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  1. Limbaugh Fill-In Says Ron Paul Being Propelled by Democrats Hijacking Caucus
  2. can someone find a video for me?
  3. Brian Doherty: Media Coverage of Ron Paul's Iowa Surge
  4. Ron Paul still LOSING this poll...
  5. [SCAM] Miami Billboard and Newspaper ads In Florida!!
  6. Blue Republican Super Brochure
  7. Letter: Ron Paul offers the right leadership
  8. CNN: Iowa Caucus - What's your prediction for who will land 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th?
  9. Ron Paul's novel coalition faces its major moment in Iowa
  10. U.S. presidential hopeful Ron Paul isn't anti-Israel, former aide says
  11. $10 Million Ad Buy in Iowa and NH [mod note: context]
  12. Attention Iowa Veterans
  13. What is the best video to show Ron is tough on foreign policy?
  14. DRUDGE BOMB: "U.S. presidential hopeful Ron Paul isn't Anti-Israel, former aide says"
  15. Latest Gallup.. not that bad IMO
  16. How some blacks feel about RP
  17. What is YOUR plan to stuff your caucus for Ron? MAKE A PLAN NOW NOW NOW!
  18. Ron Paul's Veteran's Rally tomorrow 7pm IS open to non-veteran supporters per this
  19. What Some Black People Think about Ron Paul
  20. The Incredible Bread Machine Film
  21. On Faith: Can a Christian be a libertarian?
  22. Signing On for the Ron Paul Revolution
  23. I defended Ron Paul in studio on a local radio panel!(VIDEO-HD)
  24. Eric Dondero's Prejudicial comments on Illegals, delusions of grandeur
  25. Ron Paul speech 1988 proves media wrong
  26. Poll: Will the new meme that Ron Paul thinks we shouldn't be in the UN hurt him in IA &NH?
  27. (Video) This is when it all started in 2007... Ron Paul signs "For Liberty" on paperwork!
  28. Israeli newspaper Haaretz counters Dondero claims about Ron Paul and Israel
  29. URGENT ACTION: Election Tampering to Block Ron Paul
  30. Wolf Blitzer to Newt Gingrich: Will You Run Third Party?
  31. defamation and slander
  32. CNN attacking C4L right now
  33. thanks grassroots supporters for sending super bros to NH
  34. Ron Paul Phone From Home Program
  35. Ron Paul should challenge newt to a 1-on-1 debate!
  36. Call Ron Paul From Home
  37. Campaigning in Indiana
  38. Paint the Town with Ron Paul
  39. We're a household name now
  40. Thanks CNN, I just donated another $100 to Ron Paul!
  41. Doug Wead COMING UP on CNBC with Kudlow at 7:15 PM EST
  42. CNN pundits just predicted Ron Paul #1 in Iowa...
  43. [Video] Newt Gingrich interview excerpt with Wolf Blitzer (12/27)
  44. Israeli newspaper defends Ron Paul
  45. getting a good response rate on phone from home! Join in
  46. "Every decent American"
  47. I think the MSM blew it.
  48. PPP Iowa Poll to be released between 11 and 12 tonight
  49. Iowa GOP moving vote-count to 'undisclosed location'
  50. Hitting the Des Moines streets with door hangers
  51. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: ‘It Took Guts’ For Newt Gingrich To Attack Ron Paul
