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  1. Super Brochure On the Ed Show
  2. IAGOP Caucus Procedures
  3. Politico: Ron Paul campaign Rejects CNN/Time poll
  4. Michelle Bachmann dodging the "would you vote for RP" question
  5. #JifnotP - Todd Seavey
  6. Gingrich tells NBC a 4th or 3rd in Iowa is OK with him.
  7. Tweet: "Bachmann's state chairman endorses Ron Paul at rally."
  8. Using CNN and PPP numbers....
  9. Former Bachmann IA Chair Endorses Ron Paul (State Sen. Kent Sorenson)
  10. IMPORTANT - Ron Paul Facebook Page asks us NOT to Watch the Vote!
  11. DRUDGE BOMB: Bachmann Iowa Chair Defects to Ron Paul!!!!
  12. "Ron, it's a scary time -- you're our only hope"
  13. Va. GOP to require loyalty oath in presidential primary
  14. Maddow to discuss Bachmann Chair's defection to Paul
  15. Has this been posted yet? -- DOUG WEAD OWNS FOX NEWS ON RON IN IA
  16. Snowmen for Paul -- now's the time
  17. Ron Paul and Jimmi Hendrix
  18. In case you were wondering what the OWS protesters were shouting tonight
  19. BREAKING NEWS!! Revolution PAC releases "The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul"
  20. New Revolution Pac ad may be a gamechanger.
  21. Ron Paul in 20 words or less
  22. Probably the simplest way to explain the constitution and what Ron Paul stands for.
  23. [VIDEO] Ron Paul Veterans Rally - Iowa - 12/28/11
  24. SuperBrochure Feautured on MSNBC!
  25. The Ed Show: The Super Brochure Commercial MSNBC
  26. Bachmann's endorsement of Ron Paul - the flip-flop on video
  27. This Campaign Is Top Shelf - Article about volunteer effort
  28. Marching Orders for Paulís Volunteers: Do Shave, Donít Tweet
  29. If Paul wins Iowa. Money bomb Jan 4th!!!!! $100 per person!
  30. Drudge Bomb "The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul"
  31. PPP Iowa Poll 8/21-12/27
  32. Please reddit the RevPac Ad: The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul
  33. Breaking News: Kelly Clarkson endorses Ron Paul!
  34. Funny Video About Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich
  35. Establishment Republican comes over to Ron Paul
  36. Ron Paul is going to be on Jan Mickelson's radio program (Dec 29th).
  37. Ron Paul Viral Posters
  38. Educate to Erase Ignorance!
  39. Kelly Clarkson iTunes Bomb
  40. Spread the The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul - ad everywhere!
  41. Ron Paul Super Brochure Showcased on MSNBC's The Ed Show; Praised by Politico
  42. I have a suggestion
  43. Ron Paul speech at Salute to Veterans Campaign Rally 12-28-11
  44. Kelly Clarkson...
  45. TYT's Cenk: "That ad is awesome!"
  46. Kelly Clarkson & Michelle Branch - iTunes + Twitter Bomb
  47. Feel the wrath of Ron Paul supporters when...
  48. Rick Santorum: I would vote for Ron Paul if he becomes the GOP nominee
  49. Time Magazine interviews Sorenson - Great Stuff! - mentions Bachmann aide denying payment
  50. Ron Paul Shakes Hands with Supporters
  51. AlJazeera's new video on newsletters
  52. Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney for President?
  53. Irrefutable Evidence of Bachmann Lying. She is a Proven Liar
  54. Ron Paul Grassroots Office, Coralville, Iowa
  55. this poll needs help ASAP!
