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  1. "Iowa's Choice: Liberty or Death (Ron Paul 2012 Song)" by Smiley Chris
  2. War is the Health of the State
  3. Obama Vs Paul
  4. TIME: Ron Paul's Youth Revolt
  5. Salon: Paul Causing Fear Among Democrats
  6. Romney’s top contributor: Goldman Sachs..... Ron Paul’s: US Army
  7. Important: Iowa voters bring your friends and family!
  8. BREAKING: Man arrested protesting Paul was uploader of Iowa "hacker threat" video
  9. New And OFFICIAL TV Ad in New Hampshire! - "Believe"
  10. BuzzFeed: Ron Paul's Secret Plan to Win This Thing
  11. Its the final countdown!! One day to Iowa
  12. Imagining an Iowa Victory Speech
  13. Audio update - Rand Paul interview with Jan Mickelson on WHO Radio 1/2/12
  14. Magellan NH Poll (12/29): Romney 41%, Paul 21%, Huntsman 12%, Gingrich 12%
  15. Des Moines weather forecast for Jan. 3
  16. Today's News 1/2/12
  17. Insider Advantage 1/1/12 Iowa GOP Caucus Poll
  18. Last Minute Google Attack Ad. on Ron Paul?
  19. Market Watch article on Ron Paul Twitter surge.
  20. Why I like the latest PPP poll
  21. This Needs to be DRUDGED
  22. Let us laugh...
  23. For anyone that is timid about doing phone from home...
  24. drudge: Arctic Blast To Charge Across Midwest, Northeast...(Iowa?)
  25. Packed house at DM whistle stop!
  26. Please help me 'Drudge' Michael Scheuer's latest article endorsing Ron Paul.
  27. PPP Poll for January 1 (reason for optimism?)
  28. Video update - CSPAN coverage of Ron and Rand at DM whistle stop
  29. Why the democrats want Romney to win
  30. Paul whistle stop on CNN - Live stream
  31. Hit the phones -- semi-holiday today -- Post office, UPS closed, many home now
  32. Where's the Chip-In for the Anti-Santorum ad?
  33. Ron Paul can benefit from Santorum's rise in Iowa
  34. Ron and Rand on CNN NOW with Dana Bash
  35. Another ARG poll of Iowa...12/29-1/1
  36. Joe Scarborough tweets Packed House. At Event with sons who back Ron Paul.
  37. [video] Ron Paul Interview On CNN Today, Says Santorum Is A Liberal ! [1/2/12]
  38. Jesse Benton coming up on MSNBC
  39. Times-Republican Online Poll: Paul 35%, Mitt 21%
  40. [Video] CNN: Ron Paul Stumping In Iowa Today Talking Liberty!
  41. ARG Poll Dec. 29-Jan.1 Romney 22, Paul 17, Santorum 16
  42. Eye Opener on CSPAN, in a potentially great way!
  43. Interesting analysis of Insider Advantage poll on DailyPaul
  44. CNN will have multiple live streams on Ron Paul /Rand today
  45. Biggest Newspaper in Sweden writes almost enitirely - and objectively about Ron Paul.
  46. 2 day Phone from Home blitz for Iowa GOTV
  47. Ron Paul: Toppling Political Idols
  48. One Day More to Revolution
  49. Soledad Reports: Paul supporter starts young
  50. Should Rand be stumping for Ron Separately?
  51. Ron Paul Keeps Having to Explain What He Doesn't Believe
  52. [video] Ron Paul Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton Interview On MSNBC [1/2/12]
