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  1. When Other Candidates Drop Out, Remember How Bad It Feels
  2. What are the official delegate totals?
  3. Media's gonna push Huntsman in NH to try for a 2nd place finish
  4. Rick Santorum - One of the Most Corrupt Senator...
  5. Ron Pauls middle name? ERNEST
  6. MSM (Cartel) Out of Smear Ammo
  7. CNBC/Kudlow: "GOP should have a huggybear with Ron Paul"
  8. High risk high reward
  10. The Tea Party is Up for Grabs
  11. Iowa Outcome Ideal for Ron Paul
  12. Ron Paul Captures Equal Number of Delegates As Romney & Santorum
  13. Ron Paul v. Romeny: Experts Agree GOP Contest Now A Two Horse Race
  14. The Bright Side of Ron Paul's Third-Place Finish (Reason.com)
  15. The Military Strategy
  16. Did Ron Paul just win Iowa?
  17. YouTube Videos To Convert Dropping Candidate Supporters?
  18. Could there be a sticky urging people to stop with the conspiracy stuff?
  19. Rick Santorum's Nephew who Endorsed Ron Paul will be on MSNBC at 11:30 ET!
  20. This battle in the liberty revolution was a stalemate...now let's win this thing.
  21. Paul did great in Iowa but...
  22. THESE are the times that try men's souls
  23. Action Plan + Tea Party
  24. A video idea
  25. Nothin Scheduled in New Hampshire?
  26. Without Resolving these Key Issues, the Campaign Will Lose.
  27. Tweet Sarah Palin some love - I think she could endorse Ron
  28. What can be done about the power of the media?
  29. Maddow: Ron Paul supporters are human beings
  30. Now TWO WEDGE issues we can HAMMER: Guns, guns, guns and Vet vs. the chickenhawks
  31. Blatant Ron Paul Censorship last night
  32. What the campaign needs to do to win
  33. That's rich! Rupert Murdoch says Paul too extreme.
  34. Ron Paul Blasts Back At “Chicken Hawk” Gingrich w/ video
  35. Proof: we got 7 delegates
  36. 2 Debates This Weekend- Ron will have plenty of time to speak
  37. Welcome Bachmann & Perry Supporters!
  38. New Ron Paul yard sign in my neighborhood!
  39. EXPOSING the MEDIA - A Grassroots Project
  40. What happened with the entrance polling?
  41. Money Still Flowing In, $50k Raised So Far Today!
  42. 45 years and older need reassurance....
  43. Seven reasons why those cheering on the Texas Republican should still feel optimistic
  44. John King doing a live chat right now on CNN.com
  45. suggestions for Ron. . . simplify the message
  46. Iowa and the Youth
  47. Raycom Media - A Possible Ally?
  48. Paul vs. Santorum
  49. Exclusive Video: Santorum Voters Being Chased Into The Iowa Caucus By CNN
  50. Gingrich upset by Ron Paul's "chickenhawk" criticism
  51. ONWARD!!!
  53. Ron Paul's position on Iran
  54. Concentrated Internet Activism (CIA) - Twitter-bombing Palin for an Endorsement
  55. How we can apply the Pareto Principle (80-20 rule) to the campaign.
  56. Penn Jillette to be on celebrity apprentice
  57. Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney how to paint a 2 person race.
