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  1. A Tale of Two Candidates
  2. Ron Paul raised $100,000 already before noon!
  3. Doug Wead on MSNBC (1/11/12) 1:15 pm ET - Official Thread
  4. Ron Paul's 12pm speech?
  5. Ron Paul's 12pm speech?
  6. What every evangelical in SC needs to hear about Santorum.
  7. Ron Paul is the Only Not-Romney Who's Not Like Mitt Romney
  8. Poll: Ron Paul surges 5 points at national level!
  9. ron paul on cnn now
  10. LIVE NOW: Ron Paul Rally at Eagle Aviation
  11. MSNBC Host Analyzes Romney Speech by Blasting His Use of Teleprompters
  12. CNN Exit Poll screencap: Most likely to beat Obama: Paul 88%!
  13. Need a little help working on a grassroots website
  14. Toady is the first day you can file to be a delegate in Indiana
  15. Who Is the Anti-Romney, and Who Is the Nut?
  16. The song they played at Huntsman Rally
  17. Audio update - Jim DeMint says GOP needs to embrace Ron Paul and his ideas more
  18. Rush Limbaugh throwing Romney under the bus?
  19. The Ron Paul Party
  20. Thoughts on New Hampshire
  21. URGENT!! NH Sign Pick-up TODAY to ship to SC tomorrow by truck!!
  22. MSNBC on Ron Paul - HUGE crowd at his recent stop!
  23. Help me with this you guys.
  24. MAKE THIS VIRAL PLEASE..excellent article on Iran
  25. Great Idea For A Grassroots Video !!! (Call the media out on "isolationist" labelling)
  26. Romney: Right for the Banksters, WRONG for AMERICA
  27. URGENT: Talk Radio asking me to call re: Romney/Paul Ticket
  28. Woot! Ron Paul Surges 5 Points at National Level!
  29. The Intellecutal Revolution // Ron Paul Music Video.
  30. Paul and Gingrich: Who’s the real anti-Romney and who’s the nut?
  31. Other great leaders who have been as old or older than Paul?
  32. Gallup daily national poll 1/11 RP 13 +1
  33. Paul's going forward!
  34. why none of the candidates have dropped out....
  35. Negative Post on BOingBoing.net (POP culture./politic site)..Needs emails!
  36. New Hampshire Primary: Ron Paul Supporters Threaten Mass Write-In Campaign in November
  37. Ron Paul: People Call Me ‘Kooky’ Because They Can’t Defend Themselves Intellectually
  38. Ron Paul article in USA Today: Stop the Fed from distorting the market
  39. Any tube of the Columbia, SC event?
  40. Laura Ingraham blogs about Ron Paul
  41. Romney: I'm looking to Hopefully be Successful Against Ron Paul
  42. [video] Ron Paul Rally At Eagle Aviation In South Carolina 01/11/12
  43. WaPo: Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in the Republican party
  44. Ron Paul did better in the New Hampshire primary than any other House member in history
  45. 100% Reporting in NH
  46. Final NH Primary Vote Tally - All Precincts
  47. Dan Foster at National Review: "Who Is the Anti-Romney, and Who Is the Nut?"
  48. Official: Ron Paul wins Coos County
  49. CNN Delegate Calculator
  50. New supporter recruited today! #Motivation
  51. 1/5-1/9 Reuters Poll: Obama's Lead Narrows, Paul Surges!
  52. Ron Paul adviser says Paul, Romney in ‘two-man race’
  53. Mitt Romney wins nicely, Ron Paul wins big
  54. VIDEO: Alex Wagner "Paul is GOP's Lifeblood"
  55. What a Vote for Ron Paul Means
  56. DeMint and Palin
  58. Endorsements - What not to do.
  59. VIDEO: Doug Wead on MSNBC "Ron Paul a clean boat in a sea of garbage"
  60. So... does this mean Ron will be center-stage with Mitt at the next debate?
  61. South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis tweeting today about Ron Paul
  62. Tag cloud analysis of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney's post NH primary speeches
  63. Ron Paul says support growing beyond an 'irate minority'
  64. PPP NC Poll (01/05-01/08)
  65. What does Paul, Clinton, Obama, and Bush have in common?
  66. Ron Paul Leads Again
  67. Ron Paul Needs a Foreign Policy Speech, Especially in South Carolina
  68. "They're Everywhere"
  69. Mark Levin can't take it anymore!
  71. Ron Paul: Now the Anti-Romney
  72. [Video]Santorum: "Government needs to be big if people don't order their lives correctly".
