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  1. Precinct Delegates...
  2. Where can I watch Ron's speech?
  3. Let's look back at 2008? (Optimism)
  4. The last 2 of 3 years Iowa got it wrong.... (good news for Ron)
  5. Emmet County, finally finished.Went to Santorum
  6. I love you all. We will move past this.
  7. [video] CNN: Ron Paul Finishes 3rd In Iowa
  8. Attack Romney and Frothy like we did Gingrich
  9. Paul live NOW: link inside
  10. Ivers and Tate
  11. Well folks, looks like it's the grinder approach to delegates
  12. Ron Paul on CNN right now
  13. Seriously someone really explain the Santorum Surge. Were they Newt voters?
  14. PFH GOTV Killed us??
  15. Moving forward to the nomination
  16. Still between Romney and Paul, Santorum will fade like Gingrich, Perry, Cain, Bachmann
  17. Fox calls Ron Paul coming in 3rd
  18. Don't give up, NEVER give up
  19. 2 Man Race: Paul vs. Romney (Santorum Done)
  20. rant
  21. Hey GOP you ready for another 4 years of OBAMA???...NO ONE BUT PAUL!!!!
  23. Note to GOP establishment, you were right, Iowa is irrelevant
  24. Nh ad idea: the military supports Paul, Goldman Sachsen supports romney
  25. The War is Far From Over. We have yet begun to fight!
  26. Insider: GOP Establishment Planning To Subvert Iowa to Prevent Paul Win
  27. We devastated ourselves by over rating IOWA (Positive)
  28. Make a donation! continue the fight
  29. Gingrich bashing Paul now talking about his foreign policy
  30. Power to the People
  31. Mitt may win this
  32. Newt attacking Ron on CNN! He clearly wants to 2nd in New Hampshire! Time to double down!
  34. Chill Everyone 3d Spot Isnt Bad
  35. All right! Attention nasonex and all the others who are crushed by our 3rd place.
  36. Phone from Home Poll coming out of Iowa
  38. Is it the media's fault?
  39. How many delegates do we get in Iowa?
  40. An appropriate Thomas Paine quote
  41. Popular Youtuber Endorses Ron Paul
  42. Before we go on suicide watch can I give at least one piece of good news?
  43. So... About that money that is supposed to be pouring in...
  44. Hit Romney !!immediately!! in New Hampshire, Santorum in South Carolina
  45. Explaining Santorum
  46. santorum media coverage vs. poll data
  47. Don't underestimate Santorum
  48. YouTube of Ron's Speech please
  49. A long-term media take down strategy...
  50. DON'T waste any time sulking. HIT ROMNEY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE NOW!!!!
  51. Takeaway from today - We have Vaccinated 22% Iowans against MSM and TPTB
  52. Calm down.
  53. Ron Paul being a top tier candidate is a victory, thanks to all those who worked so hard
  54. 2008 Iowa Results (Map) FYI
  55. Allocated Delegates by Percent Vote?
  56. McCain only got 13% in Iowa in 2008
  57. The question is: what is the perception of non-Paul supporters?
  58. [video] Ron Paul Speech After The Iowa Caucus Result "WE WILL GO ON"
