endorse Liberty PAC)
  30. Music Video Update: "Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo 2012"
  31. CNN Picture of the Day [Need Video]
  32. Everyone retweet the Endorse Liberty Pac ad with the hashtag #RonVsMitt
  33. Romney Adds 11 Delegates Today - CNN
  34. Upvote my youtube comment on Santorum's new ad!
  35. Don't Let The Fox Debate Ruin Your Health
  36. Bestest Campaign Ad Ever - Must See And Share
  37. CNN just discussed poll where Ron Paul and Romney statistically tie Obama on TV
  38. (Video) CNN: Paul is more electable than Gingrich and Santorum
  39. CPL Thorsen's Conscientious Conversation
  41. New Political Cartoon - People vs. Media
  42. See You At The RP Inauguration
  43. Michigan Tech University GOP poll
  44. Watch the South Carolina GOP debate here! 3g or WiFi LIVE FEED at 9pm ET
  45. Infiniti - Status Quo Commercials
  46. PA delegates
  47. Black out CNN !!!
  48. Top of Drudge: POLL: Ron Paul Tied with Obama; In Two-Man Race with Romney...
  49. South Carolina Senator Larry Grooms needs to make a new endorsement
  50. 1/16 Supr duper official SC Debate **Prayer Thread**
  51. Have arrived in Charleston, SC here through election day
  52. Huntsman: Why do They Cover Him So Hard.
  53. CNN NOW!! Ron Paul Supporters!
  54. What will you do when Ron Paul wins the Presidency?
  55. TUBE: Ron Paul fans intervied on CNN
  56. Ron Paul Should Run Ad About WHY He's Running As a Republican
  57. Need help finding a picture of Paul praying
  58. Rick Santorum has zero chance against Obama in the General Election
  59. How many new supporters can we get?
  60. LOL Bill O'Reilly just admitted cluelessness on The Fed in interview with Jim DeMint
  61. Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama ELECTION DAY (11/06/12) --- OFFICIAL THREAD
  62. 1/16/2012 Fox News Debate Drinking Game!
  63. VIDEO: Ron Paul on Religious and Moral Economic Values
  64. Advice: Hammer Romney on abortion tonight & forever
  66. Ron should focus on Romney
  67. Seniors at the Mall
  68. State Senator Kevin Bryant has Confirmed He Is Supporting Ron Paul
  69. "Ron Paul a New Hope" ....
  70. Ron Paul will be in Rock Hill, SC tomorrow, Jan. 17, @ 4:30pm
  71. Official twitter reaction thread for SC Fox News debate 1/16/12
  72. [VIDEO] Pastor Manning, "Ron Paul is THE most electable one"
