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  1. Voters leaving Republican, Democratic parties in droves
  2. Paul Craig Roberts: Ron Paul is the Only Candidate Qualified to be President
  3. Brian Doherty: Roundup of Recent Ron Paul Media Coverage
  4. Are you voting for Ron Paul? Pledge your vote. UNITED WE STAND
  5. The NY Times on Ron Paul's military donations - 10 x more than Romney, 100 x > Gingrich
  6. Help Cutting Down a Stump Speech from 2:30 to 1:50
  7. Times-Republican Poll: Tell your friends in Iowa
  8. Another Reason Why Phonebanking is so Important
  9. The Year of Goldís Man of the Year is Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
  10. Iím feeling pretty good right now.
  11. The surge continues! Check out the latest news/videos on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  12. Ron Paulís Salute to Veterans Rally at Iowa State Fairgrounds December 28 at 7 p.m.
  13. Vote in poll
  14. Making Plans for 2012 Conventions in TAMPA!
  15. 5 short sentences: Outline the most important events of the American Revolution
  16. Ron Paul - Bettendorf, Iowa 12/22 - Youtube
  17. Ron Paul leads by example, you should pay attention.
  18. Another Ron Paul SUPERPAC
  19. Ron Paul Food Drive needs only 420lbs to reach 10,000lbs total!
  20. Local media: Ron Paul campaigns in Quad Cities (video)
  21. a lot of people will be home from work tomorrow -- phone from home!
  22. Paulís foreign policy positions attracting Iowa caucusgoers (IowaCaucus.com/Iowa Gazette)
  23. Iowa Pundits Discount Dustup Over Racially-Charged Ron Paul Newsletter
  24. Ron Paul Payday Friday Starting Friday 12 23
  25. Everytime the MSM treats Dr. Paul in a biased way, I will .....do this !
  26. A friendly reminder of what we're up against
  27. Pay it Forward... Get one voter
  28. Ron Paul's 'time has finally come': Libertarian message draws crowds now
  29. Ron Paul: "Wishful thinking" to say an Iowa win for me doesn't matter (includes video)
  30. ♫ Rudolph, Ron Paul Style
  31. Spring Diaper Drive--need input
  32. Time: 12 Days Till Iowa: Ron Paul Is Not a Politician
  33. Newsletter "controversy" just won me a convert today!
  34. Analysts predict Ron Paul to have big impact in 2012 race (local news video - Utah)
  35. Current status and expectations??
  36. Ron should attack Obama directly, It would help the partisan Repubs warm to him
  37. Two pro-Ron Paul articles on WND
  38. Merry Christmas to all of you in case I don't drop by in a day or two.
  39. National Reviewís Racist Rants
  40. Let's not miss a HUGE opportunity, Iowa Oath Add, Pledge here
  41. Ron Paul coloring book and Ron Paul comic book
  42. ronpaulchipin.com: A new directory for ChipIn efforts!
  43. Tom Woods: The Ron Paul Newsletters (good article!)
  44. Doom and Gloom all day, hit piece after hit piece then Bam!
  45. Vid's DISPROVING "racist" allegations & others UNOFFICAL THREAD
  46. NEW VIDEO!! Ron Paul - Preserve, Protect, and Defend
  47. Mrs. AF took a telephone poll today.
  48. Paul says Congress hasnít proposed real cuts
  49. Wow! Fair Editorial Printed in NY Times on Paul's Support in Military
  50. Non-interventionist Comparative
  51. Ron Paul Talks 9/11, Iran, and Cookbooks On His Last Tour Stop Before Christmas
  52. Remember how they attacked Rand ? Did it work ? FOCUS on whatīs REALLY important!
  53. video : How Ron Paul Would Defend America ?
