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  1. Today's News 1/8/11
  2. Ron Paul Cured My Apathy - A heartfelt expression of thoughts on Dr. Paul, through song
  4. Don't Forget!!!
  5. Fresh Paint :)
  6. Video: Jon Huntsman - Serial Obama
  7. Let's counter Huntsman's attempt to raise money for ads he will air tomorrow!
  8. Peacemongering ideas of Ron Paul find popularity with post-9/11 disaffected
  9. An educational landing page
  10. The Simpsons
  12. Issue for Jon Huntsman: His family's Iran business
  13. You have to see this.
  14. Paul Will Spend 'Limited Money' in Florida
  15. Ron Paul to Hold Rally in Columbia, SC on Jan 11
  16. C-SPAN Washington Journal: Rand Paul talking about Ron Paul's strategy (Mon 1/9 9:15am ET)
  17. Reason: Ron Paul Responds to a 9/11 First Responder
  18. Video update - Rand Paul on Fox News with Frank Luntz focus group 1/8/12
  19. Would it be constitutional for Ron Paul to make Rand his VP?
  20. Possible SC scenario
  21. RPF Recommended reading list..
  22. Here is the problem we have with older voters-Per Fox (watching right now)
  23. Final GOTV push for New Hampshire for Phone From Home?
  24. 60 Ron Paul Bumper stickers up for grabs, free
  25. What would it cost for a 30 minute national tv spot??
  27. Would you support a money-bomb for a 30 minute national tv spot
  28. Moving Forward: Should We Do a Drudge Banner Ad Buy?
  29. (Video) Jon Huntsman Says He,Like Obama, Would Have Signed the NDAA
  30. Meet Vermin Supreme
  31. [Video] Rand Paul in post-debate spin room 1//08/12
  32. Gerald Celente Joins Jim Rogers on the Ron Paul Train
  33. [VIDEO] Ron Paul and Neville Chamberlain
  34. Ron Paul 24/7 Fight for Freedom on HBO? Could we make this happen?
  35. Ooooh that Christie
  36. War Propaganda Video - Give Me The Shivers - Pro Ron Paul
  37. Romney slipping in the polls
  38. CNN: "Why Romney dominates debates" article (Comment on it now!)
  39. PPP to release NH Poll in 10 minutes
  40. Ron Paul comes out swinging in Republican debate CTV News
  41. PPP New Hampshire poll results
  42. One liners or other useable quick quotes - even for fun
  43. Ron Paul Narrows Deficit With Romney In New Hampshire Paul at 20% Still
  44. Why do you support Ron Paul above all the other candidates in the race?
  45. Another new poll tonight?
  46. WMUR/UNH NH Poll 1/8
  47. Attention Veterans: Are you an 'Lee Ermey' for Ron Paul?
  48. Ron Paul's Final NH Campaign Schedule
  49. Bailout for Freedom!/Bailout for America! ~Opinion Poll~
  50. What if Romney wasn't running?
  51. Facebook ad against Jon Huntsman?
  52. VERY IMPORTANT: "Did you distinguish the difference between libertarianism and..."
  53. YAHOO: No break for Ron Paul following New Hampshire
  54. WMUR poll: Mitt Romney in first, Ron Paul in second
  55. Re-using city/town seized signs
  56. Encouragement from my Cousin who lives in N.H. - read.
  57. YAHOO: Ron Paul’s Satisfying Smackdown
  58. Epic Ron Paul haircut
  59. Youtube Jon Huntsman Hates Freedom of Speech
  60. Gallup National Tracking 01/09: Romney +2, Santorum +2, Paul +1, Gingrich -1
  61. This one is for New Hampshire!
  62. Candidates’ foot soldiers vow to march all the way to finish
  63. To get the grass roots fired up:
  64. Extremely low cost, EFFECTIVE night time advertisements.
  66. Why we shouldn't be so worried about the foreign policy debate
  67. campaign should run 2 days of : "Silver tongued Huntsman" radio ads targeted
  68. ATTN: ANYONE w/ a FACEBOOK! Free $25/$50 Facebook Advertising Credit = FREE Ron Paul ads!
  69. Ron's big hurdle.
  70. More media-coverage in Belgium. (Flanders)
  71. Jon Huntsman wants more war! (Video - Feedback appreciated, possible FB ad)
  72. Trying to find specific Ron Paul Shirt seen in the NH town hall meeting
  73. A Look at Candidate Exits: What Are Their Tipping Points to Get Out of the Race?
  74. This Article by an Israeli Man Needs to go Viral.
  75. *VIDEO* Elise Jordan fmr C. Rice Speechwriter and NSC member shows Paul some love on MSNBC
  76. CNN Early Start Blondie Tried To Push Huntsman But Failed!
  77. Sec. Of Defense: Iran not trying to get Nuclear Weapn. 1:18 mark
  78. My first Ron Paul video - FEEDBАСK WАNТЕD!
  79. Ron Paul's Surprising Supporters (Yes, Palin and Romney too)
  80. "Media Darling" tactic is all about ratings....