  58. We need a Social Security Commercial
  59. Negative Facebook Behavior
  60. Ron Paul ties for first in Iowa delegates per CNN estimate
  61. The Ron Paul Iowa Delegate Plan Remains On Track
  62. Has a national frontrunner ever placed so far behind in early states (4th in IA/NH)?
  63. Evil Will Rise & Fall - But Freedom will Grow & Endure!! RON PAUL!
  64. Thank you all 26,219 Iowans for your hard work !
  65. 1/4//12 Gallup National Daily Tracking Poll: Ron Paul 13%, Santorum 8%
  66. Votes received per $1,000 spent (NOT counting free media): Santorum 49, Paul 10
  67. New Hampshire more Important than Ever!!
  68. So what happens next? (An assessment of where we are now)
  69. Did You Read About the Shrewd Move the Ron Paul Camp Pulled Last Night?
  70. "Close ALL Foreign Bases" vs "Phase out X&Y Bases" vs "Phase out X Bases Now, Y Later"
  71. US Mililtarism Destroying Local Organic Food Sources in Favor of Big Ag
  72. E Mail I got from "Gun Alerts"
  73. Romney’s top contributor: Goldman Sachs, Ron Paul’s: US Army
  74. When will Dr. Paul return to NH?
  75. New Video Idea: I am you daughter, I am your son...
  77. Nevada straw poll January 7 -- Nevadans, support Ron Paul!
  78. Commercials with GOA president and Scheuer need to be made, imho.
  79. Lessons to the Ron Paul Campaign from Iowa
  80. Over half of caucus goers in my generation voted for Ron Paul
  81. My analysis: We are perfectly positioned.
  82. Can we bring down Santorum before NH caucus?
  83. VIDEO *CLIP* Ron Paul on CNN Articulate Refute of Unconstitutional Federal Drug Laws 1/4
  84. Paul's Invisible Army
  85. Idea to get Ron Paul stronger support
  86. Vote for Ron in poll
  87. VB County (IA) : Paul 38.9%, Romney 18.9%, Santorum 15.6% - delegate potential . . .
  88. The mission just started
  89. By the time it gets to Florida it could be Santorum, Romney, Ron Paul & either Perry or Ne
  90. Ron Paul says Iowa had ‘Three Winners,’ predicts ongoing momentum
  91. Attn: RonPaulCountry - NH GOTV Buddy System
  92. Positively Republican Poll banning Ron Paul votes lol!!
  93. Iowa Is Important. Iowa Is Not Important. Iowas Is Important again.
  94. Suffolk University tracking poll - New Hampshire
  95. Blast from the past.. This sounds like an RP2012 ad...
  96. Good news, we get the Bachmann supporters.
  97. Pro-Liberty Convention - World's Largest - Feb 23 to Feb 26
  98. NH: Ron Paul expected to compete for anything up to 34%
  99. Ron Paul Returns to NH for Final Push Friday, January 6, 2012
  100. Paul, Santorum, Romney Reps Debate Tonight on Local TV News (Jax, FL)
  101. Military Vote, SC
  102. Ron Paul: New Hampshire Primary is “Wide Open”
  103. Did I say the media was going to try to do with Huntsman in NH what they did with Santorum
  104. We need a preemptive strike....on Huntsman
  105. And now what? Attack, attack, attack!
  106. Operation: Two Man Race
  107. ron paul balloons much?
  108. Ron Paul will be on the Kudlow Report tonight at 7 pm
  109. Was this RevPac tweet about the Compassion ad?
  110. Video update - Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 1/4/12
  111. Religion and the 2012 Iowa Republican Caucuses
  112. Romney, Santorum and Paul Pull Away at Iowa Caucus
  113. Does NH have absentee ballots?
  114. Troll Campaign?
  115. Good press out of Houston Chronicle (pic inside)
  116. DRUDGE BOMB: Ron Paul May Have Secretly Won The Iowa Caucuses
  117. MEDIA IS NOW PUSHING HUNTSMAN in NH ,big surprise
  118. And then there were six; GOP heads into New Hampshire
  119. Paul criticizes Gingrich as campaign shifts to NH
  120. MTV: Ron Paul's Strong Run In Iowa Excites Young Voters
  121. Need an ad featuring seniors showing support for RP SS, Med policies.
  122. Famous investment manager Bill Gross supports Ron Paul for president?
  123. Haaretz: Interview with Ron Paul
  124. Three NH Newspapers Endorse Ron Paul
  125. 3 NH Newspapers Endorse Ron Paul for President
  126. Donate airline vouchers or points for flights to New Hampshire
  127. DGA Running "Stop Ron Paul!" Ads on Facebook
  128. Photos: Ron Paul at Victory Rally, "Whistle Stop" tour, and Des Moines high school
  129. Today's News 1/4/12
  130. *VIDEO* Rand Paul on Wolf Blitzer RIPS Santorum Hard, Good Talking Points 1/3/12