  54. RonPaul2012 FB page just posted the phonebanking video, please like and share it on FB!
  55. NPR: Ron Paul Has Support In Iowa, But Old Issues Linger
  56. We can stop these attacks with one endorsement
  57. [Video] Comedian Bill Burr praises Ron Paul
  58. New convert, thanks to smears
  59. Ron Paul to Win Iowa up 5-percent on Intrade, Now 50-Percent
  60. Idea to confront media about misinformation in a unified and organized way. Input needed.
  61. Nevada GOP Primary Poll: Romney 33%, Gingrich 29%, Paul 13% Dec 12-20
  62. Ron Paulís Moment
  63. Washington States GOP trying to "out" Ron Paul delegates?
  64. 25 young supporters made 8074 calls for Ron Paul into NH yesterday, Motivated by the media
  65. A good sign
  66. AJ : Ron Paul is in The Fight of His Life, We Must Stand With Him!
  67. Obama ad
  68. Is Ron Paul "Diminutive"?
  69. Another reason Paul is doing so well
  70. Huffington Post: Ron Paul Brings Out Older Voters in Iowa
  71. Ron Paul 2012: the Beginning of a New American Era?
  72. Press "7" for Ron Paul. Beep. Thank you for voting for Newt Gingrich.
  73. Today's News 12/23
  74. New Ron Paul social network?
  75. Ron Paul and Barack Obama
  76. Ron Paul gets comic book
  77. Brzezinski validates Ron Paul's Foreign Policy!!!
  78. How to caucus
  79. What to expect from Phone from Home?
  80. The Journey from Unknowing NeoCon to Revolutionary: The Miseducation of Leo Hart
  81. Best campaign goodie -- Ron Paul Family Cookbook
  82. Paul camp not worried about youth turnout- (IowaCaucus.com / Gazette)
  83. Merry Christmas Ron Paul Grassroots.....
  84. Why Ron Paul Can Win
  85. Ron Paul gets another look in primary tumult
  86. Making a new Ron Paul Video: "Losing Liberty"
  87. An IDEA: Convert Undecided NH Voters w/ RP SuperBrochure at ALL polling locations
  88. Yay! 10 Day Forecast on www.weather.com Says Snow On Jan 1st In Ames Iowa
  89. 10 year old girl interviews Dr. Paul.
  90. Surprise donations in the last money bomb
  91. ARG Iowa poll: Paul 21%, Romney 20%, Gingrich 19% (12/19 - 12/22)
  92. Media Disconnect of Grass Roots Campaign
  93. Paul criticizes Dems & GOP, elevates Tea Party, Occupy movement
  94. Ron Paul wins fundraising in 17 states!
  95. Iowa Caucus weather (meteorologist's take)
  96. Blowback and the American Media
  97. Dec 28 - Iowa Ron Paul Rally!
  98. Gallup daily tracking poll
  99. Is Ron Paul a Racist? -> destroying media biased vicious attacks.
  100. Traditional Polling and Cell Phones
  101. Easy: Combating the Media with google +1
  102. Dragon Slayers Needed
  103. Suggestion for caucus voters and those who will be delegates at any level
  104. Robocall attack against Ron Paul in Iowa
  105. "If Ron Paul wins Iowa, we just take it out" - Roger Simon (Politico)
  106. Paul takes the lead in another Iowa poll
  107. Let it go, this too shall pass...
  108. There you go.
  109. I reached my pledge total 7,000 calls before Iowa --- Did you?
  110. Ron Paul wins despite mainstream smear
  111. This guy is awesome!
  112. Boots About To Hit Ground: Sign Wave and Outreach
  113. Just Dropped Off 350lbs of Food for the Ron Paul Food Drive!
  114. Howie Carr "is RP a racist?" poll
  115. Paul to be on Cavuto at 4PM EST (in t10 minutes!!) 12/23
  116. Gingrich and Perry might not make it onto Virginia ballot
  117. Event photos.
  118. Ron Paul Now
  119. Can't Sign Into phone.ronpaul2012.com
  120. Black Man Breaks Down The Ron Paul Racist Smear
  121. Ron Paul is too popular - Ron Paul passes Pizza Ranch test
  122. Yeee Hawww! I converted a preacher to Ron Paul!
  123. Email I just sent to RevPAC and Tom Woods
  124. blitzer doing another segment on the letters right now!