  52. DRUDGE: Links to National Journal Article, Ron Paul Comments 90% favorable
  53. Pastor Dowelling on Paul
  54. Major Printing Error On RonPaulProducs Super Brochure!!!
  55. Don't forget New Hampshire
  56. 'We The People Do Not Believe You' campaign
  57. Why don't the Paul and Romney campaigns attack each other?
  58. Black Peopole Support Ron Paul!
  59. Which version of the RPP Super Brochure is being sent out?
  60. Gingrich, Bachman, Perry OUT of Virginia
  61. Will I get the birthday present that I want? (Jan 4) [ego bait]
  62. Where's the ad dispelling the electability myth? Hello!!!
  63. Something pro-Ron Paul is happening on twitter if you want to join in
  64. It’s Not Fear that Grips Me...
  65. RevolutionPAC Video: Iraq Veteran for Ron Paul
  66. Fair coverage on ABC world news 12/26/2011 and local news today CBS 2 Los Angeles 11am
  67. In light of the "Super Brochure" Charlie Foxtrot, proofread please...
  68. Report this twitter account for spam! @rp_newsletter
  69. Family Matters
  71. MSNBC the ed show - 11pm 12/27
  72. PPP Poll-Iowa: Paul 24, Romney 20, Gingrich 13, Bachmann 11, Perry/Santorum 10, Huntsman 4
  73. Iowa PPP Poll 12/27: Paul 24%, Romney 20%, Gingrich 13%, Bachmann 11%
  74. PPP Poll: Ron 24, Romney 20, Gingrich 13, Bachman 11
  75. Today's PPP Poll result: Paul maintains his lead: FK YEAH
  76. PPP Iowa Poll: Paul 24, Romney 20, Gingrich 13, Bachmann 11, Perry/Santorum 10
  77. PPP IOWA Poll 12/27
  78. Attacks from the Left bring conservatives to Ron. Attacks from the right bring liberals!
  79. Jim O’Neill: Signing On for the Ron Paul Revolution
  80. Check out the latest Ron Paul News and Videos on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  81. The scenario for possible vote fraud in Iowa
  82. Post on this Fox News Article on Ron Paul's Strength in Iowa
  83. Great Front Porch Republic article on Paul's foreign policy
  84. Heads up on how Drudge and other sites maty be manipulating you right now
  85. Paul surging on Intrade-55% and climbing
  86. PPP New Hampshire Poll coming Thursday
  87. Best part about the PPP poll - 12% of those polled are 18-29
  88. An Incorruptible Ron Paul?
  89. DONATE TONIGHT!!!!!!!
  90. 12/27/07 RCP Average was 5.5%, Got 9.9% in Caucus
  91. This is what happens
  92. Numbers on why we can win NH-Must View
  93. Stump-Speech-Givers KNOW Romney's flip flops!
  94. SFGate Poll: RonPaul's Rise in the polls
  95. Steady
  96. On Jan 3 will we break the 4009 users on RPF at once? Was at 10:43PM
  97. WatchTheVote2012.com website needs the magic touch of the right Paulies.
  98. Ron Paul supported and endorsed an openly gay candidate 20 years ago
  99. Dec, 27: Even more TYT ROn Paul Videos
  100. Why are Iowans supporting Ron Paul?--RevPac Video
  101. Attack Dogs Unleashed on Ron Paul
  102. Did anyone watch the Donald Trump moderated debate tonight?
  103. Inspiring 13 minute Ron Paul Video on Foreign Policy created by supporters
  104. Many Valley Republican activists still shopping for a presidential star
  105. Des Moines Register: Ron Paul’s policy vision is consistent, clear
  106. Why Isn't the Ticker Up?
  107. Ron Paul has a 60% chance of winning Iowa!
  108. Rick Perry sues Virginia to get on primary ballot
  109. Occupy Iowa protesters set to occupy campaign headquarters
  110. Why are Iowans Supporting Ron Paul?
  111. Ron Paul Endorsed by Eminent Pastor Rev. Phil Kayser, Ph.D.
  112. James Randi Forum
  113. Ron Paul Digital Billboards up and running in Des Moines through Jan. 3rd!
  114. CSPAN will cover Ron Paul's Salute to Veterans Rally in Iowa, starting 8 pm ET 12/28
  115. Hundreds of Occupy Activists Gather in Iowa to Plot ‘Anti-Caucus’ Distruptions
  116. If Dondero is all they have left...
  117. Are you willing to take these steps for freedom ?
  118. Iowa GOP moving vote-count to 'undisclosed location'
  119. Light up giant Ron Paul signs at night
  120. 2 MILLION before Sunday. Donate now. Tell everyone you know to donate. Donate again.
