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  1. Fox & Friends: three different panelist just predicted Paul 1st, Romney 2nd, Sant/Ging 3rd
  2. Ceiling Update - a little over 50% according to CBS
  3. Mob Mentality - How it Will Benefit Paul in IA & NH
  4. TRAILER: Mitt Romney's 'FED: A Love Story' - Now On DVD
  5. Jack Hunter on WTMA this morning from 8-10 est
  6. Politico Poll: Will Ron Paul's foreign policy stance hurt his chances?
  7. Is Any of Ron Paul's Support Transferable?
  8. Drudge Headlines- GOP Race over, Why is nobody attacking Romney, Open Road (for Romney)
  9. Pew - Actions of the Fed impoverished minorities
  10. Ron Paul: Medicare, Paper Money & Nearly Everything Else Is Unconstitutional
  11. Good news for us (statistic)
  12. With Pelosi in the news about staying arround due to donors (special interests)...
  13. Ron Paul garners applause in Iowa, but does it come from caucusgoers?
  14. SC Intrade odds
  15. CNN Reports: Ron Paul To Take Weekend Off From Campaigning In Iowa Heading Back To Texas
  16. How will you feel on January 3rd?
  17. RP2012's Doug Wead just had an interview on Fox News (video added)
  18. "No One But Paul" meme gaining traction
  19. Do Black Americans Believe Ron Paul Is Racist?
  20. [video]Doug Wead To FNC In Regards To Foreign Policy "The Constitution Is Not Dangerous"
  21. Florida(TelOpinion Research) GOP poll
  22. Nate Silver/538 Iowa predictions --
  23. All American New Year on FOX
  24. Former Gary Johnson NH Staffers Back Ron Paul
  25. The Many Contradictions of the Paulophobe
  26. Videos to Explain Positions on Birthright Citizenship, Federal Reserve, LGBT issues,
  27. This made me smile-"Crowds and media grow at Ron Paul Stops"
  28. Head of the Mossad says "Iran is NOT and existential threat"
  29. We Ask America Iowa GOP Poll
  30. A very good piece on Ron Paul on CNN
  31. 12/30-Phone from Home, THE FINAL PUSH!!!
