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  1. Romney and Obama Donor Corruption
  2. Campaign Ads in SC
  3. Paper Ballots
  4. The most persuasive article on the newsletters...prevented the loss of a supporter
  5. The Daily Caller: Imagaine if Tebow Endorsed Ron Paul
  6. Today's News 1/12/12
  7. Why Paul has an Edge over Romney--IBtimes
  8. Ron Paul Beat Romney in NH**
  9. Ron Paul Winning Primary…On Twitter
  10. Florida GOP Poll 01/11:
  11. Poll from Patch
  12. Subtle, yet powerful "Breakfast with Ron Paul" video
  13. Daily Show Defends Ron Again
  14. Washington Post: "Is Ron Paul Right?"
  15. Who remembers the original name of this '07 grassroots video?
  16. Audio update - Doug Wead on The Mike Gallagher Show 1/12/12
  17. Karl WB Schwarz-Pro Paul-Why I won't vote for Romney
  18. Veteran censored by CNN for supporting Ron Paul faces punishment from U.S. Military (vid)
  19. A Brokered Convention for Mitt Romney, and why it Won’t Happen
  20. The MSM and their 3rd Party Qestion
  21. VIDEO EDIT: Jon Stewart Once Again Attacks MSM Bias Against Ron Paul
  22. Insider Advantage SC Poll 1/11
  23. Homeland security monitoring web including Drudge report:
  24. Ron Paul defeats the media in four minutes as Neo - 2008 classic video
  25. Ron Paul 2012 Store Offering Spanish Slim Jims Now!!!
  26. Zogby: Paul Is the 'Fly in the Ointment' for Romney
  27. Sen. Tom Davis Facebook Status Update
  28. Ron Paul and the Libertarian Revolution
  29. Territories for Ron Paul
  30. Fox News and Fox Business on Facebook!!
  31. Kudlow fired up in defense of Ron Paul`s economic policies
  32. @ 18:25 Ron Paul fires a shotgun!