  131. Somebody help me out here...
  132. Santorum channels Ron Paul: The essential issue in this race is freedom
  133. upcoming Ron Paul events in New Hampshire (grass roots)
  134. Three NH Newspapers Endorse Ron Paul
  135. Santorum supporters make their way to New Hampshire primary
  136. If you think Ron is losing, look at yourself in the mirror and slap yourself
  137. We and the campaign are forgetting VERY important talking points.
  138. I'm getting high pick up rate in NH on the P4H system, get on it!
  139. Math lesson to GOP: ABO = Ron Paul. QED
  140. Corporal Jesse Thorsen is getting attacked for supporting Paul in uniform!
  141. Newt attacks Romney and Paul on Yahoo with poll
  142. how exactly do i become a delegate?
  143. Average people now find Ron Paul a credible candidate
  144. Okay. How many delegates did Ron Paul win since he came in 3rd in Iowa?
  145. Townhall.com wants YOUR opinion - "Is it Ron Paul or nobody?"
  146. I wanna make a simple Huntsman Attack Ad: Can we start a list?
  147. INFO about Becoming a Delegate
  148. Why Ron Paul fans proclaim victory from the Iowa Caucuses
  149. FHQ: In Search of Ron Paul Delegates, 2012 Edition
  150. santorum to cut 5 tril from budget
  151. My mom just called me to congratulate my candidates strong finish in Iowa!
  152. Is there any NH college campus organization?
  153. Request for the Campaign, for REVPAC, other PACs, and the supporters:
  154. Ron Paul most electable in electoral college.
  155. Iowa caucus electability and ideology: Why Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will take center stage
  156. AZ PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN form for ron paul supporters in Arizona!
  157. The Revolution Vs RomneyCare, Round 2!!
  158. Alllegations of vote fraud in Wapello County IA
  159. Had to finish up the collection. Made calls to NH today as well. Feeling better!
  160. Should We Be Concerned? Democratic Governor's Org. Speading Lies About RP
  161. Live Free or Die!
  162. Video update - Rand Paul on FOX Business w/ Neil Cavuto 1/4/12
  163. Want Some Good News?
  164. Video update - Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight 1/4/12
  165. Please Advise: Obama Supporter & Friend Asked Me an Important RP Question on Facebook
  166. MyGovCost has a poll up on fb
  167. Santorum On Freedom and The Pursuit Of Happiness
  168. I may have just figured out a way to cross the "foreign policy" people over guys...
  169. I wanna make a simple Santorum Attack Ad: Can we start a list?
  170. Ron Paul Campaign Opens Tulsa Office (actually, grass roots)
  171. Bill Gross says Ron Paul best Republican on economy (tube added)
  172. Need help with NDAA arguement......
  173. Ron: Why don't you reference endorsements/MOSSAD when confronted on FP?!
  174. [ARTICLE] Iowa has Voted... Now What? (Positive On Paul)
