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  1. CNN reporter slips up and blatantly admits she was worried about Ron Paul winning Iowa
  2. Ron Paul goes into New Hampshire swinging
  3. Why was Rand so mad last night?
  4. If it comes down to two people, what is the better outcome?
  5. Time to go negative on Hunstman ?
  6. I'm building a website and marketing campaign focused on RP's "Electability"
  7. Drawing Attention to NDAA = Support for Ron Paul. Need team to help with new website.
  8. Please help videos like these become viral
  9. This time around, we have Jim Forsythe in NH
  10. Google: Ron Paul, Kim K more Popular in NH than Romney
  11. The Daily Caller: But what about Ron Paul?
  12. Five-Person Race in NH ??
  13. Tucker Carlson on Ron Paul 2012
  14. Politico: Paul raises 13 million in Q4.
  15. Facebook Timeline Great Photo
  16. Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Ron Paul’s Iran Policy Most Accurate
  17. Ron Paul and the Banks--some Praise by former IMF Economist
  18. The Importance of Ron Paul by Larry Elder
  19. Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Views Not So 'Dangerous'
  20. Ron Paul, the anti-Romney, Better Choice than Santorum
  21. We need to change the dialogue
  22. NH poll by Zogby 1/4
  23. Subforum for polling data
  24. LETTER: NH Tea Party Leader Endorses Ron Paul
  25. Ron Paul Has Found His Joe the Plumber: Jesse the Soldier
  26. REUTERS: "Rivals set to pounce on Santorum's past"
  27. Ron Paul May Play Kingmaker: Perfect Storm for Brokered Republican Convention
  28. McCains Attack Ad on Mitt from 2008
  29. Military Wives for Ron Paul
  30. Hit the reset button, Ron Paul 2012
  31. Why Dick Morris fears Ron Paul - WND - Robert Ringer
  32. Watch the vote New Hampshire - FLASHLIGTHS
  33. Suffolk/7News Daily Tracking New Hampshire Poll: Mittens 41%, RP 18%, Santorum 8%; Paul +4
  34. "Ron Paul and the Banks" - Simon Johnson, Former Chief Economist of IMF
  35. Why has youtube restricted the views on Ron Paul videos?
  36. Newt attacking Romney in NH: ad "Timid vs Bold"
  37. why cant we pool our resources and make an attack ad against everyone?
  38. Japan wants Ron Paul - awesome video
  39. Philly Article - "The Rick Santorum America Doesn't Know"
  40. How many votes will the McCain endorsement cost Romney?
  41. "From a spending standpoint, there is Ron Paul and then everybody else,"
  42. Santorum becomes millionaire after losing Senate seat - losing was lucrative!
  43. Romney, Paul Have Ground Games in Full Gear
  44. Politico: Romney Goes To Heck (LAST TWO PARAGRAPHS ARE GOLD. LOL)
  45. Ron Paul's 3rd Place Finish in Iowa Doesn't Diminish His Impact
  46. Today's News (1/5/12)
  47. "What if" Robo Call......Judge Napolitano..
  48. Ron Paul raises $13M in final months of 2011
  49. Obama on CNN announcing big changes to our military defense strategy
  50. According To The Definition, Ron Paul Was Right.....
  51. Union Leader NH poll
  52. Don't believe the Iowa hype By Roland Martin, CNN Contributor
  53. [Video] Open Mic @Pentagon Press Room "See This Room, 2/3s' of us Laid-Off With Ron Paul"