  33. Leverage with DeMint
  34. Public Policy Polling looking for survey question suggestions
  35. WaPo: Is Ron Paul right?
  36. Ben Swann "Reality Check" The truth behind the Republican delegate numbers
  37. Funny Tweet:
  38. Paul needs to lay out his defense strategy in concrete terms
  39. Is Ron Paul right?
  40. 10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama
  41. Local Press on Sheriff Mack Meeting-(Had a Ron Paul table.)
  42. Ron Paul supporters are loyal to their candidate
  43. NH Call to Action: Sign pick-up continues for re-use and/or re-painting, for next states!
  44. Bain Capital purchased Premiere Radio Networks - Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Levin
  45. International Business Times-Ron Paul ‘Can Get the Republican Nomination:’ GOP Strategist
  46. Flathead County Montana supporters needed
  47. Ron Paul Matrix Video
  48. ABOVE THE INFLUENCE video idea
  49. Delegates
  50. SC events
  51. Ron Paul moneybomb for the 14th! (Make this a sticky! mods.)
  52. Protecting American Unipolarity Means International War Against US
  53. MUSIC VIDEO: "America's Choice: Liberty or Death" by Smiley Chris
  54. Romney or Obama? Nope, Ron Paul: You Said It
  55. Gallup Tracking Poll (1/7-1/11)
  56. In N.H. Dem Primary, "Write-In Hillary" Loses to Paul
  57. Endorsing Ron Paul NOW is Like Buying Microsoft Stock in the Late-80's KABOOM!
  58. Ron Paul’s best leadership trait
  59. So If Santorum Drops Out Can we Get His Delegates from Iowa?
  60. Romney's big liability
  61. The Time is Now for Limbaugh and Hannity to Rethink Ron Paul
  62. NH Delegates
  63. Grassroots on the move in Columbia, SC
  64. Spread to all Tea Party groups [video]
  65. [Video] Rand Paul's NH birthday party
  66. We need a Ron Paul Vs Obama video on policy and poll numbers
  67. Romney, Paul get jump on Fla. absentee voters
  68. The War of the Dandelions
  69. Will FreedomWorks endorse Ron Paul?
  70. Paul Campaign Needs to Step Up Their Facebook/Social Media Game
  71. Slide show of "Ron Paul's Remarkably Devoted Fans"
  72. Political Cartoon.. Corprate Media vs. The American People 2012
  73. Help needed for local Florida election going on next week
  74. The Older 60+ Demographic Problem
  75. Ron Paul's N.H. showing tells us something important , says Gary Johnson
  76. National Review: Ron Paul’s Appeal Among the Military
  77. What music does Ron Paul like?
  78. How much is Ron's 1 Trillion cut per baseline budgeting?
  79. Should Mormons vote for Mitt Romney? - Surprise ending!
  80. Is there a FB event for next MoneyB lmk
  81. New anti-Ron Paul ad: Winner of longest string of lies ever told in 1 minute
  82. [ARTICLE] The Battle of The Anti-Romney versus The Anti-Paul
  83. Tired of Hearing About Super Brochures...
  84. Salon.com: Sirota talks Ron Paul on Current TV
  85. The PALMETTO LIST: Starting NOW until January 22, then on to Florida, etc.
  86. SATURDAY 1/14 South Carolina Money Bomb Pledges Over $500k so far #RonPaulMoneyBomb
  87. AP: Young voters propelling Ron Paul's campaign
  88. Even if we can't outright win South Carolina...
  89. Pastor T-Mot lays out the smackdown and tells it like it is
  90. Need Help Winning a Liberal
  91. Drudge (oops): Ron Paul returns $500k to treasure from congressional office budget...
  92. (Tube added) Ron Paul on Freedom Watch tonight 1/12/12
  93. Operation Grandma: Get Your Grandparents on Board for Ron Paul (Tom Woods video)
  94. Insider Advantage SC Poll (1/11)
  95. Newt signs ALL OVER South Carolina
  96. A Message to DailyPaul Regarding the Brochures
  97. If Ron Paul gets 20% in South Carolina, then....
  98. Can you watch this without tearing up?
  99. Examiner: Rush Limbaugh broadcasts on Clear Channel. Clear Channel is owned by Mitt Romney
  100. Blacked Out By Facebook?
  101. VIDEO: Is the I-Man (Don Imus) Down With Ron Paul? John Stossel as Guest
  102. Chart of the Romney/Bain/Clear Channel Connection
  103. Spread this GREAT picture around!
  104. Warnings in the news about internet usage?
  105. REASON: Ron Paul's Possible Path to Victory
  106. (Youtube) I-Man and John Stossel discuss about ron paul
  107. "No one but Paul" bomb!! blogs, news article comments, facebook, interviews
  108. Should RP tell the truth about IRAN? It's about BIG oil, stupid!
  109. "Betrayal" ad in South Carolina
  110. The 'insurgent' Ron Paul: Why he's the 2012 X-Factor
  111. Explaining the delegates awarded so far...
  112. Ron Paul did more than place 2nd in REPUBLICAN primary
  113. Note to campaign: Optimize your website! (MATT COLLINS PLEASE READ)
  114. CNN Apparently Waives Its Own Debate Rules To Let Rick Perry In
  115. MSNBC seems to be having a rip on Romney marathon 6PM ET onward
  116. Welcome Home From Iraq Parade?
  117. Targeting Liberal and/Or Conservatives
  118. Zogby: With High Turnout Ron Paul Could Upset Romney in S. Carolina
  119. DeMint: "Divided party" if GOP doesn't listen to Ron Paul (tube added)
  120. HuffPost- Ron Paul's plan to win the nomination (includes info on Puerto Rico)
  121. Charles Krauthammer: Ron Paul's remarkable achievement
  122. Ron Paul joins Larry Kudlow in-studio Friday night!
  123. [Video] C-SPAN Callers after Ron Paul NH primary speech
  124. Fox News' 'The Five': SC Primary ONLY Republicans
  125. Nate Silver has Ron Paul in 3rd in S.C with 16.4% (possibly as high as 30%)
  126. campaign disabling youtube comments?