  81. Suffolk 1/7-8 Romney 33% Paul 20% Huntsman 13%
  82. The Ron Paul effect: How he is altering Republican primary calculus
  83. Rand Paul handling business on CNN right now (video added)
  84. CBS NATIONAL Primary Poll Jan 4 to 8:
  85. Positive Piece on Yahoo: Ron Paul becoming Hero of Young voters
  86. factcheck proves Paul is right on fed
  87. Florida
  88. "Coolest Member" of RPF is on Front Page of NH Paper
  89. Quinnipiac Florida Primary Poll 1/4 to 1/8
  90. VIDEO: Campaign Reporter Mystified by the Media Surge Embracing Huntsman
  91. Ron Paul Asked About His Health
  92. Air Force's Air University Faculty Member: Five reasons not to attack Iran
  93. Paul: Lets Do A Bicyle Ride!
  94. Rand: Ron Could Win NH
  95. [VIDEO] Ron Paul vs. war propaganda
  96. Respond To CNN On Twitter, Kindly or A Bit Angry Mode
  97. Ron Paul Supporters on MTV! Please Re-Post and Share!
  98. How To Win The Older Voters
  99. C-SPAN Live Mon 1/9 10:30am ET: Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting at Hollis, NH
  100. SPAMMING THE INTERNET (but for the good cause)
  101. Ron Paul live in NH on CSPAN 10:30 a.m. EST
  102. Some international perspective from a Swede
  103. Fake CNN is fake
  104. Your Going to Find This Funny, OBrien Responded!
  105. Ron Paul's Strategy (mentally prepare for 3rd in NH)
  106. Proof that the Huntsman video doesn't come from a Ron Paul supporter
  107. Time Magazine - Swampland: Ron Paul
  108. Bias index - How to expose media bias
  109. [video] 1/9/2012 - MTV: Ron Paul Inspires Poetry In New Hampshire
  110. [ARTICLE] Ron Set to Impress in New Hampshire
  111. Media mob chases Ron Paul from campaign stop in New Hampshire-(The Hill)
  112. MTV Writes Up Ron Paul Supporters!
  113. Just making the establishment's strategy clear
  114. On Drudge Headline....Meet The Wizard of NH....Chaos in NH....
  115. NH Secretary of State: "Citizen Election Observers Threaten Election Integrity"
  116. Would we want his Endorsement?
  117. Positive Ron Paul Article - Polling Analysis
  118. [VIDEO] Ron Paul Speaks To Cato Institute
  119. Suffolk/7News Tracking Poll (NH): 1/9/2012
  120. Paul Ambushed by Vermin Supreme
  121. Spread this meme
  122. Panetta admits Iran not developing nukes (Should go viral with this)
  123. Pretty good RP supporter article out of Knoxville
  124. Doug Wead on MSNBC (1/9/12) 2:30 pm ET - Official Thread
  125. Walking the Precinct
  126. NH GOTV script loaded into Phone From Home system!!!
  127. Help Win U.S Virgin Islands (6 Delegates)
  128. Today's News 1/9/12
  129. GOTV script active on Phone From Home
  130. question about NH delegate allocation
  131. caller just OWNED Rush on Iran and 9/11