  53. Dr. Paul needs to take down Romney like he did with Gingrich!
  54. MOE for DMR last 2 days only?....
  55. Somebody find these people in Iowa ASAP
  56. Will there be a Ron Paul Radio replacement?
  57. Um
  58. Photos/Stories From the January 2, 2012 Whistle Stop Tour
  59. Andrew Sullivan: Ron Paul Scrambles the Left and Right, Achieved Something Important
  60. Ron Paul, freedom and sexual harassment
  61. Salon.com: Occupy’s Iowa options: Ron Paul or Uncommitted
  62. Poll -- Local CBS station with endorsement tonight
  63. Ron Paul Community demand apology from MSNBC over Slanderous article misquoting Ron Paul
  64. [CNN Political Ticker] Ron Paul: Santorum is 'very liberal'
  65. Video update - Jesse Benton on CNN 1/2/12
  66. Phoning from home - Easy AND Fun
  67. "A few more endorsements for the Iowa front-runner" 6 Great RPF Members
  68. Steve Deace predicts Ron Paul win for Iowa
  69. MTV Ron Paul segment in iowa
  70. What time tomorrow will we know the results?
  71. [PIC] Carol and Kelley Paul Go Phone Banking
  72. [video] MSNBC Tries To Downplay The Heck Out OF Ron Paul
  73. Rand & Paul : Shouldn' they be mentioning Santorums support of pro-abortionist Specter ///
  74. Drudge: Ron Paul supporters deploy Mitt Romney lookalike in new attack ad...
  75. DC Tea Party Founder, Lisa Miller: Why I Endorse Ron Paul
  76. Ron Paul: Toppling Political Idols
  77. Pressure MSNBC to show last night's Iowa poll
  78. Prediction: Thousands of Iowa Caucusgoers will learn about NDAA January 3
  79. Word from central Iowa
  80. Post clips of Romney being awkward\robotic\fail\angry\funny\fake
  81. Paul campaign reveals ground game details
  82. Establishment whistling in the dark
  83. So....Won't Hermain Cain's name be on the ballot tomorrow?
  84. Most Americans Oppose Current Wars – Most Presidential Candidates Don’t
  85. IowaForPaul.com landing page is live - Please visit and click "Like"
  86. One thing that I noticed from the CSPAN coverage -- way too many young people.
  87. Drudge posts Paul's 'very liberal' comment.
  88. Ron Paul: My campaign is reaching new voters
  89. SARAH Palin is Defending Ron Paul HARD On Fox Right NOw [Mixed Bag]
  90. Donate what you can to help turn out Iowan Democrats, Independents, and new voters.
  91. WTF Santorum 4% Nationally and Getting 70% of The Media Coverage?
  92. Ron Paul in Iowa: Rand and Ron offer double dose of liberty
  93. Ron Paul Eye Exam
  94. Social D Campaigns with Paul in Iowa!
  95. Good luck all
  96. Starting a new twitter campaign to get Kelly, Michelle and Aimee to write Dr. Paul a song.
  97. Cheap, Hastily Put Together Perry Attack Ad of Santorum
  98. Enjoying the show
  99. Remember your Obama lover friends?
  100. An Explosion of Emotion. How do you feel about tomorrow?
  101. Iowa: “Too white, too evangelical, too rural. Still here, politics are personal.”-Andrea M
  102. Ron Paul's Campaign Goes Viral
  103. The best Obama photo I've seen so far. (Ron Paul related)
  104. Mark Thiessen: Ron Paul Wins Iowa
  105. Ron Paul Live on cnn.com stream now!
  106. Washington Post poll: is Ron Paul harming the GOP?
  107. Fox Nation: "Ron Paul Super PAC Runs Creepy 'Fake Mitt Romney' Ad"
  108. Sarah Palin: Ron Paul is PRO-ISRAEL!
  109. Ron and Rand will be on CNN coming up (edit: no they won't)
  110. PFH for GOTV??
  111. Should International Supporters Phone-From-Home Tomorrow to GOTV?
  112. Virginia Attorney General Backs Off Call to Change Ballot Rules Before Primary
  113. Get Excited. Because we're just getting started.
  114. Great Ron Paul Article on Yahoo News, Front Stream
  115. Ron Paul Speeches in Iowa (1/02/2012)
  116. Something Fun to Do While Phoning From Home
  117. To Watch the Vote or Not Watch the Vote - That is Still the Question