  127. In need of a BIG Ron Paul sign
  128. Optimistic SC Scenario
  129. SC congressman to target...
  130. Stephen Colbert exploring S. C. presidential run
  131. Economist\YouGov National GOP poll January 7-10 (Pre-NH primary)
  132. 6 in 10 want to vote for Ron Paul [Source Needed]
  133. Mitt Romney: A Mirror Image
  134. Phone banks open
  135. Video: Jack Hunter calling out Dana Bash on Freedom Watch 1/12
  136. Little Alarm Shown at Fed At Dawn of Housing Bust
  137. [VIDEO] New Ron Paul video : Dangerous Consistency!!
  138. Newt's 2 Minute Attack Ad On Romney : For The Dogs
  139. Ron Paul: The True Believer
  140. How to Reach 1000s of undecided voters for less than $20
  141. Politico: Pro-Paul PAC makes BIG ad buy in South Carolina
  143. Illinois Ballot Problems for various candidates
  144. Person Kicked Out of a Mitt Romney Event and Arrested.
  145. SOPA and Draft registration have not been mentioned in any debate
  146. This should be the song Ron introduces his SC victory speech with
  147. Students, make sure you sign up for an absentee ballot if you will be away for school!
  148. Ron Paul's NH speech is trending to the top of youtube, pls give it a extra view
  149. Want to win SC? Turn out our base.
  150. Stephen Colbert just entered SC Primary [Mod Note: Write-Ins NOT allowed, not on ballot]
  151. Proposal for SC Newspaper Ads. What say you?
  152. Funny collection of Ron Paul "PWNING" people
  153. Get an RP spokesman on Joe Rogan's Podcast
  154. Fed transcripts released today a BONANZA for Ron Paul!!!
  155. Calling all youtubers who have NFL Network channel
  156. Check out the latest Ron Paul videos and news on your iPhone with the Ron Paul Mobile App!
  157. Paul having problems with IL?
  158. Peer2Paul is back online after a DoS attack forced a hosting switch.
  159. Time to Sink Mitt Romney
  160. I need a tube showing Obama's spending
  161. My conversation with Ron Paul's wife, Carol
  162. Sen. Jim DeMint: Republican Party Should Learn from Ron Paul
  163. Mitt Romney reminds me of Lebron James for many reasons, but heres 3
  164. Ben Swann - "Reality Check" Did President Obama defy Constitution with his 'recess' Appt.
  165. Endorsement bigger than Demint...
  166. An almost good article: Ron Paul: The Great Contrarian
  167. Greenville rally for Dr. Paul!
  168. Examiner: Has race turned into an Anyone but Paul contest?
  169. Endorse Liberty PAC has spent $1M in support of Ron Paul
  170. Ron Paul: Israel’s best friend
  171. An Unspoken Concern -- Funding and Goals
  172. A squad of Marines on the assault defending Ron Paul - the Facebook Tea Party
  173. South Carolina Money Bomb Promotion
  174. Ron Paul Placed Second in New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary - WTH??
  175. Super cheap Ron Paul shirts! 50% off, 2 hours left!
  176. Grassroots ad: "Ron Paul - War Propaganda".
  177. Simple yet effective strategy at the debate.
  178. The ABSOLUTE BEST Ron Paul ad I have ever seen, forward to EVERYONE you know.
  179. New video. What were Ron Paul and Mitt Romney like as kids?
  180. (NEW VIDEO) The Best Of Doug Wead: "Why Ron Paul Should Be President"