  125. [video] Ron Paul - Iowa Frontrunner - On Neil Cavuto 12/23/11
  126. Ron Paul Interview W/ Cavuto - Iowa Frontrunner!
  127. The 'Isolationist' smear has done the most damage.
  128. LOL: TMOT (Today's Youtube rockstar) pitching Ron Paul to his buddy
  129. Operation Stump for Paul: Winners Announced!
  130. How a joke became the greatest gift
  131. Ron Paul stocking stuffer.....
  132. Gallup’s National tracking poll December 18-22: Paul+1;Romney+1;Newt-1
  133. NYT Caucus Video - Paul garners much support - NH
  134. I need Delegate information
  135. Brace for minor turbulence...
  136. Breaking: Perry Disqualified From VA Ballot; Newt likely out too
  137. CNN Ron Paul 'Walk-Out'- UNCUT video tells a different story
  138. RNC releases document detailing delegate allocation for all states
  139. Newletter Scandal Points To Gingrich
  140. Is CNN becoming FOX news? Hit Piece on Ron Paul was Politically Motivated
  141. ZeroHedge: Quotes Of The Day - Ron Paul Edition -
  142. **RED ALERT** South Carolina needs our help NOW!!!
  143. Updated Nate Silver Model: Ron Paul Has 40% Chance of Winning Iowa
  144. [Video] We Need Ron Paul Now!!! (Latino for Ron Paul)
  145. Ron Paul Is The Second Most Popular Republican Candidate On Facebook (And Heís Gaining)
  146. Texting for campaign dollars
  147. Anyone else noticing the progress of the fight for liberty and freedom?
  148. An Idea for Grassroots Central and RPF
  149. Making Ron Paul a Household Name
  150. Are You Ready for a Revolution?
  151. Anything the grassroots can help with in SC (other than brochures)?
  152. Your vote doesn't count
  153. Ask everyone you know to give you a gift for Christmas. Donate it to Ron Paul
  154. Ready for Help in Iowa
  155. 2012 candidate who puts Constitution above all Ö
  156. Throwing down the Gauntlet.
  157. Ron Paul explains newsletter, etc. on Cavuto. Check it out on on Ron Paul Mobile!
  158. Rhonda-Paul sounds a call to arms for the upcoming South Carolina primary!
  159. Steve Horwitz - How Did we Get Here? (Good Read)
  160. Poll: Ron Paul bests Romney, Gingrich in Iowa for the 4th time
  161. Ron Paul 99% right?
  162. (Hypothetical!) If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination...
  163. Norwich Bulletin: CNN and Fox Both Gunning for Ron Paul: Conspiracy or Reality?
  164. Grassroots Screen Printers Recycle Shirts for Ron Paul
  165. Vote (ForAmerica poll)
  166. Whats next!!!! I'll tell ya whats next!!!
  167. So I re-read the Sanchez/Weigel article from four years ago about Ron's Newsletters
  168. When will RCP remove this NH poll?
  169. Here's how I know you aren't serious about your Newsletter outrage
  170. Ron Paul Iowans MUST READ this
  171. EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about Ron Paul's newsletters
  172. STEVE DEACE: The Buchanan Treatment Won't Work on Ron Paul
  173. Paulís foreign policy energizes backers
  174. Let Freedom Ring! Rosa Parks/ Civil Disobedience Money Bomb?
  175. Ron Paul Bests Obama in Latest Poll
  176. It is my birthday...
  177. Justin Raimondo on the Kirchick article four years ago
  178. How is this a hit piece?
  179. BREAKING: Gingrich fails to get on VA ballot!! Down to Romney vs. Paul!!
  180. Ron Paul: Propagandist or Prophet?
  181. Geraldo Rivera on Fox & Friends: "Ron Paul Is Right"
  182. For fun: Dick Morris endorses Ron Paul!?
  183. Michele Bachmann has discredited the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll
  184. Please help me find a video
  185. UNSTOPPABLE:Paul Gains 5% on Gingrich & Romney in 5 days among GOP voters, despite smears
  186. Desperation: MSM Now Attacking Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty!!
  187. What can WE do about the newsletter racism allegation. It's obvious, an MLK moneybomb
  188. is Neal Cavuto a closit RP supporter?
