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  1. List of moneybomb results?
  2. IT BEGINS: Sen. Rand Paul to campaign for Dad in Iowa!
  3. Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and the Iowa caucus values voters
  4. How can people honestly say Dr. Paul won't win?
  5. ATTN: Romney is NOT the anti-Romney, a Palin endorsement, SC, FL, Perry
  6. PPP: Iowa still looks very close between Paul and Romney but...
  7. Sic Willie Is Going To … Vote?
  8. 12/31/11 From this moment until the Caucus...What will you be doing to help RP WIN?
  9. Who's with me on Phone From Home today?
  10. Heading up to harts location to do some doorknocking... Without candy bars
  11. one of the best reads about ron paul i have ever seen.
  12. PUSH for $6 Million by Midnight
  13. Josh, would you send an email to forum members encouraging them to donate?
  14. Tea Party of Maryland endorses Ron Paul
  15. NDAA act has been signed by Obama
  16. HuffPo Headline: RON PAUL WAS RIGHT: Conspiracy Theory Confirmed
  17. Another Santorum Surge picture tweeted by Weigel
  18. Overvote/Undervotes NOT COUNTED on all ballots! Check locally NOW!!!
  19. Fox News: Text Happy New Years to Ron Paul, 36288
  20. Should Ron Paul suit Virginia?
  21. Populular phrase in the Army that applies to Grassroots for Ron Paul
  22. Happy New Year from our old friend Marcus Carey in Kentucky
  23. Updated Image for END OF QUARTER PUSH
  24. I guess we could say Santorum is "Surging"
  25. SIAP: Robert Steele slams Rick Santorum...
  26. How to reach 3,000 Iowans for $10 - POTENTIAL GAME-CHANGER - ChipIn to Win Iowa
  27. Des Moines Register Poll: Romney 24%, Paul 22%, Santorum 15%;
  28. the best time and place to donate?
  29. Why Santorum has an artificial boom, which will end in a bust by the next debate.
  30. Des Moines Poll for first 2 days
  31. "With enemies like that, who needs friends?"
  32. DMR Poll is AWESOME News.
  33. What can we do to regain our lead?
  34. According to Intrade...
  35. In Iowa, Paul's got right message, right place
  36. msnbc: Romney enjoys slight lead over Paul in latest Iowa poll
  37. Beware of Mitt, warn Massachusetts conservatives
  38. It's a Two-Man Race: The New Narrative
  39. Nate Silvers Five Thirty Eight updated forcasts
  40. Simulation Result from Des Moines Register Poll
  41. How Does Fox News Shift its Small Voting Block Herd with Such Efficiency?
  43. Will PPP stick their neck out tomorrow?
  44. Santorum on Meet the Press tomorrow: What would YOU ask him?
  45. Follow RevPac on twitter!
  46. FACEBOOK USERS: Post this message on Iowa County 4 Ron Paul Pages
  47. Are you in this video?
  48. Santorum "Surges" and No One Notices
  49. Guys take a break, step away from the computer, and get on the phones tomorrow.
  50. **ATTENTION** - ALL Twitter subscribers...Send This Message
  51. Finding the Goldwater & Reagan Supporters
  52. Thank you, from Ripleymom, former neocon
  53. $556k til $6mil!
  54. 25 more Iowans join ‘Veterans for Ron Paul’
  55. Anyone with a KITCO forum account? Please help spread the word!
  56. Iowa is being blanketed by ads!
  57. Internal Polls from the Gingrich Campaign
  58. Happy New Year to all! (Official Matt Collins sanctioned thread)
  59. Varying scenarios, varying results
  60. Get A Paul Buddy!
  61. DMR poll first two days: Paul 26%,Romney 24%,Santorum 9%
  62. This Graph Says It All
  63. New grassroot video. The True nature of Ron Paul !
  64. Christmas with Paul & phones for Paul - we have the gotv!
  65. Though both Texas Republican politicians, Paul and Perry differ from each other
  66. Welcome in the new year with the latest Iowa Related RP videos on your iPhone!
  67. A new Ad Like This: Ron Paul talking about GOTV and voting... 1 minute.. and say this..
  68. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus posts "What if?" on Facebook Page.