  181. Action! Email Debate Moderators and Media NOW!
  182. Testing thread prefix
  183. Chumlee from Pawn Stars endorses Ron Paul for president
  184. Latest Gallup national poll puts Paul within 2% of 2nd place nationally
  185. Ron Paul on Obamacare
  186. Ohio Troubles for Santorum
  187. Video: Ron Paul Predictions from 2002 (Must see)
  188. NYT: Fed Discolusre Shows Fed Clueless in 2006 About Crisis - Austrians/Paul Saw it - 1/13
  189. Conservatives Remain the Largest Ideological Group in U.S.
  190. The 'insurgent' Ron Paul: Why he's the 2012 X-factor
  191. buchanan on why paul will not run 3rd party
  192. Campaign asks you to contact at least 3 of your friends and ask them to donate tomorrow
  193. Ron Paul T-Shirts: 50% OFF Friday 13th Sale, ends 4:00PM PST
  194. Washington Post: Ron Paul worries some in GOP as S.C., Florida primaries loom
  195. Ron Paul's Rebellion — Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 1/12/12
  196. Ron Paul takes game to next level, emerges as serious contender for GOP nomination
  197. Today Show: The Candidate's Homes
  198. CNN: Ron Paul ties GOP in knots
  199. Democrat Campaign Committee aiming for Ron Paul
  200. Just in on CNN
  201. Which presidential candidates have earned defense industry support?
  202. Gaps in the Ron Paul campaign?
  203. The "Ron Paul Party" is Changing State-Level Politics
  204. Email Parents and Grandparents
  205. Winning Evangelicals with Ron Paul's strong Prolife message
  206. Where are the SC Polls?
  207. Okay, so now the new spin is "RP isn't in it to win, he's making a statement."
  208. Reaching Young South Carolina Democrats
  209. New Rasmussen SC Poll [10AM 1/13/12]
  210. South Carolina Moneybomb Promotion Video - Request Feedback
  211. Waze: Smartphone map software
  212. Hey, mods!
  213. Ron is SURGING in South Carolina! [ARG Poll 1/13/12]
  214. What makes so many Republican voters pro-war?
  215. Ron Paul bills
  216. SOUTH CAROLINA - ***events*** - get involved NOW!
  217. Video update - Ron Paul on Fox News w/ Megyn Kelly 1/13/12
  218. Rasmussen: South Carolina Primary
  219. Ron Paul was on Larry Kudlow (1/13/12) 7pm ET
  220. The Hill discussing Ron Paul's SURGE in S. Carolina!!
  221. Today's News 1/13/12
  222. Help me come up with some context to put with this Newt Sign please!
  223. Doug Wead on Today Show (1/15/12) - Official Thread.
  224. Volunteers needed in South Carolina!
  225. Ron Paul True to his word--Not tied to Defense Industry
  226. The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do To Get Ron Paul Elected
  227. Pic: SC Ballot
  228. Ideas for Foreign Policy Ad
  229. Ron Paul is a Southern Baptist and South Carolina is Saturated with Baptists
  230. Tennessee for Ron Paul 2012 "Like us"!
  231. Wrong information about Nevada registration deadline (1/20) and caucus dates (2/4)!
  232. Article-Insightful look at: Tea Party’s Not-So-Civil War
  233. Mitt grassroots attack ad needed - Requesting help, ideas, etc
  234. Rick Perry Steals from Ron Paul. Again
  235. Campaign contact for SC phoning.
  236. GREAT Article About Ron Paul
  237. Ron Paul's government guillotine: Charleston, SC article
  238. SC Debate - FNC (1/16/12) 9pm ET - Official Thread
  239. SC forecast update: Romney 28.9, Gingrich 24.0, Paul 19.1, Santorum 13.7, Perry 7.8
  240. Only Paul and Romney on all ballots
  241. TX straw poll (TX area code = text vote)
  242. So now even OBAMA is becoming Ron Paul...
  243. Honestly, What is the most ideal scenario from here on out...
  244. South Carolina Money Bomb PROMOTION Poster!
  245. "Ron Pauling" or "Ron Pauled"
  246. The 'If the world could vote' poll is out for the 2012 election -- vote for Ron!
  247. Myrtle Beach Tea Party
  248. Get Kelly Clarkson and Chuck Norris to recruit Tebow.
  249. What were Ron Paul and Mitt Romney like as kids? (video)
  250. CNN reporter Dana Bash gets intellectually "Snowballed"