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  1. I am a Ron Paul Representative.
  2. If the US were a person ...
  3. Ron Paul on Mason City, Iowa News! Check it on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile.
  4. Help needed from ppl w/Youtube accounts
  5. Christmas Day Money Bomb?
  6. Gary Johnson possibly to endorse Ron Paul Dec 28th.
  7. Christmas w/ Ron Paul ??
  8. How about some Detroit celebrity endorsements?
  9. Has the U of N. H. poll been posted yet? Romney 39, Ron Paul 17, Gingrich 17?
  10. The Money Bomb is On-Going -- donate NOW.
  11. I was holding ron paul sign off hwy some supporter toke pic of me (florida)
  12. It is really simple
  13. Defcon 3 Action plan next week
  14. On the Iowa campaign trail: Ron Paul passes Pizza Ranch test
  15. The Most Memorable, or Impactful Movie Scenes -- For Liberty
  16. RonPaulCountry new map
  17. [Mod: Joke] Ron Paul Changes Positions & Aqua Buddha Returns
  18. Help needed at a Mainstream Political Forum
  19. When are the next Poll results ? State and National
  20. The Blaze seems to have our back
  21. Women for Ron Paul: Vol. 1
  22. Little Treat: We Finally Passed Mike Huckabee Today in Facebook Likes
  23. DRUDGE: Raw footage shows Ron Paul didn't storm out of CNN interview...
  24. BLOWBACK: the UNITED STATES helped setting up the IRANIAN nuclear program in 1967
  25. Are we forgetting something regarding the poll numbers?
  26. An odd request
  27. Good Article: Boston Globe: Romney leads, Paul rises in N.H. poll 12/25
  28. [VIDEO] Carroll County, Iowa - Republican Caucus [January 3, 2008]
  29. Busted! Ron Paul caught on tape! OMG! OMG!
  30. Peculiar Nevada caucus rules - different by each county
  31. Ron Paul's coming-of-age
  32. Question
  33. Video Idea: CNN reporter storms out of interview after getting pwned by Ron Paul
  34. Regarding poll numbers
  35. Article: GOP fears Ron Paul presidency
  36. Gingrich Off Virginia GOP Primary Ballot: Is His Campaign Already Over?
  37. 538: Paul’s Influence Doesn’t Just Depend on Him
  38. Today's News 12/24
  39. CBS: Only Paul and Romney on Virginia Ballot
  40. Register to vote in Hawaii or keep Missouri Registration?
  41. Reading this thread I guarantee you'll come away reinvigorated with positive emotions!
  42. We don't need the media, and I'll tell you why:
  43. I'm starting to like Mediaite
  44. Is it just me or does the future look very optimistic for Dr. Paul and his campaign?
  45. Starting tomorrow (12/26) there will be exactly 8 days until Iowa's election...
  46. Huckabee: Ron Paul Cannot be GOP Nominee--even if he wins Iowa
  47. Perry Question
  48. Gingrich Voted Against MLK Day, Paul Voted For It
  49. Add two more for Ron Paul!
  50. got 2 more today :D
  51. Help spread word about voter registration deadlines
  52. [VIDEO] Republican Primaries 101: How it Works
  53. Romney dominates N.H., Paul winning independents
  54. Will the GOP self-destruct to keep Ron Paul from the nomination?
  55. Shhhhhh....Ron Paul could win California and therefore the nomination
  56. Not that many people watch CNN
  57. What converted you to Ron Paul? What is your personal story?
  58. Teapary 2011 final donor count?
  60. Did you discuss politics at Christmas dinner?
  61. NBC to re-air Paul interview the week before Iowa
  62. Romney in the lead in Iowa??
  63. Balancing the budget by cutting 1% of the debt a year for six years
  64. Personhood USA Pledge??
  65. Front Page of "The Hill" - Uncut video shows he didn’t ‘storm out’ of CNN interview
  66. DRUDGE: Quiet Iowa (RP Sign in image)
  67. Today's News 12/25 - Christmas
  68. Hate Mail Alert:Mike Huckabee On Ron Paul’s ‘Fanatical Believers’ & ‘Decent, Patriotic’ Ob
  69. Good news! I have 6 NEW people voting for Ron Paul this year! INCLUDING DAD!
  70. just for fun, I'd like to see... a graph...