  54. Santorum stands by his "man on dog" sex reference . . . the absurd idiot that he is.
  55. Defence Cuts Announcement, Ron Paul Proved Right Again!
  56. sign Ran Paul's survey AGAINST ratification of the UN’s Small Arms Treaty
  57. DM Register : Ron Paul 17 counties in Iowa won, up over (one) Jefferson County in 2008
  58. I think we need better Chicken Hawk clip
  59. Military Donors Prefer Ron Paul: 1/5/2012
  60. Mitt Romney Ad's in Florida
  61. Politico's NH Candidate Calendar - re: Ron's Schedule
  62. Music of the R[evol]ution!
  63. Ron Paul would have won Iowa if people knew he was electable
  64. House Campaign Strategists Scour Iowa Results for Turnout Clues
  65. Ron Paul Raises $13 Million, Has Long-Term Strategy
  67. "Military Donors Still Prefer Ron Paul" - OpenSecrets.org
  68. An email I just wrote to the local tea party group
  69. Fox News acknowledges Ron Paul support among active duty military
  70. Does the Future Belong to Ron Paul?
  71. Update from Ben Swann regarding Newsletter-Part II of "Reality Check"
  72. Any Musicians in the NYC area? French Journalist wants to talk to one
  73. blog post: What if Ron Paul was not a candidate?
  74. Gallup tracking poll, Ron flat at 13%
  75. Huntsman is a distraction! They are still pushing Santorum!
  76. The Littleton Courier, Berlin Reporter, and Coos County Democrat Endorse Paul
  77. Electoral College prize is California - Ron Paul most electable GOP
  78. PPP tweets: NH and SC polls out on Saturday, and more..
  79. The Best Answer to: Why Does Ron Paul Attract the Youth Vote?
  80. Yahoo Mock GOP Debate----Comedy
  81. Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire Following Top-Tier Finish in Iowa