  73. Ron Paul hit a home run on foreign policy in debate!
  74. Main Headline on Drudge: 'TAX RATE SHOULD BE ZERO' (w/ Ron Paul pic)
  75. Fox News attempts hit on Ron, yet again... now our retaliation.
  76. State By State Ron Paul stats From 2008 (Intel Inside)
  77. Dont put up with this biased nonsense, please donate to the campaign.
  78. Where are Paul's advisers?
  79. When is the next debate?
  80. Fox News: Mitt Romney getting killed in the debate! Ron Paul solid positive on all.
  81. Let's Send Gingrich to Guantanamo...no really!
  82. If Jesus Christ sided with Ron Paul tonight...
  83. Campaign Releases New Ad ‘Three of a Kind’ Challenging Rivals in South Carolina
  84. VOTE-How did Ron Paul do in Fox SC Debate??
  85. CNN Poll: Ron Paul tied with President Obama
  86. Major Press Conference Tomorrow?
  87. Sounds like 3 more SC endorsements are coming Ron Paul's way
  88. IBTimes Who won the debate?
  89. Fox Nation: Poll: Ron Paul Tied With Obama...
  90. I like that lady on the Fox News panel! Harris Faulkner keeps bringing up Ron Paul
  91. Look what Fox News wrote...
  92. Fox post-debate analysis with positive tone for Paul
  93. Stay positive! People are waking up.
  94. Grade Ron's Debate Performance
  95. Was Rick Perry "In the sands of Iran in 1979"
  96. Forget the CROWD. Seriously...
  97. Did the SC audience really boo Ron Paul on this?
  98. Watch the latest Ron Paul SC Ad and debate videos on your iPhone with the Ron Paul Mobile!
  99. South Carolina PPP and Rasmussen Paul Surge over last week
  100. How would YOU address the foreign policy issue, RonPaulForums?
  101. Ron Paul Highlights in Fox News Debate
  102. Why all the negativity on the SC debate?
  103. Do These Debates Really Matter?
  104. So the new Ron Paul rule, no closing statements.. Anyone notice this?
  105. DRUDGE DEBATE POLL- VOTE! (Paul in 2nd)
  106. VIDEO: Ron Paul Smacks Down Fox Moderators on Military/Defense Spending! January 16, 2012
  107. Remember this? (You'll feel better)
  108. Rick Perry should have voiced his qualms with Turkey's "terrorist rulers..."
  109. In keeping with the MLK theme
  110. I am asking each of you - please run for office. (Local, State, Federal)
  111. Please Take A Moment To Watch This.
  112. [video] Ron Paul Dominates Fox's Twitter Survey Of The SC FOX News Debate
  113. Terms that lose us votes, try to avoid them
  114. Debate replay:: stream link!
  115. Did Paul not get a Hannity interview? I'm not seeing it...
  116. [video] All Ron Paul South Carolina FOX Debate Highlights
  117. MESSAGE From Ron Paul : "The Same Old" - - Ante Up!!!
  118. Why is Ron Paul's head on Rachel Maddows show on MSNBC?
  119. What happened at the SC TEA party convention this afternoon?
  120. Guys, let's be reasonable about debate performances.
  121. RP SC win dismantles FNC
  122. [AUDIO] New Ron Paul radio ad features DeMint
  123. Is the campaign hurting for cash? We need to dig deep. Donate now.
  124. Smiling Faces...
  125. about the crowd at the debate. ...
  126. CNN debate question, please submit!
  127. Obomney: Preserve the status quo
  128. Romney was heavily booed, too.
  129. "No One But Paul" vs "Bailout for Freedom" - My Statement on the two Money Bomb Themes
  130. Romney loss = RP WIN
  131. How big is the new ad buy?
  132. BREAKING: Forecast For Saturday, Jan. 21 Means South Carolina Primary May Be Rained On!!!
  133. NBC Debate 1/23: Students barred from attending
  134. Anyone going to Portland, Oregon Presidential Debate?
  135. They're getting desperate.. Dont let the media fool you! *READ THIS NOW*
  136. SC Debate Tube?
  137. Fox News panel unanimously agree: GOP can't win 2012 w/o Ron Paul's support
  138. Video Ron Paul 2012 by Barry Smith
  139. Ron's rebuttal to Newt
  140. Romney defending NDAA: how to make use of this?
  141. Air the best Grassroots ad...for free.
  142. Guess what the first clip is on Foxnews.com front page?
  143. VIDEO: Dr. Ron Paul - Master of Monetary Policy (return to the gold standard)
  144. Jere Brower (Stop Ron Paul 2012 FB) at it again. MAKING CALLS FOR RP Campaign
  145. Dr Ron Paul Should Give a Speech on South Beach, Florida
  146. Best moment in the debate
  147. The Ron Paul PWNAGE Continues!
  148. 3 More Conservative SC Senators to Endorse Ron Paul 10am Tuesday
  149. We Have a New Champion
  150. Arian Foster Supports Ron Paul. High quality video
  151. Prevent Phone from Home Sabatage
  152. Hot Mic: Ron Paul says his foreign policy views have not alienated voters [VIDEO]
  153. Road Trip from Dallas to DC
  154. Ron Paul: Federal Income Tax Rate should be 0%
  155. Washington-Post/ABC News National Poll: Ron moves into 2nd place
  156. chanting RP = boring; Boston groots performs new RP anthem (toob)