  118. Dont Forget About New Hampshire,After Iowa Start Focussing On NH
  119. Rolling Stone: Kelly Clarkson
  120. Ladies and Gentlemen, It's been my honor to have served with you...
  121. Ron Paul greeted by overflow crowd first day back in Iowa
  122. The Acorn of Dr. Paul's Oak Tree of Truth - Concentrated Soundbytes of RP's Goodness
  123. How can we effectively TWEET for Ron to Iowans???
  124. Lady on FOX News Just Predicted a RP Win Tomorrow
  125. Ron will be on FOX "Your World with Neil Cavuto" 01-03-12 4pm ET
  126. RP Supporter Invents Incredible App/Tool - "Time Machine"
  127. Ron Paul to Address ‘Rock the Caucus’ Student Assembly in West Des Moines-(Jan. 3rd.)
  128. How far we have come (visual)
  129. Ron Paul is Winning the Digital Media Battle (On the Eve of the Iowa Caucus)
  130. [Weigel] Paul's People: Iowa Edition
  131. PfH is back to NH VoterID for now
  132. Tom Woods Blog - Iowa Caucuses
  133. New Poll for Huntsville, AL area
  134. The Economy w. Ron Paul & Zeitgeist (Peter Joseph)
  135. For Ron Paul, a moment of vindication and maybe more
  136. Framing: Israel.
  137. "Iowa Caucus Mini-Bomb" ??
  138. The Nation gives a fair review despite the obvious agenda
  139. Lets Finish the Horse Race Strong
  140. Tip of the Day for the Iowa Caucus Participants
  141. To all those who were around in 2007 and haven't stopped for a moment
  142. Davenport Becomes a Magnet for Candidates
  143. Had a few political conversations here in Florida over the weekend
  144. Bill O'Reilly Self-Contradiction
  145. Turn on MSNBC - ED Show talking Ron Paul big time.
  146. THE TRUTH ABOUT IOWA: Businessinsider with comments from Ron Paul supporters
  147. Vote for the outcome of Iowa on Bill O'Reilly's page
  148. Are You Ready To Shock The World?!
  149. anti-santorum facebook group
  150. [tube] Phillip Defranco (YouTube partner) mentions Ron Paul against the NDAA
  151. A While Ago On CNN,CNN Had a Huge War Mongering Piece
  152. We Take Down The Elite By The Ides Of March
  153. Phone from home back up to Iowa!
  154. EMPHASIS: Follow the Money - Mitt Romney
  155. Great video...This guy explains how he belives the Fed is the reason for Paul's censorship
  156. Surprised by about one-half inch of snow today in W Va. :D
  157. Ron pauls Stealth Plan. The Ed show msnbc 1-2-12
  158. Ron and Rand Paul Whistle-Stop Tour Kickoff Yields Big Turnout
  159. Funny Thing I Just Saw on Hannity
  160. So Obama won with 22% turnout from young people. % on the republican side was 11%...
  161. Ron Paul wins Rockford Tea Party Straw Poll - Santorum 2d
  162. More ammo - ACLU Report Card Puts Ron Paul Above President Obama!
  163. [YOUTUBE]AssociatedPress : Romney and Paul Supporters Are Total Opposites
  164. CNN Anderson Cooper 10 PM Did Not Show The PPP Poll Numbers!
  165. Shouldn't this be a big news endorsement?
  166. Dick Morris next up on Greta after commercial break
  167. Thoughts
  168. Official Campaign Caucus Night Event?
  169. Mitt Romney is NOT the safe choice for America
  170. "you are so out of Mainstream" - possible answer
  171. Iowa Caucus goes - You NEED to address Rick Santorum. 40% are not sold on him.
  172. I on the Ball!!!
  173. Yahoo Home Page: Attention Grows Around Paul
  174. Santorum voters being chased into the Iowa Caucus by CNN
  175. Caucus primer from a Paul volunteer
  176. Ron Paul Last day before caucus videos. See them on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  177. Repeat after me tomorrow: All candidates losing by double digits to Obama except...
  178. Victory in Iowa Video by Ghoeberx?????
  179. I just landed another Ron Paul supporter - from Florida as a matter of fact
  180. My stump speech for tomorrow
  181. DC Tea Party Founder Endorses RP after supporting Bachmann...
  182. $380,000 to 6 Million (For the Presidency!)