  82. GOTV NH, possible talking point (if still yes)
  83. Paul’s ‘Money Bombs’ Produce $13 Million Explosion
  84. Senator McCain calling Ex-Senator Santorum "the worse Senator ever" ?
  85. There is a DEBATE this Saturday night in New Hampshire!!!
  86. Bypass MSM - Advertise @ Movie Theater?
  87. "Sat. Jan 7th 20.12 Moneybomb" Came across this on facebook
  88. The 30k ceiling; Or, Mitt's dirty little secret
  89. When the clowns come to town- NH
  90. Maine - Forgotten, but important!
  91. maryland delegates
  92. Another NH voter for Paul
  93. We need to educate those who rely regularly on MSM sources. Poll numbers included
  94. 7 reasons why Ron Paul supporters should be optimistic
  95. Gf's letter to the (nh paper) editor
  96. Would you guys be interested in paying a guy to make videos for Ron Paul?
  97. VIDEO: "Bridging the Paul Santorum Divide" (excellent contrast to their policy)
  98. McCain (of USS Forrestal infamy) gives Romney the kiss of death - his endorsement
  99. Hey multi-millionaire Paul supporters, where are you?
  100. Double standard: ignoring Newt's racist statements (a new one)
  101. March or Highway event?
  102. Being Polite and Informational to people with opposing views
  103. Great article re: war on drugs from businessman that supports Ron Paul!
  104. Still mad, still Canadian
  105. RevPAC "Compassion" ad to air 3x during ABC-WMUR NH debate Saturday!
  106. My local talk radio call regarding Matt Strawn's comment on Ron Paul
  107. Does Santorum even have delegates filed for New Hampshire? I remember not a full slate
  108. This is why the media is afraid of Ron Paul [video]
  109. Rick Santorum's Shocking Comments
  110. WSJ Poll needs some love
  111. Ron Paul supporter schools Michael Savage on his radio show [transcript]
  112. Is Obama Gearing Up For An Election Against Paul?
  113. Time given to Ron at the next debate: Can we demand he be given the time needed?
  114. Paul picks up 4 points today
  115. Obama Following RP's Lead...
  116. News from the ground in NJ
  117. Lou Dobbs almost endorsement
  118. Cafferty File. You might want to look at this
  119. Who's Going? Pro-liberty convention (World's Largest) Feb 23 to 26?
  120. Joe Rogan tweets about Ron surging in New Hampshire
  121. Michelle Fields Tweets that "Paultards" is Offensive
  122. Faith and Freedom Coalition call from Dick Morris, selling book! LOL
  123. It appears one media outlet made a "mistake" during their reporting...
  124. To the guys (and gals) who just made it back to Ft. Hood, Texas from Iraq this week
  125. How can Ron Paul "temper" his responses to convey more pragmatism? Debates.
  126. your RP candy bars have been sent to Hart's Location, NH
  127. shaved for first time in about a year to go to repub town committee
  128. Ron Paul to be skewered by Huntsman's Daughters
  129. Phone From Home . . . after NH
  130. Has NH EVER pick the same candidate as IA???
  131. Proposal: Veterans and Active Duty March for Ron Paul
  132. "People are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third" Governor Branstad
  133. Phone from Home NH: Getting lots of pickups tonight!
  134. Big Government Liberal Rick Santorum Exposed
  135. New Poll Rasmussen
  136. NH poll crosstabs, Wash Times/JZ Analytics: Paul 24%, Mitt 38%
  137. What Does Zogby Poll Say About Ron Paul?
  138. Romney's Virginia Ballot Signatures (Supposedly) 33% Were Invalid.
  139. I think Obama would have a problem unless its someone besides Ron Paul
  140. Need someone to match me. PLEASE!!!
  141. The Atlantic: Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran (Unfortunately)
  142. Ron Paul losing these two Fox online polls
  143. Will there be an anti-Romney TV ad before the NH Primary??
  144. Ron Paul On Foreign Policy 2008 Highlights
  145. Campaign Rally Tomorrow in Nashua New Hampshire.
  146. Are we ready for the manufactured Huntsman surge?
  147. In Rasmussen poll Ron Paul still polls second best against Obama after Romney
  148. New Hampshire to Get a Dose of Ron Paul’s “Compassion” (Has specifics)
  149. Ron Paul Is Gaining on Mitt Romney for GOP Nod
  150. Lewis Black on Rick Santorum (language)
  151. Quick Watch CNN
  152. On Houston radio today...
  153. $24,000 Left To Meet RP Campaign's $6 Million Goal
  154. Video: What does 2nd place in NH mean?
  155. We're in a damn good spot in NH!
  156. Odd tweet from Iowa caucuses
  157. Connecticut GOP Straw Poll - Online Voting Starts Today
  158. As a Marylander, would i be allowed into Rons town hall meeting in NH
  159. Huff Po: Ron Paul SUPERPAC releases web videos spoofing Romney, Santorum, Perry, Gingrich
  160. Ron Paul: "The president must be called to account for his actions"
  161. Best Bet: 1st time obama dems
  162. So You Want Change? (Ad Idea)[WIP] Ideas?
  163. Ron Paul: A Most Brilliant Oddball
  164. Haven't seen this, amazing every prediction he had came true Ron Paul 2002 speech vid
  165. Next debate: BIG social media component!
  166. RP just called me asking for $10,000,000!!!!!
  167. In Ron Paul, an ideology more sensible than critics will admit.
  168. Fair Comparison of Ron Paul & Rick Santorum by Rachel Maddow
  169. Cool Pic - Just Felt Like Sharing. It says a lot.
  170. Anecdotal evidence
  171. Someone should do a donate-a-thon NPR style
  172. Donahue - Amazing on Paul CNN - NOW!!!!!
  173. Romney relating to the people.
  174. Any chance of DeMint endorsement?
  175. Ebaumsworld Has ANOTHER Ron Paul Video: SOLDIER!
  176. PPP twitter news 1/5/11
  177. NEW NH POLL: Romney 38, Paul 24, Santorum 11, Gingrich 9
  178. NH Independents
  179. about to pick up grassroots' unoffical OFFICIAL photographer at manchester airport