  73. [VIDEO] Reason says it's now Mitt vs Ron
  74. Time for Blue Republicans to shine in South Carolina? (fully open primary)
  75. Meghan McCain said what about the Ron Paul campaign? Bizarre.
  76. Check out this article: A message to the TEA Party
  77. URGENT: Nevada's deadline to register Republican is days away (1/20)
  78. Guys - Last Night's NH Speech Starting to Convert People!
  79. Calling Ron Paul an isolationist....
  80. INCORRUPTIBLE: [VIDEO] Bush/Cheney strategist "We Could Never Influence (Buy) Ron Paul"
  81. Glenn Beck Says ‘Solid’ Ron Paul Could Be Candidate....
  82. What do the other Candidates even stand for?
  83. VOTE-Where do we finish in South Carolina
  84. paul discussion on now Pat Morrison KPCC/NPR
  85. The Street: Ron Paul Is More Conservative Than Rick Santorum
  86. When is the next debate?
  87. Ron Paul's Moment of Racial Clarity
  88. Ron Paul brings anti-war theme to military-rich South Carolina
  90. ron paul is the most conservative member of congress in last 80 years!
  91. Twitter and South Carolina Hash tags needed
  92. PBS Frontline - Planning a Fox News Exposé
  93. Ron Paul's government guillotine, by Jack Hunter (in Charleston City Paper)
  94. Pledge for Saturday's moneybomb
  95. [Video] Roger Villere, Louisiana Republican Chairman Interview
  96. Another word for backbone. And we have plenty.
  97. Cavuto to talk about Ron Paul after the break on Fox News
  98. judge napolitano
  99. Had a Ron Paul Table at a Sheriff Mack Tea Party Meeting!
  100. How to Convince Evangelicals to Vote Ron Paul
  101. Dead people vote with out ID yesterday in NH. Caught on Video
  102. Ron Paul Needs to go for Romney's jugular
  103. Would this be legal/ethical?
  104. SC DMV Leader: Records Show 900 dead may have voted
  105. He's catchin on, i'm tellin ya.
  106. Ron Paul Polling 2nd NATIONALLY
  107. Vermin Supreme for President: Pledges Free Ponies, Zombie Energy, Time Travel
  108. Ron Paul is an evangelical Christian
  109. URGENT! How do I get the phone contact for the South Carolina campaign headquarters?
  110. Is Japan an isolationist nation?
  111. Make this happen
  112. South Carolina Baptist Churches
  113. Could Ron Paul Use This To Prove A Point?
  114. Brett Guthrie seeks to amend a bill to protect US citizens. He voted for NDAA
  115. Ron Paul Currently Second in Overall Votes
  116. HOW TO WIN KEY Votes to WIN South Carolina - Evangelicals, Older Folks, Military
  117. Why did RP sarcastically thank the Union Leader for not endorsing him?
  118. Bruce Fein (Senior policy advisor for the D.R.) on Jerry Doyle.
  119. Meet the White Obama
  120. SC State Senator Tom Davis Streaming Live Now - has been tweeting support of RP all day
  121. Gallup trend line: Paul (+1) will pass Santorum (-2) and Newt (-2) soon
  122. Fox News on air Text Poll (Will Romney win South Carolina)
  123. Some perspective: 2008 to now...
  124. Trey Grayson envokes Ron Paul's campaign in book about Drug War.