  121. What is Ron Paul's campaign strategy?
  122. Cenk Young Turks now DEFENDS Ron Paul - Video
  123. Is this going to have effect on anything?
  124. Ron Paul is in The Fight of His Life, We Must Stand With Him!
  125. Pathetic Politico Headline "Mitt Romney in striking distance of Iowa win" 12/28
  126. If RP Wins Iowa I'm pledging $100(all my money) the day after. Who's with me?
  127. "Ron Paul has low support with older caucus goers" who don't no he'd FUND Social Security
  128. Pat Buchanan predicts Ron Paul victory in Iowa
  129. A must read...
  130. Ron Paul on Jay Leno replayed tonight, get everyone you know to watch it
  131. Paul's surge may prompt a new look from GOP voters - AP
  132. Seacoast Online writes - "Paul strongest candidate for the presidency"
  133. While We Focus on Iowa, We Cannot Forget about Florida
  134. Fantastic Pro-Paul article from Des Moines Register
  135. N.H.: Ron Paul gains 5 points in poll, Romney sheds 3 [old poll, new article]
  136. Call-In/Tweet: C-SPAN Washington Journal hosting Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa's Family Leader
  137. To Republicans: Ron Paul or Bust
  138. Rivals Call Us the "greatest complication in the race for the GOP nomination"
  139. Putting the Charges in Perspective
  140. NEW and OFFICIAL TV Ad for Iowa and N. Hampshire! - "Machine"
  141. Drudge, you got to be kidding me
  142. Iowa's Effect on New Hampshire
  143. Ron Paul Flix Site Has Romney Ads?
  144. Product Idea - you're gonna love this
  145. Why is the watchthevote.com concept a flop and would a mini money-bomb help them?
  146. The Official Ron Paul Facebook and MySpace Pages
  147. Promote Free Bumper Stickers and Signs on Craigslist
  148. Decriminalizing Drugs : Ron Paul and William F. Buckley agree
  149. A good sign: Romney swipes at Paul in Iowa
  150. Intrade: Ron Paul passes Newt Gingrich for Republican Nomination
  151. Excellent Review Of Ron Paul In Des Moines Register
  152. Ron Paul Talks Veterans Issues in Des Moines Register Op-Ed
  153. Dr. Leon Hadar - The "other" Jewish Former Aide Not Being Covered by the MSM.......
  154. End of Q4 PUSH! Come on, let's dig in and push it to 6 million!!! (Donation Thread)
  155. Politico says Ron Paul's competing candidates are scared of him
  156. [Weigel] Poll: Newsletters Not Hurting Paul in Iowa
  157. Ron Paul Seeks First Primary/Caucus Win by GOP US Rep. Since 1964
  158. Missouri Republican Party sticks with its plan to ignore Feb. 7 primary
  159. drudge report upper left mostly Re cratering Gingrich but has 'Paul retains lead'