  56. Might need some police to watch out for OWS protesters caucus day
  57. KNOCKOUT Article on Ron Paul and Israel from an Israeli Settler
  58. Can I please get some reddit upvotes here? - MSNBC desperation
  59. Electability? Why hasn't anyone addressed this fact:
  60. Mitt Romney: I'd Vote Ron Paul Over Obama (12-28-11)
  61. EUREKA: The Ultimate Method of Validating to Conservatives RP's View on Iran/Foreign-Pol.
  62. EXAMINER : Super PAC releases powerful new ad
  63. Mark my words, we win the primaries IF we get ALL OF YOU to SPREAD THE WORD NOW!
  64. [NEW VIDEO] Comparison of media treatment of Iowa Caucus 2008 and Iowa Caucus 2012
  65. How the campaign can step up its internet game
  67. Who said : "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."
  68. TYT's Cenk: "That ad is awesome!"
  69. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum will vote for Ron Paul!
  70. They Printed My Letter to the Editor
  71. Ron Paul's Lonely Breakfast of Champions
  72. Huffington Post runs RevPak ad "Ron Paul Ad Defending Candidate Against Racist Charges Rel
  73. Video update - Jack Hunter on Fox News (12/29)
  74. Rasmussen shady general election polling
  75. [VIDEO] What Ron Paul Stands For (The Truth About Ron Paul)
  76. Nate Silver @ FiveThirtyEight: New Iowa Poll May Understate Paulís Support
  77. 12/29 PFH-Who is calling today?