  189. Dick Morris in a panic over "Americans Elect 2012"
  190. Ron Paul's a prophet: his daring 2002 Prediction list came true
  191. Thank you FOX - for Andrew Napolitano and Neil Cavuto
  192. Obama quoting constitutional rights when convenient
  193. Doug Wead: Three Myths About Ron Paul in Iowa
  194. Ron Paul - Soldiers choice
  195. Vaccinate NOW! No Mercury Required!
  196. Romney spokesman "We're the only candidate that's on the ballot in all 50 states"
  197. Gingrich, Perry fail to make Va. primary ballot - contains some nice language
  198. "I know how the system works" moneybomb
  199. "Something's happening here..." Moneybomb - Civil Liberties, Indefinite Detention Pat Act
  200. Watch the full CNN interview and read this article about the newsletters. The MSM lies.
  201. New Convert! Thanks, Fox News!
  202. Into the Wolves Den I go for Christmas Eve Party...
  203. New Intrade Numbers !
  204. Ron Paul in a Landslide?
  205. Reddit users, please read. Potential small but serious problem
  206. Something's Happening Here $bomb/PUSH - Civil Liberties, Indefinite Detention, Patriot Act
  207. Gingrich - From what invisible high moral ground are you talking to Ron?
  208. Any western Iowa Ron Paul supporters here?
  209. Yahoo News: Ron Paul Supporters Rake in Over 12,000 lbs. of Food for Charity...
  210. positive article about Ron Paul flagged as virus threats by Norton
  211. Anti-Idiocy Action Please!
  212. AP Story in the Des Moines Register about Perry & Gingrich failing to qualify 4 VA ballot
  213. [PIC] Merry Christmas From Santa Ron Paul!
  214. YES!! Mediaite covers the edited Paul/Berger interview
  215. New Ron Paul video: End the FED!
  216. WOW again at CNN just now!
  217. Ron Pauls need your help on a other straw poll :)
  218. YIKES! Possible Vander Plaats scandal? (Pay for endorsement?)
  219. Need a last minute stocking stuffer? & Help Ron Paul for buying it.
  220. If Hannity started the attack because Gingrich asked him to,
  221. Raw footage shows Ron Paul DIDN'T storm out of CNN interview
  222. Sarah Palin - It's time for you to stand up!
  223. The Establishment is Dangerous, Prideful, Arrogant - Must be Taken Out - Drop the Bomb
  224. Over 3.5 million super brochures printed
  225. Anecdotal Evidence: Attacks Aren't Sticking
  226. Ron Paul Needs To Eliminate the TSA for THIS reason!
  227. Pro-Ron Paul PAC to combat Ďracist claimsí in new web advertisement
  228. CNN editing TOP VOTED story on Reddit
  229. (Iowa) My liberal 90 year-old Grandma and her daughter love Ron Paul
  230. Tracking Ron Paul ballot access for each state
  231. Why Blue Collar Workers Should Support Ron Paul
  232. Unfairly Edited? Full CNN Video Shows Ron Paul May Not Have Walked Off Interview as Sugges
  233. Wounded Veteran Supports Ron Paul
  234. Latter-day Liberty: A Gospel Approach to Government and Politics?
  235. Poll Unfairly Edited? Full CNN Video Shows Ron Paul May Not Have Walked Off Interview as S
  236. Ron Paul now just 6:1 to win the GOP! Check the odds here...
  237. Delegates for Brokered Conventions
  238. [Youtube] Another Black man stands up for Dr. Paul - great insights
  239. Latest Conan - Ron Paul joke, you'll like this.
  240. 538 on Romney's New Hampshire strength
  241. LOL...Found at DP - Deck the Halls with RP voters
  242. Go Digg this: Ron Paul Supporters Rake in Over 12,000 lbs. of Food for Charity in Nationwi
  243. Virginia Legislators To Try And Change The Rules To Get Gingrich On Ballot!
  244. ABC Evening News
  245. Undeniable proof of media bias against Ron Paul in one simple graphic
  246. Would this video be good for reddit?
  247. Coastie's on a Roll Tonight...16 converted SOLID Ron Paul Votes So Far Today...
  248. Blues Traveler christmas song bomb
  249. MD Rep Roscoe Bartlett will probably support Ron Paul or Gingrich
  250. A Video Worth Spreading