  180. Quit focusing on Santorum -- we're being trolled.
  181. NH Ron speaker on CSPAN right now
  182. Suggestion: Ron Paul impeaching Obama on NDAA
  183. NDAA Being Used to Bring Drones to New York
  184. '08 New Hampshire Results, and my '12 prediction
  185. Check out the latest Ron Paul videos and news on your iPhone or iPad with Ron Paul Mobile!
  186. Indy Company to Shoot Video For Ron Paul
  187. Official Ron Paul Telemarketing Fundraiser - Happening Now!
  188. We Can Win Puerto Rico 23 Delegates!
  189. The Rick Santorum that America doesn't know
  190. What time do New Hampshire Primary results start coming in?
  191. Reality Check
  192. ron-paul-criticized-for-inexplicable-decision-to-cancel-new-hampshire-appearances
  193. ron paul will be on Live FOX NEWS SUNDAY
  194. Paul's anti-war stance gains some traction
  195. He can Haz alls Delegatez?
  196. We like getting back-stabbed - thats out current foreign policy !
  197. Juan Williams on Fox said Ron Paul could win the nomination
  198. Spread this image ASAP!
  199. Maybe this atrocity could win Ron the Florida voters:
  200. Ron Paul Vote Raises Alarm - Jim Lobe
  201. Jack Hunter ATTACKS Santorum's "Cafeteria Catholicism"
  202. How Ron Paul Would Go To War
  203. Paul Warns: I'm Closing In On Romney
  204. Appealing to women voters---Ron's delivered thousands of babies!
  205. Debt Limit Tactic
  206. Grading Ballot Access-Romney & Paul Make Honor Roll; Gingrich is Failing; Santorum gets D
  207. *MEETING THIS SATURDAY* How to WIN CALIFORNIA for Ron Paul @ LA Liberty HQ
  208. [Video] Phil Donahue On Piers Morgan Discussing Ron Paul
  209. Impromtu Jack Hunter speech after Iowa Caucuses
  210. Golden State Band on BlogTalkRadio talking Ron Paul
  211. Paddy Ashdown: The global power shift
  212. What are the chances of DeMint endorsing Ron?
  213. Zogby: Republican Split Likely to Repeat in NH
  214. Campaign Unveils 20 Events in Nevada
  215. Vermont grassroots, any information on ballot access status?
  216. New Hampshire Primary Results often Doesn't Follow the Polls
  217. Video update - Ron Paul patient James Williams on Freedom Watch
  218. The Troops Have Spoken! Weren't You Listening?
  219. BEAUTIFUL ARTICLE on Ron Paul and the future of liberty
  220. Ron's having an airport hanger rally Friday 1/6 at 2pm in NH (Nashua) Townhall 7pm Durham
  221. Suprock stands with Ron Paul
  222. 2012 Lousiana Caucus Date
  223. SF Chronicle: Is Ron Paul to left of Obama, or throwback to Ike?
  224. Tax Refunds for Ron Paul
  225. uh oh, CNN NH "poll" coming today
  226. Why cant we have our own Polling?
  227. Send questions to ABC New Hamsphire Jan. 7th Debates
  228. RCP: Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire? (Yes)
  229. What about those conspiracy theorists who say Iran is a nuclear threat?
  230. Youths' love affair with Obama is over & GOPers must pounce on this voting bloc
  231. Paul C. Roberts, “Ron Paul has his hands full trying to restore the Constitution”
  232. MSNBC says Ron Paul has 3 Delegates out of 1,143 Needed to Win
  233. So what would really happen if Ron Paul were as elected President?
  234. Ron Paul Raises $13 Million, Has Long-Term Strategy
  235. Ron Paul hammers Gingrich in South Carolina mailer
  236. Please Focus....
  237. Hack downplays Paul's effect of Clarkson sales and tries to get MSM to echo it
  238. We are stronger than ever...
  239. Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Santorum post-Iowa speeches
  240. Ben Swann "Reality Check" Part II - Newsletter
  241. Beware and Prepare for Perry the anti-Romney, anti-Paul candidate...hear me out...
  242. Ben Swann was home-schooled and excelled in higher education - RP right AGAIN!
  243. Strategy to nominate delegates in Iowa
  244. Southern New Hampshire University Facebook Page
  245. NYT Reveals Santorum got kickbacks from criminal drug cartels
  246. Romney town meeting from hell.
  247. Rick Santorum comes out against Nullification.
  248. Ron Paul Surges to 24% in New Hampshire, Gaining on Romney
  249. Jon Stewart gives intellectual nod to Ron Paul supporters
  250. Suffolk keeps changing their numbers