  69. The undecided?
  70. All Hope is Not Lost
  71. DMR Poll tidbits to make you sick. Paul led 7 pts Tues
  72. Happy New Year!
  73. Possible money raising Idea.
  74. Do you now see why we need moneybombs ?
  75. "Ron Paul Nation Rallies Behind Kelly Clarkson"
  76. Simplify the Message: "Policing the world is unsustainable big government spending"
  77. Dewey Defeats Truman: CNN Excludes Democrats and Independents From Iowa Caucus Poll
  78. Des Moines Register Poll: Only REGISTERED voters?
  79. Another Facebook Plan to Win Iowa
  80. Not Proof of Bias or anything? Iowa Caucus Website.
  81. [FEEL-GOOD VIDEO] Ron Paul Grassroots Energy
  82. Rand Paul will be on CBS's Face the Nation as spokesman for Ron Paul campaign
  83. Caucus Goers, bring extra voter registration forms!
  85. Which previous flavor du jour will be pitched today and tomorrow?
  86. [Video] Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday 01/01/12
  87. Highly Targeted GOTV advertising on Facebook
  88. CNN Political Ticker: Ron Paul predicts top two finish in Iowa
  89. [video] Ron Paul Interview On CNN's State Of The Union 01/01/12
  90. The Daily: Steady Wins The Race
  91. [Video] Ron Paul ABC This Week Interview 01/01/12
  92. You Won't Believe What Public Policy Polling (PPP) is Saying!
  93. Predict 2012 Iowa Caucus Turnout
  94. [DMR] Varying scenarios, varying results
  95. Everyone repeat after me...
  96. Happy 2012!
  97. Help Chipin to Drive Iowans to the Polls
  98. Predict number of users online RonPaulForums will peak on Caucus night-win a RP sticker!
  99. How Can Santorum be the "Anti Romney" Choice When He Backed Mitt in 2008 ?!?!?
  100. [Video] Rand Paul On Face The Nation 01/01/12
  101. MSM Just Handed Iowa to Ron Paul - Thank You!
  102. Jews for Ron Paul, by Walter Block
  103. Of the three Ron Paul interviews today which should go at the top of front page?
  104. Photos: Ron Paul in Newton, Des Moines, Perry, Atlantic, Council Bluff, LeMars, Sioux City
  105. Interviews with Iowa Veterans for Ron Paul
  106. DMR Crosstabs Show 61% Males Polled
  107. Ron Paul – KTIV Iowa News 12/30/11
  108. The Official Ron Paul is a Saint Thread
  109. Daniel Hannan is one of the best out there. Tweets about Ron.....
  110. The USA is Ron Paul Country, at least according to Google.
  111. SNOW!!! Beautiful Beautiful SNOW!!! NOW IS OUR TIME!!!! [Mod: No snow.]
  112. Ron Paul leads Obama nationwide!
  113. Retro Ron Paul
  114. Flashback: Rick Santorum receives tribute from Iran war cheerleader Joe Lieberman
  115. Only 20 Okies in Ron Paul Country! Did Oklahoma just get the internet last week?
  116. We should run ads against Santorum on Facebook and Google Adwords.
  117. Blaze uses CNN interview for article - Ron Paul: ‘I’m Pretty Mainstream’ 01/01/12
  118. What does this article mean?
  119. Paul too direct in answering ad hominem aurguments?
  120. We should target Santroum on Facebook and Google Adwords.
  121. RevPac Anti-Racism Ad Running on The Daily Caller
  122. Santorum Push Could Backfire
  123. We need ads on NDAA, SOPA, and extrapatriation bill
  124. Bob Chapman prediction of Iowa vote
  125. Ron Paul 2012 New Years Media Blowback Bomb
  126. Ron Paul Supporters OWN Mark Levin Show
  127. Ron on Cspan now, 1/1/12, DM Register editorial replay
  128. Why is CNN pimping Santorium right now HARD!!!!
  129. UNI Dome floor layout for 2012 Caucus from twitter - Blackhawk GOP
  130. MSNBC Lies about Paul Statement on CNN today
  131. Politico ‘breaking news’ report botches Des Moines Register poll results (features us)
  132. Ronpaul2012.com showing different donation numbers?