  71. Great new article on Ron Paul, including stuff I never knew.
  72. Is it possible to create a Ron Paul TV to cover the campaign?
  73. Ron Paul Radio?
  74. Newsletters
  75. Ron Paul should tell the Neocons to form a third party
  76. The Iowa Caucus has a 57% record of picking the eventual party nominee
  77. AP: Romney leads in Iowa [what?]
  78. Is there a website which catalogs all the media bias and blacking out of Dr. Paul?
  79. FiveThirtyEight Reads and Reactions (good stuff)
  80. Ron Paul Supporters Collected 12,244 lbs of Food for Charity
  81. Watch the Vote 2012 - Iowa Caucus
  82. Want to fight back? Here's how: National Boycott the MSM Day
  83. Pastor Dowell(another black man) stands up for Ron Paul
  84. www.NewtGingrich.com forwards too...
  85. Ron Paul Forums mentioned on C-Span
  86. Frank Luntz on C-Span (talks about Ron Paul)
  87. Ron Paul picking up tea party supporters in state as other campaigns falter
  88. Google search doesn't look very friendly to Ron.
  89. Fear of Ron Paul - Cenk Uygur (TYT)
  90. South Carolina is Critical! Super Brochure Mailing Deadline in 5 days! Please Help!
  91. Ron Paul: The NDAA Codifies Obama's Power Grab
  92. Merry Christmas from Ron Paul & Family
  93. Columnist on Breitbart's Big Journalism defends Ron Paul from attacks
  94. American Patriot Ron Paul
  95. JUST WOW! 3 of our people quit their jobs to call full time!
  97. Great Article in SC about Paul picking up tea party support from other candidates
  98. Los Angeles grassroots HQ opens, declares California Call4Paul Blitz to Win Iowa
  99. Delegate Info By State
  100. Ron Paul is the Most Incorruptible Man I Have Ever Worked For!
  101. Ron Paul Is The 2nd Most Popular GOP Candidate On Facebook (And He’s Gaining)
  102. Bad Santa/Bad Christmas Gift- End of the Quarter/Year PUSH! Campaign Ticker STUCK!
  103. It would be really cool if someone could make a Ron Paul video with this song
  104. EXCELLENT! Ron Paul: Propagandist or Prophet?
  105. Is putting "for Pon Paul" in my email account name too corny?
  106. Today's News 12/26
  107. Ron Paul Uncut CNN Interview Among the Most Viewed on Youtube!
  108. Paul sparks passion in Granite State (Boston Globe)
  109. Rep. Paul says defense bill assures ‘descent into totalitarianism’
  110. Wow - when did Joel Salatin endorse Ron Paul? Awesome.
  111. Des Moines Weather Forecast 1/3 Sunny with a high of 39
  112. Fight Like We're Losing
  113. Ron Paul Veterans Rally December 28th In Des Moines Iowa! Promote this FB event please!
  114. How to lodge a complaint with Google about defamatory attribution of quotes to Paul
  115. 200 Calls per Hit Article
  116. Discussions with my Mother-in-Law
  117. Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul starts tomorrow, 12/27!