  125. I'm friends with Glenn Beck on facebook, and he just posted a video
  126. Ron Paul Goes Bird Hunting
  127. Campaign needs to CALL DEMOCRATS in SC with PERSUASION CALLS! Open Primary!
  128. Bill Kristol is losing his mind on Fox News
  129. NPR: Great piece on NH and the R3VOLUTION.
  130. Barstool Sports - Ron Pauls Giant
  131. ? about Fox News comment about RP's SC campaign structure
  132. SC Senator Tom Davis, likes Ron Paul, Is Among Most Influential in SC
  133. South Carolina
  134. Article - A Tale of Two Candidates – Ron Paul & Mitt Romney
  135. How to Defeat Glenn Beck
  136. Its Time to Set the Record Straight Once Again!
  137. Sen. Tom Davis Facebook LIKE BOMB
  138. Ron Paul: How badly does the GOP need his voters?
  139. The "True Republican": A Note on Branding Dr. Paul.
  140. VIDEO: "Paul the Phenom" (unbiased) no spin here.....
  141. Photos Needed - Military Members in Uniform with Family
  142. beyond the Grassroots?
  143. URGENT: New line of attack on Gingrich and Santorum
  144. I took on a room full of NeoCons today.... and won.. converted every one.
  145. Email from campaign - Our Time is Now - South Carolina Money bomb
  146. S.C. MONEY BOMB - Jan 14th (THIS SATURDAY)
  147. Awesome video on hollywood gossip
  148. Challenge Warren Buffett?
  149. How about we show Doug Wead some love and Like his FB page. Only at 1,397
  150. lol Dick Morris was on Bill O' and was just about to say good stuff and bill WOULD Not...
  151. Ipsos/Reuters National Poll: Ron Paul surges 5 points. Paul 17% tied for second
  152. THE 2012 RESULTS
  153. Sarah Palin on Hannity tonight talking about NH results
  154. Ron Paul on NECN Broadside 01/09/12 youtube 8+ min
  155. BAM!! BAIN CAPITAL owns the company that syndicates RUSH LIMBAUGH"S show!
  156. When does the next SC Poll come out?
  157. Doug Wead for VP
  158. VIDEO: King of Bain: "When Romney Came to Town" (Full Documentary Released)
  159. Florida Delegate Apportionment
  160. ABC's Secret Millionaire just made a Ron Paul post
  161. Funny Twitter messages
  162. To the middle class of South Carolina
  163. Would this video do good with South Carolina voters?yes or no.
  164. Bill O'Reilly comments on viewers question:
  165. At the doctor's office today
  166. Charlie Manuel of the Phillies responded to my video of RP's NH speech.....
  167. Vote Joe Rogan (the guy who endorsed RP on Jay Leno) to win reality tv award for best host
  168. Ron Paul MUST give a big "Kennedy-style" speech relating solely to his FOREIGN POLICY.
  169. Hack Accusation- No Doubt
  170. Total Votes So Far (IA & NH)
  171. NFL star running back Arian Foster is voting for Ron Paul! (tube added)
  172. [VIDEO] Ron Paul on Fox and Friends 1/11/2012
  173. URGENT! Action Needed: Santorum delegates don't qualify for Illinois Ballot!
  174. RNC Rules Committee Votes to impose 50% loss of delegates to NH, SC, FL, AZ & MI
  175. Why aren't there very many "Youth For Ron Paul" chapters?
  176. [vid] Pro-Ron Paul PAC VIDEO FOR SC.