  133. Summary of RP stances
  134. One last little gouge before Tuesday.
  135. AHHH!!! Just two more days until the Iowa Caucus
  136. the true nature of Ron Paul
  137. States Rights Video against the 4 litigious phony Hypocrites re:Virginia Ballot?
  138. Love this picture! Didn't see it originally on this article by Greenwald!
  139. Ignore all the b.s. Ron Paul is going to win Iowa and the media is PISSED! hahahaa
  140. Rand Paul: Ron Paul is surging
  141. Victory is Near! -- Ignore the negativity and keep pushing for a win in Iowa!
  142. There is a chance Ron may be attacked by the DNC in Iowa in the coming days
  143. Pennsylvania Farm Show Jan 7 - 14, 2012 in Harrisburg PA - Table for Ron Paul?
  144. Where in the world is the Collins???
  145. I'm madder than he!! at the defamation against Dr. Paul mini-bomb
  146. LA Times: With Iowa upset in sight, Ron Paul battles skeptics
  147. CNN Sponsor List
  149. Ron Paul Floats and Parades
  150. We are many, they are few.
  151. Ron Paul Angrily Rebuts Jake Tapper Over Question About 9/11 Conspiracies
  152. Santorum no conservative: RS Redstate
  153. Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies - Salon.com
  154. Twitter is RON PAUL crazy!
  156. Today's News - 1/1/12 - New Year's Day
  157. My friend found this at work
  158. Rick Santorum = Lobbyist
  159. Mitt Romney - Serial Flip Flopper
  160. Ron Paul "Grassrots Energy"
  161. Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds on Final of Three-Day Visit to Iowa
  162. Making a pledge, and a video. Need your help.
  163. Huff Post: Why Liberals Should Consider Ron Paul
  164. Here's the brass tacks about Ron Paul's Campaign
  165. Des Moines Register: Romney 24%; Paul 22%; Santorum 15% - 41% Could Change Minds
  166. Some ammo against Santorum
  167. Motivation: Old School
  168. Virginia AG Changes Mind. Won't support ballot law changes for the 2012 primaries.
  169. Any Iowa Evangelicals here? Can you explain what's happening?
  170. Why the recent poll numbers are actually good news!
  171. Aaron Lewis of the rock band STAIND has endorsed Ron Paul
  172. Ron Paul scores higher than Obama on ACLU report card despite predictable exceptions
  173. Santorum Listed as Most Corrupt Member of Senate in 2006
  174. [Video] MSNBC Slanders Ron Paul, Badly Misquotes Him From CNN Interview [TAKE ACTION]I
  175. I'm not seeing any Iran nuke program on Google Earth
  176. Computer game Civilization IV proves Ron Paul right about foreign policy
  177. I'm ready to organize another big event - how about a 'Celebrities for Ron Paul' concert?
  178. The OFFICIAL $25 Million Quarter Thread
  179. How did "Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul" go?
  180. Argument to shut up neocons about non-interventionist policy
  181. Anyone see this or hear anything for or against this regarding the vote count?
  182. RP losing this FB poll- "If the GOP primary were today - who would you vote for?"
  183. As soon as there's an actual anti-Santorum facebook page and chipin post it here
  184. My Iowa Caucus Speech
  185. Tuesday January 3, I fast and pray.
  186. Ron Paul doesn't need a slick ad agency. He got us! Another new video....
  187. Ron Paul is the best Candidate on Defense. But he needs to state this better.
  188. Ronslide in Iowa Predicted
  189. Ron Paul & Romney the Only Candidates Holding Caucus night Events in Iowa?
  190. What Santorum? You have To Be Joking
  191. Babysitters for Ron Paul
  192. Ron Paul (and Rand) on the Sunday News. Check it out on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  193. Focus: Get out the vote(GOTV), it's a statistical tie.