  160. Paul to top GOP primary ballot in Virginia R DEMANDING NEW LOYALTY PLEDGE TO VOTE
  161. [Article] Ron Paul – 24% In Iowa
  162. New York Times: Paul Comes to Iowa, Swinging
  163. Paul Comes to Iowa, Swinging (includes new ad)
  164. Fox News Chris Wallace just trashed Newt for going personal against Ron (video added)
  165. Like this headline for the poll Ron won by 4 pts? 'Gingrich Falls in Polls as Romney Rises
  166. Media calling Ron Paul Iowa win meaningless is....
  167. Want Ron Paul as our next President - I can tell you how
  168. CNN to release Iowa and New Hampshire polls at 4PM ET
  169. Is Ron Paul Foreign Policy event going to be televised?
  170. What the GOP knows but is disregarding
  171. Tom Woods Hit Piece?
  172. Is Ron Paul skipping SC?
  173. Reminder-End of Year and Fourth Qtr PUSH toward $6 million
  174. PPP: Paul now CLEARLY in 2nd place in NH
  175. Florida Billboards Donations
  176. Today's News 12/28
  177. Video - Best Michele Bachmann Speech Ever!
  178. Ronmentum: NY Times reports Republican Rivals Unleash Broadside on Paul in Iowa
  179. NY Times predicts 60% chance of Paul win in Iowa, Mitt 31%, Newt 4%
  180. GOP Delegate or Libertarian Candidate?
  181. Fox news breaks - Picture of Ron Paul now at front of news site.
  182. Great video to fight back again against homophobia charge.
  183. The Blaze links to Pauls new TV ad - Nice!
  184. Who drops out after Iowa?
  185. Thy Black Man: Ron Paul Putting The Charges Against Him In Their Proper Context…
  186. Ron Paul in Lights: First Candidate Featured on Iowa Digital Billboards (mentions RPF)
  187. Coming up on Fox- Megyn Kelly in 10 min
  188. Video update - Doug Wead on Fox News w/ Megyn Kelly
  189. Something for people to post to friends and family
  190. Best Candidate Supporters to Go After Based On PPP Poll
  191. PACKED Town Hall Meeting in Iowa-(PHOTOS)
  192. THE ECONOMIST: RP ceiling at 33%
  193. Live tweets from Ron Paul in Newton-(DesMoinesRegister)
  194. Why are none of Ron's Town Hall Q&A sessions with voters going on youtube?
  195. South Carolina Super Brochure mailings approaching 200,000!
  196. Ron Paul CPAC 2012???
  197. Fox news helping the Newt / Mitt squabble
  198. Ron Paul supporters seek balanced news, find anchorman Ben Swann
  199. Expect possible outside disruptions on caucus night in Iowa
  200. New Rules Could Complicate Race for GOP Delegates
  201. We are just giving your money away to Europe and to muddy the waters call it a swap
  202. PFH-Anyone calling today?
  203. Best Pro Ron Paul Article I have Seen In A Long Time
  204. Just a reminder... First they ignore you...
  205. Ron Paul More than DOUBLING Romney's NH TV Ad Buys-(ARTICLE)
  206. IMPORTANT UPDATE re: Campaign Efforts in IA + Volunteers
  207. Newsletters actually helping to get support
  208. Gallup Daily December 21-27: Romney +1; Gingrich and Paul no change
  209. Boom: final DMR poll to be out 7 PM central on Saturday
  210. I heard a rumor of error(s) in the R.A.N. handouts...
  211. Examiner Article on "Reality Check" Reporter Ben Swann
  212. Money Blitz starting Friday, December 30th??
  213. Gingrich and Bachmann: The scoundrels seek out their last refuge
  214. im on medved show
  215. Huge Speech Idea for New Hampshire?
  216. CNN GOP ONLY Iowa Poll: Romney 25%, Paul 22%, Santorum 16%, Gingrich 14%
  217. 12/28 CNN New Hampshire poll: Romney 44% Paul 17% Gingrich 16%
  218. Would you, could you, vote for Ron Paul?
  219. Paul vs. Romney
  220. CNN's last Iowa poll 4 years ago...
  221. Ron Paul: Israel is “one of our Most Important Friends in the World”
  222. Mitt Romney: I'd Vote for Ron Paul over Obama
  223. Which pollsters will we hear from regarding from Iowa in the next few days?
  224. LOL! PPPPolls tweet Re CNN poll ---
  225. Just now on Blitzer: Santo: "I'll vote for Ron Paul if he's the nominee"
  226. The logical conclusion of CNN poll
  227. PPP: w/ 24% of electorate that's non-GOP: Paul leads Mitt 39-12!
  228. Government and Racism - by Ron Paul
  229. Youtubes' Proteanview
  230. BREAKING NEWS!!! BOLD -Gurley Martin IOWA Prediction!!!
  231. Ron and Rand Paul in Cedar Falls, Iowa on Jan 2nd
  232. Mitt is Posturing to be the white dove of the GOP
  233. {Watch} Ron Paul's Veterans Rally covered by CSPAN Today 12/28 @ 8pm
  234. HuffPo article (Positive!)
  235. Sneaky setup question by Blitzer?
  236. Ron Paul will be on Fox News Sunday 1/1/2012
  237. Nate Silver Article: New Iowa Poll May Understate Paul’s Support
  238. Cast my absentee ballot for Ron Paul today.
  239. Thank you, Mainstream Media!
  240. CNN Manipulating Popular Belief? Did 2 Iowa Polls?
  241. CNN poll proves that we must run neg ads against Romney in NH
  242. Wow, Vander Plaats pretty complimentary of Ron Paul minutes ago...
  243. Is the man behind our fantastic ads's wife really in a Romney-PAC?
  244. Iowa: ALL caucus votes for POTUS are 'write-in'
  245. How do we prevent our delgates from folding like last time in 2008?
  246. Talking about Ron Paul on Hardball....
  247. Ron Paul Iowa Veteran's Rally Discussion Thread: 7 PM ET
  248. As Ron Paul surges in the polls, crowds grow, too
  249. SC and Florida Polls
  250. Chris Moore KDKA Pittsburgh, Likes Ron Paul