  118. Great video on Ron Paul Being A Racist
  119. Gallup Daily Tracking Poll
  120. Ron Paul needs some help on Urban Dictionary.
  121. Paul Takes 1 Out of Every 2 Votes in online Viguerie Straw Poll of Conservative Activists
  122. Who's working the political section on Yahoo Answers?
  123. The Daily Caller Opinion: Why I support Ron Paul
  124. The Ron Paul Newsletter controversy is a textbook liberal Smear Campaign
  125. The Daily Caller: Non-interventionism wouldn’t have led to a ‘Nazi century’
  126. Mediaite on Huckabee's assessment of Ron Paul
  127. Dissatisfied with smear articles dominating Google News?
  128. I wish Ron Paul did a commercial with Chuck Norris
  129. The smears may be framng things in our favor
  130. Poll: Ron Paul is rising faster in New Hampshire than Newt Gingrich
  131. Repeat After Me: Constitutional Foreign Policy
  132. Auburn Univ. Orders Student to Take Down Ron Paul Poster
  133. Ron Paul's MLK Day Money Bomb Jan 16th
  134. 6 Million to Win
  135. Ron Paul: Has his time come?
  136. Please Help Dr. Paul - Activist Tool Kit To Help Monitor The Voting
  137. This could be a good video to send you your friends.
  138. Call Dave Ramsey!
  139. Poll: Emotionally, who’s winning? (Ron Paul in Iowa)
  140. Change the narrative? Post good videos, facts about Ron Paul fighting for civil liberties
  141. Question about Phone from Home
  142. These Guilt by Association Smears are Good!
  143. Superbrochure chip-in needs to be expanded
  144. Military wives peace song fastest-selling in Britian
  145. For 2012, TSA expands to train stations, ferry docks, subways Read more: http://dailycall
  146. 538 current predictions: Iowa will come down to the wire
  147. New Politico Online National Poll: Paul 3rd 17.3% (includes oversampling of IA/NH)
  148. Stop Voting A Certain Party - VOTE Dr Ron Paul - New video?
  149. End of Quarter Push?
  150. Another baseless FOX News claim: "Ron Paul has foreign policy of Jeremiah Wright"!?!?!
  151. Discredit Dick Morris
  152. Splash Journalism
  153. Ron Paul's Policies Have Appeal in Iowa
  154. Ron Paul on front page of Drudge (Or is he?)
  155. Outline of Ron Paul top headline on drudge
  156. Ron Paul’s Salute to Veterans Rally - Dec 28 Des Moines
  157. Today's Media Coverage
  158. They are hammering Paul on the Huff Post right now
  159. Code for Spreading Top Romney Flip Flops
  160. Stop Voting A Certain Party - VOTE Dr Ron Paul
  161. This will cheer you up: APCO poll: Who's emotionally winning in Iowa?
  162. URGENT: Losing this online poll!
  163. A Tea Partier on Ron Paul's Clear Expression of Faith
  164. Sending in my 2012 Republican Party Presidential Survey....
  165. Ron Paul: What Some Black People Think. New Video
  166. Ron Paul on Saturday Night Live
  167. Historical example of US intervention endangering Israel
  168. Question about Military donations to Ron Paul
  169. Ron Paul failed an election by 70 votes because YOU failed to arrive!
  170. Iowa Poll - RON PAUL NEEDS HELP
  171. End of Quarter PUSH to $6 million-See ticker at RP 2012 website
  172. Awesome article on Foreign Policy - spread it like fire!
  174. Front Page of Yahoo -
  175. When does the next Iowa poll come out?
  176. New PPP Iowa Poll coming Tom. + Interesting Tweets
  177. PPP: Paul and Romney still fighting for first; Newt sinking further
  178. Public Policy Polling Iowa hints
  179. The BEST Ron Paul foreign policy video
  180. Jason Lewis bashing GOP for smearing Paul on foreign policy views.
  181. Listen to Ron Paul's Latest Texas Straight talk on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  182. Nice Article From Charleston Examiner