  194. PPP Poll (1/1/12): Paul 20%, Romney 19%, Santorum 18%
  195. Iowa: Paul 20, Romney 19, Santorum 18
  196. DRUDGE the Results! Ron Paul is Still in 1st Place!
  197. PPP IOWA POLL: Paul 21% Romney 19% Santorum 18%
  198. Time: "Why don't they like me?"
  199. What are the possibilities? One of them is in here...
  201. FINAL POLL(Everyone Vote)-Where Does Ron Paul finish in Iowa
  203. Just Remember-We would have signed up for this anyday of the week
  204. Caucus Speech Workshop
  205. Phone From Home - GOTV tomorrow
  206. PPP shows how caucus speeches will be most effectively broken down.
  207. Suffolk University/7 News Poll- NH- Romney 41%, Paul 15%, Gingrich 11%
  208. Iowa PPP Indy's & Dems Only = Paul 30%, Santorum 14%, Romney 14%
  209. Finding your facebook friends that live in Iowa. Easy
  210. Someone Please Make a Youtube Video of Santorum Saying He Doesn't Believe in Democracy
  211. *UNOFFICIAL* Iowa caucus predictions thread!
  212. BREAKING!! Virginia will NOT change ballot. Only Paul and Romney will be on it
  213. Ron Paul Tops Social Media Scorecard in First Ever ‘Social Primary’, Says Sociagility
  214. Is the Phone from Home program changing on Caucus day... ?
  215. Longtime Ron Paul backer heads GOP in Tarrant, Texas
  216. Santorum Twitter Bomb All Day Tomorrow
  217. New poll shows a three-way horserace in Iowa; Perry in fifth
  218. PPP Poll (SUNDAY 1/1) Poll: Paul 20, Romney 19, Santorum 18
  219. CNN Reports: Ron Paul Most Active Candidate On Twitter, Polls Highest In Consistency 61%
  220. PPP shows upward mobility for Paul...
  221. Ron Paul is NOT anti-israel. Drinking with bob
  222. Ron Paul will win Iowa. Drinking with bob
  223. Five thirty eight - calculation of chances to win from PPP poll
  224. Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Iowa
  225. Heads up for incoming
  226. Voting Results Of Every Iowa Caucus (For Reference)
  227. [video] Ron Paul Is Dominating Twitter Tonight, CNN Tries To Play It Down
  228. Rand Paul to stump with dad; Huntsman focuses on Jan. 10
  229. I wonder if the Paul or Perry camp will hit ads against Santorum today?
  230. This is it!
  231. Only 2 Days to educate Iowans - Santorum
  232. Inside Edition - 1/2/2012 "Ron Paul"
  233. Tomorrow We Take Iowa
  234. Funny headlines from Legal Insurrection
  235. Graphics Artist Needed to Make Image Banner Advertising Phone From Home & GOTV!
  236. Hit the top rated youtube vids for paul, romney and santorum.
  237. PPP tweet that made no sense earlier
  238. Rebuttal to Rachel Maddow MSNBC (This is an opportunity).
  239. Isn't it more important to attack Romney than Santorum
  240. Two Keys for the Iowa Caucus Results: Evangelicals Love Ron Paul & Romney's Bluff
  241. Changing parties to vote for Ron Paul, peace
  242. Need help contacting potential Iowa supporters
  243. Iowa Caucus: Final Predictions
  244. EndorseLiberty YouTube Video: "Fake Mitt Romney" Endorses Ron Paul Days before Iowa Caucus
  245. Google Trends Iowa.
  246. DRUDGE BOMB: VID Santorum Interrupts Iowa Bar During Football Game, Annoys Fans - Funny!
  247. How many years to 1984 ?
  248. What time will we know the results tomorrow?
  249. Ticker for Phone from Home ?
  250. Insider Advantage Iowa: Romney 22.7%, Paul 22.4%, Santorum 18%