  32. Interesting article from the BBC
  33. New Hampshire on 1-10-12 - Cold icy mix, 0.65 precip. High 24deg
  34. Always Be Calling (with video)
  35. 100 Hours Left: Romney 23, Paul 21, Newt in 5th
  36. Today's News 12/30
  37. Newt Town Hall on CSPAN
  38. Does anyone know what happened to Peer2Paul.com?
  39. HuffPost - Irresponsible Foreign Policy: The Republican Establishment, Not Ron Paul
  40. The Danger of Ignoring Romney
  41. Mainstream media's racism exposed: The unofficial guide to racism in politics
  42. Chipin: Food & Drink for NH Election Day Volunteers!!
  43. Can you explain "Narrow the new health care law," a Ron Paul proposal?
  44. RevPac should make the "Compassion" ad into a radio ad and tv...its that good
  45. Final Iowa PPP Poll Out Sunday 11:30pm-Midnight
  46. Free the Wead (Free The Doug Wead)!
  47. Ron Paul needs to ATTACK Romney RIGHT NOW
  48. List of Ron Paul - 100 Day Actions
  49. Ron Paul & Michelle Bachmann will be on "This Week" on ABC 1/1/2012
  50. Va. GOP to require loyalty oath in presidential primary
  51. Nightmare Scenario in Iowa
  52. Michael Scheuer endorses Ron Paul and his foreign policy - Article
  53. Ron Paul's McCain-Like Path to the Nomination
  54. Ron Paul "is the only candidate to put together an actual budget proposal”
  55. Will Rand Campaign for Ron in Iowa?
  56. ON DRUDGE: Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger' rises up chart after Paul praise...
  57. Ron + Rand Paul To Hold Whistle-Stop Tour In Iowa
  58. The Campaign Should Use Doug Wead Rather Than Jack Hunter as Surrogate for Live Media
  59. CNN covering Ron now.
  60. thumbs up
  61. Is Newt worth fighting at this point? I don't know but made this video anyway
  62. Breaking: Ron/Rand Paul to Hold Daylong Whistle-Stop Tour
  63. What about a Michael Eurizone endorsement?
  64. 5 Million Reached for campaign, need to raise $999,999 more in 36 hours
  65. Hello?!? Ron Paul is fighting to save our freedoms and liberty
  66. Ron Paul Reacts to RevPac Ad
  67. Rasmussen Iowa Poll: Romney 23%, Paul 22%, Santorum 16%
  68. Phone-From-Home Upgrade (12/30/11) 13:30 ET
  69. Drudge Bomb-CIA'sHead Of Bin Laden Unit Endorses Ron Paul Because Of Pauls Foreign Policy!
  70. Iowa St and Iowa Bowl games today
  71. RP Prediction: Al Qaeda leader sends veteran jihadists to establish presence in Libya
  72. 5 ways to help Ron Paul win NOW!
  73. Help combat the smears on Facebook!
  74. Suggestion to caucus goers
  75. Wolf just defended RP
  76. Rand to attend Nashua, NH GOP Gala
  77. Ron Paul Has Already Won
  78. NPR: Iowa Veterans For Paul Explain The Attraction
  79. Why isn't there a foreign policy commercial?
  80. Happy New Year's Ron Paul!!
  81. It being clear Ron isn't racist, this 'controversial language' is the best they can do.
  82. Compassion Video at Top of MSNBC Home Page! DRUDGE THIS!
  83. Wondering why CNN poll had Romney leading? Hmmmm....
  84. Gary Franci of RevPAC being interviewed now
  85. Rep. Steve King says he may endorse Romney or Santorum to hurt Ron
  86. Ron Paul restore the Old Republic- Even going so far promoting him in a video game :)
  87. Gallup shows Dr. Paul's national average holding steady...
  88. TIME: Six Reasons Ron Paul Has Appeal Beyond the GOP
  89. Lo0g off "phone from home" people - it is DIALING TOWNS during upgrade
  90. "Jews for Ron Paul" To U.S. Voters: "Let My People Go!"
  91. Countdown : we are at T -minus 100 hrs. to the Iowa caucus
  92. CNN (3:55 PM EST)- Kelly Clarkson/Ron Paul Blowback Piece
  93. Daily Caller: Ron Paul is the most conservative presidential candidate
  94. CNN Reported Kelly Clarkson Sales Are Through The Roof, Use "Blowback" Term
  95. Blitzer: Claims controversial quotes found in Ron Paul Book [TV bit was weak]
  96. Will the media's "Freedom Under Seige" coverage HELP by getting people to read the book?
  97. The Comical Media Bias/Hypocrisy on Ron Paul
  98. 1988: Ron Paul Explains Racist Origins of "Drug War" (VIDEO)