  177. We need a new direction for campaign ads...
  178. Ron Paul - Jedi Night Of The Old Republic
  179. SC Insider Advantage: Mitt 23, Newt 21, Santorum 14, Ron 13
  180. Ultimate comback to the "He only passed 1 of 600+ bills in 30 years"
  181. executive orders
  182. Doug Wead on MSNBC
  183. Jim Demint on Daily Show tonight
  184. YES! Jon Stewart slamming media for ignoring RP last night!
  185. Video idea
  186. What are Mitt's ties with the IMF (International Monetary Fund)?
  187. Email From Retired Navy Commander & VP of Marketing After 4 Years of Me on a Soapbox
  188. Ron Paul: Why Do Evangelicals Still Reject Him? (positive article)
  189. Lots of interviews after NH! Check out the latest Ron Paul videos and news on iPhone!
  190. Simple 'I went' Ad Idea
  191. Forbes Ripping on Romney 11:18PM ET
  192. Ron Paul’s South Carolina Case
  193. Now the lame stream media is pimping Gingrich
  194. Ron Paul better choice to take Obama down than Romney
  195. Help Paul win this poll
  196. Ron Paul.....the TRUE Reaganite Conservative!
  197. Alex Jones Promoting the Jan. 14 South Carolina Moneybomb!
  198. Judge Napolitano Freedom Watch Closing Segement 1/11 Pro RP
  199. Why Ron Paul is Obama's Toughest Competitor (Cavuto FNC)
  200. Independents and Open Minded Conservatives
  201. Perry, Gingrich, Santorum & Hunstman - Major Ballot Access Failures
  202. Picture of Ron Paul, media and crowd in SC today
  203. Meghan McCain talking about Paul on Leno
  204. Ron Paul came 2nd twice in NH!
  205. Ron Paul Q&A parties
  206. PPP South Carolina Tweets
  207. Countering: "Ron Paul is an isolationist"
  208. "Romney vs. Not-Romney"? Not hardly
  209. Key to defeating Romney = winning the Gingrich/Santorum voters
  210. (Video) Mitt Romney Pretends He's Clueless About NDAA , Then War Mongers
  211. Angel Robinson Says 'Ron Paul Will Change You'
  212. GOP Strategist: ‘Ron Paul Can Beat Romney’ (on Freedom Watch)
  213. Paul Mulshine: Curmudgeonly conservatism comes back
  214. Dead People Receive Ballots in NH Primary
  215. Trend This
  216. VIDEO on the Dick Morris and Bill O'reilly exchange on Ron Paul today
  217. Idea: Grassroots The State Ad on Electability and Attack on Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney
  218. [Article] Here it comes: Painting Romney as having embraced Ron Paul's Economics
  219. Ron Paul trending now on Yahoo #3
  220. Who Do the Troops Support? (Video - feedback greatly appreciated)
  221. Reality Check on Delegates - should we focus on certain districts in SC ?
  222. "Ron Paul is INCORRUPTIBLE" @ Fox News
  223. Ron Paul: The Only True Republican Candidate
  224. How are we going to actually win this?
  225. Everybody is asking, "Where Is the Tea Party in the GOP Race"?
  226. Insert catchy title here
  227. Delegates may give Ron Paul Clout
  228. The most powerful thing in the entire Ron Paul Revolution...
  229. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) coming up on Morning Joe
  230. Ron Paul: How Badly does GOP Need his Voters?
  231. *VIDEO* Kristol and Krauthammer analysis on Paul's movement. Krauthammer rebukes Kristol.
  232. Sen. DeMint: 'I really don't want Ron Paul to drop out'
  233. Newts When Mitt Romney Came To Town video (Full Version)
  234. Google search undergoes 'most radical transformation ever'
  235. Forget about Romney and Gingrich - Time to expose Santorum
  236. Cavuto: Why Ron Paul is Obama's Toughest Competitor
  237. S.C. Tea Party fave: Paul's anti-war views play well
  238. Greenwood, South Carolina News
  239. Why SC Military Bases are not the major negative the MSM would have us believe
  240. Jim Norton defending RP hard on Opie & Anthony
  241. Mitt Romney and baby caption contest
  242. Say this with me... "Military Welfare" for other countries
  243. Romney and Obama Donor Corruption
  244. Campaign Ads in SC
  245. Paper Ballots
  246. The most persuasive article on the newsletters...prevented the loss of a supporter
  247. The Daily Caller: Imagaine if Tebow Endorsed Ron Paul
  248. Today's News 1/12/12
  249. Why Paul has an Edge over Romney--IBtimes
  250. Ron Paul Beat Romney in NH**