  183. Canvas Sant and Bach Supporters by politely explaining that they have no chance to win
  184. Email Fox News
  185. Sarcasm to defend Dr. Paul...
  186. Time to log off and log back on to CALL NV - where the pickings are good!
  187. Stop election fraud in Iowa. Conference call right now. Please help.
  188. The Cook Books can be purchased for cheap in bulk!
  189. Submit your questions for the upcoming Facebook Presidential debate
  190. Campaign: We need motivation
  191. The Nation: Why Do GOP Bosses Fear Ron Paul?
  192. For Callers to Iowa: Slight Script Change?
  193. Eric Dondero Lied to RedState Today
  194. Petition to get Ron Paul on 60 Minutes -- Link inside
  195. 'Wear Ron Paul' day
  196. Ron Paul Right..AGain:"We(Israel) Can Defend Ourselves"
  197. Intrade Iowa Caucus: Ron Paul 49% to Win, Romney 31%
  198. I know I am aggressive... but
  199. Ron Paul will spend caucus night in Des Moines
  200. Ron Paul Endorsed by Pella-area Christian Pastor
  201. 1.4 Million 2 GO!
  202. Top Amazon review on famous Evangelical Pastor's book mentions Ron Paul favorably
  203. Ron Paul among top choices for undecided N.H. family
  204. Jack Hunter: Why the establishment really fears Ron Paul
  205. The Smear Campaign Against Ron Paul and What They Don’t Want You to Know
  206. The Brand New! RonPaulLikesPeace.com - Get Free Stickers!
  207. TMOT: don't try to "defend" Ron.
  208. Ron Paul rides grassroots zeal to surge in polls
  209. Why Ron needs the $6 million
  210. Outstanding Mitt Romney Flip Flop Video - Serial Hypocrisy
  211. Voting in 7 Days! You can help by joining our phone from home program.
  213. 12/26 Huffpo: They're now questioning Paul's Pro-Life stance....
  214. Ready for some ammo to fire back with?
  215. Daily Caller: Ron Paul a Victim of a Liberal Smear Campaign
  216. Why the establishment really fears Ron Paul by Jack Hunter
  217. Need your help: share your favorite Ron Paul supporter moments
  218. WaPo: Ron Paul’s House record marked by bold strokes, and futility
  219. How Ron Paul Will Change the GOP in 2012
  220. Ron Paul rides Grassroots Zeal to Surge in Polls
  221. Status of Iowa Based on Where the Candidates Spend Their Time?
  222. Better than Obama: Why the Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul
  223. Mish: Attack Dogs Unleashed on Ron Paul; No Need to Rethink Endorsement
  224. We NEED more FEMALE supporters (graph)
  226. Today's News 12/27
  227. "Ron Paul building a solid Michigan base." - Detroit News
  228. Link to Candidates campaign finances
  229. Yahoo News: Ron Paul, Where the Trek Begins
  230. Strong Paul showing would send bold message
  231. Ron Paul on drudgereport.com re: indefinite detention without trial
  232. Wow Obama asking for 1.2 Trillion - We need Ron Paul Now!
  233. Updating old 2008 signs
  234. Sweetener: Paul hopes to 'cook' up an Iowa win
  235. Ron Paul Iowa appearances December 28 - 30
  236. The Ron Paul Revolution: Freedom Fighters
  237. Wow! HuffPo unearths good C-span video: Paul on the origins of the Drug War
  238. A slaughterfest in IA and NH!?
  239. We need posters like this
  240. ATTN: Tampa Bay Florida - Initial grassroots meeting for Primaries tomorrow
  241. Liberty Radio Network
  242. Guy tweeting for if anyone in New Hampshire needs free Ron Paul bumper stickers
  243. Limbaugh Fill-In Says Ron Paul Being Propelled by Democrats Hijacking Caucus
  244. can someone find a video for me?
  245. Brian Doherty: Media Coverage of Ron Paul's Iowa Surge
  246. Ron Paul still LOSING this poll...
  247. [SCAM] Miami Billboard and Newspaper ads In Florida!!
  248. Blue Republican Super Brochure
  249. Letter: Ron Paul offers the right leadership
  250. CNN: Iowa Caucus - What's your prediction for who will land 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th?