  157. Monmouth South Carolina Primary Poll 1/12 to 1/15
  158. ABC News reports campaign working on backup strategy (Benton calls report 'asinine')
  159. Idaho endorsements?
  160. If Obama wins in Nov., look for the Ron Paul insurgency w/i the GOP to grow
  161. Bill Maher praises Ron Paul and dogs Obama in front of Wasserman-Shultz
  162. Ron Paul was booed four years ago too...and look how far he's come.
  163. This Fox anchorwoman deserves a moneybomb in her honor!
  164. A warning to the Tea Party Nation
  165. Piggybacking the SOPA blackout
  166. Three South Carolina Senators Set to Endorse Paul Named in Recent FB Post
  167. I thought he nailed it
  168. Bill Kristol
  169. Poll: They want to know who you will vote for!
  170. Boos not reserved soley for Dr. Paul-listen
  171. Ron should start destroying MSM on national television
  172. South Carolina debate 2008 starring Ron Paul
  173. Remember this prediction?
  174. Heads up! Potential live streaming for Ron's events today in SC!
  175. Today's News 1/17/12
  176. Best part of debate: Romney strongly defending Obama's NDAA position
  177. What I think Ron Paul needs
  178. If You Care About “Electability”
  179. South Carolina Audience 'Stacked"
  180. Why does everyone here care what Beck, Rush, Hannity, et al, say about our candidate?
  181. Audit the Mitt?
  182. Santorum statements on Ron Paul
  183. How many military men and women voted for Paul in 2007-2008?
  184. Keeping the message simple: WARS => DEFICTS => MONEY PRINTING => INFLATION
  185. PPP Poll - Texas GOP Primary
  186. Ron Paul tied for Second Nationally with Registered Voters in new WaPo-ABC poll
  187. 1984 Paul speech on House floor when he left Congress- he laid it all on the table
  188. IMF, ECB and EFSF: Death of the fallible optical backstop
  189. A Baptist Pastor explains why he is voting for Ron Paul: Why Ron Paul?
  190. The Boos have helped us!
  191. Creating another Facebook Ad - which video should I link to?
  192. RP needs to explain the consequences of going to war with Iran
  193. Paul Gains Endorsements from 4 S.C. Senators
  194. Press Confrence 10 am toady... Any Report? (sry if i missed it)
  195. Santorum is dissing Ron Paul on Fox (Megyn Kelly)
  196. Take Power Back Money Bomb....NDAA, SOPA, etc
  197. Ron Paul must make a 1 minute foreign policy ad (COLLINS TAKE NOTE)
  198. The people at The Blaze are not going to take it
  199. Just had a knock at the door
  200. Bill Kristol challenges Ron Paul to foreign policy debate!
  201. Paul: This is a 'two-man race'
  202. Ron Paul Town Hall NOW Live!
  204. Rasmussen SC (01/16): Romney 35%, Gingrich 21%, Paul 16%, Santorum 16%, Perry 5%
  205. [VIDEO] Netanyahu supports Ron Paul's Israel policy in Congress: "We defend ourselves"
  206. I liked this article!
  207. Different Day, Different Endorsements! Lets Change One Mind Per Day!
  208. Ron Paul: maverick who could decide the future of the Republican party
  209. PPP Poll - National General Election / Ron Paul does best against Obama
  210. PPP Poll: Ron Paul matches Romney as the most electable Republican candidate
  211. What is Ron Paul's End Game?
  212. Gunowners of America Grades the Presidential Candidates -- Ron Paul gets A+
  213. SC Debate: What do you think Ron Paul should have said?
  214. Folks concerned about the debate last night: RELAX
  215. Was Jesus Booed In SC? Debate Reaction On The Robert Scott Bell Show 1/17/12
  216. SC Senator Lee Bright endorses Ron Paul...like his Facebook page!
  217. I hope Ron is running that Serial Hypocrisy ad in SC....
  218. Organize Your Local Campaign - Build A Ron Paul Website For Free
  219. Reporting back from the Ron Paul rally in Spartanburg, SC
  220. Just Watched the Debate Highlight reel...
  221. Ron Paul on Corparate Monopolies
  222. UPDATE:Appeals court denies GOP primary ballot challenge-Only Paul and Romney on VA ballot
  223. Dr. RON PAUL has more in common with MLK than Obama!!
  224. Drudge: Ron Paul Races Back to D.C. to Vote Against Raising the Debt Ceiling
  225. Ron Paul: The Strongest Man in the World? - thestreet.com
  226. I Know Maybe Canadian But I would Like to Help.
  227. W Ketchup, a conservative condiment company, is sweet on Ron Paul and sour on Mitt Romney
  228. Web Analytical Tools for 2012 Election
  229. Ron Paul is conducting a one man intervention on an addicted America!
  230. Rally in Rock Hill, SC - capacity crowd
  231. twitter is saying that Ron Paul's audio cut out at Faith and Freedom convention
  232. Who do you think Newt will endorse?
  233. PPP Polls: Perry trails Obama by 7 with independents, but Paul leads Obama by 17 with them
  234. You, research. You decide.
  235. Vote for Dr. Paul in this Bill O'Reilly Poll...close to Romney!
  236. Charleston SC Post and Courier Online Poll
  237. Should Ron Paul bring up Michael Scheuer?
  238. Insiders think Ron Paul has a Chance
  239. Anti-Ron Paul People Plot to Discredit Him
  240. Ron Paul Forums Blacking Out? I HOPE NOT
  241. Ron Paul supported by an African-American preacher
  242. Should Ron Paul send a copy of the Cathecism to Gingrich and Santorum
  243. Video update - Santa Rita SuperPAC founders on Freedom Watch
  244. Vote for PPP to poll Minnesota here!
  245. Candidates Publishing their Taxes
  246. Tom Davis on Cavuto
  247. Two Florida men decide to support Ron Paul after watching yesterday's SC debate
  248. Opened up a Unique RonPaulWear T-Shirt Shop [New Shirt: No One But Paul!]
  249. DeMint will be on CNN next with John King
  250. Ron Paul to Come Off Campaign Trail for Debt-Ceiling Vote