  78. WHO Radio; CSPAN: Michele Bachmann then Ron Paul - NOW! 10:00am
  79. New Insider Advantage Poll
  80. December 28 Insider Advantage Poll
  81. Insider Advantage Iowa Poll:
  82. Drudge Headline w/Picture (Top Left): Miss Independent: 'AMERICAN IDOL' winner endorses RP
  83. The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul
  84. Jack Hunter: Why Gingrich Would Be Worse Than Obama
  85. It's 10:30 AM - Time to make some calls
  86. Does RP support Watch The Vote or NOT?
  87. Today's News 12/29
  88. So how does Ron Paul do with a teleprompter?
  89. National Polls and standings in Iowa
  90. Please tweet the Judge, Jerry Doyle, and other sympathetic media the "Compassion" Ad
  91. International Business Times: Think Ron Paul is Racist? Watch this Video
  92. Rasmussen Iowa poll [UPDATE: Released, Confirmed]
  93. WaPo: Ron Paul "sticks to his beliefs and rarely contradicts himself."
  94. When in office Santorum voted to raise the debt ceiling 5 times
  95. Join me in Praying for Ron Paul!
  96. ARG Iowa GOP December 29, 2011
  97. Rasmussen: Voters don't think GOP President would reduce spending - This is how Paul Wins
  98. Reason: How I Became an APaulogist, Despite Suspicious Heritage. (Comment Section Matters)
  99. Should we inform Occupy the Caucuses Ron Paul is NOT planning (yet anyhow) to abolish EPA?
  100. Thanks Jesse Benton. You deserve some gratitude on here.
  101. The 2nd Jewish Media Source to circulate the "Paul is not Anti-Israel" rebuttal......
  102. Video update - Kent Sorenson on Fox News w/ Megyn Kelly
  103. A quick question.
  104. Video update - Kent Sorenson on CNN
  105. The Ron Paul Revolution In Iowa: Four Years in the Making
  106. Romney Will Be in Iowa During and Day After the Caucus
  107. [Video] Ron Paul Supporter Stereotypes, Kelly Clarkson, and Michelle Branch
  108. Gallup GOP daily 12/22-12/28; Mitt +2, Newt -2, Paul no change
  109. Yahoo News - Gingrich and Romney are Fraudulent Conservatives
  110. Ron Paul Closely Matches Average American's Ideology (Gallup)
  111. Need a Stump Speech?
  112. Don't Wait for a Donation Ticker! "Compassion" Ad needs to run ASAP!
  113. Ron Paul reacts to new ad by Revolution PAC
  114. I Am Not anti-Semitic - A Response from Ron Paul
  115. Poll: Do you think Ron Paul will win the Iowa caucuses?
  116. Are We Going To Donate To RevPac?
  117. Momentum from Iowa NH - How much is needed?
  118. Paul pulling ahead in Iowa
  119. Rick Santorum and Blue Republicans: Ideologicaly Aligned Arguments
  120. PPP Tweet (Regarding ARG)
  121. PPP Tweet: ARG poll "seems impossible"
  122. RevPAC: Give us a Goal and a Ticker, We'll Do the Rest
  123. When does the PPP New hampshire Poll come out??
  124. Great Video Debunking the 'Racist' Charges. Make This Go Viral!
  125. ron paul today on cspan
  126. It's the bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, tied at 1-1 and Ron Paul is on deck
  127. Why is everyone on this forum not calling NH right now?
  128. NH PPP Poll 12/29: Romney 36%, Paul 21%, Gingrich 13%, Huntsman 12%
  129. Bluegrass Bulletin: Ron Paul's Surge Met By Political Hit-Men
  130. Wanna see something funny? Google "Toady" and see what comes in first.
  131. Please reddit: Paul gaining momentum in NH: Latest NH PPP Poll: Romney 36%, Paul 21%, Ging
  132. On drudge - Krauthammer: Embarassed by candadates - RP not electable
  133. Ben Swann to report on letters, asks for our help
  134. What can we do after we win Iowa?
  135. Bachmann on Fox News talking about defection (video added)
  136. From both sides - facebook
  138. Open up on Romney in SC, FL
  139. Jesse Ventura Endorses Ron Paul
  140. CONFIRMED: Bachmann political director fired, likely over defense of Sorenson
  141. John Stossel: Libertarian Year in Review
  142. New Talking Points IA NH - CAN WIN!
  143. Nh no longer important, SC and FL are the prizes
  144. Fox News admits the GOP are authoritarians... sort of.
  145. Sen. Kent Sorenson Statement on Bachmann Allegations
  146. Campaign HQ protest leads to 5 being arrested
  147. Bachmann on CNN talking about Sorenson defection (Full video added)
  148. Josh: Phone From Home Banner?
  149. [VIDEO] Michelle Bachmann - Serial Liar
  150. Gingrich now a second-tier candidate
  151. forum traffic rising considerably
  152. GOP Establishment Candidates SCARED of Ron Paul
  153. Welcome Former Bachmann Supporters!
  154. Should Ron challeng Romney to a 1-on-1 debate?
  155. We haven't won yet!
  156. Does Iowa Matter? Is the Media Spinning to help their Anti- Ron Paul Narrative?
  157. Florida and the winner take all myth
  158. [VIDEO] They're Afraid Of Ron Paul 2012!!!!