  183. Ron Paul win Rockford, IL Tea Party Straw Poll
  184. How Many Young People Who Couldn't Vote Last Time Are Voting This Time?
  185. Iowa GOTV Needs to be Front and Center on Ron Paul Campaign Site
  186. Look Here Everyone!!! (Especially if you live in Arkansas's 1st Congressional District.)
  187. My Australian Ron Paul Story (and an apology for Rupert Murdoch)
  188. Going negitive during caucus speech??
  189. In 2008, Romney Under Performed while Paul Over Performed
  190. West Michigan minister supports brother Ron Paul for President
  191. Santorum's Surge over according to CNN - AC 360
  192. Just Saw Ron Paul Trending on Yahoo
  193. South Carolina?!?!?
  194. Dr. Paul From 2007
  195. Toady is the caucus
  197. Ron Paul trending on Yahoo
  198. All eyes are on Iowa for GOP caucuses tonight
  199. What Is Going On....Positive Media Coverage About RP Tonight!
  200. michael savage 01 02 12
  201. On a day as important as this.........Only Shakespeare will do!!!!!!
  202. WAPO: The Ron Paul phenomenon -- in one graph
  203. Another Wonderful "Jews for Ron Paul" Video - and This One's From Walter Block!
  204. Iowa Caucuses Return Watching - OFFICIAL THREAD!!! (1/3/12)
  205. Campaign Song for The Celebration?
  206. Danger - Danger
  207. Iowa bowl game brings Paul campaign to Tempe -- Way to go, grass roots!!
  208. Ron Paul Interview on KTIV Iowa News (12-30-11)
  209. Can't sleep.
  210. Let's ease the tensions with a South Park Episode
  211. Campaign should clear up the state level regulation of drugs position
  212. [video] Dick Morris Boldly Lies On FOX About Ron Paul VS Obama Poll #s he's REALLY 2d best
  213. Twitter Alert: Mitt Romney His Supporters Are $ Elite Jerks On The Poor Spread it This!
  214. WA Post POLL: Who Will Win the Iowa Caucus?
  215. [ video ] Ron and Rand w/ Bret Baier
  216. Vote Ron!
  217. China, Russia, Canada, Japan are all ISOLATIONIST/NON-INTERVENTIONIST...
  218. Ron Paul Official App? Article says no GOP candidates have one.
  219. Florida voters receive absentee ballots this week
  220. Ron Paul
  221. A poem for the Ron Paul supporters in Iowa
  222. Most of the primaries could have been won 4 years ago, if people had bothered to show up:
  223. [Video] Point-by-Point Rebuttal Against MSNBC's "Gold Trip" Hit Piece on Ron Paul
  224. Republican Strategist: Iowa GOP Will Not Allow Ron Paul To Win
  225. Rand Paul interview on WHO radio with Jan Mickelson (YOUTUBE)
  226. Great BBC piece on Ron
  227. Countdown and Various result pages:
  228. Ron Paul - Predictions in Due Time (Video)
  229. KCCI Poll
  230. If This is an Accurate Sampling of the Current Spirit in Iowa, We're Golden!
  231. Video update - Jesse Benton on C-SPAN Washington Journal 1/3/12
  232. What time will we know the Iowa results?
  233. Clarkson sales hit no1 spot on Amazon(not 14, not 11 or 2)
  234. Secret Crowds ...
  235. Good Luck!
  236. Article on "The Hill" Compares Race to 1964
  237. Great video showing how important Iowa was in 2008 mainstream media vs. now
  238. Iowa, We are All Counting on you!
  239. Confessions of a Paul-aholic
  240. Rand Paul Predicts his Dad will Win Iowa caucuses
  241. Ron Paul's Iowa win, will discredit the....
  242. Ron Paul predictions in due time (upvote on reddit)
  243. Comedian Jim Norton talking up Ron Paul on Opie and Anthony Today...
  244. Ron and Rand Paul, a double dose of liberty
  245. A Sign of Courage
  246. Ron Paul supporters set up office in Norfolk, Virginia
  247. Something to Watch Tonight
  248. Great Rand Paul answers to hit piece questions on CBS today (tube added)
  249. Bachmann surging at the last minute?
  250. ABC News Reporting Out of Context?