  99. Positive Article on Huff Post (backs up Ron on CIA drug trafficking conspiracy)
  100. I AM Canadian, and I just got mad.
  101. Which 3 federal programs do you hate the most?
  102. Super PAC Spends More Than $200,000 Online
  103. Preventing Undecideds and Paul-Haters from Coalescing Around Romney
  104. A Foreign Policy of Freedom "billboard/posters" needed . . . in SC and Ohio and Cali and
  105. Stop watching TV, it will just depress you and demotivate you.
  106. CATO Institute: In proposals to cut spending, Ron Paul stands out the most
  107. Ron Paul: “I’m gonna come in, I think, first or second,” In Iowa
  108. Twitter: Drop NH Union Leader subscription?
  109. Any U.S. President have three wives ? (although Newt Gingrich will drop out soon enough)
  110. Lizza List: Top Five Electoral Outcomes Journalists Are Secretly Rooting For
  111. Video Idea - "A Servant's Heart"
  112. Daily Mail "Ron Paul supporters blow up album sales for Kelly Clarkson"
  113. How to find out how much money I have left to donate?
  114. Michelle Branch Joins Kelly Clarkson In Supporting Ron Paul-(Mediaite)
  115. Need to attack Romney for his involvement in Ponzi Scheme
  116. CBS: What happens if Ron Paul wins Iowa?
  117. Stefan Molyneux : Just put out a Ron Paul video. Your thoughts. Pretty compelling, imho.
  118. Mark Landsbaum: GOP has Ron Paul problems
  119. The Bible & Ron Paul, 13-part series on Ron Paul Flix
  120. Only $950 Thousand to reach our $6 Million!
  121. Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Ron Paul for President
  122. Robert Steele Endorses Ron Paul
  123. Perez Hilton: Kelly Clarkson's Album Sales Increase 200% After Ron Paul Endorsement!!
  124. Have you bought the CD or Itunes of Ron Paul supporter Kelly Clarkson?
  125. Be a Frank Luntz focus group participant
  126. What's up with RT news?
  127. Paul: Poll Rise Has Led to More Attacks From Rivals
  128. Did gun owners of America ever endorse Ron this time?
  129. LIKE BOMB! UMULAStudios will give $100 for every like towards "The Compassion of Dr. Paul"
  130. Ron Paul Letter to the Editor
  131. Campaign makes six figure ad buy in South Carolina
  132. Ron, Rand Paul to campaign together in Iowa on Monday
  133. What is this? Should we be scurred?
  134. CNN article about Kelly Clarkson says American Idol hopefuls should vote libertarian
  135. Question
  136. Tom Woods Breaks it Down
  137. NYT: Will Ron Paul Supporters Get Behind a Republican Nominee Not Named Paul?
  138. Another Kelly Clarkson grassroots idea
  139. Tantalizing Anecdote From "Game Change" Regarding 2008 Iowa Caucuses
  140. Say what you will about sign waves, but this photo is AWESOME!
  141. When will the Iowa caucus results be released?
  142. Why we are winning
  143. Video update - Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 12/30/11
  144. Reminder: Promote the End of Quarter Push
  145. 8 PM EST 12/30 Freedom Watch- Paul/Kucinich (New?)
  146. UNABRIDGED: The Ron Paul Anti-Racist Encyclopedia
  147. Role reversal, media complains that Paul is ignoring them - HA!
  148. UMULAStudios will donate $100 for every 'Like' on the Compassion video
  149. Walter Williams Praises Ron Paul
  150. OWS hecklers identified as the SAME at 4 events: Paul and Romney 12/30/11
  151. Friday Night Edition-Where does Paul finish in Iowa
  152. WSJ: Ron Paul campaign has traction cuz so many Americans respond to his message
  153. On reddit: “Ron Paul: the Only Candidate to Condemn Racial Profiling at CNN Debate.”
  154. Nice NH mailer
  155. Paul seems to be surging in web searchs at the moment.
  156. What time does the DMR come out??
  157. The next PPP SC and Florida Polls?
  158. 100% we are right where we choose to be in IOWA
  159. Paul IS on the Ohio ballot
  160. Ron Paul discusses Mitt Romney
  161. Paul Assails Rivals’ Criticism of His Policy on Iran
  162. Establishment shills on Anderson 360 right now "Paul polling at 2-3 nationally" Lolz
  163. Everybody got their great caucus speech ready?
  164. Iowa's GOP caucuses may see some Democratic defectors
  165. Why Do Young Voters Support Ron Paul So Strongly?
  166. AWESOME: Iowa in 2008 v. 2012
  167. Ron Paul on Iowa Caucus, Spending Cuts, Opponents
  168. Two Texans Poised for GOP Iowa Caucus Win
  169. "An Appeal To The Left"
  170. Why Ron Paul Matters (By the CEO of Cato)
  171. Ron Paul Welcomes Democrats... Sometimes
  172. What's so special about this man?
  173. CNN National Poll 12/16-12/18 included only whites over 50 years of age?!
  174. Ron Paul Correctly Predicts Al Qaeda Will Move Into Libya After Qaddafi
  175. Why I believe Bachmann and Perry will do poorly
  176. Ad shows Ron Paul as compassionate doctor to biracial couple in 1970s
  177. xxxx
  178. local news video: Vote 2012: Final Push For Support For Tuesday’s Caucuses (superbrochures