  59. Go To Bed! Big Day Tomorrow.
  60. Did speakers scare potential supporters away from Ron Paul?
  61. Do Not Give Up On Liberty!
  62. LOL @ DEFEATISM!!!
  63. Taking down Mitt is easy-Mitt will take your guns
  64. The media is not invincible. Let's figure out how to take them down.
  65. It is important to stick it our through the end, no matter the results
  66. Winning Iowa is NOT crucial to RP2012 success
  67. Remember in 2008
  68. Help the campaign's ticker hit $6,000,000 as soon as possible!!!!!
  69. The answer is simple
  70. Ron Paul wins Jefferson County with 49%
  71. We Need To Carry The Liberty Momentum to Local And State Offices
  72. Perry will Return to Texas and Assess Moving Forward
  73. D O . N O T .. let 3.5% get you down!
  74. Itis About Racking Up Delegates!
  75. Breathe.
  76. Ron Paul May Have Just Secretly Won Iowa
  77. Iowa just discredited itself by voting for Santorum.
  78. World's Largest Pro-Liberty Convention: Feb 23 to Feb 26. Be there!
  79. I'm going to bed...
  80. Romney within 47 votes with 97% reporting
  81. McCain to endorse Romney in NH this week.
  82. We beat four front runners tonight.
  83. Where are the votes from Iowa State University in Ames, Story County, Iowa?
  84. Iowa over? Then step up and call into New Hampshire and beyond.
  85. It was all timing. Santorum will get vetted and drop like the rest.
  86. The media is our opponent, not the other candidates.
  87. Now on to New Hampshire ... follow the latest Ron Paul related news on your iPhone
  88. C-Span has Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum only 113 votes apart!
  89. I would like to formally thank team Iowa.
  90. Ron Paul pulled the Indy and Moderate Liberal vote
  91. John McCain supposedly will endorse Mitt Romney tomorrow...
  92. Ron Paul's former patients and babies
  93. CNN New Hampshire Poll Coming Up
  95. The narrative out of Iowa... Ron Paul vs. MSM
  96. Did Ron Paul win Iowa?
  97. McCain to endorse Romney in NH [Obviously to stop us] - KEEP FIGHTING!!!!
  98. OMG OMG OMG We're in trouble: McCain to endorse Romney
  99. Has The Issue of Voter Fraud Been Discussed? Information Here!
  100. Watching Santorum's Speech, he looks like that claymation figure
  101. The key to being a leader!(video)
  102. Video: Ron Paul's speech from headquarters tonight
  103. Actual Numbers: Santorum 24.6, Romney 24.5, and Ron Paul 21.5
  104. New CNN NH poll out
  105. THE Reality Check Thread
  106. Pro-Liberty Convention (World's Largest): Feb 23 to Feb 26
  107. I got interviewed by Univision at our viewing party...
  108. Wait....what?
  109. So we heard that NH rejects Iowa's pick
  110. How I Was Converted to Paul
  111. May be we shouldn't phone bomb New Hampshire....
  112. Momentum is definitely on our side!
  113. props to Mitt
  114. We Can Turn the Vet on CNN Into Ron Paul's Joe the Plumber
  115. Michele Bachmann to drop out, no speech yet?
  116. Two Reasons to be Optimistic
  117. Martin Luther King Jr. Speaks to Paul Supporters
  118. Now we get the same amount of delegates, but won't get trashed on the news
  119. Michael Ruppert & Joe Rogan... how deep does the rabbit hole go?
  120. Message from George Carlin on what we are up against.
  121. Ron should now go after Obama
  122. Fund Raising
  123. Iowa officials to talk about missing truck or talk about final tally up next on Fox
  124. Candidate You Like the Least
  125. With 100% Reporting in Story County, Ron edges out Romney!
  126. WE WON STORY! [it said that but flipped right after]
  127. Dear Romney and GOP; RE: McCain
  128. Campaign should immediately hire Michael Scheuer
  129. We won Story County! 19 Counties total!
  130. Ron Paul's tweet to Jon Huntsman
  131. CNN cost us Iowa
  133. Operation Thank Perry? (And maybe Bachman?)
  134. County by County Map
  135. Straw polls are aiight - but do you know something?
  136. WTF? Fox just said that the IOWA GOP 'doesn't know where results are.'??
  137. Iowa RCP Average
  138. Rick Santorum's New Nickname
  139. Where we are now
  140. Explanation of tonight's caucus results.
  141. Newsflash: Iowa really did matter
  142. Ron Paul is in the top 3% of Iowans! Some stats.
  144. Mitt Romney 2012 = John Kerry 2004?
  145. How Can We Trust The Results In Close Counties?
  146. Get HBO'S 24/7 series to follow Ron Paul campaign?
  147. Romney has a ceiling of 25%
  148. Iowa Proves Ron Paul is viewed as a Moderate, Splitting vote with Romney.
  149. Anyone know if/when the campaign will release their internal vote tracking numbers?
  150. +4 Delegates (mod: CNN estimate says 7 this morning)