  159. US elections 2012: Ron Paul gaining support of Iowan Democrats and independents
  160. Tune in now: CNN is going to talk about Kelly Clarkson's tweet
  161. Tom Marr (filling in for Levin) owned by Paul caller
  162. Florida grassroots effort, details, contacts, etc
  163. Walter Williams to fill in for Rush Limbaugh, Friday 30th
  164. Nevada Office Packed... At 1pm on a Thursday.
  165. Politico Website in Full-Blown Ron Paul Smear Mode
  166. Attn youtube wizards: Need to separate clip (Important)
  167. The Second American Revolution Has Already Begun
  168. Ron Paul and the debt ceiling..
  169. Let's Put Everything in Perspective for a Second
  170. Ticker is back on the front page - Need 1.1 million in 54 hours
  172. Video: REAL Americans Vote Ron Paul
  173. Politico: Who won the day? Ron Paul
  174. Talking about Sorenson on Anderson Cooper
  175. [PIC] Obama gets pranked by Ron Paul supporter? lulz
  176. Politico: Who Won The Day? Ron Paul
  177. Adopt a Meetup 12/29/12
  178. Daily Paul starts music bomb in support of Kelly Clarkson
  179. Compassion Ad on Movie Theatre Screens?
  180. RPF's should place this Ron Paul video on the main page. "They're Afraid Of Ron Paul 2012"
  181. Remember the girl on Christmas crying over Ron Paul Book. Perry Supporter......
  182. World War III
  183. Sean Hannity interviews Ron Paul [rerun]
  184. Dr. Paul has just two months to convince voters! March '08 McCain was nominee.
  185. Ron Paul Veteran's Rally / Iowa WHO Radio. Check out the videos on your iPhone!
  187. Politico: Who won the day? Ron Paul
  188. Can anyone help?
  189. I like this video
  190. Help me celebrate 8,000 calls for Dr. Paul! -- all by my lonesome!
  191. RevolutionPAC Ad Highlights Ron Paul's Management Strengths
  192. Is there anyway we can get a Joe Namath endorsement?
  193. Want to know why Rick Santorum can't win?
  194. SC Positioning
  195. CNN article photo
  196. Just $68,000 left until the campaign breaches $5,000,000...
  197. Year End donation Thread!!! RP Asked for $2 million to finish the year! $6million total!
  198. Ron Paul: ĎI sense a change in this countryí
  199. We need a national ad illustrating the media bias
  200. Ron Paul is Smarter than the Conventional Wisdom
  201. According to Bachmann, Paul pays defector more than his campaign chair.
  202. Ignore attacks - Focus on Romney now
  203. How Mitt Romney Could (Still) Lose
  204. Is anyone familiar with....
  205. Jan Mickelson WHO Radio & C-Span full interview
  206. 750 People Attend RP's Council Bluffs, IA Town Hall
  207. New ad now showing in NH
  208. Aimee Allen: How to Cook a Meal while Calling Iowa voters for Ron Paul
  209. Video: The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul | Shows that Ron Paul is not a racist
  210. David Letterman: Showed Ron Paul Commerical lol
  211. From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!
  212. Article: Lunch With Ron Paul
  213. WorldNetDaily demolishes media's racism charges against Ron Paul
  214. Ron Paul on WHO Iowa Radio 12/29/11 9 (C-SPAN 1 Hour Youtube)
  215. Ron Paul reacts to new "Compassion" ad! MUST SEE!
  216. Ron Paul Reacts to "Compassion" Ad on CSPAN
  217. So what is the next LARGE step after Iowa?
  218. [HuffPo] Marginalizing Ron Paul by Robert Scheer
  219. Paul sees the bigger picture
  220. Fox News finally says Ron Paul is a frontrunner 12/28/11
  221. Great letter to the editor in Iowa - Supports Ron Paul
  222. politico poll needs votes!
  223. Town Hall (Mike Shedlock): Race Baiting and Ron Paul
  224. How to increase voter turnout by 14%
  225. Ron Paul and the Dog!
  226. RoadFish.com Editor Backs Ron Paul for Republican Candidacy in 2012 Presidential Election
  227. Gary Johnson encourages supporters to vote for Ron Paul in GOP primaries
  228. Residents of Lake Jackson (RP's district) respond to his frontrunner status. NICE!
  229. Need help finding a video...
  230. Oddball Paul steals march in race to the White House
  231. Ron Paul: Sanctions against Iran are 'acts of war'
  232. Strategies for inspiring caucus turnout magic
  233. [Youtube] A young, Black RP supporter on why he supports Paul
  234. Aimee Allen phones from home
  235. Young Ron Paul volunteers descend on Iowa (update: on DRUDGE)
  236. International Business Times: Ron Paul 2012: Should We Hand Him the Economy?
  237. RP Supporters buy CD of Kelly Clarkson to show their support
  238. A way to attack Romney ---
  239. Santorum and Bachmann not on DC ballot either, I guess?
  240. Ron Paul Flix scheduled downtime for server upgrade after today's attacks
  241. Ron Paul slams Barack Obama on drone strikes
  242. An outcome theory for the 2012 elections and way to convert die hard Obama-haters
  244. How to Instantly win the Nomination using this one Loophole in Voter Psychology...
  245. NBC/Marist Poll Iowa (Just flashed on Morning Joe): Romney 23%, Paul 21%, Santorum 15%
  246. Our worst enemy is not the media, but...
  247. Do you know someone who supports Mitt Romney ? Or a Place where they support him ?
  248. Saturday's Des Moines Register Poll Scenario
  249. Ron Paul Doesnít Appeal To Evangelicals? Polls Say Otherwise (ay dios mio)
  250. Fox & Friends: three different panelist just predicted Paul 1st, Romney 2nd, Sant/Ging 3rd