  132. Tom Woods Speech at Ron Paul NH Boots on the Ground Party
  133. Rasmussen: Only Republican Can Beat Obama in November
  135. Words of Great Wisdom
  136. BREAKING? SNOW in NH tomorrow.
  137. VIDEO: Rand Paul "Independents Could Be The Key To Ron Paul Winning In NH"
  138. Reporter Michelle Fields is Getting Ready to Hear Ron Speak
  139. Rally the Republic - Nationwide Grassroots Money Bomb MONTHLY Event
  140. Veterans, Active Duty Soldiers To March On White House For Ron Paul!
  141. Obama: ID Net Users - Campaign Potential
  142. Contributor Writers
  143. China
  145. Hilarious!MSNBC ticker-Latest poll Huntsman+Santorum tied for 3rd,Romney 1st(video added)
  146. Positive coverage in The Hill on Israeli policy
  147. Which states out of the 50 are "winner takes all"?
  148. I need a response to this article, ASAP
  149. Romney's Bain invested in Dominoes Pizza which received a government bailout
  150. Ron Paul Campaign Statement on Morning Media Incident
  151. ATTN CAMPAIGN - Where's Ron (or Doug Wead) on Romney's "I like to fire people" comment??
  152. Brief Report from New Hampshire - Nice!
  153. [Video] Jesse Benton ends interview with belligerent Dana Bash
  154. Yahoo News: Ron Paul was the Real Winner in Iowa
  155. Send your campaign supplies to SOUTH CAROLINA - here's how.
  156. VIDEO: Ron Paul Campaign Rally In Hollis, New Hampshire
  157. Ron Paul - Bringing Back the Reagan Democrats
  158. Robo call against Ron about gay marriage
  159. It's time! March for Peace!
  160. Ron Paul: Strong National Defense
  161. Why are there over a THOUSAND people on THIS FORUM...NOW?
  162. GOTV-New Hampshire
  163. Countries with indefinite detention
  164. He's catching on. (pic)
  165. Photos: Ron Paul speaking to supporters in Meredith & Hollis, NH
  166. Neil Cavuto is doing a segment on the media mayhem from this morning
  167. NH PHF-So many people still between Romney/Paul
  168. Can we not get more body guards for Ron and Carol?
  169. DailyPaul Continues to Push SuperBrochure
  170. Prediction:
  171. If Facebook predicts the future, Mitt & Paul Lead "talking about this"
  172. Drill Baby, Drill
  173. [Video update] "Ron Paul Mania" Segment on CNN
  174. Open Letter to Mormons Regarding Ron Paul
  175. my thoughts on the msm's apparent new strategy towards ron paul
  176. Romney campaigner defects to Ron Paul
  177. PFH: I'm getting lots of undecided voters in NH!
  178. "And I Went" Goes Viral
  179. [Video] Club for Growth guy on FNC: Ron Paul plan is spectacular and he means it
  180. Facebook GOTV Ad-Bomb for New Hampshire?
  181. Santorum Who?
  182. [video] Home-schoolers sing for Ron Paul in NH.