  151. Ron Paul Took Independents and Moderates by 8-to-1: Wanna Talk About Electability Now?
  152. If santorum can do it in iowa, we can do it in new hampshire.
  153. Romney wins popular vote by 14 votes. Paul sneaks the win for delegates however.
  154. Compilation of Ron Paul Videos
  155. Iowa Caucus: Paul wins huge with Independents!
  156. [VIDEO] Ron Paul Speech After The Iowa Caucus Result
  157. Time to have RevPac put out negative ads! The more the better.
  158. Can we use this against Romney?
  159. Santorum's website - Please test
  160. Where do you expect Ron Paul to place in New Hampshire?
  161. CNN is saying they believe Romney won Iowa just now by 14 votes
  162. Video idea - Romney is Obama
  163. 999 is back in play
  164. Story Iowa Stolen???
  165. What is going on??
  166. Paul addresses supporters at caucus after-party
  167. Mitt Romney Declared Official Winner... by 8 votes!
  168. CAMPAIGN: Campaign Celebrates Great Victory at Iowa Caucus
  169. Does Romney Have Any Actual, Real Supporters?
  170. The good news: at the next debate they are ALL going to be gunning for Romney
  171. Matt Strawn does it again!
  172. CNN Projects 7 delegates for Romney, Santorum, and Paul each; 2 for Gingrich, and Perry.
  173. CNN just announced a tie in delegates going to the convention.
  174. DELEGATES?!?
  175. We tied for projected delegates tonight! Great job Iowa!!
  176. So Ron Paul basically wins in a 3 way tie in Iowa!
  177. WHY did media push Santorum?
  178. He hasn't given up for 30 years...
  179. Post-Caucus CNN New Hampshire Primary "Poll" 1/3
  180. Can Someone Explain Why Voter Turnout Was So Low for 30-49 Year-Olds?
  181. Which states would Ron Paul win vs. Obama in a general election, compared to Romney?
  182. Dr Ron Paul Won Against The Main Stream Media!
  183. Google: "The Made-for-TV Election with Martin Sheen" - Dont let the media win again.+more
  184. Ron Paul Forums Members need to flood into New Hampshire to win it.
  185. America doesnt deserve Ron Paul! Voting WW3 guy above peace and freedom
  186. Get some perspective, people.
  187. Ron Paul can win the Caucuses and make a push on Super Tuesday! Focus on Delegates!
  188. Time to kick it up a notch
  189. Reflections on Iowa, an open letter of encouragement!
  190. Drudge Trying to make it a two man race for Iowa and New Hampshire
  191. ABC Article about Ron Paul tweet
  192. SIAP: Ron Paul's affect on the dollar and euro...
  193. delegate count
  194. Iowa vote breakdown: Age and income
  195. Iowa GOP: "New Delegate Rules" In Play
  196. How long before Santorum's poll # crash?
  197. Help clean up comments on important official Ron Paul video
  198. War or Ron Paul? The Choice is Yours America
  199. Biggest Problems After Iowa: The Secret Votes Why Were They Secret?
  200. The media said Iowa doesn't count, we can prove them right- Donation Thread
  201. A positive headline: "Ron Paul Looks to Capitalize on Top-Tier Iowa Finish"
  202. "Q&A": Ron Paul, Iowa's Third-Place Finisher
  203. Rick Perry to "reassess" Campaign, Cancels Events in SC
  204. Need video: Media spits on the troops
  205. Don't Quit...
  206. Ron Paul Wins: The Most Important Result out of Iowa
  207. N O O N E B U T PAAAAAUUUUUL!!!!!!!!!!
  209. Don't even talk about third party runs
  210. Will Ron Paul Destroy the 'Party of Lincoln'?
  211. Ron Paul Mention On Drake And Zeke Show, 98.1 FM Memphis
  212. Ron Paul: I grabbed the Youth Vote
  213. Any Chance We Could Win Delegates in NH?
  214. Put down the signs and call! A perspective from Iowa.
  215. What did we learn from Iowa? How do we improve?
  216. [video] Ron Paul On Fox & Friends Day After Iowa Vote
  217. Bachmann is done
  218. Ron Paul's Iowa results: I grabbed the youth vote
  219. DRESS like a Republican, ACT like a Republican, THINK like Ron Paul
  220. A Letter to the One Percent From the Ten Percent
  221. It's Ron Paul vs Everyone Else
  222. Why I'm still optimisic
  223. NBC News Reports Michele Bachmann Cancels South Carolina Trip Press Conference @ 10AM CST
  224. I think we need to plan another money bomb
  225. Ron Paul on CNN (1/4/12) - 8am ET
  226. Video update - Ron Paul on the Toady Show - 1/4/12
  227. Ron Paul on Fox and Friends 1/4/12 - 7:30am ET
  228. How do We Win Overthe Perry & Bachmann Supporters?
  229. Still no winner?!?!?!
  230. It's now a 2 way race between Romney and Paul!!!!!
  231. How many delegates did we get from Iowa?
  232. Bachmann Cancels S. Carolina trip - Press Conference at 11AM Eastern Time
  233. I'm not going anywhere!
  234. video - Ron Paul Calls Newt A Chicken Hawk !
  235. Ron Paul needs to declare WAR on the media!
  236. Chill out folks
  237. (mods) please make a delegates forum!
  238. Time to donate! Fund the revolution!
  239. CNN cuts off Cpl. Jesse Thorsen, Ron Paul lets him finish
  240. So, will Newt smear Romney?
  241. WE NEED A MONEY BOMB!!!!!!!!!
  242. Time for a Chicken-Hawk ad
  243. When Other Candidates Drop Out, Remember How Bad It Feels
  244. What are the official delegate totals?
  245. Media's gonna push Huntsman in NH to try for a 2nd place finish
  246. Rick Santorum - One of the Most Corrupt Senator...
  247. Ron Pauls middle name? ERNEST
  248. MSM (Cartel) Out of Smear Ammo
  249. CNBC/Kudlow: "GOP should have a huggybear with Ron Paul"
  250. High risk high reward