  179. Official Thank "Who" or "What" converted you to Ron Paul Thread
  180. [Video] Ron Paul on Bloomberg
  181. Ron Paul on Bloomberg - 12/30/11 w/YOUTUBE
  182. You'll Never Guess Who's Second Among Evangelicals In Iowa
  183. We need to get the recognition of the AARP.
  184. GOP Losers team up against the Voter's CHAMP: Ron Paul
  185. Reublican Liberty Caucus endorses Ron Paul for President
  186. 12 Days of Xmas Ron Paul Style
  187. In Iowa, Republican Candidate Paul Campaigns His Way
  188. Losing Fox News Online Poll -- VOTE!!!
  189. Ron Paul Revolution - Memphis Style
  190. Yeah, Ron's 'taking the weekend off' - THREE Sunday shows. Rand's on a fourth
  191. I'm a professional marketer who can sell RP to anyone in 1 answer
  192. *Oldie but goodie* If Chuck Norris had ONE WISH, in his own words.
  193. Ron Paul meetup Insight Bowl at ASU PICS !!
  194. trending now
  195. Outlier Iowa GOP only poll show Rick Santorum moves into second place
  196. Positive Ideas and Articles for Ron Paul ONLY!
  197. We Ask America Predicts Bachmann Win? (does not necessarily make them “Republicans.)
  198. SC is in play...
  199. Local Occupiers Voting for Paul
  200. This will REALLY boost Kelly Clarkson's sales... Just share this image on your fb...
  201. My (WIP) Email Letter To We Ask America
  202. Possible Confirmation that the Media Smears Aren't Working in Iowa
  203. On the lighter side
  204. http://voteronpaul.us/ (Map)
  205. Santorum's Surge - Good and Bad, Here's Why
  206. The Bankers Choice is the Un-American choice. Be a Patriot, support what’s right.
  207. GUYS I found a FREE way to leverage unlimited mass text massaging to GOTV
  208. Ron on top for the very first time ever
  209. Fox News about to do a segment on the Clarkson Bump (8 AM EST)
  210. Looking for a Poll Showing Media Manipulation
  211. Ron Paul needs your donation today
  212. Should Ron start the media in his local speeches?
  213. Turning Conan's attacks against him and into an advantage for Ron Paul. (video)
  214. NY Times: Ron Paul Assails Rivals’ Criticism of His Policy on Iran
  215. If someone asked "Why does the media hate Ron Paul?"...
  216. In Iowa, Believers Ignore Politics' Fickle Winds
  217. Ron Paul Had Accurate Conspiracy Theory: CIA Was Tied To Drug Traffickers
  218. Obama V Paul - Help please
  219. How easy is it to raise millions for Paul? (share)
  220. Iowa Press: Reporters Roundtable on the Caucuses
  221. The campaign needs $839,000... !!!
  222. Former S.C. State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel Endorses Ron Paul (former Giuliani supporter)
  223. Ron Paul on CNN State of the Union (1/1/12) - 9am ET
  224. [PICS] 12/28/11 Ron Paul Veterans Rally - Iowa
  225. Des Moines Register final poll tonight at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT
  226. 12/31/11 PPPPolls twitter
  227. Iowa Caucus Forecast: Sunny and cold, high 38, low 29
  228. Any on the ground reports from Christmas Break for Ron Paul in Iowa??
  229. Supervillain or Newt: The Game!
  230. #1 Reason that Ron Paul may lose in Iowa......
  231. Today's News - New Years Eve 2011
  232. Glenn Greenwald: Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies
  233. Virginia Attorney General is trying to put Newt and Rick on the ballot
  234. If Ron Paul Wins Iowa
  235. Finish The $6 Million Mark Before The New Year!
  236. Paul on front page Huffpost politics section
  237. Sharing the Compassion RevPAC Ad
  238. Finally, an excellent article about converting Progressives to Ron on Salon
  239. Great quote from Jesse Ventura
  240. 80K raised by Noon
  241. Remember: Iowa is Meaningless
  242. Let's play a little game called MSM Headlines
  243. Ron Paul's fervent supporters revel in his rise in the polls - USAToday
  244. Nap just tweeted...
  245. party crashing Mitt in NH (pics)
  246. Phone Banking Script?
  247. Glenn Beck tells AMERICA WE MUST support Ron Paul
  248. Saturday "phone from home" is good ALL DAY LONG!
  249. Another one of my letters made the paper.. feel free to use it
  250. Ron Paul Revolution Expands to Ultra-Conservative NW Iowa