  175. Attention All Ron Paul Supporters who Have Facebook
  176. Three NH newspapers endorse RON PAUL
  177. Ron Paul's Schedule in New Hampshire (Begins Friday, 1/6)
  178. NEWSFLASH!!!
  179. Nice endorsement on Fox Business News last night
  180. Clarify the economic aspect of foreign policy!
  181. New Hampshire
  182. Truth bombs instead of sign bombs
  183. Newt Gingrich Tells New Hampshire: Jefferson And Washington Would Have Cracked Down On Pot
  184. Bloomberg: Iran nuclear rod NOT a military threat
  185. Waterloo Courier reports Ron Paul won Blackhawk County-Iowa (UNI)
  186. [video] Ron Paul Interview On The Kudlow Report 01/04/12
  187. Sarah Palin comments again on GOP not marginalizing Ron Paul and his supporters
  188. Ron Paul can win
  189. Tonight - Four NH Reps Return To Discuss Dr. Paul! - 9pm livestream
  190. The local newspapers in my area (and USA Today) all had “3 man race” headlines...
  191. Drudge/Washington Examiner: RON PAUL Leads ALL Candidates in Merchandise Sales Even Obama
  192. Iowa GOP reports Paul and Romney 26% in Story County (Iowa State University)
  193. Attacking the Media from Within
  194. Found this picture on twitter (an avatar). I like it
  195. Ron Paul Is The Only Presidential Candidate Who Gets It - Chuck Baldwin
  196. CNN Feed "Drops" as War Hero Praises Ron Paul's Foreign Policy
  197. To Young Ron Paul Supporters - How to increase turnout!
  198. Attack Ad Against Santorum '06 Senate Run (Tube)
  199. What happens to Santorum's delegates....
  200. A Ticket Out of Iowa: A message from Drew Ivers
  201. Palin defends Paul supporters on Hannity (tube added)
  202. Video tribute to help soothe the pain today
  203. New Christian Malazarte Video-- He hasn't Given up on Us for 30yrs
  204. Young Turks: Ron Paul Calling Newt Gingrich a "Chickenhawk"
  205. I noticed the Gary Johnson endorsement got NO Play by the media.. zilch
  206. How to convince Catholic voters and those that respect the last 2 Popes
  207. CNN now vetting Santorum
  208. [Video] Mitt Romney Open To Value Added Tax (VAT) !
  209. Ron Paul on Kudlow, Freedom Watch, and Piers Morgan. Check it out on your iPhone!
  210. How can the grassroots vet Huntsman in New Hampshire?
  211. Do you know how many delegates Ron won in Iowa?
  212. Are Paul supporters less apathetic as the supporters of other candidates?
  213. How many languages does Ron Paul speak?
  214. A creative idea on appealing towards the older republican vote haha!
  215. PDF: Delegate information for ALL 50 states! Wondering about your state? look no further!
  216. I've never been more proud of us... he's catching on
  217. Danny Masterson Tweet
  218. Win the older vote
  219. What Next Ron Paul Ad Must Be
  220. Fairly useless CNN poll of ONLY NH voters who watched Iowa caucus results live
  221. 2nd place in NH would be a big deal
  222. Ben Swann "Reality Check" on the Newsletters
  223. Based on Ron's Placement Last Night, have you Seen Signs of Anyone Rethinking his Chances?
  224. Should Ron Paul release attack ads for both Romney and Santorum?
  225. Benn Swann Reality check you have been waiting for. The letters edition
  226. One way to get RP supporters if Romney wins
  227. Progressives vs. Ron Paul
  228. No One Voted FOR Santorum.
  229. Local media was all over us last night at our "victory party" in Knoxville
  230. How many precincts had supporters scheduled to speak??
  231. Can we all understand together that Romney is the ONLY one who can win us ?
  232. Ron needs to be MORE CLEAR on the foreign policy!
  233. CNN INTERVIEW: Ron Paul actually isn't interrupted. ALSO: HOW TO ANSWER "ELECTABILITY" ?'s
  234. Awesome compilation video of Joe Rogan talking up Ron Paul (must watch and spread)
  235. CNN poll
  236. the good writer at Reason: Ron Paul, Moving Up Out of Iowa
  238. Please read carefully what the campaign says to you and understand it!
  239. What is in the water of Jefferson County? (Ron got 49% there)
  240. He hasn't given up in 30 years...(rp12 video)
  241. Paul says Santorum 'confused' over privacy
  242. CNN John King's Interview of Santorum - 1-4-12
  243. #NewHampshireWakingUp
  244. Lets start calling NH radio talk shows.
  245. Endorse Liberty Launches the Fake Politicians Network
  246. "Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul" Now Being Advertised Online?
  247. Ran the Northern Pass ad again today
  248. TV AD Ideas to Help Ron Paul
  249. Jon Stewart monologue covers Ron Paul's caucus speech, and mentions Hayek & Mises!
  250. Iowa: The Meaningless Sideshow Begins