  183. Ron Paul now second to Romney in Intrade odds
  184. [Video] Fox News covers media mob frenzy at Ron Paul NH campaign event
  185. The Media Losing Track of Their Lies
  186. PFH Switch: Convert the Undecideds
  187. [Video] Ron Paul Mania In New Hampshire And Dana Bash Is No Reporter
  188. I was RON PAUL when RON PAUL wasn't cool.
  189. Savage talking about Paul's debt plan
  190. Jon Huntsman Facebook Pro-War Ad (feedback needed ASAP)
  191. Ron Paul's Vision of a Constitutional America
  192. New Hampshire Primary Party
  193. Sean Trende about to speak about fp an Ron Paul on Cspan
  194. Just saw Gage on CBS Evening news!
  195. Video update - Ron Paul On The Record interview on Fox News 1/9/12
  196. Eisenhower and Ron Paul were right
  197. New Hampshire GOTV Facebook Ad Blitz - CRUCIAL CHIPIN for strong NH finish
  198. Pew Research 1/4 to 1/8 NATIONAL Poll
  199. Ron Paul : A leader who defines today what will be mainstream tommorrow
  200. Dixville Noth, and Hart's Landing NH: Voting at Midnight?
  201. GOTV- MSM already starting narrative suggesting RP supporters don't always show up
  202. [POLL] Paul, Romney tie with Obama
  203. I recieved a call from campaign (In Georgia)
  204. CNN erin burnett " the race might be between mitt and ron paul"
  205. @rsmccain has some #ronpaul video posted : http://bit.ly/zPh6Yd
  206. Questioning of Bain Capitol
  207. Ron Paul mobbed by media at Moe Joe's diner (behind the scenes)
  208. URGENT: Send CBS Poll showing Paul ties Obama to WMUR NH TV!
  209. IMPORTANT: Info from Campaign on moneybombs in January and February 2012
  210. [Video] Meet Mrs. Ron Paul (WaPo)
  211. Ron Paul NH rally coming up on CSPAN
  212. 100,000+ talking about Ron Paul on Facebook right now!!!! 1/9 8pm Est.
  213. McCain's Endorsement actually did hurt Romney
  214. Influential Homeschoolers Coalesce Behind Ron Paul
  215. [video] war Propaganda
  216. GOTV NH-Spoke to Campaign, All Answers Here!!!
  217. Dominique Explains Her Support for Ron Paul
  218. "Ron Paul supporters rule the night in Manchester"
  219. Sample NH Ballot - PDF
  220. 1/9 CBS Poll: Romney, Paul Tie Obama !!ELECTABLE!!
  221. Complete hypothetical scenario
  222. TWEET: Gingrich is not coming to the N.H. HQ tonight--too many Ron Paul & OWS protesters
  223. Fox Feels BlowBack for the BlackOut!!
  224. In 2008, New Hampshire Polls UNDERESTIMATED McCain's Vote! This Year Could It Be RON PAUL?
  225. Anyone know the "visiting the polls" schedule tomorrow in NH?
  226. Fox's Apology
  227. Is your facebook profile picture (or cover for timeline) Ron Paul related?
  228. Harry Browne on voting for the lesser of 2 evils
  229. Is there anyway to present a class action lawsuit over the media manipulation tactics?
  230. We are Losing These Donors!!
  231. Rachel Maddow talks about Huntsman "Chinese" commercial
  232. [Video] Ron Paul, Sinatra style with laser ad in Manchester, NH- CHIP IN FOR FUTURE STATES
  233. MP3 of Ron Paul - Sinatra Style available for download
  234. union leader does story on huntsman but...
  235. Is ronpaul-2012.org a campaign site? New moneybomb promoted there.
  236. January 14, 2012 On the Road to South Carolina Money Bomb (Official)
  237. Video update - Maddow segment on whether Huntsman campaign was behind "Manchurian" ad
  238. [video] Local NH News Ch 7 report: Ron Paul gaining on Mitt @ 6pm EST
  239. Condescending Reporter gets OWNED by Ron Paul grassroots in front of Santorum Rally
  240. USA Today Editorial: "Ron Paul: Stop the Fed from distorting the market"
  241. Ron Paul in Statistical Dead Heat to Defeat Obama
  242. Huntsman not on Arizona presidential primary ballot - So how many is that now he's not on?
  243. Palin Endorsement on Greta!
  244. (Todd) Palin about to Endorse Someone (we don't know who, to be announced)
  245. Ground Game Determines Candidates’ Strength
  246. The Unofficial Good Luck Getting Out The Vote for Ron Paul In NH 2012 Thread
  247. [Video] We Are Change vs. Mitt Romney
  248. Powerful tool for door to door for canvassing.
  249. Romney, Paul Tie Obama
  250. Stuck up for Ron Paul during my economy class